Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 273

Chapter 273 Level Sixteen

Chapter 273: Level-Sixteen
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Luckily, Lin Li’s reaction was fast enough. Just casting Hastening Spell, he already felt a surge of heat coming from his back. Lin Li did not panic, though. He just raised his Aether Staff and cast a Delaying Spell on the Hellfire. While making use of this chance, Lin Li managed to cast a Levitation Spell when it was almost too late, flying past the Hellfire’s head.

While already being in the air, Lin Li did not stop. There was a hasty recitation coming the sky, and then there was a bone-chilling magical wave, tearing apart the scorching air in an instant.

“Ice… Thousand Miles of Ice!” The thousands of mages seated at the spectators’ area had seemingly been affected by the Group Fixation Spell. They all were in a daze simultaneously, and all of their gazes were fixed on the area above the Aurora Square, staring at the young mage that was levitating.

“I-I-I… I’m not mistaken, right?” Some of them that had a weaker spirit even pinched themselves hard to make sure that they were not dreaming.

With the pain coming from their thighs, they knew everything was real…

“F*ck, this really is living hell…” Macklin sprang up from his seat and his old face’s expression showed that he found it unbelievable. He did not imagine that Felic was only level-fifteen in the previous round and had suddenly actually broken through during this round, using Thousand Miles of Ice straightaway!

Macklin was right…

When he cast the Levitation Spell, Lin Li seemed to have caught onto something. All of a sudden, he felt that his mind was suddenly enlightened. Suddenly there were answers to whatever he could not understand previously. The breakthrough this time came really weirdly, and it was even more without reason. It was different from previous times. This sort of feeling was equivalent to being struck by a gigantic pie from the sky while walking on a road casually…

The most confusing part for Lin Li was that this pie not only hit his brain, but it also taught him how to make pies.

Even though the breakthrough this time round was sudden, it was not enough to cause Lin Li to panic. After all, during this period of time, he had been fighting all sorts of magical beasts in the Cinder Woods. After that, he had been submerged in studies at the Omniscient Tower for almost half a month. Additionally, there were a few consecutive high-level battles today. Strictly speaking, this breakthrough could be considered smooth sailing.

But at the same time, Lin Li shockingly discovered that his brain seemed to have gained something…

Indeed, there was something else.

For example, when he cast that Thousand Miles of Ice just now, Lin Li clearly remembered that he had never come in contact with the recitation for Thousand Miles of Ice before today. After all, it was a genuine level-sixteen spell. No matter how much of a genius or how hardworking Lin Li was, it would be difficult to rely purely on the elemental sequencing to model out the casting process of the Thousand Miles of Ice before he had even reached level-sixteen. Without mastering the process casting, it would naturally mean not mastering the spell. Even if he had memorized it thoroughly, it would have been useless.

But, at that moment, the recitation for the Thousand Miles of Ice had suddenly appeared in his mind. Lin Li did not have to ponder or consider; he merely followed his instincts and recited the spell, casting this genuine level-sixteen spell.

At this time, Lin Li even suspected that he actually had amnesia… If not, why did he know the incantations for the Thousand Miles of Ice, yet forgot where he had learned it…

But such worries quickly disappeared.

… Because in the next moment, Lin Li again discovered that even weirder things were appearing in his mind…

Oh no, it’s not weird…
These things that suddenly appeared in his mind might seem to be messy, but after carefully tidying them up, everything seemed understandable. Lin Li then forcibly split them into three categories.

This first category would be incantations similar to the Thousand Miles of Ice. Lin Li had heard or seen at least ninety percent of them, but this was not important. At least Lin Li could use the structure of the language to forcibly decipher that there were indeed some incantations of the spell.

The second category would be weirder. If Lin Li was correct, those were mostly magic laws, and they were the most core laws at that. However, something was off. These magic laws had mostly undergone changes. Although the changes were not much, Lin Li could still feel it. This discovery give Lin Li a sudden bone-chilling feeling…

Indeed, powerful mages were able to change the magic laws, but the more core the laws were, the harder it was to change them. The several laws that had appeared in his mind… even a powerhouse at Aldwin’s level would face difficulty trying to change any of them.

As for the third category, Lin Li decided to temporarily set it aside.

It was because he could not make head nor tail of it after researching for a while. He could only make a rough guess that these were part of abandoned magical knowledge, but as to what sort of magical knowledge, Lin Li had no clue at all. So, he cleverly made the choice to give up for now.

One had to admit that Lin Li’s adaptability was really good. Under such weird and random circumstances, he could still remain calm. His spell casting speed was not affected, either—he had already released Thousand Miles of Ice in an instant.

Currently, Lin Li was floating in the air. With this Thousand Miles of Ice, the Infernal Golem that was wreaking havoc had been frozen instantly.

This time, even Matthias was stunned…

“What the hell!?” Matthias spat out angrily, but he quickly regained his composure. He held onto the magic staff tightly and started reciting quickly as well. He also used the Levitation Spell, and was level with Lin Li in midair in the blink of an eye.

The distance between the two was twenty meters…

“Pity, it’s a little late…” Matthias stared at Lin Li, and his gaze had a tinge of disdain and pity.

From Matthias’ perspective, the opponent’s breakthrough this time round was too late. The breakthrough from level-fifteen to level-sixteen would be different from the other times. The appearance of the four signature spells also meant that the opponent would require a large amount of time to study and learn them before truly grasping the power of a level-sixteen.

“No, no, no, it is still not too late…” Lin Li shook his head instead. Probably only he knew that such a weird thing happened to him when he’d broken through.

This feeling that was similar to being self-taught made Lin Li brim with confidence. Now, even if he were to face a true level-sixteen Archmage, he would be confident enough to win. After all, what he had obtained just now was not just a level-sixteen incantation, but also a related core magical law that had been modified.

Unfortunately, Matthias did not believe it…

“Unless you have suddenly broken through to level-seventeen, just a single Thousand Miles of Ice would not save you…” Matthias was in the air, and his lips carried a scornful smile. He waved the magic staff in his hand, and the Hellfire in the Aurora Square immediately vanished in the air. Afterward, there was a hasty recitation, and a gigantic net instantly appeared in front of Matthias…

“I’d be damned, Rain of Sacrifice!” Hoffman’s eyes were wide open instantly. This time, he clearly saw for himself that this Matthias was definitely the Ashen Warlock’s disciple. It was because this Rain of Sacrifice was a spell created by the Ashen Warlock.

People that had seen Rain of Sacrifice for the first time would most likely treat it as a normal Rain of Fire spell. Only people that truly understood the powers of the demons would understand that the destruction wrought by the Rain of Sacrifice would not be less than that of a level-eighteen spell. This process of casting this spell was not different from Rain of Fire’s—even the incantations were almost identical. It was only that before casting it, the demon that was summoned would have to be sacrificed as the price. Even a Legendary powerhouse would have no choice but to feel somewhat fearful of that incomparable demonic power that was gained at that time.

“It’s over…” Hoffman’s face instantly turned pale. Although Felic had just broken through to level-sixteen and obtained the genuine power of an Archmage, the Rain of Sacrifice was no joke. Back when they were surrounding the Ashen Warlock, countless Sky Knights were instantly turned into ashes just by a single Rain of Sacrifice falling from the sky.

“Is that so? What about this…” Lin Li only smiled, and waved the Aether Staff in his hands. This was followed by a swath of aquamarine light appearing.

At the same time, Matthias’ Rain of Sacrifice was released.

In an instant, the whole sky was dyed red, and there were countless flares, swallowing Lin Li’s body like a gigantic net immediately.

“it really is the Rain of Sacrifice…” There were cries of shock coming from the spectator seats. The spectators that knew the prowess of the Rain of Sacrifice simultaneously started panicking for that mage from Jarrosus. They knew how powerful the Rain of Sacrifice was, and they were even concerned whether this battle would come to a close with this Rain of Sacrifice.

But immediately after, they saw a swath of aquamarine light radiating…

“Oh my god, it’s Water Shield!” There were waves of cries of alarm in that instance. The noise was not any softer than when the Rain of Sacrifice had appeared. A few of the mages that had inferior psychological quality had started to curse in their minds. F*ck, this fella called Felic is indeed not a normal monster. It was just an instant, and he had already used two level-sixteen spells in succession…

They really wanted to ask: Did you really just f*cking break through to level-sixteen? How is that I keep thinking and feeling that you are more experienced than those senior Archmages that have been stuck at level-sixteen for tens of years?

Honestly, the current Lin Li was really giving people such a feeling. He was terrifyingly proficient as though he had broken through to level-sixteen tens of years ago. Be it Thousand Miles of Ice or Water Shield, they all seemed to be at his fingertips. There was no need to think or ponder. He only needed to instinctively recite, and he could exhibit the most suitable spell for the situation.

Luckily, they were all only cursing in their minds. If Lin Li were to hear such words, this fella would most likely shamelessly say, “If you guys were the same as me, having tons of incantations and almost ten core magical laws appearing in your mind while breaking through, then you guys would definitely be as proficient as me…”