Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 344

Chapter 344 Warning

Chapter 344: Warning
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William was really annoyed. Beckhams idiotic son seemed to be causing a lot of trouble every time he came to Roland City. Although he was very annoyed, having to give Beckham face, he had no choice but to help clear up the mess. Thankfully, he had some influence in Roland City; otherwise, he would have no way to clear things up.

However, William knew that he could not handle it himself this time round

That young mange called Felic was not as nice as Lasorick had imagined.

It did not matter that Lasorick was clueless how powerful the other party was. After all, he was just an idiot. Other than having a rich and powerful father, he had nothing else. However, William realized something clearly: how could somebody that owned the VIP Card of the Glittergold Trade Union be so casually provoked?

How could William not know what the VIP Card of the Glittergold Trade Union meant? It represented that this Mage Felic was being supported by the whole Glittergold Trade Union. Under all sorts of circumstances, he would receive full assistance from the Glittergold Trade Union, be it financial or military support.

In other words, being an enemy of this Mage Felic would also mean being an enemy of the whole Glittergold Trade Union. Even if it was Lasoricks father, Doland Citys Castellan Beckham, he would have to lower his head in front of such a strong power such as the Glittergold Trade Union.

Furthermore, this young mage called Felic was no ordinary person himself. Just look at the attendant beside him. Even though William was old, he wasnt blind. He believed that he could still recognize a powerhouse that was level-17 and above. If that youngster called Norfeller was active in Roland City, he would be one of the top powerhouses there. Even Castellan Arathor would have to speak politely when conversing with him. Yet, he was just an attendant for Mage Felic. Then, Mage Felics status

William sat quietly, thinking about the frightful power that this young mage could possibly have, that he was only in his twenties, and about the deep knowledge hed displayed during their conversation. After thinking about it over and over again, he could not understandwhere did such a terrifying person come from? He had not heard from anyone in the past that there was such a powerful young mage called Felic in the Breezy Plains

After thinking about this, William slowly stood up, and called a middle-aged man in his forties over. He quietly ordered, Rode, go find out the background of this Mage Felic. But, remember, do not alarm anyone, especially Mage Felic himself

Yes! The middle-aged man was short and looked plain. He was naturally somebody that could not be found after being thrown into a crowd.

Yes William thought about it for a while, and remarked, I heard the accent of this Mage Felic. He seems to be from Jarrosus. Just start from there


The sky started to darken, and the guests were dispersing. When William was leaving, the banquet hall was almost empty. Other than Lin Lis group sitting in the corner, there were a few guests from the Brilliance Shrine seated at the other end of the banquet hall.

I guess its time we left Lin Li slowly stood up and tidied up the robe he was wearing. He glanced at those guests from the Brilliance Shrine while speaking.

Sienna looked at the empty banquet hall, and stood up after nodding his head. Then Ill say goodbye to the castellan.

Theres no need to, Sienna. The castellan will return with us later.

Ah? Sienna was immediately dazed.

Lin Li laughed, but did not explain the reason. He simply brought Norfeller along and walked towards those four guests from the Brilliance Shrine.

Excuse me. Im really sorry, but I think Ill make a move first.

You really think that you can leave the Castellan Mansion? The beautiful Paladin stood up quickly. Her delicate face was cold. She was like a sharp sword that just got unsheathed, and a chilling aura was being emitted from her whole body.

Wont I find out after trying? Lin Lis face still carried a polite smile, but his immense mana surged out impolitely. In an instant, there was an intense magical wave spreading throughout the banquet hall. Even with the powers of these four guests, they could not help but feel uneasy when they were in the midst of this intense magical wave.

Rinas fair face showed a flash of panic. The strength of this magical wave far surpassed her imagination. When it had suddenly appeared, the feeling it gave her was like a large mountain was on top of her. Luckily, she reacted just in time, and invoked her Combat Energy to defend the moment the magical wave started to spread. Otherwise, Rina doubted that she could stand right now

Although this was the case, this magical wave was still too powerful. Rina could clearly feel that the Combat Energy that she was so proud of could not spread out under the leeward side of this magical wave no matter how she invoked it. That silver flame could only remain a thin layer, barely protecting her body

The most frightening part was that Rina distinctly saw that this damned Necromancers face had a fake smile throughout the whole time. He had a relaxed and cozy expression as though this incomparable magical wave had nothing to do with him.

How How could this be. This time, Rina was somewhat panicking.

The collision between magic and Combat Energy had immediately alerted the three bishops. The three of them had stood up simultaneously, and three equally powerful holy auras started to spread out.

But, it was at this time

that the incomparable magical wave suddenly disappeared

Without the suppression from magic, the silver Combat Energy was released with a boom. Rina, who was showered in silver flames, was like the legendary Seraph, filled with an elegant yet pure aura. Unfortunately, that dumbfounded expression ruined the beauty of it. The current Rina was like a kid that had run into trouble, standing there in bewilderment and staring at the chairs that had been flipped over by the Combat Energy

As for that damned Necromancer, he had turned around and walked far away as though he had nothing to do with all of that

The hell

When Rina had snapped out of it, that damned Necromancer had already walked to the castellan. From afar, the two of them seemed to be like old friends that had not seen each other for a while, and were now enthusiastically talking in a soft voice.

This a*shole Rina was gritting her teeth while cursing, and then she unsheathed her sharp sword

Paladin Rina! It was at this time that Bishop Loren suddenly called out to her.

Whats wrong? Bishop Loren.

Lets leave this place first. As for the issue of Undead creatures appearing at Roland City, I will write a report and hand it over to the Brilliance Shrine. I believe the pope will quickly send people over to handle it.

Why? Bishop Loren, could it be that youre youre Rina gently bit her lip, but she still asked, Could it be that youre youre afraid?

Rinas question was rather rude. If it was somebody else, they would most likely lost their temper. It was lucky that she asked Bishop Loren. This bishop was already in his seventies this year, and Rina was just like a granddaughter in his eyes. Although Rina had questioned him rudely, Bishop Loren did not get angry. He just kindly smiled. Paladin Rina, in the heart of the Holy Lights followers, there is nothing called fear.

Then, why do you give up on purifying this Necromancer? Could it be that you do not know that he could very well bring a huge disaster to Roland City? Bishop Loren, this is a rare chance. He does not have a chance to summon Undead creatures to aid him in Roland City, and he also does not have any escape routes

The old man smiled and shook his head. No, no, no, Paladin Rina. Did not you already notice? That magical wave just now was a warning from him. He warned us not to take action lightly.

I admit that he had the advantage just now, but dont you forget, I am the only Judge Paladin amongst all of the Paladins. In a real battle, I have an eighty percent chance of winning against him. With the strength of you three bishops, it is impossible for them to win!

No, no, no, Paladin Rina. They do not need to win. All they need is merely a little time

Rina was in a daze, but she was not stupid, either. It was just an instant before she understood


Haha Bishop Loren laughed. This Necromancer is not simple. If I am not mistaken, the magical wave he released just now was indeed to warn us that he has enough power to bring forth a great disaster to Roland City before we can purify him.

Indeed, there was something that Bishop Loren left out. From Bishop Lorens perspective, the advantage that the Necromancer had was not small. After all, he had lived for tens of years. Be it judgment or experience, they all surpassed Rinas. There were some minute details that Rina might not have picked up, but he had accurately done so.

That magical wave was definitely not the limit of that Necromancer, because he looked too relaxed and casual. He suppressed Rinas Combat Energy without breaking a sweat. It was especially so at the end. Although this Necromancer backed off, there was no sign of it at all. Bishop Loren, who had conversed with some mages before, knew that this required a rather terrifying mental strength as well as a perfect control that was precise to every single thread of mana.

The prowess of this Necromancer was far beyond Rinas imagination. If there was a real battle, it would be hard to say who would emerge victorious.

Are we going to let it slide just like that?

We must look at the bigger picture, Paladin Rina. We must first find the person that the Pope asked us to. As for how to deal with these two Undead creatures, we should let the Pope decide.