Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 281

Chapter 281 Allies And Comrades In Arms

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Aaron-Mazis expression was restless. He paced up and down in the room like a bundle of nerves. He had been in control of the Blood Brotherhood for tens of years, but he had never been as flustered as today. After fighting from the sidelines for tens of years, all had been destroyed by the blind idiot Rossi. F*ck, what was this idiot thinking? He was actually stupid enough to cause trouble at the Emerald Tower for a small sum of money. Did he really think that the Emerald Tower would be completely destroyed after Gerians disappearance?

Its going to be big trouble this time. Unless Gerian doesnt come back otherwise, he will definitely take revenge on the Blood Brotherhood. At that point, there was really no place to cry anymore. Aaron-Mazis got angrier the more he thought about it. He looked at Scarface for a long while, cursing in his mind. F*ck, could it be that this idiot was sent as a spy by some force?

No, I must think of a way

Aaron-Mazi thought about it, and in the end, he gritted his teeth and called a few of his trusted subordinates over.

Prepare gifts and follow me to the Emerald Tower.


And you Aaron-Mazi pointed at Scarface, who was trembling in fear. Bring your henchmen and follow me to the Emerald Tower to comply with the punishment. Staying alive or dying would depend on your luck. You idiot, youd better pray that Mage Felic has not returned yet, or else

Mage Felic? When Scarface heard this name, his head immediately tightened. He plucked up his courage, and asked while stuttering, Boss, you you said Mage Felic, is he a young man in his twenties, black hair, black eyes

Yes. Aaron-Mazi was deciding which gifts he should bring. He did not pay any attention to what Scarface was asking, and he only nodded absent-mindedly. But after he nodded, Aaron-Mazis eyes were suddenly wide open. He instantly grabbed Scarfaces collar. Youve seen him before?

Scarface swallowed his saliva with difficulty. Y-yes.

F*ck Aaron-Mazi immediately drew in a cold breath, and stood there without speaking for a while. It was like he was in a daze, and his brain only had a single thought.Hes back, that monster is back

Scarface was bewildered, but he could bury his head into his shoulders, and did not dare to say anything else. He was clear that he had to have caused serious trouble, trouble serious enough to cause him to lose his life

This scary silence was maintained for at least ten minutes before it was broken by Aaron-Mazis voice. He glared right at Scarface, and seemed to have gritted his teeth, saying, Tell me about the situation back then. If I were to find out that you left out a single word, just wait for somebody to put you inside a gunny sack

Yes Scarface swallowed his saliva with difficulty again; his whole forehead was instantly covered in cold sweat. Even if he was just a member of the outside circle of the Blood Brotherhood, he also knew what put someone inside a gunny sack meant. This was the most severe punishment of the Blood Brotherhood. It was always used to deal with traitors, consisting in placing the person inside a gunny sack and then beating them into a pulp

Scarface knew what was the real pulp. When he first joined the Blood Brotherhood as member of the outside circle, he already witnessed a traitor being placed inside a gunny sack. Countless wooden poles were smashing into and beat him for a day. When the gunny sack was opened, there were only bits of mashed meat. There was no way to differentiate what was a shoulder or a thigh

Scarface wiped off the cold sweat off his forehead while recounting what happened at the Emerald Tower to Aaron-Mazi. He did not leave out a single word. Even the incantation to summon the Blood-vine Spell was recited by his mumbling voice. Although he sounded more like a chicken than reciting an incantation, at least he did not end up in a gunny sack

F*ck, I should make someone give you another scar on your face Aaron-Mazi just finished listening, and he gave Scarface another slap. When he pointed at Scarfaces nose while scolding him, he was so angry that his hand was shivering. Mage Felic wants me to go to the Emerald Tower? Such an important matter, and you actually left it unsaid till the end. F*ck, are you a human or a pig?

After saying this in a hurry, Aaron-Mazi did not even feel like bringing those trusted subordinates that he went to prepare the gifts. He just told them to inform the other leaders that were close and powerful that Mage Felic had returned. Then, he brought Scarface to the stables and the two of them found a carriage, leaving straight for the Emerald Tower.

While sitting in the carriage, Aaron Matsis was really sweating. Luckily, this idiot Rosi was too stupid. Although he had blockaded the Emerald Tower, he did not create any disasters. Although Mage Felic had always been merciless, he was not unreasonable. As long as Aaron Matsis were to explain properly, there would be some chance

Scarface, who was at the side, was restless. He had joined the Blood Brotherhood for three years, and he had always been a member of the outside circle. He was usually fighting or killing at Jarrosus City in hopes of being recognized one day and entering the core ranks of the Blood Brotherhood. As for the top leader of the Blood Brotherhood, Aaron-Mazi, he was just like a legendary figure to Scarface. Even in his dreams, Scarface had never thought that there would be a day that he could actually see Aaron-Mazi with his eyes. Hed also never thought that a young mage called Felic would be able to make Aaron-Mazi so frightened with just a single sentenceAaron-Mazi was having cold sweat all over, and he did not even care about wearing a jacket, leaving straight for the Emerald Tower in a hurry

Scarface knew that when he had mentioned the name Felic, that panic-stricken expression on Aaron-Mazis face was real. What sort of person could scare Aaron-Mazi to this extent? Scarface had no clue

When the carriage had arrived at the gates of the Emerald Tower, the information that the Blood Brotherhood had disseminated had already spread throughout Jarrosus City.

Among the eleven great magic families and six underground forces, all of them seemed to have just experienced an earthquake. All of the leaders that heard this news immediately had their pupils enlarged. That monster had really returned?

That battle in the Aurora Square had totally crushed their confidence. They did not even have the courage to resist in the face of that young mage that was like a monster. In Jarrosus area, the name Felic seemed to have some sort of magic to it. Even people like Ysera and Reuben were in a daze for a while when they heard this name.


Jarrosus City suddenly became really lively. Be it the eleven mage families or the six underground forces, they were all in motion simultaneously. A large number of the leaders of the forces immediately got off their carriages like Aaron-Mazi when they heard this news and went straight for the Emerald Tower. The streets that were usually deserted immediately became incomparably lively. A few acquainted leaders exchanged their opinions while being in a rush. Although everyone had different opinions on the details, one thing was certainanother storm was about to brew in Jarrosus City

What? Ysera was at the familys smithy, holding a ring that he had just enchanted. When he heard this news, the ring in his hand fell and landed on the ground with a ding. Mage Felic has returned?

Ysera was in a daze for a minute, and then laughed for no rhyme or reason

Hahahaha, thats great. Mage Felic is finally back! Ysera quickly called a few subordinates over and gave out orders one by one. You, hurry over to the Saruman Family and tell this news to Reuben. You, bring my seal and bring a group of the familys mages, at least fifty of them. Get them to be on standby, there might be a battle at any time. As for you two, go to the familys warehouse and pick the best magical equipment, then follow me to the Emerald Tower.


After those competent subordinates received their commands, they quickly went their separate ways. There was only Ysera left at the familys smithy, laughing for no apparent reason. This news that he had been waiting for a month had finally arrived, and Ysera really could not contain his laughter. This time, the Mannes Family had bet right again. When Shadows Nest was conquering the Demon Fall Valley, the Mannes Family stood by the Guild of Magic without any hesitation. When the Shadows Nest burned down the Emerald Tower, Mannes Family once again stood by the Guild of Magic without any hesitation. Just based on these two incidents, it was enough for the Mannes Family to no longer worry about their standing in Jarrosus City for another hundred years.

This was the change from ally to comrade-in-arms. Just a different word, but it was a totally different relationship.

Allies were united due to benefits, but comrade-in-arms stuck together in life and death.

Felic, you are finally back There were a few elderly Magic Shooters surrounding Lin Li inside the guild hall. All of them were telling him every single detail of what had happened to the Guild of Magic during this period at the same time.

Their accounts were rather messy, but much more detailed than Kevins. From their mouths, Lin Li heard more details. For example, after Shadows Nest invaded the Emerald Tower, they were even garrisoned here for a night. During that night, it was as if they turned the whole Emerald Tower inside out. It was only until after dawn broke before they set the Emerald Tower on fire. After that, they returned to the Demon Fall Valley while flaunting their prowess. When the members of Shadows Nest left, they were somewhat dissatisfied. It might be because they did not find what they were looking for.

Lin Li was listening carefully. He even threw in some questions in the middle. This conversation lasted for almost half an hour. Everything that had happened to the Guild of Magic within the past two months started developing into a rough outline in Lin Lis mind.

Yet at the same time, a few of the younger apprentices that had joined the Guild of Magic in the last two months were inquiring with curiosity. Their hearts were filled with curiosity and doubt. Almost everyone was asking who was this young mage called Felic, and why was it that once he returned to the Emerald Tower, he received cheers from everyone? Could it be that his status was higher than the missing President Gerians?

He is the pride of Emerald Tower, Mage Felic, those that were asked had replied with a proud look. After that, they would patiently describe to the new apprentices the sky-high price of the potion auction, the shocking battle of Jarrosus, and at the end, they would even add, Without Mage Felic, the Emerald Tower would not be what it is today!

When these several older Magic Shooters were almost done conversing, Aaron-Mazis carriage had also arrived at the gates of the Emerald Tower.

Aaron-Mazi brought Scarface; they walked with their heads buried. Once Aaron-Mazi thought about this incident, he could not help but want to give another slap to Scarface.Its all because of this damned idiot. If it wasnt because of him doing something stupid, I would be treated like a guest no matter what once I arrived at the Emerald Tower. Why would there be a need to be like this now? I cant even lift my head up, just like a thief

But all was well. At least Mage Felic left some orders and said that he wanted to meet Aaron-Mazi. While walking in, there were obstacles being deliberately placed in his way, or at least it could be said so. The gazes from those Magic Shooters were already uncomfortable enough. Once he thought about this, Aaron-Mazi could not help but curse in his mind.F*ck, its all because of that idiot Rosi. Once I return, I will definitely put him inside a gunny sack

Good morning, Mr Mazi. Lin Li saw the two of them enter the Emerald Tower from afar. After greeting them, he found a few chairs in a corner of the guild hall and invited Aaron-Mazi along with Scarface to take a seat. Honestly, this was a little rude. After all, Aaron-Mazi was the leader of the Blood Brotherhood. Based on status and position, he was no different from Gerian. When he came to visit, he should have been invited into the guest room.

However, it was a pity. Shadows Nest had burned the Emerald Tower. Although there was not much damage as help came in time, the guest room could not be used. They could only be inconvenienced and sit in the guild hall.

Morning, Mage Felic. When did you return to Jarrosus? Why didnt you say anything. If I knew you were returning today, I would definitely fetch you personally Aaron-Mazi was filled with anxiety. He did not even know what he was talking about, so why would he even still care about manners? At this time, even if he were asked to sit in the toilet, he would also do it without saying anything, not to mention sitting in the guild hall.

Haha, I came back in the afternoon. Lin Li laughed. He did not point out Aaron-Mazis faulty wording. He just said a sentence as though he was talking to himself. I have been away for two months, yet Jarrosus seems to have changed a lot

Yes, yes, the change is really a lot Aaron-Mazi mind was perturbed, and he did not know whether the other partys words had any hidden meanings. He could only follow the flow of the conversation.

But I did not imagine that the change would be so huge. I remember that the old Jarrosus would not have anyone daring to block the front gate of Emerald Tower Lin Lis face had a forced smile, but his gaze fixed on Aaron-Mazi suddenly became stern.

Mage Felic Aaron-Mazis head immediately tightened, and when he looked at Lin Li again, his voice was stuttering even when he spoke. Mage Felic, let let me explain

Haha, theres nothing to explain. If I am not mistaken, you will definitely tell me that all of it has nothing to do with you. It was this Brother Scarfaces idea. How is it, Mr Mazi, am I right?


Its ok, Mr Mazi. Lets forget about this issue. You dont have to explain, and I will not investigate. Lets pretend that it never happened. After all, the Blood Brotherhood is our ally. We, the Guild of Magic, still have this much magnanimity.

Huh? Aaron-Mazi was in a daze. Before coming to the Emerald Tower, he was thinking a lot. There were all sorts of possible results, be it good or bad, but the best result would still be being extorted. After all, the current Guild of Magic had a lot of things to be done. They needed a lot of funds to rebuild the Emerald Tower, and Aaron-Mazi had already prepared himself to agree to it as long as the terms were not too demanding.

As for this, Aaron-Mazi had not reacted to it when he heard Lin Li say I will not investigate. It was only when the words had been spoken that Aaron-Mazi become stunned.

T-t-thats how is that possible?

Aaron-Mazi was very clear about the personality of this young mage. Back then, Cromwell had been killed by him with a single Icicle when hed caught two of his friends. What kind of luck was Aaron-Mazi enjoying? His subordinate had blocked the main gate of the Emerald Tower and announced that the Emerald Tower needed to hand over Guild of Magic, yet it could all be treated as if nothing had happened. Could it be that this young mage had suffered from some tragedy during these two months at Alanna, and his personality had changed so much?

Dont be so nervous, Mr Mazi. Emerald Tower is one of the eighteen forces of Jarrosus. Maintaining the peace and harmony in Jarrosus is just a small issue. Please dont take it heart. But I have something else more important to discuss with you.

Please speak your mind, Mage Felic. As long as its something that the Blood Brotherhood can do, I, Aaron-Mazi, will definitely not reject it! Such a big issue was not to be investigated, so Aaron-Mazi did not dare to make any excuses. Before Lin Li could even say what it was, he had already pounded his chest and agreed.

Its like this, Mr Mazi. I heard that around Jarrosus, there is placed called Demon Fall Valley. The scenery is beautiful, just like in a fairy tale. Ive always wanted to take a look After reaching this point, Lin Li took a pause before continuing, But its a pity. I heard that recently, the people of Shadows Nest had occupied Demon Fall Valley and laid all sorts of traps. Ive been cowardly, afraid something might happen while Im enjoying the scenery. So, I was thinking of asking Mr Mazi for help. Help me get a map of the Demon Fall Valley. Its best that those dirty traps can be found, lest something happens to me while Im enjoying the scenery

Aaron-Mazi was dumbfounded. He had seen his fair share of shameless people, but this was the first time for him to see someone so shameless.F*ck, Alanna has indeed changed this young mages personality, but it was just that he has become even more shameless