Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 249

Chapter 249 The Curse

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After comforting Mason, Lin Li turned to look at the two Magic Shooters. “Sorry, guys, this is my friend. He broke the guild rules as he had some urgent matters.”

“Oh, so he is a friend of Mage Felic…”

How would the two Magic Shooters not know who Felic was? He was the man who’d won against Macklin in the arena, and the youngest Archmage of Alanna Guild of Magic. They even heard how a few Archmages commented that Felic was going to rise above Gryffindor eventually.

How could the two men continue to stop Mason when Felic started to apologize to them? They gathered all their smiles and explained to Lin Li apologetically, “We’re sorry, Mage Felic, we did not know he was your friend. You know we are stickers to the guild rules. As we did not mean to do it on purpose, please do not mind us…”

“I understand…” Lin Li assured the two Magic Shooters. He knew what they were thinking about, yet could not help but feel amused by their actions. He was not Matthias, so how would he take such minor things to heart? He laughed it off and brought Mason to the side.

“Brother Mason, tell me clearly. What exactly happened to Orrin?”

“It is terrible!!!” Mason gasped, and started explaining, “When we woke up this morning, we realized you were at the Omniscient Tower already. Hence, me and that pretty boy were discussing going to the arena to train. To be honest, I’ve learned a powerful spell recently, so I was hoping to try it with him. Who’d expect that we’d met Gryffindor and his friend at the arena too…”

“Gryffindor?” Lin Li repeated the name nervously. He clearly remembered how the two men had a conflict the first time they met in Alanna. If not for the eyes of the public in the guild hall, they would have fought each other on the spot.

He knew nothing good would happen should they meet each other in the arena.

“Yeah, it’s that Gryffindor.” Mason confirmed Lin Li’s concerns. Gritting his teeth, he continued, “That bastard owed a beating when he showered that pretty boy with sarcastic remarks straight away. He said that the pretty boy was still trash as the pretty boy was still a Magic Shooter despite the years that passed. Gryffindor jeered that it was a shame for him to treat Orrin as his sole enemy too. F*CK! He could just insult that pretty boy. Why must he insult me too? What’s wrong with being a Magic Shooter? Magic Shooters are still humans, aren’t they?”

“…” Lin Li could not help but roll his eyes. He still could not adapt to Mason’s childish way of non-linear thinking. “So, what happened after that?”

“Then, the pretty boy got agitated…” Mason continued. He could not help but feel shocked at what he’d witnessed. “Frankly speaking, it was really strange. You know that pretty boy—he is not really an agreeable man, treating people as though they owed him a huge amount of money every day. But when did you ever see him being agitated? His eyes turned red at that instant, and gave bastard Gryffindor a deadly stare as though he was going to bite him into pieces…”

“That serious?” Lin Li asked in a daze.

Lin Li had long known there was enmity between the two men. Yet, why was Orrin so easily disturbed? Orrin met Gryffindor quite a few times in the past month. Although they were indifferent towards each other, they had never gotten physical like how they did today. Could there be other things that happened in these few days that he missed out on?

“He was just that agitated…” Mason said as he sighed. “At first, I thought I could stop that pretty boy. But, afterwards, I did not know what Gryffindor told him. That pretty boy went berserk immediately and unleashed a Chilling Touch…”

“Oh my God…”

Lin Li never felt that vexed. Did Orrin eat wrong medicine? Why was he so foolish to attack Gryffindor first? Lin Li knew his abilities were unfathomable when he met him at the guild hall a few days ago.

How could he challenge him with a mere level-14 ability when Lin Li himself had no confidence to win facing Gryffindor?

This is really bad…

“How is Orrin now?”

“He got attacked by one Pyroblast and was already sent to the emergency…”

“F*CK. Watch out, Gryffindor!” Lin Li cursed through his gritted teeth. “Bring me to Orrin now.”


The two men rushed down the Omniscient Tower. When they arrived at the guild’s treatment room, they saw Orrin unconscious, lying lifelessly on the bed. His usual pale face grew whiter and Lin Li could sense death just by standing outside the room.

Macklin was pacing to and fro beside the bed while cursing.

“Goddammit, you are a group of fools! Why are you hired by the guild when you don’t even have the ability to find a priest?”

“Mr. Macklin, we have tried, but… but…” the two trainees replied meekly while they trembled in fear. “But, there is only a single priest in the whole of Alanna, and he had gone back to the Brilliance Shrine last month…”

“Damn you, Raleigh! So you returned to the Brilliance Shrine when I need you now! What the f*ck do you mean when you claim God has love for His people? You’d better stay at your shrine forever and never come back. Or else, I’m not going to forgive you…”

“The old man’s temper has turned from bad to worse…” Lin Li mumbled before pushing the room’s door open gently.

“Felic, you are finally here…” Macklin said as he sighed in relief when he saw Lin Li enter the room. He knew the abilities of this student. Lin Li would be the second person who could save Orrin apart from a Priest’s theurgy.

“What happened?”

“It was all due to that foolish group of people. Goddammit, I’m not going to let that bastard Gryffindor off like this. If Orrin were to die in the Guild of Magic, how am I supposed to face his mentor? Quick, help me think of a way. Let’s save his life first.”

“Let me see…” Lin Li said as he nodded and sat in front of Orrin bed to look at his injuries.

Lin Li frowned right after that.

The effect of Pyroblast was not as bad. Although there was blood on his back, Orrin’s organs were not injured at all. The real thing that endangered his life was another type of energy. When Lin Li sat in front of his bed, he could clearly see how black smoke dispersed from his wounds…

Lin Li knew trouble was big when he saw the black fumes.

He remembered how the similar fumes could have been found on McGrenn the other time.

But, Orrin’s current situation was worse now.

That was right. It was the power of curse.

McGrenn fell under the Sleep Curse back then. Its effect was average as compared to other curses. One bottle of Dispelling Potion would suffice in clearing 80 percent of the curse. However, for Orrin now, 10 bottles of Dispelling Potion might not do the trick.

This time, Lin Li had a little headache.

Although he was proficient in pharmaceutics, he was not skilled in curses.

He could not tell what type of curse Orrin was put under. The black smoke could only show that Orrin’s situation was worse than McGrenn’s the previous time.

“It will not threaten his life yet…” Lin Li shook his head and stood up from his chair. He said gravely, “But, the situation is really bad. We might need to find someone to help us…”

“Find whom?” Macklin asked impatiently. “I will set off right away.”

“Wait first…” After Lin Li stopped him, he took out a glass bottle, and said to Mason, “Brother Mason, help me get a bottle of clear water and mix this medicine inside. Portion it and feed it to Orrin three times every one hour. Remember, do not give it to him too early, or his body might not be able to take it.”

“Alright.” Mason nodded and went off to find clear water with the glass bottle in his hands.

After thinking for a while, Lin Li took out a crystal card from his pocket. “Mr. Macklin, could you send someone to Glittergold Bank for me?”

“Why are you going to the Glittergold Bank?” Macklin asked in surprise.

“To find someone,” Lin Li replied as he gave the crystal card to Macklin. “Go and find any mage apprentice. Tell him to go to any Glittergold Bank to find Mr. Hoffman for Felic. Say that I would be waiting for him at the Guild of Magic.”

“Alright…” Macklin received the crystal card and headed off to find Hoffman uneasily. He really did not believe a crystal card could bring Hoffman over. Despite that, he was going to try whatever he could to rescue Orrin. If Hoffman was not able to save him, Orrin would really die in Alanna Guild of Magic this time.

Not long after he left, Macklin stopped in his tracks again, and asked, “Then where are you going?”

“The curse on Orrin is too powerful. I’m going to find a priest to help.”

“Priest? How would there be any other priests in Alanna after that bastard, Raleigh, returned to the Brilliance Shrine…?”

“I will explain to you when I come back…” Lin Li said as he left the treatment room in a hurry.

After exiting the guild hall, Lin Li called for a coach to send him in the direction of Dawn Cathedral immediately. It was the only cathedral in Alanna with the Brilliance Shrine. If Lin Li did not remember wrongly, when Archbishop Englos had talked to him the other time, he told Lin Li to look for him there if he were to face any difficulty in the coming month.

“Goddammit, now I owe two favors. I’m not going to let you off, Gryffindor!”