Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 220

Chapter 220 Apology

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Amman was extremely regretful. If he had stepped in to stop Milo earlier, the situation would not have grown so big. Even the Pharmacists Guild could not help but be subservient towards Andoine. Now that they had provoked Andoine, what would be in store for them?

“Alright, let me hear how you explain it.” Although Andoine’s tone was calm, his frown was very obvious. Even morons could tell that the Legendary-mage was completely furious!

There was no reason for Andoine not to feel anger…

Andoine’s relationship with Lin Li was closer than that of any mentor and student. Having lived together at the Sunset Mountains for two months, they had already forged an impenetrable relationship long ago. Andoine saw how Lin Li improved over the period of time—from a clueless rookie to the masterful Archmage today. Not only that, Lin Li had also taught everything he knew about pharmaceutics to him. How would this relationship be comparable to any other mentor-student relationship?

If not for that, how would the lazy Andoine care to nag at Lin Li and advise him on what to look out for? Why would he get rid of the trouble caused by the Marathon Family before Lin Li could even tell him?

Looking at how Andoine treated Lin Li now, instead of calling him Lin Li’s mentor, it would be more applicable to call him his nanny.

However, Andoine’s concern was reasonable…

He had set great prerequisites for his potential students to meet, but only managed to accept Lin Li as his student in his old age after a hundred years. How would he allow Lin Li to be accused of anything when he could not bear to speak harshly to Lin Li himself?

Not to mention Amman’s status as president in the small Thunder City Guild of Magic, even if it were Aldwin’s son, he could just beat him up if he wanted to.

On top of that…

Andoine was sulking secretly. Since it was Lin Li who’d taught him his pharmaceutical knowledge, if Milo were to suspect Lin Li, it meant that he was suspecting him too. Since Milo felt that Lin Li was in cahoots with a con man just by wanting to buy some herbs from him, did he suspect himself of being an accomplice as well?

He could not endure it…

When he thought of that, he was itching to fight. His glare towards Amman showed signs of danger.

“M-Master A-A-Andoine, the situation was like this…” Amman broke out in cold sweat when Andoine glared at him dangerously. He tried to hint the pharmacists around him to help him put in a good word while he told Andoine about the matter in a stutter.

Amman was terrified. He did not dare to show any bias for his student. Everything he said was true. Even Lin Li, who was one of the directly involved parties, could not find any fault in his words.

As Milo stood there, cold sweat trickled down his pale face.

Until now, even a fool could tell that Amman had no ability to side with his student anymore. When the president himself was unable to save himself, how could he care about his student? As for what consequences Milo would face, it depended on Andoine’s decision…

Actually, the process was not complicated at all. It was just Milo finding trouble for himself by accusing Lin Li of being in cahoots with a con man. As for what happened after that, it was just bickering between two youths.

Although the process was not complicated, Amman took a long time to explain the situation.

“Then, you’ve arrived…” After finishing what he had to say, he peeked at Andoine’s reaction in fear.

“Yeah,” Andoine said as he nodded his head, but did not stop frowning. He turned to Lin Li, and asked, “What do you think?”

“Me?” Lin Li asked while he scratched his head in confusion.

If one were to really talk about the situation, it was just Milo making a fool of himself. Lin Li had the confidence that Milo could learn how to better express himself. If Milo’s mentor could not teach him, Lin Li did not mind to do it physically. He was just holding himself back when Milo wanted to fight just now…

Unfortunately, Milo did not dare to utter a single word when Andoine came over.

Lin Li pursed his lips.

You ask me what I would want to do? I can’t even teach him a lesson, because you didn’t allow me to…

Lin Li could not think of a way to deal with Milo at all.

“Forget it…” Ultimately, Lin Li could not help but shake his head. “It was no big deal after all. Just let him apologize to Shaun.”

“Who is Shaun?” Andoine was puzzled.

“Fatty, come over.” Lin Li asked the fat bandit over at once. He’d just realized that Andoine still had not met Shaun. “This is Shaun. I still wanted to buy some herbs from him. What an unlucky day…”

“Oh, hi Shaun.” Andoine loosened his frown when he heard the word ‘herbs’. He smiled at the fatso and then turned to look at Lin Li. “What herbs?”

“Some Tri-coloured Flowers. I will tell you more details later…” This batch of flowers was too important in the revolutionary technique of the refining of potions. If this news were to be known to others, things would be complicated. Now that Amman and his student were beside him, Lin Li would all the more want to keep it a secret.

“Alright…” Looking at Lin Li’s expression, Andoine understood that there had to be some deep secrets regarding the Tricolored Flower. “Amman, you come over.” He called Amman over, and did not continue to pester Lin Li.

“Master Andoine, may I know what do you need?” Amman asked as he walked towards Andoine cautiously.

“Did you hear Felic’s request just now?”


“That’s great. Since Felic does not intend to pursue this matter, I shall not find any trouble with you. Let your student apologize to Shaun and I will let this pass.” After he finished talking, he glared at Amman in a threatening manner.

“Y-yes, yes.” When he heard Andoine say he would not find trouble with himself, he was so relieved that he nearly fell down. His pale face was covered in sweat, and a chill traveled down his spine.

Thank God, if Andoine decides not to pursue the matter, why would apologizing be a great deal?

Not to mention that the request was to apologize to that fatso. If it was to apologize to a pig, Amman would have agreed to it wholeheartedly too.

“Fatty, do you mind that?” Lin Li asked Shaun secretly.

“HUH?” The fatso first froze for a moment. Then, he understood everything at once. Lin Li was asking if he minded Milo apologizing to him.

He must be joking!

Overwhelmed, he started to stutter. “Erm, n-n-no. I d-don’t mind it at all.”

In fact, Shaun did not even expect to receive an apology from a mage, what was more a high-ranking one. He understood that it was the Pharmacists Guild. Who there was not someone with status and position?

To have this type of person apologize to him, he would not dare to think about it when he was selling the young magical beasts in the black market.

“Milo, come and apologize to Mr. Bandit here,” Amman spoke to Milo in a low voice. He wanted Milo to settle the issue quickly, or else it would not be as easy if he were to delay any longer.

“Yes, mentor…” Milo nodded his head very unwillingly.

He was still a young man after all, so he could not mask his emotions as masterfully as Amman. Even if he was scared of Andoine, and respectful of the orders of his mentor, he could not bring himself to apologize immediately.

Being Amman’s student, even the castellan had to be very respectful towards him. What about that fat bandit? He was just a low-level adventurer selling his herbs. From his clothing and fat figure, Shaun would not even have the chance to help be his servant.

Unfortunately, he had to apologize to such a fat man.

Milo really want to puke blood just by the thought of it…

But, what could he do if he did not want to apologize? Milo was not a blind man. How could he not see the anxious glances his mentor was giving him? The man he had offended was the student of a Legendary-mage. If he did not want to apologize to the fat man, who was going to deal with the rage of the Legendary-mage?

At that time, his mentor, together with the entire Thunder City Guild of Magic, would be doomed.

Milo’s face flushed. “Mr. Shaun, so…” he said through gritted teeth.

Milo opened his mouth, but he found it hard to that one word—”Sorry”.

Yet, the fat bandit had to choose this time to ask, “So, Mage Milo, are you still interested in these herbs?”

“…” Milo really hoped to find a hole to hide in. Lin Li was trying so hard to hold in his laughter. That fatso was quite evil to ask Milo if he was still interested in buying the herbs.

“Mr. Shaun, you must be joking.” At this time, only Amman could maintain his smile. “How could we take away what Mage Felic wants?”

He’d rejected the offer politely, and did not forget to ingratiate himself with Lin Li.

“Oh…” Shaun nodded his head understandingly. “Do you need any other things from me?” he asked in a concerned tone.

“…” Lin Li nearly burst his stomach while laughing. He had seen enough insults, but that was the most embarrassing one ever.

This fatty has a bright future ahead! XD

Milo felt a hot blood gushing to the top of his head. If not for the basic rational sense that reminded him not to act recklessly, he would have turned that annoying fatso into ashes with a fireball.