Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 284

Chapter 284 Arcana Potion

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The sky started to get dark, and the sound of hooves could again be heard coming from outside the Emerald Tower. More than ten luxurious carriages were parked there, and when their passengers came out, everyone had questions on their minds. What was Mage Felic doing? Finding a partner was not something disgraceful, but why didnt he say so earlier, only to make Ysera ask them over after they had gone back?

Welcome, welcome Lin Li was filled with smiles while inviting the crowd into the Emerald Tower. He pretended not to hear the doubts that were being circulated around them. There was no choice. In this world, there were things that could not be said out loud, just like how it was now. Lin Li could not possibly tell them that there was no reason to make them travel back and forth other than to whet their appetite

But then again, a little bit of doubt would not affect the mood of the crowd. In fact, nobody took this uncertainty to heart. Compared to astronomical profits, what could this little uncertainty amount to? When they walked into the Emerald Tower one by one, the gaze they directed towards Lin Li was as though they were looking at a gold mine.

This was a trade that had tens of thousands times of profit waiting for them.

The people present had personally experienced the auction back then. How could they not know how mystical the potions made by this young mage were? That was a true touch of Midas. No matter how common the herbs were, once they reached his hands, they would turn into valuable potions. To be able to be a partner of Mage Felic was a rare opportunity. The crowd believed that even if it was a ten percent profit, it would definitely be a terrifyingly astronomical number.

Thinking about this, the gazes they aimed at Lin Li immediately became warm and cordial.

For this group of leaders, wealth was of extraordinary significance. With money, there would be manpower. With money, there would be equipment. With money, there would be power. It was especially so for such a chaotic place like Jarrosus. As long as there was enough wealth, then they could stand out among the rest of the forces.

Why was the Emerald Tower able to unite Jarrosus City? Other than the miracle of this young mage and the fame of Gerian, the three rare mineral veins at the Demon Fall Valley were indispensable. Without those three rare mineral veins to supply substantial wealth, it would still be useless even with the miracles of that young mage or no matter how famous Gerian was. As the saying goes, you cant make bricks without straw. Without money, who would be willing to join the Emerald Tower?

Good evening, everyone. I actually invited everyone again because I suddenly remembered something, and wanted to discuss it with everyone After seating all of the leaders at the guildhall and getting the apprentices to serve drinks, Lin Li finally spoke without omitting any details. Its getting late, so I will make it short. Simply put, I did not get anything in return when I went to Alanna. I was rather lucky and found a rather good potion recipe in the ruins of the High Elves. I heard from experienced people that this potion recipe seemed to be left behind by the Highlord, Osric

In order to boost the attractiveness of this recipe, Lin Li even intentionally made a small lie and used the famed name, Osric. But honestly, this was rather superfluous

Osric was famous, but he was somebody from one thousand and three hundred years ago. Everything about him only existed in legends. Although the potion recipes he had passed down were full of mysteries, it was only just that. Nobody had seen it for themselves. In contrast, it was incomparable to Lin Lis persuasion. After all, everyone had seen it for themselves back at the auction where ten bottles of Arcane Magic Potion were sold for eight hundred thousand gold coins

But it did not matter anymore. No matter where this recipe came from, it only mattered that this potion was concocted personally by Mage Felic. Just this point alone was enough for these leaders to fight for it with everything they got. Their only concern now was the effect of this recipe. Hence, the leaders simultaneously pricked up their ears with a face full of anticipation to hear him continue when his voice had just fallen

The Arcana Potion is recorded within this recipe. The theory involved is rather complicated, so I will not talk about it. But in simple terms, this is a stronger version of the Arcane Magic Potion Lin Li had seen that their appetites had been whetted enough. He smiled, and said, As everyone knows, the Arcane Magic Potion is able to raise the mana of a mage apprentice. Normally, when a level-four apprentice uses it, there is at least a seventy percent chance for him to break through to level-five and become a true mage. However, it has no effect at all on mages at level-five and above. But its different for the Arcana Potion. Its specially made for mages below level-ten

Oh my God Lin Lis voice had just fallen off, and Ysera had already covered his mouth. He simply could not believe what he just heard.If all of it is true, doesnt that mean that Mage Felic has the ability to train batches of Magic Shooters?

The difference of one level between level-nine and level-ten was immeasurably vast. Out of a hundred mage apprentices, most likely eighty of them could become mages, but out of a hundred mages who used arcane magic potion, at most ten could become Magic Shooters. This really was a difference between heaven and hearth. It was just a small gap, but it had already decided the difference in price for these two potions that had similar effects. If the price of the Arcane Magic Potion was one copper, then the Arcana Potion would worth one gold coin, or even one diamond!

This time, even Gerian could not help but be stunned. The guild hall was eerily silent. There were only thumping hearts and heavy breathing. Everyone was trying to think what kind of price they would have to pay in order to obtain the dealership of the Arcana Potion.

Seems like everyone is rather interested in the Arcana Potion Lin Li was satisfied with the reaction of the crowd.

Yes, yes, yes The leaders of the ten, twenty forces fought to be the first one to nod. Everyone wanted to hug this young mages leg and shout, What rather interested, we REALLY are!

Thats great, this business should be able to work out Lin Li smiled satisfyingly. Closely after, he then frowned. But, there is a small issue..

Ah? Everyones expressions immediately froze. All of them stretched their necks and pricked up their ears, fearing they might miss out on something.

This Arcana Potion requires large amounts of Warlock Herb, and it has to be freshly plucked. Once it has left the soil for an hour, its medicinal properties will change, and then it can no longer be used for the Arcana Potion. Can everyone think where in Jarrosus can the Warlock Herb be harvested and transported here within an hour?

Lin Li finished speaking with a troubled look. Gerian almost could not hold back his laughter. This kid was really up to no good. He was gleefully talking for a while, and his final motive was to make the other forces cannon fodder

Of course, with Gerians shrewdness, he naturally did not expose it.

Everyone sat there and thought hard for a while before Ysera broke the silence. If I remember correctly, the Demon Fall Valley should be the place that produces Warlock Herb

Demon Fall Valley. No, no, that place wont do. Its too dangerous. We only seek wealth when doing business. Theres no need to get into conflict with the Shadows Nest, those ruffians Lin Li hypocritically spoke till this point, and brazenly added, Why dont we do this. Lets wait for three to seven years. Wait for us, the Emerald Tower, to take back the Demon Fall Valley, and then well resume our talk about the partnership?

Ysera almost vomited blood. He had always thought that he himself was shameless enough, but he did not think that he was nothing much in front of this young mage. He was obviously trying to drag the sixteen forces of Jarrosus along, yet he still hypocritically said something like no no, its too dangerous. F*ck, he even dared to say something so shameless like waiting for three to seven years. Why didnt he say that theyd wait for Shadows Nest to leave first?

It was not just Ysera that was cursing wildly in the heart. At this time, at least eight out of the sixteen leaders were cursing in their minds. From their perspective, this was an obvious trap, and it was the type that would make people willingly jump into it. With the large incentive hanging in front, wouldnt you want to take it

The temptation of the Arcana Potion was too dangerous. There was nobody present that could resist it, including Ysera. At the point when Lin Lis voice fell, almost everyone had a decisiontake!

Furthermore, they were fighting to be first!

How would do this work! The first that stood up was Aaron-Mazi. The whole Jarrosus knows that the Demon Fall Valley belongs to the Emerald Tower. On what basis can those bandits from the Shadows Nest occupy the Demon Fall Valley? Mage Felic, dont worry. As long as the Emerald Tower decides to take back the Demon Fall Valley, the Blood Brotherhood would assist without holding back any time. For the pride of Jarrosus and for the friendship between our two families that goes way back, we, the Blood Brotherhood, will give it our all!

Well said! The head of the Rolin Family also stood up. His face was filled with righteous indignation. Mage Felic, as long as you say it, the Rolin Family will be able to send out a hundred mages. If you are to attack the Demon Fall Valley, dont forget about the Rolin Family!

Thank you for your kindness. Lin Li smiled, and did not say much. He was very clear what this guy was trying to say.When the Arcana Potion has been concocted, dont forget about the Rolin Family!

Yes, yes, yes, Mage Felic. Dont forget about me, Old Odin!

Thats right, and us too

Mage Felic, actually I can do it too!

Aaron-Mazi got the ball rolling, and the sound of the responses from the guild hall had a rippling effect. In an instant, the quiet guild hall had suddenly become very lively.

Ysera looked at those leaders that were fighting to be first, and then he looked at the young mage, who was full of smiles. In the end, he could not resist the temptation of the Arcana Potion, and he also stood up in haste. Dont forget, there is also us, the Mannes Family!