Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 378

Chapter 378 Masquerade

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Seems like the boss behind Granger is not an insignificant figure Lin Li was a little shocked. Archmages of around level-15 were considered powerful enough in the Breezy Plains. Lin Li knew that the force Granger sought for himself was definitely not comparable to the useless Syer Bandits. But, come to think of it, how would weaklings dare to meddle with the Crimson Pythons anyway?

This Archmage seems to be someone who has a relatively high standing. Granger is extremely polite to him, even to the point that it appears ingratiating

The magical wave emitted by Ujfalusi was very vigorous when he was controlling the evil spirit on Granger, telling what he saw to Lin Li at the same time. But, this Archmage does not seem to have a good attitude towards Granger. The things he asked Granger were all related to the Crimson Python, and now they are walking into a campsite

This campsite is situated near Blackstone Town Then, Ujfalusis tone suddenly carried some elements of surprise. Master, I think that there are a lot of Adventurers in this campsite. Oh, that Archmage was telling his men that they have too few Adventurers, and has a plan to hire more

How powerful are those Adventurers?

Not bad. Theyre all above level-10. Apart from those, there are six Archmages above level-15 and seven high-ranking Warriors above level-15 Wait. I think that Archmage brought Granger into a tent in the middle

Suddenly, Ujfalusi stopped talking. The vigorous magical waves around him calmed down by a lot too.

Whats wrong?

Nothing. There is a very powerful figure inside that tent, and Im afraid he might notice the Haunted Spirit I put on Granger. Hence, I just let the evil spirit sleep for the time being.

Yes, thats good, complimented Lin Li, impressed with Ujfalusis vigilance.

Ujfalusi was indeed a Lich who had lived for a few centuries. Knowing when to do things at the right time, he was aware it was too risky to continue spying on Granger. Although they might be about to make discover the real identity of the boss Granger was talking about, they might expose their identity to them as well.

However, after saying that, Lin Li could not help but frown at the thought of the seemingly impregnable force behind Granger. Not to mention the numerous Adventurers above level-10, the fact that there were six Archmages and seven high-ranking Warriors was not a matter to be joked about. Furthermore, they did not know who was the mighty person Granger was meeting in that tent.

It seemed like Lin Li had made the right decision to let Ujfalusi cast the Haunted Spirit on Granger. Yet, if they were to visit the campsite now Lin Li could really not imagine the consequences if they were to have a conflict with the people there.

Stop the carriage, Lin Li ordered the driver when they were only ten kilometers away from the campsite. He exited the carriage with Ujfalusi and found Gerian, who was napping inside his carriage.

Whats up? asked the old man groggily as he woke up when Lin Li entered his carriage. Gerian did not really feel like responding to the two men who had just entered his carriage.

Were in trouble.

What crap The old man pursed his lips prophetically. From the start when you said you wanted to come to the Blackstone Mountains, I knew that you were going to face some kind of troublebig trouble!

No. Lin Li shook his head. This trouble might be larger than you expect

Oh? Tell me more about it. Gerian was drawn to the topic.

Its like that Lin Li told Gerian about Ujfalusis concerns.

F*ck! Gerian exclaimed after hearing that there were six Archmages.

It is indeed great trouble. Damn, the Breezy Plains is such a tricky place to thrive in. How can a force that popped out of nowhere be able to gather six Archmages? That is more than the total number of Archmages in the entire Jarrosus! Fella, what are your plans? Are you really thinking of fighting them just like that? You have to think carefully. There are six freaking Archmages and seven high-ranking Warriors. If there is going to be a battle, the men under you might not last

I am not worried about fighting. Although the six Archmages and seven high-ranking Warriors are indeed powerful, my Tower of Dusk is not to be trifled with as well. It will be hard to determine the winner just like that. But, why should I fight them? Theres no benefit to gain anyway. Why should I waste my energy on that?

Yeah. Gerian nodded, and became more composed.This fella looks more and more like a guilds President now!Then what do you plan to do?

We are going to sneak into their group. Arent they hiring Adventurers? It sounds good, lets bring Ujfalusi and Norfeller in to earn extra cash. Since I dont know where the nest of the Crimson Python is, it will be easier for me to follow them around. As for the rest Lin Li hesitated.

I used the Warlocks Eyes to take a look around this area. There is a small road nearby that leads to the top of the mountain. Why dont you do me a favor by bringing the men up the mountain to wait for me? But, youd better find a safe place, and dont get noticed by any magical beasts

Im fine with that. However, please be careful yourself. Dont be recognized by anyone, or else we are going to be doomed

Dont worry Lin Li said as he fished out something from his pocket. It was a piece yellowish parchment and a crystal clear crystal. Hold onto these two things first. This is the map of the Blackstone Mountains which I used a huge sum of money to buy from Dolands Adventurers Guild. There are some markings on it that show you the areas where magical beasts usually roam. Although they are mostly low-level beasts, it is good to know that for safety reasons.

Oh, yes. Theres this too. Ive inserted some of my mental strength into this crystal. Break the crystal if you were to face any problem as I will sense it instantly.

Alright. Gerian received the two items from Lin Li and carefully put them away.

Good, I will return to my carriage to make some preparations.

After discussing with Gerian, Lin Li returned to his carriage and took out a tattered robe from the Ring of Endless Storm. If Gerian was here, he would be able to recognize that it was the Robe of Wrath Lin Li had worn when he had just reached Jarrosus.

This robe was indeed the best outfit Lin Li could disguise himself with. It was old and tattered, and had a few big patches sewn on it to cover some torn areas after some intense battles. Now that Lin Li put it on again, he really looked like a down-and-out Adventurer.

After he wore the Robe of Wrath, Lin Li called Ujfalusi up the carriage again. Then, he threw a magic robe to him casually. Change into this, he instructed.

Yes, Master. Ujfalusi saw that Lin Li passed to him a common type of Arcane Robe sold in the market. Apart from its capacity to store two scrolls, it was no different from a normal robe. It was something an ordinary poor mage apprentice would get for himself. But, there seemed to have an additional mageweath on the Arcane Robe.

Since Ujfalusi was not well versed in Inscription, he put on the robe after glancing at it casually.

Then, he realized some transformation occurred on his body. The previously bare skeleton became filled up instantaneously. Although his bones were still ash-white in color, it was not obvious that he was a skeleton now. To common folks, Ujfalusi would only appear like a man with paler skin. Furthermore, with the help from the long black robe, the former Lich looked like a true mage

This is a Shapeshift Mageweath; its concept is similar to the shapeshifting skills of Druids. As long as you put it on, it will be very hard for ordinary people to realize your true identity. But, be careful not to let any blood stain it. Once blood touches it, the Shapeshift Mageweath will lose its effect, and you will turn back into a Lich. Also, you must transfer mana into the mageweath every day. With your abilities, you should have no problem with it.

Alright, noted.

After the Shapeshift Mageweath changed the appearance of Ujfalusi, Lin Li was going to inform Norfeller to get prepared. But, the moment they got down the carriage, they saw Paladin Rina waiting outside.

What brings you here, Miss Rina?

Im going with you.

What are you going there for? Lin Li asked in shock. Ever since the Crimson Python attacked Black Clouds Town, this Paladin became more and more absurd. She seemed to want to meddle in every single matter, just like this timeLin Li did not invite her at all, but she insisted on accompanying him to the Blackstone Mountains. Now, she even wanted to disguise herself as an Adventurer and sneak into the mysterious force with Lin Li!

It seems like I have to find some time to make Englos ask his dear disciple to return to the Brilliance Shrine

I am the Judge Paladin of the Brilliance Shrine. My duty is to purify all evil Undead creatures. Although till now, your two attendants havent done anything worthy of my purifying them, no one can guarantee that they will not do any evil deeds when Im not around. So, I have to go with you!

Dont forget, Im not from the Tower of Dusk. I dont need anyones permission to do what I want to. Im here just to inform you about it.

Forget it, if you want to, just come Lin Li could not think of any reason to stop Rina. Since her abilities were not bad, as a Paladin of the Brilliance Shrine, she should be above level-15. Being the one and only Judge Paladin, she should not be weaker than someone at level-15

But this time, we are going to disguise ourselves as Adventurers. You should change out of your armor. Ive never heard of a rich Adventurer who can wear such an expensive set of armor to participate in battles.

Give me 10 minutes.