Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 274

Chapter 274 Rules

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In an instant, there were a thousand meteors falling from the sky. Countless flares were dispersing, and there instantly were ripples appearing on the aquamarine light.

“F*ck, this guy really took some drugs…” Lin Li gritted his teeth as he cursed. The prowess of the Rain of Sacrifice was definitely not something a normal spell could match up to. Tens of thousands of meteors landed on the aquamarine light, and it immediately made Lin Li feel dizzy and blinded. It was just an instant, yet the Water Shield was only left with the last thin layer.

This time, it gave Lin Li such a fright that his hair stood up.

While being panic-stricken, Lin Li hurriedly stimulated his mana to the maximum and desperately replenished the Water Shield that was on the verge of collapse. Fortunately, Lin Li was also a monster, and his near-infinite mana surged out. Although it was unable to reverse the adverse situation, it was still able to sufficiently maintain the Water Shield.

Lin Li stared at Matthias while continuously conjuring mana. This guy was too abnormal. It had only been more than a month or so, yet he had already become so powerful. He consecutively used so many spells, and each was more sinister than the other. If it wasn’t because Lin Li had broken through just now, he might have been pounded into meat sauce by that Hellfire, not to mention this Rain of Sacrifice that was like plague, continuously sapping his mana…

This terrifying corrosion was in effect for at least ten seconds. It happened until a certain monster with infinite mana started feeling weak before the Rain of Sacrifice started to dissipate. At this point, Matthias’ incantation started to near its end. The low and hoarse voice started to be sharp and loud like a warm-hearted prayer. A blue phosphorescent light started to ignite on Matthias’ palm. The Mental Protection Field became a gold brilliance and was steadfastly protecting Mental Protection Field, preventing him from being affected by spells such as the Mana Retroaction.

“Felic’s in deep trouble now…” Hoffman clenched his fists and stared right at the sky above the Aurora Square.

“I think this battle is coming to an end…” Herza only give out a slight sigh. This old man from the Supreme Council was very clear. Even with his own powers that were near the Legendary-level, it would be difficult to change the situation in the Aurora Square. There was no choice, the disadvantage for the mage from Jarrosus was too big. Matthias’ incantation was coming to an end, and he was also under the protection of the Mental Protection Field. There was a perfect mix of defense and offense, not allowing a single chance for the opponent.

At this time, the only chance at victory would be to use absolute strength to destroy the Mental Protection Field and deliver a fatal blow to Matthias with Mana Retroaction again. Otherwise, the only thing that was waiting for the mage from Jarrosus would only be a painful defeat.

However, how could forcefully destroying the Mental Protection Field be an easy task?

The current Matthias had the strength of at least level-sixteen. There was not a single chance to break down his Mental Protection Field without a thorough understanding of the core magical laws and Legendary-level mental strength. This was because forcefully destroying the Mental Protection Field was breaking magical laws in itself. Other than absolute strength, there was no other method…

“Sigh…” Hoffman shook his head, and his fat face was filled with regret.

Probably only Hoffman himself knew that the thing that truly made him regret was not that enormous wager, but the genuine genius that only appeared once in hundreds of years. This young man from the Jarrosus Guild of Magic was a rare genius. Not only was his magical strength terrifying, he even had miraculous attainments in Pharmaceutics. Not only did Hoffman have high opinion of him, even the person of authority for the Felan Kingdom’s Pharmaceutics, Balbo, has expressed his admiration for this young man repetitively.

It was such a pity…

Just when Hoffman was shaking his head, there was a sudden change in the battle in the sky above the Aurora Square.

The sharp and loud incantation suddenly stopped. It was like a large invisible hand had suddenly choked Matthias’ throat. The whole Aurora Square went silent, and there was only a swoosh…


“Ah…” Matthias let out a shriek, and plummeted down from the sky just like a kite that had its string cut off.

In that instant, every mage clearly saw that when Matthias struck the ground, there was blood spewing everywhere, and it left a red trace in the sky…

Matthias had actually been injured!

Nobody had thought that Matthias, who was dominating the whole match, would be injured at this time. One had to know the thousands of mages at the spectator seats had even concluded together just now that Matthias would come out victorious in this match. In fact, the progress of the battle back then was indeed as such. But just a moment later, Matthias actually gave out a shriek, and then he plummeted down from the sky…

This, this, this… what the f*ck is happening? Almost everyone’s mind had simultaneously came up with this question.

Although Matthias had desperately used a Levitation Spell to stabilize his body at the instant when he fell to prevent himself from falling to his death, that pale face and weak magical wave as well as that pool of blood in the Aurora Square made it very obvious that Matthias was injured.

Victory and defeat could change hands in an instant. This was how cruel and exciting a battle between mages could be.

Of the thousands of spectators present, probably only those few with the best judgment like Aldwin, Englos, and Sendros would know what sort of shocking change had happened just now. As for the rest, they were still lost, with a face full of confusion.

Even the strongest Archmage, Mr. Macklin, who knew Lin Li the best could only follow his habitual guessing. At that moment, that fella Felic must have done something bad. As for what it was, even Macklin was not too clear.

“What is going on again?”

“This trial apprentice of yours is indeed a miracle creator. Constantly giving everyone surprises…” Aldwin shook his head with a wry smile. “If I am not mistaken, just now, Felic must have used strength, forcibly tearing through Matthias’ Mental Protection Field, and then he used a Mana Retroaction to disrupt the opponent’s casting. As for that Wind Blade at the end, it could only be considered a given…”

“What did you say?” It was as if someone stepped on Macklin’s tail. After a scream, he almost jumped up from his seat. “Break, break, break… Broke through Matthias’ Mental Protection Field?”

It was fine if the president did not explain. After explaining, Macklin’s face immediately turned ghastly pale. He was known as the strongest Archmage. How could he not know what kind of power was needed to tear through the Mental Protection Field?

… The mental strength of at least Legendary-level as well as the thorough understanding of the core magical laws. Just thinking about these two terrifying conditions, Macklin felt cold sweat all over his back. Forget about the mental strength—after all Felic, that fella, was a natural monster. No matter how strong his mental strength was, Macklin would not even be surprised, but the understanding of the core magical laws? It almost made Macklin go mad from fright on the spot…

In the world of magic, rules were everything. The more proficient and more knowledgeable you were, the more powerful your power would be. This power was not referring to strength, but a realm that was hard to comprehend. It was like a butcher spoken of in legends. After butchering tens of thousands of times, his understanding of the cow’s body would be very profound. At the end, he could use a small knife and dismember a cow in an instant with his eyes closed.

Why was this butcher so legendary? It was because he already had the core rules of butchering cows within his grasp.

A mage that had the core rules within his grasp was also another legendary butcher from a certain perspective, casting any spell at his own whim. With this small knife in hand, he could skip levels and challenge powerhouses far stronger than himself.

Macklin was clearer than others as to how frightening this skipping of levels was.

Looking at the Aurora Square again, Macklin’s complexion changed. In his eyes, that young man floating in the sky was no longer the trial apprentice that had boundless prospects. He was now a genuine powerhouse that could defeat Macklin head on. Macklin did not even have the courage to fight with his trial apprentice again, because he knew that if they were to duel again, he would not even have forty percent chance of winning even when he was not suppressing his strength…

A mage that had the core magical laws within his grasp was seriously too scary.

Yet at this time, Matthias used a Levitation Spell to stabilize himself. He used his hand to touch his abdomen, and his hand was immediately covered in blood.

“I was still underestimating you…” Matthias’ voice seemed to have come from the Abyss. That chilling aura was so bone-piercing that even the mages at the spectators’ seat could not help but shiver. This feeling was too terrifying. It was like a demon from the Abyss was staring at them with its faint eyes.

“Ahahaha, I agree…” Lin Li’s laughed modestly, but his hands did not stop moving. He used his advantage of being in the air and shot out ten more Wind Blades. It immediately forced Matthias to raise the Elemental Shield.

The battle had progressed this far, and it had finally reached the rhythm that Lin Li liked the most. By using his immense mental strength and instantly casting low-level spells that were blinding fast to apply pressure, forcing the opponent to flee in panic while he himself was taking things easy, he could prepare another killer move.

“However, you will soon find out that an ant like you would never be able to harm a messenger from the Abyss…” While being pressured by the wind blade, Matthias was not distressed at all. Instead, his face displayed a cruel smile.


Just when Lin Li was in a slight daze, Matthias had already reached out his right hand and took out a blood-red crystal from his pocket…