Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 283

Chapter 283 Bait

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Ysera swallowed his saliva with much difficulty. He wanted to disagree, but he dared not to voice it out, because he realized the young mage seated in the chair had a serious expressionYsera had never seen him so serious before. It ought to be known that back when Cromwell used a cataclysmic level-eighteen spell during the duel in the Daylight Square, this young mage only just frowned.

Ysera immediately realized that the issue was very serious

Mage Felic is serious. He really is going to attack the Demon Fall Valley before tomorrow evening!

Ysera rapidly shifted his body. The originally soft chair did not feel comfortable anymore. This was not a joke. The current Mannes Family had been tied to this chariot, the Emerald Tower. They were bound together for good or ill. If the Emerald Tower were to fall, the Mannes Family would also be affected as well.

F*ck, what to do?

Lin Li did not know what Ysera could do; after all, he had already decided on this.

Of course, the risk of attacking the Demon Fall Valley had already been considered by him. This issue was indeed rather troublesome. It was heavily guarded, plus there were countless traps and portals. Just a single mistake would result in death, and so, Lin Li had already thought of it. The risk for the Emerald Tower when attacking alone would be too bigit would have to be divided.

Thus, there was a warm reception in the guild hall, and the secret meeting now in the room.

But before all of this, Gerian had to be found first.

Oh, yes, Ysera. Hows Gerian now?

As to Gerians recent news, Ysera was full of confidence. In fact, even before coming to the Emerald Tower, he already had it arranged. Now that he heard Lin Lis question, Ysera smiled confidently. President Gerian is now on the way back to the Emerald Tower.

Thank you, both of you. Lin Li did not say much to express appreciation, but the expression on his face was unusually earnest. He even stood up and bowed towards Ysera and Reuben, who were rather startled by it. This time, he was really grateful to these two big families from the bottom of his heart. If they had not helped, Gerian would most likely have been in the hands of the Shadows Nest now. Thinking about the old mans bad temper and the way Shadows Nest handled matters, even an idiot knew that that would definitely end in his death.

Mage Felic, you are too courteous

Just as those two were overwhelmed by his special favor, there was racket heard from the guild hall. Lin Li hurriedly opened the rooms door and saw a fat middle-aged man walking into the guild hall while being surrounded by a group of mages. Gerian had returned.

Gerian did not change a single bit even though they had not met for almost two months. His figure was still round, and he still cursed and swore all the time. He had just walked into the guild hall, and was already heard scolding loudly. F*ck, hasnt that fella Felic returned, why do I not see him? Did he run away with somebodys daughter?

Lin Li could not help but roll his eyes. He scolded Gerian in his mind.Is the old man that kind of person?

Felic! Gerian was old, but his eyesight was rather good. Lin Li had just come down the stairs, and he had been seen by Gerian. Why are you hiding upstairs?

Of course I am discussing something, otherwise do you think Im doing embroidery?

Ysera and Reuben took this chance to take their leave. This time, Lin Li did not continue asking them to stay. He just smiled, and said, Oh, yes, Ysera. When I was in Alanna, I managed to get a recipe that could permanently raise mana. Its effects are much stronger than the Arcane Magic Potions, but the herbs are hard to obtain. So, I thought of finding a way in Jarrosus. Why dont you help spread the news and say that I am finding a partner from the sixteen forces in Jarrosus to manage this potion together. If anyone is interested, they can come to the Emerald Tower tonight to talk it out.

Talk it out? When Ysera heard that, his mind had a click.

Inwardly, Ysera kept telling himself,Scam, scam, scam, this is definitely a scam!

Ysera was not stupid. Everyone had discussed in the room just now that they would retake the Demon Fall Valley before tomorrow evening. With just a turn, this guy was going to toss out a recipe that was stronger than the Arcane Magic Potion. Even an idiot would know that this guy was trying to use this chance and rope in the sixteen forces of Jarrosus onto the Emerald Towers war chariot.

This was a trap without a doubt.

Furthermore, it was a trap that one had to fall for. There was no choice, for this bait was too powerful. What did it mean when a recipe was stronger than the Arcane Magic Potion? It was clear just by thinking about the auction that had shaken Jarrosus. The price of the last ten bottles of Arcane Magic Potion had been raised to millions of gold coins. Without even exaggerating, this was a profit that was tens of thousands of times. Even an idiot would know that it was definitely worth it to trade anything for such a profit

Including commitment to attack the Demon Fall Valley!

In an instant, Ysera could not help but be uncertain.

To agree or not? It was a really difficult question.

Yet at this time, Reuben, who was at his side, nodded his head. Ill be here tonight.

After that, he left the Emerald Tower with a blank look.

Reubens willingness had left Ysera somewhat dazed. After that, he suddenly was enlightened. Oh yes, in his cleverness, he had overreached itself. So what if it was a trap? The current Mannes Family had long been tightly tied to the Emerald Tower. Even if there was no potion recipe and even if he did not rally to participate in this attack, would the Shadows Nest let him off after they won? It had to be known that their spokesman in Jarrosus was the Merlin Family!

Whether it was a trap or not, it should be left to the other forces leaders to worry about. There was no need for people like Reuben and himself to consider it. The thing that the Mannes Family needed to do was to follow the Emerald Towers footsteps closely. Whatever Mage Felic wanted to do, they would do as well, be it attacking the Demon Fall Valley or exterminating the Shadows Nest. After all, there was only a chance to fall in with the Guild of Magic, and the Mannes Family had used this chance long ago.

Funny how he had made a muddle out of this small issue. Luckily, Reuben was willing to participate!

Leave it to me. Ysera did not hesitate anymore.

After seeing the carriages of those two leave, showing his seniority, Gerian praised, Not too bad, eh, kid. I havent seen you for two months, and your plans have grown perceptibly.

Its nothing much

Oh, yes, I almost forgot about business. How were the trial results after going to Alanna? Did you embarrass me?

If all goes well, people from the Supreme Council will come to Jarrosus in a while. Just ask them yourself when the time comes

Not bad, not bad Gerian smiled sheepishly before gritting his teeth, and said, When those idiots from the Supreme Council come over, I will definitely ask them if they still dare to say that Jarrosus is a magic desert

Oh, yes, do you have an enemy called Darian?

Youve seen that idiot?

More than just seen him Lin Li rolled his eyes, and recounted all the important parts about his experience in Alanna, from the obstacles deliberately placed in his way by Darian to the trap at the finals.

Although it was meant to be the important parts only, things happened one after another on his trip to Alanna. How could it be summarized properly with just a few words. From the trials at the Shadowglen to the encounter at the Fire Plume Ridge, Lin Li had spent one hour describing just this segment before it was clearly reported.

The sky was starting to get darker before the two of them started to end the conversation. Lin Li made use of the chance that Gerian was still shocked before he suddenly asked, Oh, yes. When I was at Alanna, I heard Kevin mention that your bodys condition is really bad?

F*ck, that bastard. I already told him not to spout nonsense! The issue that he had been hiding had suddenly been exposed, so Gerian immediately became angry from embarrassment. F*ck, when I see him later, I will definitely teach him a lesson

But after he scolded Kevin, the old man sighed. But its ok, with my current condition, I wont have the chance to teach this bastard a lesson anymore.

You dont have to be disheartened. Even though Mana Collapse is very troublesome, its not like theres no solution

You have a solution? When Gerian heard that, his eyes immediately lit up.

I have a potion recipe that can help recover mana that has collapsed, but the required herbs are a little troublesome. There are some that you can only come by with luck, but not by searching for it. I have already gotten the hardest one from Old Grimm. I will think of a way to get the others as soon as possible.

What sort of herb is that powerful?

Lin Li pouted his lips. You wouldnt understand even if I said it. Anyway, when you have nothing to do, please keep a look out. Especially for the one called Heart Of Corrosion. It is dark red in color and about the size of a little finger. If it can be obtained, there will hope in recovering your mana.

Heart Of Corrosion? Why didnt you say so earlier When Gerian heard this, he jumped up from his seat. In the guilds store there

Halfway through his words, Gerian took a seat softly like a deflated ball. But it has been taken by the Shadows Nest

Its fine, well just take it back

Pfft. Easier said than done Gerians voice was somewhat colored by frustration. F*ck, this time I really have underestimated them and lost. I really dont get it. Where did Shadows Nest, those assholes, manage to get such good equipment?

I know where

You know?

Yes. Lin Li nodded his head. If I am not mistaken, it is the famous kingdoms arms dealer, the Marathon Family, that is supporting the Shadows Nest this time.

The Marathon Family? Youre talking about Wilhelm, that old asshole? As expected, it is this damned shameless, unscrupulous merchant. He actually messed with me for a made-up treasure map. F*ck, I hope that his son does not have an anus

This Lin Li scratched his head, and smiled guiltily. Whether or not his son has an anus, it doesnt matter anymore


Because I accidentally killed his son in the finals.

F*CK! Gerian was immediately dumbfounded.