Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 311

Chapter 311 Librarian

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Hm, carry on Lin Li nodded his head as the disaster that had happened then was widely known indeed, and even a foreigner like him had heard people mention it. Half the people had allegedly lost their lives, while the the other half fought to leave the cursed place. The once prosperous Syer Town had been reduced to ruins. Even after 20 years, nobody was willing to step into this place of death.

However, Lin Li had never thought that the Syer Bandits had originally been the militiamen of Syer Town

I heard that Vanskore was the first one to discover the spread of the plague Duke was a natural at telling stories, and made them feel as if they had gone back to 20 years ago as he pieced the story together.

As Duke recounted what had happened, Lin Li slowly gained a deeper understanding of what had happened during that disaster.

After Vanskore discovered the spreading plague, he notified the head of Syer Town immediately, hoping to find a way to curb the expanding disease. Unfortunately, his warning fell on deaf ears, and the plague was treated like an ordinary illness. Only a few doctors came to conduct an inspection, but nothing happened after that. Vanskore was desperate at that point, but he refused to give up, even going to Roland City to notify the castellan. Sadly, he was only a small leader in the militia, and did not even make it past the gates of the castellans mansion before he was stopped by guards.

Then, the tragedy happened.

The plague spread with terrifying speed, taking thousands of lives in less than a week. Fear and desperation clouded Syer Town. Everyone wanted to leave this cursed land, including some who had been infected as well

Their desire to live was so strong that nobody wanted to think about what would happen if the infected ones made it to Roland City. On the morning of the seventh day since the plague started, their exodus began. However, they were met by the army of Roland City

Thousands of those infected were killed, while the lucky survivors were mostly thrown into dungeons to go through an endless period of quarantine and observation. Only when it was certain that they were not infected were they released from the cold dungeons.

Vanskore and his men were some of the few lucky survivors of that disaster. Vanskore had warned them in time, hence nobody was infected. They later managed to escape Syer Town in the midst of the chaos.

Then, the Syer Bandits were born.

The Syer Bandits started out at the Star Moon Forest, which was located at the north of Doland, and grew from a group of a few dozen men to one of the top 10 bandit groups of the Breezy Plains. Under Vanskores lead, the Syer Bandits focused on infiltration of various organizations. Their influence had now spread to every part of the Breezy Plains. From castellan mansions to Adventurers Guilds, signs of the Syer Bandits could be seen in every corner of the place. Even the castellan of Roland City could not destroy them with his army, although he had long wanted to remove them.

This Vanskore is talented indeed Lin Li had to give it to this bandit chieftainhed managed to turn a small group of bandits into a syndicate of a few thousands in only 20 years, climbing from a wanted criminal to collecting protection fees on large scale. Not everyone was capable of that indeed.

What about now? Are they still at Star Moon Forest?

No Duke shook his head. They moved to the Dragon Mountains after destroying the largest bandit syndicate there. Mage Felic, do you need a map of Dragon Mountains?

How do you know Ill need one? Lin Li looked at Duke suspiciously. He was acting stranger and stranger today; the vivid story-telling earlier had been suspicious enough, and now he even knew to prepare a map when Lin Li hadnt asked for it yet. Since when did he become so observant? If he really was so observant, he wouldnt have tried something funny in front of Norfeller earlier

I I guessed. Duke looked at Lin Li carefully, and squeezed a smile to make himself appear calm, only for the tremble in his voice to give him away.

Really Lin Lis smile turned cold. Seems like you want a replay of that little fire trick earlier

Thats not the case, Mage Felic, p-p-please listen to me Duke retreated unconsciously, but as he lifted his foot, he suddenly recalled that he was standing in front of a true mage who was capable of killing him if he wanted to, it would be useless even if he retreated to the gates of Doland City.

Alright, Ill give you a chance to explain yourself.

All all of this information had been given to me by Mr Basel from Dolands library

Mr Basel from Dolands library? Lin Li frowned; he was aware of this place in Doland.

The Supreme Council had not built a Guild of Magic in the Breezy Plains; hence, the mages here usually held their discussions in libraries, and those soon became a popular spot for mages in every city. Dolands library was no exception, and Lin Li had always paid close attention to it since it might well represent the highest standard of magic in Doland.

However, the name Basel was unfamiliar to him.

Lin Li had done some preparation like reading information about this place as well as asking around. He tried to get a better understanding of this place through different means, but not once did he hear the name Basel.

Yes, Mr Basel. Hes the librarian of Dolands library and my fathers friend, hence he has always been looking out for me. I went to the library after leaving the Adventurers Guild to ask him what he thought of this whole issue

And this Mr Basel told you this story?

Yes, Mage Felic Duke nodded, and dug out a lambskin scroll from his pocket. Oh, right. Mr Basel asked me to give you this map as well, he said youll need it

I see, how nice of Mr Basel. How about this, Duke, help me find out when hes free so that I can thank him over a meal.


After sending Duke away, Lin Li stayed in his room to study the map closely. Judging from the fresh ink, he could tell that it had been drawn in the last couple of days, maybe even after Duke had approached him. However, the lines of this map were quite distinct, with detailed labels. Based on it all, it was hard to imagine that it had been drawn in a rush.

It was too detailedeverything from a forest and a ditch to every tree on Dragon Mountains could be seen on the map. This looked impossible to Lin Li; the only plausible explanation would be that this Mr Basel had already known Dragon Mountains very well since a long time ago. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to draw such a detailed map in such a short amount of time.

If that was the case, things were going to get interesting

Why would a librarian know the hiding spot of the Syer Bandits so well? Even a fool could make the connection.

Seems like Ill have to get involved in this Lin Li smiled, and rolled up the map to put in his pocket.

Duke was quick. It had barely been two hours, but he had already brought back Basels reply.

Mr Basel said that theres no need for a meal, but if Mage Felic has the time, he is welcome to visit him at the library.

Haha, seems like Mr Basel cant wait, either Lin Li smiled secretly as he let Duke lead him and Norfeller to the library.

The library was near the castellan mansion, and was the place with the best environment in the whole of Doland City. Clean and spacious roads, a plaza paved with marble right in front of the librarys door, sparkling fountain and pigeons flying around all of these elements added to the sacred air of this place, a treasure cove of knowledge. Mages in long robes carrying thick books hurried across the plaza. Judging from the High Elves Print on the covers of the books, they had to be advanced spells.

The trio crossed the plaza and approached the door of the library. Before they could tell the guard what they came for, he had already welcomed them respectfully.

Welcome, esteemed Mr Mage. Mr Basel would like to invite you to the meeting room at the second floor where he is waiting for you.