Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 372

Chapter 372 A Mutant At That

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Alan felt his hair stand in shock as well when he looked into the crystal ball. The Crimson Python was at least a dozen meters in length, and when it spread its fleshy wings, it covered the whole sky. On top of its head was a pair of blood-red eyes, glowing icily, while a couple of fangs protruded from the corners of its mouth. As it opened and closed its jaws, thick puffs of smoke and flames spewed out

How could Alan not know about the infamous Crimson Python? It was one of the strongest magical beasts of the Blackstone Mountains; it was said that an adult Crimson Python was at least level-18, and some mutants could even surpass level-20 and become a truly Legendary magical beast!

Oh no, President Felic went alone, what if something happens? The Crimson Python was at least level-18. No matter how optimistic Alan was, he would never think that President Felic alone could hold off the Crimson Python.

Alan hurriedly told Gavin the news.

What? Gavin jumped in shock. Even though he was aware that the young president was highly skilled, he knew that would not be sufficient to deal with the Crimson Python. It was a level-18 magical beast, after all; if it went berserk, it would well be near a Legendary-level.

Alan, gather everyone now, we need to go and help President Felic! Hurry up, or we might not make it! Gavin was even more anxious than Alan. Mr Basel had instructed him to follow the young president, and if he allowed something to happen to the young president before his eyes, he could forget about ever returning to Doland.

Moreover, he had had a great time in the Tower of Dusk for the past month. The young president trusted him very much, and entrusted most of the authority in the Guild of Magic to him. Hence, seeing as he had become second in power in the Guild of Magic, he did achieve the ambitions hed come with on some levels. While his position did not look like much, as he was merely overseeing over 30 mages, Gavin had become very confident in the young president after the inauguration ceremony. The latter was fawned over by so many important figures, so how could he be a common man? Gavin was sure that it was only a matter of time before the young president would lead the Guild of Magic into such prosperity that even he would not dare imagine it!

However, all of this would turn to naught if something happened to President Felic. Perhaps the Supreme Council would send another president over, and perhaps this new president would also lead the Guild of Magic to new heights, but who was to say whether or not the new president would trust Gavin the way President Felic did? Without that trust, none of this success would concern him.

After finishing his sentence, Gavin took out his magic staff, and was about to utter a Levitation Spell when someone else appeared in the guild hall.

Ill go too!

Perhaps even Lin Li would not guess that the person who said that was Englos disciple, the young and beautiful Paladin. Rina had already donned her heavy armor, and the sword in her hand was shining icily; her pale and delicate face was filled with determination.

This Gavin hesitated. He knew who Ms Rina was. President Felic had personally decreed that she was a guest from the Brilliance Shrine, and he was to ensure her utmost well-being. However, the guest seemed to be on bad terms with President Felic as she rarely left her room in the Tower of Dusk for the past month, and even when she did, she was hostile to President Felic when they met. Gavin was unbearably curious about what had happened between them

However, no matter how curious he was, she was a guest from the Brilliance Shrine, after all, and if there were any mistakes, President Felic would not be able to answer to them.

That will not do, Ms Rina, you are a guest here at the Tower of Dusk

Im a Paladin of the Brilliance Shrine besides being a guest of the Tower of Dusk! Rina said resolutely. After that, she held her sword and walked out of the Tower of Dusk without waiting for Gavin to continue. A crisp whistle sounded, and a snowy white unicorn flew down from the sky.

This Gavin stared with his mouth agape. While he knew that Ms Rina was a Paladin from the Brilliance Shrine, it was his first time seeing a unicorn. If she rode a unicorn, didnt it make her the only Judge Paladin of the group of Paladins? Legend had it that they were the Bearer of the Holy Light and wielded a sharp blade, purifying the earth with the pure Fire of Judgement

As he thought back on the young president he served, Gavin sighed. Why were all the youngsters so powerful nowadays?

Just as he was dumbfounded, another person flew down the stairs, and Gavin saw a chubby figure that made his head throb yet again.Damn it, how come this guy is here too?

Damn it, this rascal, how dares he keep such big news from me!

The only two people in the Tower of Dusk who dared to curse at President Felic were the Arbitrator Apophis and Gerian. When Gavin thought about the relationship between this fatty and President Felic, he felt his head hurt.

Just as he was about to dissuade him from going, Gerian had already uttered a Levitation Spell, and his chubby figure flew like a cannonball in the direction of Black Clouds Town, leaving the shocked Gavin standing with his eyes as wide as saucers and his mouth agape.

Uh lets go too As he watched the fatty and the unicorn fly further away, Gavin did not dare delay any further. He called all the Magic Shooters in the Guild, and the group of over 20 people hurried off to Black Clouds Town.

By then, the situation in Black Clouds Town was unusually intense.

The Crimson Python had fallen from the sky due to a Gravity Spell, but that did not mean that the terrifying magical beast had lost its combat capability. Quite the contrarythe Crimson Python was the most formidable on land as its wings were merely for flight and served no purpose in a fight. The reason why the Crimson Python was one of the most powerful magical beasts of the Blackstone Mountains was because of the immense strength it held in its body, its blood-vicious fangs, and the fire magic it inherited by blood.

Norfeller was covered in wounds of various sizes, some of them from scrapes, and some of them from fire; blood was running from his wounds, and his already pale face was now completely void of color, making him look as sickly pale as a sheet of paper. Ujfalusi was not in a better state, either, as the intense fight had depleted too much of his mana. Right now, he was desperately trying to recover his mana under Lin Li and Norfellers cover.

The only good thing was that they had managed to accomplish what Lin Li had instructed them to do before he got there, which was to protect Black Clouds Town. Otherwise, the Crimson Python would have already turned Black Clouds Town into a sea of fire with its strength.

However, Norfeller was only a level-17 Vampire, after all, and Ujfalusi had already been seriously injured due to his Humerus Domains destruction. Even if they joined forces, they were still no match for a Crimson Python; moreover, this damned Crimson Python was a mutant, a terrible existence that had already reached the Legendary-realm

When he thought of that, Lin Li could not help but curse loudly.

Which bastard provoked this Crimson Python and made it leave the Blackstone Mountains, enraging it so much it went berserk?

Lin Li felt his skin crawl just imagining how scary a Legendary-level Crimson Python could be when it was angry

But that was not important now, and the only thing Lin Li could do was to drag the Crimson Python down with all his might and buy enough time for Ujfalusi to recover his mana. As long as this ex-Lich recovered half of his mana, he would be able to use a level-18 Necromagic, Souls Cage. If they could trap the Crimson Python using the Souls Cage, he would have time to make preparations. If all went well, perhaps they might really be able to kill this Legendary-level Crimson Python

The vibrant red snakes tail swept by, producing a gust of strong wind that reeked of decay. Every time the Crimson Python attacked, many of the houses surrounding them would collapse. Thankfully, the nearby civilians had already evacuated, and there were only two Undead creatures, a human, and a crazy Crimson Python on the empty streets.

But even then, the Crimson Python made Lin Li breathless as the terrifying monster had completely given up on flying, going as far as to ignore the fact that its wings were tied down by the Gravity Spell. Honestly, given its strength, it would not be an issue for it to escape the Gravity Spell.

It was only swinging its tail around now as it shattered the surrounding buildings. As it spewed flames that smelled heavily of sulfur, their surroundings were turned into a sea of fire in a matter of seconds.

At this time, Lin Li was like a lonely boat struggling among the ocean waves as he used the Power of Flight while using magic to divert the Crimson Pythons attention.

However, these magic spells were mostly level-5 or level-6, which was nothing to the Crimson Python that had most likely surpassed level-20. Most of the time, Lin Li did not manage to go beyond the thick scales of the Crimson Python; his only purpose was to make the Crimson Python even angrier so that it would focus its attention on him.

That was what Lin Li wanted to dohe wanted to stall the Crimson Python so as to buy more time for Ujfalusi. However, even though he had achieved his goal, it was followed by an even more ferocious attack of the Crimson Python, which made Lin Li lose his breath.

The worst thing was that Lin Li was already using the Power of Flight at an extraordinary level. If other Archmages saw him now, they might really think they were looking at a Legendary-mage. Lin Li continued to change his course and speed as he flew pursued by the Crimson Python, and was as agile as a butterfly. This was far beyond a Levitation Spell, and perhaps even a Legendary-level Power of Flight would not be any better than this.

One was a level-15 magic spell, while the other one was a level-20 one. Even a fool could tell the difference between the two. Lin Li was merely relying on his monstrous mental strength to forcefully propel this level-15 spell so that it could have the effect of a level-20 one, but even though he had a seemingly endless amount of mana and mental strength, he was unable to keep it up for long.

Lin Li could feel that his mental strength was terribly distorted, and if he did not stop to rest, he might suddenly drop from the sky