Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 168

Chapter 168 Unusual Potion Formula

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When he reached the Guild of Magic, he saw Mason and Orrin, but not Sean.

Speaking of Sean, Lin Li sensed something odd.

Ever since the day they had the meal gathering, Sean was nowhere to be found for the entire day. When Lin Li asked him where he went after he came back the next day, that fella only stuttered, “I-I’m sorry, Mr. Felic. I’d promised someone to keep it a secret.”

Lin Li did not know whether he should cry or laugh at his reply. Since Sean already said it was a secret, he could not ask further.

They following day, Sean went missing again.

Lin Li even started to suspect that Sean got into a relationship with someone in Alanna.

Yes, and it would be dual cultivation…

Or else, why would Sean’s abilities increase so quickly?

These few days, Sean really shocked Lin Li.

The speed of his changes was too rapid. Almost every time when Sean came back, Lin Li would sense that his ability had made vigorous improvement.

The change was too obvious. Not to mention Lin Li, who was naturally sensitive to strength, even a blind man would be able to detect the same.

Lin Li, however, was unaware of the reason behind it. What did Sean encounter to allow him to have such a great improvement?

Since Lin Li was the one who brought Sean to Alanna, he knew Sean’s ability better than anyone else.

When he’d just reached Alanna, Sean’s ability was at most level-7. But, in the past few days, Lin Li could clearly sense that it was close to level-10 now.

The advancement from level-7 to level-10 was a massive leap.

At Jarrosus, Lin Li had experienced such a leap before. He knew better than others how freakish such a leap was.

Lin Li felt extremely tormented by his unspeakable curiosity as he witnessed the growth of Sean day by day.

Yet that fella declined to reveal anything to him. Sometimes when Lin Li got a little to pressurizing him, his signature phrase—”I promised someone to keep it a secret”—always allowed him to dodge Lin Li’s questions. That made Lin Li gnash his teeth helplessly…

When he got back to the house, Mason and Orrin were dining.

From the day the Supreme Council announced their decision, those two fellas worked extraordinarily hard. Especially Mason—he quit his habit of laziness to visit the Omniscient Tower every day to read religiously, and only reached home at nine o’clock at night. It did not stop there. Mason even insisted that Orrin practice magic with him at the Spell Testing Hall after that.

Mage was a very fair occupation. One would always be able to reap the results of the effort he put in. In just two days, Mason finally reached level-10 to become a Magic Shooter he had always been dreaming of.

Of course, the price of being a Magic Shooter would be to be beaten up by Orrin every single day and groan in pain before falling asleep every night.

Orrin had become a true level-12 Magic Shooter now, making his abilities comparable to Lin Li’s. How would a level-10 Magic Shooter be of any hindrance to him?

“Felic, you’re back?” Mason’s face was still as swollen as before. When Lin Li was standing in the door, he was chewing on his bread loudly and glaring at Orrin with eyes full of enmity.

“I’ve just arrived,” Lin Li replied. Then, he asked curiously, “Why did y’all not go to the Omniscient Tower today?”

“Don’t mention it… That old dude nagged at us from the moment we woke up, and only left just now.” After telling Lin Li that, Mason glared at Orrin fiercely, and said, “Pretty boy, let’s fight after eating! I’m gonna teach you a lesson today!”

“Moron,” Orrin muttered without even looking up.

“…” Lin Li was beyond speechless. The two guys would get really uncomfortable if they didn’t fight every day. Mason especially—it was as if he got himself addicted to being tortured by Orrin. Even if he got bruises all over, he would get even motivated to challenge Orrin the next day. Normal people could never win against him in such a fighting spirit.

“Oh, yeah. Felic…” Mason spoke right after Lin Li took a seat and only chewed a few mouthfuls of bread. “Just now, that old dude said he is going to come back in the afternoon to speak to you.” ”

“Oh.” Lin Li nodded, and continued eating his bread.

Just right, he also wanted to discuss some issues with Macklin.

When he was journeying back, he had decided that he needed to go visit the Fire Plume Ridge the moment he got the Fire Salamandrid skin. He had to deal with those black lotuses there. Any further delay would become a problem for him.


When he found out that the Marathon Family was after him, he could not help but feel threatened. It would be a lie to say that he was not concerned about such a massive power. Although Lin Li was not scared of the Marathon Family, it would be ideal for him to have more cards in hand.

And the black lotus was undoubtedly the best card.

Looking back at his battle with Cromwell when he was in Jarrosus City, if not for his Elixir of the Sages, the consequences would be unpredictable if Lin Li were to be hit by that level-18 spell.

Although the Fire Plume Ridge was not very far, it was not that near, either. He would need at least a few days to return.

After all, Macklin was still their trial mentor. It would be rude to leave without informing him.

Actually, apart from that, Lin Li had another plan too…

But such a plan was still at the guessing stage. He could only verify it for himself when he reached the Fire Plume Ridge…

“Pretty boy, have you finished eating?” After swallowing the last mouthful of bread, Mason looked at Orrin challengingly. “I’m definitely going to beat until your face turns black today!”

“Jerk, just you wait…”

Subsequently, the two men headed out together…

Macklin came knocking on the door right after Mason and Orrin stepped out of the dorm.

“I finally found you…” Macklin started to complain incessantly the moment he came in. “I say, Felic, where were you the entire morning? I’ve been waiting for you for so long that my hair turned white.”

“I just went to the black market to take a look and bought some things. But what’s with you? What was it that made you so anxious?” Lin Li said as he rolled his eyes.

Don’t tell me exaggeration is contagious. I’d only not seen this old man for a few days, how did he become more ludicrous than Mason in his words?

“It’s a big matter!” Macklin shouted harshly.

“Alright, alright. Shoot…”

Macklin told Lin Li the supposed ‘big matter’ after a dry cough. “Someone from the Pharmacists Guild visited this morning to pass you an invitation letter. He said it was to invite you to what meeting…”

“What meeting?” Lin Li asked in confusion.

“How would I know? I’m not a pharmacist…”


“Yes, he wanted me to tell you that the invitation letter was personally sent by Grimm Burnside.” Macklin paused as he glanced at Lin Li suspiciously. “You actually know Grimm Burnside?”

“Yea, he taught me some magic before.” Lin Li felt awkward at the mentioning of Old Grimm. When he was at Jarrosus, Old Grimm put in all his effort to help improve his ability, but now that he was in Alanna, he did not even pay him a visit afterwards. That made him seemed like an ungrateful fella.

Why don’t I use this opportunity to visit Old Grimm, and take a look at what is that ‘what meeting’…? Gosh, that’s awkward…

“You are really a lucky fella…” Macklin commented enviously. When he was at the age of Lin Li, he had never met many archmages, not to mention the legendary-mages. As for mentorship… Does being beaten up by an archmage count as mentorship?

“Where’s the invitation letter? Give it to me.”

“Oh, sure…” Macklin suddenly remembered that invitation letter. He reached into his pocket for a while, and took out a crumpled envelope.

“This…” Lin Li looked at the envelope, then at Macklin in a daze. This… really was the invitation letter sent out by the Pharmacists Guild? And not a tissue that the old man carelessly mistook the letter for?

“Don’t ask me, I don’t know why, either. It was like this when I received it…” Macklin defended himself innocently.

“Is that so…” Lin Li glanced at him curiously before speed-reading the contents of the envelope.

There was nothing much written in the letter. Without the ordinary diplomatic language, the true content was really little. It just mentioned that the Pharmacists Guild discovered an unusual potion formula, and if Master Felic was interested, he could join the research at the guild one week later…

“What formula would be so powerful…?” Lin Li murmured curiously. He was not new to the Pharmacists Guild, and according to Andoine, even the guards of the guild had the knowledge of creating Recovery Potions. How would they be affected by the formula of any potion? Unless… unless the formula was at the level of a Guru… or Divine Smith?

Lin Li was shocked by the sudden thought. After staring blankly for a couple of minutes, he forced himself to put the matter in the back of his mind.

“Oh, yes. Mr. Macklin, I would like to take a few days of leave.”


“Yeah, I need around four to five days to attend to some private matter.”

“What kind of private matter would require such a long period of time? Do you need my help?” Macklin asked nervously.

This fella was the treasure of Alanna Guild of Magic. Without the protection from Aldwin and himself, what if anything were to happen to him? Furthermore, these few days were extremely crucial. Who would know if the Marathon Family would do anything to him…

“It’s not a big deal, just going to collect something. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in four or five days.”

“Please stay safe…” Macklin only cautioned him, and did not force Lin Li to tell him what he was going to do.

“Yes, I will,” Lin Li said while nodding his head.