Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 346

Chapter 346 : Guest List

Chapter 346: Guest List
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Lin Li looked at the invitation letters in his hand. The presidents of the 24 Guilds of Magic were all invited. Balbo of the Pharmacists Guild, AlAkir of the Adventurers Guild, and Hoffman of the Glittergold Trade Union were invited by the Supreme Council as well. Additionally, the royal court and the military of Felan would also send their own representatives for this celebration. Representing the Felan royal court was the current kings second son, His Highness Arthur. As for the Felan military, it was Lin Lis old acquaintance, Mr Sagrethe captain of the Sky Knights.

Thinking about this middle-aged pervert that molested a female adventurer in the black market, Lin Li shook his head while smiling. He thought to himself, Its better to appoint two men to watch over him during this inauguration ceremony. Otherwise, if he were to set his sights on a pretty female guest, wouldnt that cause some big trouble?

What shocked Lin Li the most was that the Supreme Council actually invited two guests from the Ledin Kingdom. The difference between them was that one was Archbishop Martin from the Brilliance Shrine, and the other was High Priest Ritchie from the Darkness Shrine.

It was no big deal about the Darkness Shrine. After all, after that disaster, the Darkness Shrine was just an empty title. Other than Sendros being rather reputable due some attainments in pharmaceutics, few heard anything much about the Darkness Shrine in the last hundred years. However, it was different for the Brilliance Shrine. Ever since Rosario became the Pope, the influence of the Brilliance Shrine was like the sun at high noon. Devout followers had filled every corner of Anril, and the Paladins Inquisition had large numbers of Legendary powerhouses. With Pope Rosario setting his sight on the whole Anril, there was no longer any force that could go against the Brilliance Shrine except for the Supreme Council.

The Supreme Council and the Brilliance Shrine were two strongest factions in Anril. They ruled all sorts of territories, and controlled the fates of countless people. Many times, they just needed to say a single sentence, and it could affect the arrangement of the whole Anril. Without their support, at least two of the four great human nations would disappear. It was probably because of their respective positions, but the two forces had never had any sort of conflict between them in the last 1300 years. Yet, they did not have any dealings with each other, either. The Supreme Council and the Brilliance Shrine seemed to have come to a tacit agreementone party would amass followers in the Ledin Kingdom, while the other pass on magical knowledge in the Felan Kingdom. It was just a thin wall between them, but they each stayed in their own lane. They would still show some restraint during the occasional minor disputes. Even though 1300 years passed, the two forces were like strangers.

It was also what gave Lin Li a shock. If they did not contact each other for 1300 years, why did the Supreme Council suddenly think of inviting somebody from the Brilliance Shrine now? Furthermore, the Brilliance Shrine was willing to respect them, and even sent an Archbishop to attend the inauguration ceremony? Lin Li knew that this was a rather high standard. In the Brilliance Shrine, the position of the six Archbishops was only below the Pope himself. The words of three Archbishops were almost equal to the will of the Pope. A person like this had actually been sent to attend his inauguration ceremony It had to be known that when the kings of several nations were enthroned, the Brilliance Shrine only sent out a Cardinal

F*ck, why did they make it so grand?

When he saw the invitation letters, the first thought that came to Lin Lis mind was not to be overwhelmed by an unexpected favor. It was the exact opposite. Lin Li was so frightened that he broke out in a sweat immediately. He did not think that this was because he was so well-known that even the Brilliance Shrine of the Ledin Kingdom that was so faraway knew about him. He did not believe that he was so shocking a personage in the Felan Kingdom that even the Archbishop from the faraway Ledin Kingdom would have to bow his head to the ground. This Archbishop Martin coming to the Breezy Plains would not simply be there to attend the Inauguration Ceremony. It was just that Lin Li, for the time being, still did not know the other reason. However, it had better not be for Norfeller or Ujfalusi, these two fellas. Otherwise, something big was going to happen during this Inauguration Ceremony.

Herza had always done his job without leaving out a single detail. This thick stack of invitation letterswhether their addressees should be invited or notrepresented people that had already been invited. Lin Li flipped through it for a long while, but could not think of anything that had to be changed. The only concern was that a few of the Breezy Plains guests were missing.

Oh, yes, Mr Herza. Is there no need to invite the castellans of the Breezy Plains?

They are still not worthy

That was what Herza said

The Presidents Inauguration Ceremony was no small matter. To put it in Herzaz words, this time the Supreme Council had taken it seriously like never before. Not only had they invited all of those they could, even the Supreme Council itself sent an Arbitrator to host the Presidents Inauguration Ceremony!

Herza could also be considered a sly old fox that never let his feelings show, but when he spoke about the Arbitrator, he could not help but show some excitement on his face.

The Supreme Council had a total of three Arbitrators. They directed the Supreme Council together, and decided the fates of the thousands of mages in Anril. All of them had experienced the battle that happened 1300 years ago. They even battled alongside the God of Mages, Geresco, before. They were living legends, the creators of miracles!

The three Arbitrators of the Supreme Council were universally accepted by Anril as the three strongest mages. In this world, there was not a single mage that dared to challenge their dignity. There was also not a single mage that dared to question their orders. They were living gods in the world of magic!

As to how strong these three living gods were, there was nobody that could clearly describe it now. People only knew that these three Arbitrators had already transcended the Legendary-realm in the battle 1300 years ago. After 1300 years, their true strength could only be properly judged by a true god

As to what sort of realm was above the Legendary-realm, even Lin Li only had a superficial knowledge of it. He had faintly heard about it from Andoine. Once mages transcended the Legendary-realm, they would take a final step and enter the true Sanctuary-realm. It was a realm that was omnipotent, a realm where rules could be changed or created according to ones will. With just a short incantation, one could create a cataclysmic power

However, even Andoines understanding of the Sanctuary-realms power was only at the imaginative level. The gap between the Legendary- and Sanctuary-realm was almost infinite. It could be overcome with a sudden epiphany, or it could end with spending the rest of your life without the last step ever taken.

Thinking about the fact that he would have a chance to meet an Arbitrator in a few days, even Lin Li could not help but feel somewhat excited.

However, Lin Li quickly did not have the time to be excited anymore. It was because he was so busy that he almost died in the next few days

After the guest list was settled, Lin Li was completely swamped. The Breezy Plains Guild of Magic started from scratch, so how could it be an easy task to steer it? Lin Li, as the president, faced the issues that required his decision in short succession.

The first thing, without a doubt, was the tower that had just been completed. Before going to Ruins of Syer Town to rescue people, the Master of Inscription, Moke, had asked Lin Li what sort of mageweaths needed to be inscribed on the insides of the tower, and Lin Lis answer back then was rather simple: ten Wards of Bad Luck. As of now, the ten Wards of Bad Luck had already been inscribed. As to what to do after inscribing, Moke insisted on waiting for Lin Li to decide it

No sooner had the dawn of the second day broken than Moke knocked on Lin Lis door. The expression of this Master Moke was filled with unconcealed disdain. Moke looked down upon this guild president that had been appointed by the Supreme Council. Not only was it because he had some resentment towards the Jarrosus Guild of Magic, but also mostly because this youngster was really disappointing.

To be appointed a guild president at a tender age was a once-in-a-blue-moon chance for any mage. Furthermore, this place was the Breezy Plains. It was the Supreme Councils focus of development for hundreds of years. Whoever could become the president of the Breezy Plains Guild of Magic would also take over a position that played a decisive role in the Supreme Council. Furthermore, there was a high chance to be like Andoine and Rosen, and become a powerful contender for the seat of an Arbitrator

If it was any other mage that got such an opportunity, they would be grateful towards the Supreme Council while desperately researching magic and making decisions for the guild. However, with this young mage called Felic, it had become another thing. Ever since coming to the Breezy Plains, it could be said that Moke had seen everything. Lets see in these two months, what has this Felic done? The first month was still acceptable. Although this guy was not hardworking, he was still staying indoors. But when it was the second month, the true nature of this guy appeared. He went to Doland every day, and even got acquainted with scum like Roman. It was even worse these few days. He knew that the president inauguration ceremony is round the corner, and he still insists on going out with others, causing the completed work on the tower to wait for his settlement, unable to conclude. Moke really could not understand why the Supreme Council would choose such a lazy good-for-nothing to assume the role of president of the Breezy Plains Guild of Magic.

The thing that Moke could not tolerate was that this fella actually dared to doubt his professional standards!

He was a Master of Inscription. If you were to search the whole of Anril, there would only be a few Inscribers that were more professional than himself. Yet, this fellas request for him was only ten Wards of Bad Luck. Wasnt this implying that he was looking down on Moke?

Moke had never received such humiliation ever since hed become a Master of Inscription!

Hmph, I really want to see what you can do with these ten Wards of Bad Luck

After Moke entered the room, he was not courteous with Lin Li at all. He just went to straight to point. President Felic, I have already inscribed for you the ten Wards of Bad Luck that you wanted. Im wondering if there is anything else that you want, President Felic?