Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 262

Chapter 262 Hopelessness

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For Mason, this was a tragedy…

He’d barely managed to make it through the duration of the Mental Control. He had just thought of raising an Elemental Shield to protect himself, but he did not think that Gryffindor would be so shrewd and prepared for his execution timing. With this release of Mental Control, it was like a leg was stepping on Mason’s throat. He instantly lost the ability to speak.

What to do now? The difference in power was already far apart, and now he was being pressured so badly. No matter how optimistic Mason’s character was, he could not help but start panicking now.

It would be more troublesome once he panicked…

Before Mason could think of a way, Gryffindor released another Mental Control…

“What the hell!?” Mason immediately felt that everything in front of him was black. It was not even a minute since he was last controlled, and now he lost control over his mental strength again. After that, he felt that the mana in his body had furiously surged out, and another three Flaming Storms bombarded the Aurora Square.

This time, Mason thought he really was going to die.

Even a mage apprentice knew that Flaming Storm was famous for expending mana. He was just a level-eleven Magic Shooter and not Felic, that monster with infinite mana. How could he have so much mana to blast the surface?

With a series of Flaming Storms, Mason could clearly feel that the mana within his body was showing signs of exhaustion…

“Its over…” Just a short minute of battle, and he had been mind controlled twice in a row already. This was hopeless enough in itself, but Gryffindor, that b*tch, was not in a rush to finish off Mason. He used this despicable method to deplete Mason’s mana. At this point, even an idiot would know that this b*tch Gryffindor had to have some sinister plan lying in wait for him.

It was not that Mason did not want to surrender. After all, the difference in powers was too large, Even if he were to surrender, it would not be embarrassing, but Gryffindor, this b*tch, did not give him a single chance to surrender. The continuous magic suppression caused Mason not to be able to open his mouth, what more to tell the two judges that he wanted to surrender.

When the fourth Flaming Storm was released, Mason had completely lost all hope. The last strand of mana had been utterly expended, and the only thing he could rely on now was that negligible natural recovery.

Based on his little bit of mental strength, the bit of mana recovered was not enough for an Elemental Shield, what more to try and turn the situation around…

“Don’t panic, it has only just begun…” When both of their shoulders brushed past each other, Gryffindor’s voice was like a venomous snake slithering into Mason’s ear…

Looking at Mason’s pale face, Gryffindor’s heart was filled with the delight of revenge. This was the result he’d wanted. Depleting Mason’s strength, crushing all of his confidence, and then letting him die from the hopelessness of endless pain.

All of this was originally prepared for Orrin, but he had not imagined that this fella called Mason would ruin everything in the Spell Testing Hall the other day. Then, naturally, all of this could be placed on Mason. After all, regardless if you are called Mason or Mark, since you have spoilt my, Gryffindor’s, plans, then you must be ready for my revenge…

After two consecutive Mind Controls, Gryffindor had completely dominated the match, The current Mason had already expended his last bit of mana. He could but watch on as Gryffindor recited the incantations with a hideous smile.

“This is bad…” Lin Li stood far away at the side of the Aurora Square, and he was really anxious. When the first Mind Control was released, Lin Li already knew what Gryffindor was planning. At that point, he really felt like rushing onto the Aurora Square to remind Mason, “Hurry and surrender, don’t hold on anymore!”

Unfortunately, when the match had already progressed to this point, it was already too late for him to remind him. Gryffindor used Mind Control another two times to deplete Mason’s mana. After that, it would just be an outright stomping. Lin Li could only hope that Mason could find a chance in this dire situation to catch a breather even if he couldn’t end the match. Otherwise, if this continued, Mason would be driven mad by Gryffindor even if he did not die.

But with Mason’s strength, how could it be easy to find a chance in front of Gryffindor?

Gryffindor had just finished speaking, and the magic staff in his hand shook. After that, a Power of Repulse was released…

This Power of Repulse could only be described as sinister. With Gryffindor’s intentional control, the elemental sequencing of the Power of Repulse showed a minor disparity, which had changed its attack to start from the top and end at the bottom. It smashed Mason in a constricting manner.

That was right, it indeed was “smash”…

In that instant, Mason felt like he had been crushed by a giant rock falling from the sky. Instantly, he felt everything in front of him turned black, and his mind was blank. His eyes, nose, and ears had a trace of warm liquid flowing out…

“How does it feel?” After the release of Power of Repulse, Gryffindor was not in a rush to attack, but moved towards Mason with a face full of smiles.

“Gry… Gryffindor, you are too overboard…” Mason struggled to open his eyes, and felt that his surroundings were unusually blurry. Be it Gryffindor in front of him, or the judges and the audience far away, they all seemed to be duplicated. Looking at the blurry silhouette wavering in front him, Mason weakly raised his hands to rub his eyes, but he realized that when his hands had just touched it, his hands were covered in blood…

“Overboard? Hahaha. Mage Mason, you really are interesting. Didn’t I tell you just now that this was merely the beginning? There are still more interesting things waiting for you. Enjoy…”

“Gryffindor, I… I warn you, my uncle is not someone to be provoked. If you really injure me, my uncle will definitely not forgive you…” Mason spoke in a breathless manner. He desperately invoked his mental strength, trying to recover enough mana during this limited time.

In order to buy more time, he even spouted nonsense in order to make Gryffindor continue mocking him and not use another spell to once again sink him into a desperate situation.

“Haha, your uncle? You mean Annio, that trash? Stop joking around, idiot. In terms of position, I am also a steward of the guild. In terms of identity, I am Leader Rosen’s disciple. Even if I were to kill you, what can that idiotic uncle of yours do to me, not to mention just injuring you? If you don’t believe me, you can try it…

“Is it?”

“I’ve said it before, if you don’t believe me, you can try.”

“Ok, I’ll admit that you are right, but Mage Gryffindor, I really don’t understand. This is just a competition, why are you so brutal? Don’t tell me that you’ve used the Mental Control to sap my mana just so that you could chat with me.”

“As for this question…” Gryffindor’s face was filled with a complacent smile. It seemed like he really was highly conceited. It was just that when he was halfway through speaking, Gryffindor’s expression suddenly changed, and he released an Air Bomb. “Ask Orrin yourself once you are dead!”

“Ah…” This Air Bomb exploded right on Mason’s chest. Be it the power or the damage, it had far surpassed the prior Power of Repulse. Instantly, Mason let out a cry and there was blood spewing. When the dust had finally settled, Mason’s chest was a bloody mess…

“Poor idiot, you really think you can those little tricks and hide them from me? Trying to buy yourself more time to recover mana with those few stupid sentences, I really don’t know if you are too stupid or too naive…” Gryffindor shot another Air Bomb, severely injuring Mason. His face was filled with a sarcastic smile.

No choice. The difference in strength was too large. With Gryffindor’s acute Archmage senses, he did not have to observe much before he easily grasped Mason’s mana flow. When Mason first opened his mouth and spoke, he already guessed the opponent’s plans. It was just that Gryffindor was not in a hurry. He really enjoyed such cat and mouse games. He waited until the opponent had finally recovered enough mana before using another Air Bomb to sink the opponent into despair again.

A cat catching a mouse was like this. Give the mouse hope time and time again before making it feel hopeless again.

“F*ck…” When the Air Bomb blasted his chest, Mason felt like his whole body had been ripped apart. The stinging pain spread from his chest continuously. The pain from that bloody pile of mess was worse than dying.

This time, Mason really gave up.

Gryffindor’s schemes had far surpassed Mason’s imagination. He had used all sorts of methods, and he even acted like a clown, but the result was that he could not even buy any time to regain his mana. All of his efforts had only gotten him one Air Bomb in exchange…

“How’s it, Mage Mason? Are you still able to stand up? The game has only just begun, I don’t want it to end so quickly…” Gryffindor started chanting again, and an electric arc appeared from his palm instantly. He was playing with the electric arc in hands, making it form different shapes, and then he slowly walked towards the side of the square.

It’s over, it’s really over this time… Mason lay down and his heart slowly sank.

While being stupefied and confused, Mason seemed to have heard someone calling his name.

At the beginning, Mason thought he was hallucinating, but he quickly realized that this voice was getting clearer and clearer. Upon listening carefully, this seemed to be Felic’s voice!

“Is it really Felic?” Mason endured the shredding pain and twisted his neck. He immediately found out that Felic was cupping his hands around his mouth and shouting Mason’s name from somewhere not too far. It was as if he was trying to tell Mason something.

This sudden realization immediately made the deflated Mason regain some hope.

Yes, Felic has always been capable of doing something. He must have an idea!

Mason gritted his teeth while carrying this hope. He dragged his injured body and moved a few steps backwards…