Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 309

Chapter 309 The Granary Of The Breezy Plains

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After that, it was just that fence-sitter talking to himself. He described the Syer Bandits as though they were as scary as floods and monsters. It was as though it was not a criminal organization, but a bunch of legendary heroes

Lin Li knew that all the effort Alexir had put into his stories was just an attempt to convince himself not to appear in the Breezy Plains ever again. Or else, if the Syer Bandits really wanted to take revenge, the first person who was going to get into trouble would be Alexir himself.

How would Lin Li care about such a mild scare? Not to mention that he was not scared of the Syer Bandits at all, he could not leave the Breezy Plains, either. It was the Supreme Councils order for him to build his new guild in the Breezy Plains. Now, everything was set in stone. If Lin Li were to leave at this time, wouldnt it be a slap on the Supreme Councils face? At that time, let alone Syer Bandits, even Syer Kingdom would be turned into flat ground by that bunch of old freaks in the Supreme Council

Of course, he could not tell Alexir those things now

Hence, Lin Li could only give him a vague response to dismiss him. He said, Alright, Mayor Alexir. I will consider your suggestion

Please make up your mind fast Alexir replied. Although he was not a man of honor, he was not a fool, either. He knew that the young man was not going to be terrified by his words alone. Hence, he did not try to convince him further, but bid him goodbye to leave that claustrophobic house. Yet, before he left, he did not forget to reiterate the part about the prowess of the Syer Bandits.

Oh, yes. Mage Felic, you might not have heard this, but the Syer Bandits had just kidnapped the son of the castellan of Roland City

Alright, alright. I will be careful, Mayor Alexir After sending this timid man off, Lin Li wanted to address Old Salatt and the others. However, he suddenly felt that the name Roland City sounded rather familiar.

Doubt flashed across his mind, but he did not take the matter to heart.

Yet, after Old Salatt and the others took their leave, the issue with Roland City reappeared in his mind. Where did he hear this name?

This question had disturbed Lin Li for a good two days. On the morning of the third day, Lin Li finally got the answer from Kaman, who had come to visit him.

Roland City? Thats a nice place. It is the wealthiest city in the Breezy Plains. Ive heard that the income that city earns from taxes in just a year is equivalent to Dolands five years of taxes. Oh, Mage Felic, why are you asking this all of a sudden?

Oh, so it is that Roland City

Before coming to the Breezy Plains, Lin Li had gathered some data regarding Roland City. It was said that this city in the center of the Breezy Plains was also known as the granary of the Breezy Plains. It was a place of beauty and wealth, and had a great agricultural system. Every year, Roland City would be able to provide crops for the whole of Felan Kingdom.

Oh, yes. Kaman, have you heard that the son of Roland Citys castellan got kidnapped?

Of course! Haha, that was the biggest news in Breezy Plains thus far! Why, is Mage Felic interested in the reward as well?

Huh? What reward?

Hehe, the castellan of Roland City had already announced the news. He promised to grant any request of the person who could save his son. Any request would be possible to meet as long as he could fulfill it. Tsk, tsk. He is the wealthiest man of the Breezy Plains. His riches are comparable to those of the Glittergold Trade Union. Anyone who has the ability to save his son will not have financial trouble for the rest of his life!

While Kaman was totally engrossed in his speech, Lin Li was becoming impatient. He kept thinking about the reward the castellan had promised, and how he should make good use of this man

Hehe. I feel that the reward was prepared for you, Mage Felic. With the ability of you and your servant, Im sure it wouldnt take much for you to rescue his son from the Syer Bandits. Why dont you help him out?

I will consider doing that

Huh? It was Kamans turn to gasp. His suggestion to Lin Li that he should go and rescue the castellans son was just flattery. He did not expect Lin Li to even consider that. The Syer Bandits had thousands of members, and were ranked among the top ten bandit groups of Felan. To even think of rescuing the hostage alive would be a great challenge

Hehe. Boss Kaman, dont be so anxious. I was just joking Lin Li had no interest to continue discussing the matter after he knew the answer to his question. He laughed, and brought the topic to an end. Oh, yes. Why are you here you visit me?

Yes, Mage Felic Kaman kept his ingratiating smile, and squeezed out a very serious expression. There is something that happened in Doland. Im here to ask for your opinion.

Tell me about it.

Do you still remember that Master Lasorick?

Yeah, I do.

Not long after you left, Master Lasorick brought his people over again. Hehe, it was rather embarrassing too. I was so afraid that they were there to create trouble. After I asked them, I realized they were not there to create any trouble, but to buy back the machete according to its original price

They bought it back? Lin Li did not know whether he should laugh or cry. Was there something wrong with Lasorick? So, he bought a magic weapon at the Guru level, but accused the seller of selling him a counterfeit. Not to mention that he returned to crash that shop, he even demanded to sell it back at twice the price he paid. Now, in the blink of an eye, he regretted it, and bought the thing back?

Lin Li really wanted to ask who was this Lasorickto be exact, if he had mixed up his gender. Or else, why did he buy magical weapons the way women bought their clothes? What type of dilemma was that?

Furthermore, furthermore Kaman hesitated, but still continued his story with a weird expression. J-just this morning, Kaman went back to the shop, and inquired really politely if I could sell him more such weapons

How many did he want? Lin Li asked. He did not have any qualms about Lasorick wanting to buy some more weapons. Since he still had quite a lot of magical metals that Kaman gave him the other time, Lin Li would definitely not reject someone who wanted to give him money. Of course, the price of the magical weapons would not be as low as before. Since Lasoricks father was the castellan of Doland, it would be a waste if he did not ask more from him

Oh, yes. Mage Felic, Master Lasorick also told me to arrange a meet-up with the blacksmith of that machete

Leave that for another time Lin Li hesitated. He did not want to promise Kaman that.

As for the explanation why he did not readily agree to that request, it was actually very business-minded. The common saying was that the reason why people did not betray others was not due to his loyalty, but because they did not have the ability to. Since he was just the son of a castellan, Lasorick did not have the power to force a Smithing Guru to reveal his identity

Lin Li actually wanted to visit Doland that afternoon. He was indeed interested in the reward promised by the castellan of the Roland City. Of course, his eyes were not on the monetary benefits. Instead, he was interested in the granary of the Breezy Plains. Who made him meet that my father said dude who demanded a million gold coins worth of grains? The castellan of Roland City should be the only person in the Breezy Plains who had the ability to grant this request

In order to rescue the man from the Syer Bandits, the most important thing was to know more about that organization. Hence, it would be the easiest if Lin Li got such information from the Adventurers Guild.

After eating lunch, Lin Li and Norfeller walked to the entrance of the town. When they wanted to board a coach, they suddenly met somebody whom Lin Li really did not want to see

Master Felic, I have something to discuss with you It was the Master of Inscription, Moke.

Speaking of this Moke, he was not quite the ordinary man. Herza had once mentioned that he was an affable man who was more powerful than Aldwin in terms of handling Inscriptions, and was well respected by the people in the Supreme Council. He had helped to establish mageweaths at at least 20 out of the 24 magic guilds across Felan.

However, Lin Li did not know why this man showed him so much attitude ever since they met. It was as though their eight characters clashed with each other.

Thus, it was really polite of him to address him as Mage Felic today. If it was the usual days, he would address Lin Li with Hey, the who

Good afternoon, Master Moke.

Moke nodded, and replied Lin Li with a yeah.

Yeah your headLin Li rebuked Moke inside his heart. When he looked at Moke again, he was less friendly.

Master Moke has something to discuss with me?

Yeah, Im here to notify you that the main body of the tower has been completed. I will start to establish mageweaths there during these two days. If you have any special requests, please tell me now.