Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 208

Chapter 208 Psionic Potion

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“Archmage!?” In the president’s room, Aldwin let out an exclamation. He leaned his hunched body slightly forward as if to see the crystal ball clearer. The strength of this young apprentice was beyond his expectation.

In the big Alanna Guild of Magic, if there was a person who knew best about Lin Li’s strength, it would probably be Aldwin. Although they did not have much contact with each other, and only met a few times altogether, Aldwin was someone who had lived for more than 100 years. Were his experience and vision comparable to those of ordinary people? With his experience and vision, he was able to see many things that others could not.

But even with Aldwin’s rich experience and sharp vision, he probably could not see that this fellow had secretly attained the strength of an Archmage…

This was certainly the last thing that Aldwin had expected.

Since the onset of the Flaming Storm, Aldwin had been staring at the scene in the crystal ball in a daze. After a long time, he sighed. “Gerian’s luck is really enviable…”

With Aldwin’s insight, how could he not understand what it meant to have an Archmage under the age of 20? This meant that the Jarrosus Guild of Magic would not have to worry about anything for the next 100 years, because another God of Mages was likely to be born in this remote little guild.

Aldwin looked a little envious when he said this.

However, it was just envy. At Aldwin’s age, he had come to take things in stride. It could only be said that Gerian was in luck to be able to discover such a magic genius.

Compared with Aldwin’s composure, Darian, who was sitting opposite him, seemed to have lost it.

“This is impossible!” When Lin Li suppressed Macklin with a large number of instantaneous spells, the look on Darian’s face suddenly changed. His whole face turned ghastly white all at once, and he looked like a cat having its tail stepped on. He jumped up from his chair, waved his hands in exaggeration at the scene in the crystal ball, and screamed, “This is impossible. How could he be an Archmage? He must have cheated!”

“Darian, nothing is impossible…” Aldwin had been in charge of the Alanna Guild of Magic as early as a few decades ago. How could he not know the feud between Darian and that fat president from Jarrosus? But this was, after all, a personal grudge. Furthermore, one was the president of the Jarrosus Guild of Magic, and the other was the right-hand man he had always relied on, so Aldwin had turned a blind eye all along and pretended not to know anything.

Fortunately, Gerian had gone to Jarrosus. There had been little contact between the two men in the past few decades, so there was no occasion for them to expand their grievances.

But since Felic’s arrival to Jarrosus, the feud of that year seemed to have continued on.

Speaking of which, it was also quite a coincidence. Felic, that kid, was a born troublemaker. First, he wounded Darian’s trial apprentice, and then he wounded Darian’s nephew. After that, Aldwin could vaguely feel that Darian had come to possess great hostility to the young mage.

If it was just another mage, perhaps Aldwin would continue to turn a blind eye. After all, although Darian was arrogant and domineering, he would not dare to do anything out of line under his nose. At most, he would only make the other party suffer a little. This could serve as a kind of drill for young mages.

But not with Felic…

Not to mention the Alanna Guild of Magic had to rely on Felic for the bet that’d be due six months later, just due to his relationship with Andoine and Old Grimm, and the strength he had shown at this time, Aldwin would never allow anyone to lay a hand on the young mage. Are you kidding? Who will take the blame for offending Andoine and Old Grimm? Those two old guys are not easy to handle. They can do anything if they really set their minds to it.

Even if Aldwin was the only level-21 legendary-mage in the Felan Kingdom, he would never provoke these two old guys unless necessary.

Moreover, Lin Li was a genius who had reached the realm of an Archmage before he was even 20 years of age.

This genius had gone beyond the region. He belonged not only to the Jarrosus Guild of Magic, but also to the entire Felan Kingdom. As the head of 24 Guilds of Magic in the Felan Kingdom, Aldwin had the responsibility not to let him come to any harm.

No matter what Darian had in his mind or what he had done before, his hostility toward the young mage had to be curbed from now on.

Aldwin assumed an unprecedented seriousness and asked, “Darian, how long have you not seen Gerian?”

“If I can, I hope I never have to see that hell-damn fool ever again!” At Aldwin’s mention of Gerian’s name, the middle-aged Archmage suddenly showed a look of disgust. His hatred for Gerian had been buried in his heart for decades. That bit resentment back then had already taken root and sprouted into a huge tree, which tormented him all the time. Sometimes, even Darian suspected he’d be forced to go totally crazy one day if he could not find an outlet to vent this hatred.

Darian’s hateful eyes made Aldwin frown. Facing his right-hand man, he had to consider his words carefully. “There is something I must talk to you about…”

But before Aldwin could finish a word, he was interrupted by Darian. “President Aldwin, if it’s about that fool, I don’t think you need to say anything more.”

“Well…” Aldwin nodded, and did not try to persuade him anymore. “I don’t care about the feud between you and Gerian, but there’s one thing I have to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“I don’t want to see anything happen to this young man.” Aldwin stretched out his bony arm and pointed at the crystal ball, where Lin Li was displayed reciting his spells at high speed. The eyes he cast on Darian were stern. “Darian, I am not afraid to tell you the truth: this young man is very important to the Alanna Guild of Magic. I have offended Wilhelm in order to protect him. If you really intend to put Gerian’s account on him, then I don’t mind offending another person. Do you understand what I mean?”

For the few decades that Darian had been in the Guild of Magic, he had never seen Aldwin as serious as he currently was. The venerable president had given people a kind and generous impression all along, but he unexpectedly broke the norm for the young mage today. When those stern eyes swept across his face, Darian even had the illusion that it was the violent Macklin who was standing before him.

Darian felt a chill down his spine under Aldwin’s gaze.

He swallowed his saliva, then uttered with much difficulty, “U-understood…”

“I hope you really understand.” Aldwin glanced at his right-hand man and sighed involuntarily. “I already know about your nephew, Madrick. Felic is indeed in the wrong; his attack was too heavy-handed. However, Darian, your nephew should be disciplined as well. He actually had the guts to abuse the trial mage’s attendant at will in such an important trial. Does he really think that the other 23 Guilds of Magic are all empty?”

Darian’s heart tightened at these words.

He knew the incident with Madrick better than anyone else. if it weren’t for his behest, Madrick would never dare to abuse a trial mage’s attendant. With Darian’s acumen, how could he not have guessed that the ins and outs of the matter had already fallen into Aldwin’s eyes? The reason why he’d brought it up at the moment was nothing more than to give him a wake-up call.

Darian did not dare to be neglectful of the warning. He took the responsibility with a fearful expression. “I’m sorry, President Aldwin, I’m to blame for his lack of proper discipline. I will certainly teach him a good lesson when I get back.”

“Forget it…” Aldwin shook his head. “He has learned his lesson too. Felic was too heavy-handed on him. I’m afraid he will have to lie in bed for months before he can get up, right?”

“At least three months.” Darian had no children; his nephew, Madrick, was his only relative. Although the latter was stupid, he was, after all, the closest person to him. At Aldwin’s mention, he was reminded of Madrick lying miserably in the hospital bed. For a while, he could not help feeling bitter.

“Well, Darian, when you go back later, drop by the Research Institute and ask Baron to give you a bottle of Psionic Potion. Tell him I’ve sent you.”

“Thank you, President Aldwin.” Darian’s face was full of delight. He’d never thought that Aldwin would promise Madrick a bottle of Psionic Potion. This was the biggest secret of the Alanna Guild of Magic. Even among the guild’s top officials, only a few people knew about its existence. Only Aldwin and Baron had the right to use it. Even if Macklin wanted to use it, he’d have to apply for it one month in advance.

“You don’t have to thank me…” Aldwin shook his head. “This bottle of Psionic Potion is not for nothing. From today onwards, I don’t want to hear any more rumors about you dealing with Felic.”

“Yes.” Darian nodded, and said nothing more.

Aldwin’s intention was very clear—this bottle of Psionic Potion was to pacify him. If he refused to accept, then perhaps it’d be another end that awaited him…

Although the president had always been kind and generous, he had ruled the Alanna Guild of Magic for decades. How could he be someone who was only kind and generous? If Darian really angered him, it was really unknown what sort of means Aldwin would take to deal with him.


He had cast the net down as early as 10 days ago. Everything that came after that had nothing to do with him. Even if something really happened to that Jarrosus country boy, Aldwin could hardly pin the blame on him.