Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 343

Chapter 343 Stupefied Guests

Chapter 343: Stupefied Guests
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I understand it now! William exclaimed in enlightenment.

Although Lin Li had only explained it briefly to him, it was sufficient for him to get the whole picture. As the chief appraiser of Roland City, no other people could have more experience and better ability than him. Furthermore, being the owner of the Time Consignment Store, he had seen many weapons that were out of the norm.

William might not have heard of the Adamantine of Bad Luck, and did not know the origin of that magical metal, but it did not affect his judgement towards the value of the metal. Its capacity to house unlimited amount of mana could explain everything.

So, how is it, Mr. William, do you have any other queries? Lin Li asked William smilingly as he returned the dagger to Norfeller.

Thats it. Thank you, Mage Felic, William replied while he shook his head. Then, he stood up from the chair slowly.

Hehe, you are too courteous

Lin Li smiled. Just when he wanted to reply William with some formalities, he saw William bowing before him.

Thank you for your advice.

W-what are you doing? Lin Li asked in a daze. The old dude was too easily excited! All Lin Li did was mention a few characteristics of the Adamantine of Bad Luck. If he were to explain the forging process of the Heavens Wrath to the elder, would it cause him to have a heart attack for him?

Damn, he would not have talked to him if hed known it earlier

Lin Li rubbed his nose and laughed bitterly. The bow was nothing to Lin Li. What mattered now was the result thereofLin Li did not need to raise his head to know that all eyes were on him

Williams bow was like a sudden strike of thunder in the banquet hall. The entire hall instantly turned silent. Everybodyincluding the host and the guests of different statuseshad their gazes on this old and young duo. They were flabbergasted. No one could expect that the legendary figure of Roland City and the owner of the Time Consignment Store, William, would bow before a 20 years old youngster.

H-has the world turned crazy?

The banquet hall was unusually silent. The guests had forgotten that they were in the midst of conversation, and the musicians had forgotten that they were in the midst of a performance. It was as if everything had turned stale, including time.

M-Mr. William What are you doing? After what seemed like an eternity, the voice of the castellan broke the eerie silence.

The castellan had a glass of wine in his hand as he walked towards them in shock. Perhaps he was too stunned by what he saw, but the castellan did not even notice that he had slanted the glass, and the red wine was flowing out of it

Hehe, my apologies, Arathor. I guess I might have stunned your guests William laughed, then he leaned closer to Arathor. It is nothing special. I was just thanking Mage Felic for his guidance he told Arathor in a low voice.

After he finished speaking, William did not make sure if the castellan understood his words. He turned back to Lin Li, and said, Mage Felic, Im very impressed by your wisdom and profound knowledge. If there is a chance in the future, I would love to hear more advice from you. But, there are too many people today. Should you have the time after this banquet, please visit the Time Consignment Store. I have a lot to consult you on.

Of course, of course Lin Li responded uneasily as he tried to avoid everybodys eyes. It was too awkward! Lin Li felt like an animal exhibited in the zoo. He regretted answering Williams question. Now that he did that, Lin Li was really treated like a rare animal under the scrutiny by the public.

After he got Lin Lis assurance, William nodded in satisfaction, and left with Lasorick.

Phew Lin Li could finally breathe after seeing William take his leave. Just when he wanted to call on Norfeller and escape, the castellan approached him passionately.

Hehe, I cant believe that Mage Felic is such a talented individual that even Mr. William has a good impression of you. Oh, yes. Mage Felic, what do you think of my proposal just now?

What proposal?

Lin Li could not recall when he actually had a discussion with Arathor. He thought they were just acquaintances.

Hehe, Mage Felic must be a busy man. Have you forgotten that I suggested that you could help guide my two children on magic before the banquet started?

Oh. Lin Li suddenly recalled that Arathor had indeed made that request before the banquet commenced

But, it was just part of formalities. Neither of them actually took the words said by the other seriously. Lin Li could not believe that Arathor could mention it again after two hours. At that moment, Lin Li did not know if he should laugh or cry.

William was the reason why Arathor tried to mention this matter again. Lin Li could tell from everyones reaction when he received that bow that the elder had to be someone of great importance. Otherwise, the guests would not be so flabbergasted.

Unfortunately, apart from how he gave Old William some advice, the castellan was not aware of other trouble Lin Li had gotten himself into. The four people from the Brilliance Shrine had been staring at him intensely, especially the Paladin named Rina. Lin Li was absolutely certain that this sexy Paladin would surely use her sword to slay him as soon as she found a chance.

Lin Li rubbed his nose, and did not give Arathor an immediate reply. He was just wondering what would Arathors expression be if he let him know the truth

Arathor interpreted Lin Lis hesitation as reluctance to take up his proposal. He knew it had been his fault not to show Felic more kindness. He was so blinded by Jasons reputation in Doland that he overlooked Siennas attitude toward this young mage. Sienna definitely showed more respect to this mage as compared to how he treated Jason. That was certainly a genuine attitude. If hed been clever enough then, he would have realized that this mage was definitely somebody of authority. Why else would a man like Sienna be so respectful towards him?

Unfortunately, hed overlooked Siennas formal attitude towards this mage. He had been too focused on getting close to Jason, and neglected Felics existence

How should I put it

Arathor rubbed his hands awkwardly. He was planning a few scripts in his mind, but dismissed them as they lacked conviction. Just when he could not make up his mind, the young mage spoke.

I dont have much time, as Im returning to Doland City tomorrow. But, I still have some time tonight. Why dont you bring your children to me after the banquet? I would be with Sienna. Then, I can teach them some basic knowledge about magic. The rest could be discussed again the next time I visit Roland City.

Really? Arathor asked in surprise. Felics swift reply was outside his expectations. Yes, then thats that. Mage Felic, I will bring them over to you after the banquet! Arathor said as he nodded his head profusely.


Hearing that, Lin Li nearly burst out laughing. He even tried to bite his teeth to prevent himself from doing that. In fact, he did not expect Arathor to be so agreeable. He had gotten himself an amulet without much effort.

Now, everythings settled

Since the castellan was going to send Lin Li off after the banquet, how could the four people from the Brilliance Shrine find a chance to attack him?

While Lin Li was laughing internally, Lasorick was scratching his head in confusion.

The situation that happened at the banquet was too complicated. His IQ could not allow him to understand the reason why Uncle William had not taken his side. Although Lasorick had told William about the conflict he had with Lin Li that afternoon, his uncle could still chat so sincerely with that fella

Uncle William, why are you so nice to that fella? asked Lasorick. Although he was a foolish man, he had a strength of his own too. It was this straightforward personality that brought him to ask this question.

Lasorick, when are you returning to Doland? William asked casually.

Lasoricks question was ignored.

Huh? Lasorick was stunned by his sudden question.

Lasorick, go make arrangements and return to Doland tomorrow. After saying that, William waved his hand tiredly. Alright, Lasorick. Look, I need to take some rest now. You can leave now

Alright, Uncle William

As he watched Lasorick leave, William sighed. What a foolish son Beckham has! If this goes on, Lasorick will definitely get himself into trouble one day