Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 181

Chapter 181 High Rank Miner

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“Yes, they’re all from the Bloody Horns.”

“The Bloody Horns? Are they one of the mercenary corps on this mission?” Lin Li asked as he recalled how Hank had told him of the six mercenary corps that were on the mission to visit the Fire Plume Ridge—one of them was called Bloody Horns.


Aragon hesitated. Honestly, he should be supporting Lin Li. Since he’d saved him in Blackhills Town, it was only natural to express gratitude to him over and over again. Furthermore, apart from meeting their leader a few times, his relationship with the Bloody Horns was not close.

The problem was…

This matter concerned the cooperation between the six mercenary corps. It was alright to get rid of a few fellas here and there, but if the matter were to leak out, and people knew that it was Silver Hand’s guests who took their lives, the relationship between the two mercenary corps would be affected. Previously, it would not have any implications, for with the Silver Hand’s ability, they would not need to be threatened by the Bloody Horns.

However, it was not the case now. If they were to kill him, the Silver Hand’s situation would be very awkward. Although the six mercenary corps agreed to embark on this mission together, they did not have any commendable relationship with each other at all. Under the temptation of benefits, their problem of self-interest was more prominent than before.

“Alright,” replied Lin Li.

How would he not understand the importance? Lin Li nodded at Aragon, and shouted to Sean in the distance, “Sean, don’t be too harsh!”

“Alright, Mr. Felic.” Sean was indeed a monster. While he was striking and slashing with his great sword, he could still find time to reply to Lin Li.

“Let me help Captain Serena thank you.” Aragon could finally feel relieved. Everything would be good as long as no lives were taken. As for how harshly Sean dealt with the man, Aragon would not be able to interfere with it.

In reality, even if Sean did not wish to kill, Aragon had the intention to teach Sandro a lesson the hard way. How could that fella dare to offend the noble guests of the Silver Hand? Did they think that the Silver Hand was afraid of them?

While Aragon was thinking of how to explain it to the leader of Bloody Horns, he shifted his gaze from Sandro to the ore on the ground…

Then, he froze.

That pile of ore seemed extremely ordinary. There was nothing special about it apart from the dark-red elements. Any normal person would have thought them to be the usual rocks out there.

Aragon, however, was different. His father was an old miner who had mined for decades. Furthermore, before he joined the Silver Hand, he had experience mining too. It was all the same for low-level adventurers; apart from hunting magical beasts, they would take up part-time jobs. Sean, who used to harvest herbs to earn enough money to upgrade his equipment, was a good example.

Yet Aragon was not in the mining industry long enough, as he got hired by the Silver Hand after half a year. With his little knowledge on minerals, he could not tell what type of ore it was.

But there was one thing Aragon was certain about: the ore strewn over the ground was definitely a type of magical metal!

“Oh my God…” Aragon’s face turned pale. His gaze towards Lin Li was filled with bewilderment.

People who could harvest magical metals were rare. They not only needed to be learned regarding minerals, but also be proficient in their knowledge of magic.

Magical metals were immensely fragile. It would only take a trivial mistake to damage the entire mineral vein. Hence, only people who already reached the higher tier of mastery would have such a skill…

Aragon had never expected that that man who appeared to be a level-5 warrior would be an Expert Miner!

“Mr. Felic, did you harvest this ore?” Aragon inquired, feeling that his throat became a little dry.

Lin Li smiled. He knew what Aragon wanted to know, but there was no need to hide such matters. He nodded honestly, and said, “Yes…”

Aragon was completely stunned…

He glanced at Lin Li, then at Sean, and planned to inform Captain Serena of it when he returned…

He was a rare Expert Miner, after all!

At the same time, the battle ended on the other side.

Sean knocked Sandro’s weapon away out of his grip in a single strike, pointing his double-edged sword at Sandro’s neck. He did so because Lin Li reminded him not to be too harsh on that enemy or else a little more strength was all he needed to cut off Sandro’s head.

“Aragon, I’m handing this man to you,” said Lin Li with a smile. He also pointed to the two unconscious archers on the ground. “You should bring those two fellas away too.”

“Thank you, Mr. Felic.” The series of surprises made Aragon more cautious of Lin Li, and much respectful as well. After thanking him politely, he ordered his men, “Tie them up and send them back to our camp first. Then, request for the leader of the Bloody Horns to come personally for them.”

“Yes!” A few archers took out ropes from their backpack, and started to tie the three men up.

“Mr. Felic, I’ll be returning to the camp now. I swear that these fellas would be heavily dealt with!” Seeing that everything was ready, Aragon bid goodbye to Lin Li.

“Goodbye. As for these people, a little punishment will do since I wasn’t really affected by them.”


Although Sandro was a level-10 warrior, he was tied up like a rice dumpling. No matter how he struggled, he could not break free from the ropes which were the thickness of a thumb. While they walked, Aragon became gloomier and gloomier as he thought of what’d just happened. He slapped Sandro’s head, and scolded, “You’re really tired of life, eh? How could you offend the guests of the Silver Hand? I’m going to make your captain punish you further when you get back…”

“…” Lin Li could not help but laugh at them from the distance. He did not intend to do anything to these people. Now that they fell into the hands of Aragon, they were going to suffer.

After seeing the group of men leave, Lin Li lit another Air Bomb scroll to open the mineral vein of the Abyss Fiendish Iron completely. Then, he opened the Ring of Endless Storm to keep all the ore.

Following that, he brought Sean towards the cave their map mentioned.

Aragon, on the other hand, reached the camp of the Silver Hand very quickly.

When he reached the camp, he handed the three captives to the guards, while he himself dashed to the tent of his captain.

After entering, Aragon saw Hank speaking to the captain.

If it were before, Aragon would wait until Hank finished talking. But, this time, he did not want to waste any time. As soon as he stepped into the tent, he interrupted Hank. “Captain Serena, are you free?”

“You have something to tell me?”

“Yes, Captain Serena. I must tell you something.”

Serena frowned at Aragon’s impatience. She knew this man very well. He had always been calm and reserved. When they got into danger in Blackhills Town, Aragon could remain composed and enter the inn. What could have happened that made him so anxious?

“You found someone you like?”

“…” Aragon was beyond speechless.

He really could not understand what was in the mind of his pretty captain. She had always been meticulous and astute in the management of work-related affairs. At times, however, she would say unusual things, such as asking if Thuzadin had his dinner…

Aragon drew a few breaths, and then raised his volume, saying, “Captain Serena, it’s regarding the two of our guests!”

Once she heard that it concerned her two guests, her expression turned serious. “Something happened to them?”

“They had a fight with the people from the Bloody Horns.”

“People from the Bloody Horns? Hmph, how dare Brook touch my distinguished guests! Hank, go ask a few men and bring Brook before me.”

“That…” Hank was a little hesitant. Although Serena was oblivious the true identity of the two guests, how would Hank be unaware? It would be the problem of the Bloody Horns to offend them.

How would they need the help from the Silver Hand?

“Captain Serena, it’s not that. Listen to me…” Aragon drew a few more breaths before recounting what happened on the Fire Plume Ridge.

“You mean that Mr. Sean defeated Sandro?” Serena asked in shock. She knew that Sandro was the backbone of the Bloody Horns. Without the Gryphon, she’d have to use a lot strength to defeat him.

But now, he had been defeated by a warrior she had not even heard of…

“There’s another thing…” Aragon hesitated, and continued with much uncertainty, “Captain Serena, I suspect that Mr. Felic might be an Expert Miner.”

“You must be kidding!” Serena exclaimed in astonishment.

There were thousands of people under the Silver Hand Mercenary Corps. Among them, at least one-third had the knowledge of minerals. However, not a single one could reach the Expert-level.

Oh, yes. Just that afternoon, Mr. Felic told her that he wanted to go search for ores and herbs. However, it should not be that crazy, right?

Expert Miners were highly sought after by huge and influential corporations. Even Serena knew of a powerful figure who had been wanting to collect rare ores, but to no avail…

“Aragon, are you sure?”

“I’m not very certain about it…” Aragon hesitated before reaching into his pocket for a piece of dark-red ore that was the size of a thumb.

“I took this back secretly. When I rushed there, Mr. Felic had heaps of ore like this with him. Captain Serena, why don’t you find someone to verify the identity of this ore?”

“Sure, I shall do that.”

Hank was the calmest person among the three people in the tent.

He had cultivated a huge mental and emotional capacity from meeting countless freakish people like Lin Li. After several encounters like that, he gradually became numb. As long as it was something that he experienced, even if it was an unusual matter, it would never be incomprehensible.