Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 384

Chapter 384 Scar Of Death

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Emendas was so shocked upon seeing Lin Li return to the camp unscathed that his jaw hung wide agape.

Emendas was no stranger to the Blackstone Mountains. To be honest, about two months ago, he had completed a mission in the exact same place he had sent Lin Li to check. Nobody knew better than Emendas how dangerous that place wasalthough not many magical beasts appeared there, it was a hot spot for magical beasts above level-18. When they appeared, even a level-17 Archmage like him had to seek cover

Emendas racked his brains, trying to come up with an explanation for how Felic could come back unscathed. Could it be that he was really so lucky to have spent a night without any high-ranking magical beast appearing?

Or was this guy more powerful than he let on?

When that thought appeared in his head, Emendas could not help but laugh at it. His mental strength was too strongEmendas knew better than anyone else that only Legendary-mages would be able to hide their abilities in front of him. This Felic was only in his twenties, so how could he be a Legendary-mage? Emendas would be the first to laugh that thought off.

Moreover, if he really was a Legendary-mage, then why would he need to hide his abilities? All he had to do was say a word, and the whole Malfa Family would be at his feet. Why would he still need to pretend to be a weak Adventurer and suffer in the Blackstone Mountains?

In the end, Emendas merely nodded his head without saying a word, but Hahn, who had been following beside him the whole day, suddenly looked stern as he mocked Lin Li. Youre done scouting so fast? What, did you fly? Hahn stood with his hands behind his back; his face was solemn, and he was speaking in an unusually derisive tone. Dont think I have no idea what youre up to. You found some place to hide before coming back to say there was nothing nearby, didnt you? Whom are you fooling? Let me tell you, this mission concerns the safety of the whole group, and if you know better, youll quickly admit your mistake now. Dont make me report this to Young Master Hutton, or itll be too late for any regrets!

There really is nothing in that forest, Mr Hahn. If you dont believe me, you can go take a look for yourself. Im only a mage, not a magician. I cant possibly conjure up a magical beast for you, can I? Lin Li gave Hahn a glance before ignoring him. Frankly speaking, he had not thought much of this short and sly butler of the Malfa Family. It was one thing to be materialistic, but how could he be so blatant about it? He even yelled as he pleased at his distant relative, Johnathan, not caring at all whether he had embarrassed him. Did he really think he was almighty just because he worked for the Malfa Family?

Lin Li never paid much regard to people like that. After replying curtly, he chose to ignore Hahn.

Only, he did not think that his words would enrage Hahn.

The short and sly butler suddenly jumped angrily. Who are you to speak to me like that? Dont think Ill treat you any better just because you know that country bumpkin Johnathan! You really believe that hes my distant cousin? Pfft, my family has been the Malfa Familys butlers for three generations! How can that country bumpkin be my relative?

Hahn was hopping mad, but Lin Li could not be bothered to spare him another glance. The best way to deal with such fools was to ignore them, or theyd pull you down to their level and beat you with experience

Emendas was much better in that sense.

Even though Emendas held bad intentions as well, at least he knew to put on a facade, and was skilled in the art of putting him in dangerous situations in such a way that Lin Li could not refuse.

Alright, Mr Hahn, please quiet down. Emendas finally spoke just as Hahn was losing his mind in anger, placating the enraged man before he turned to Lin Li, and said calmly, Ok, Mage Felic, I just want to make a final confirmation with you There really isnt anything in the forest?

Lin Li nodded resolutely. Nothing.

Alright, then. You can go rest, Mage Felic. Emendas waved his hand and gestured for Lin Li to leave, but just as Lin Li was about to step out of the tent, he heard Emendas voice again. Oh, right. Mage Felic, I have to remind you that your reconnaissance mission tonight concerns the safety of the whole team. If I find out that your report was false, you might run into some trouble

Hehe, youll find that it is all true. Lin Li turned around and smiled at Emendas before he turned again and left.

Lin Li was not in the least bit worried about what Emendas said, for he had seen it for himselfthere was really nothing in that forest besides the boar Tutankhamun and he had eaten. Lin Li was sure that Emendas eyes could not be more accurate than his Life Detector covering an area 200 meters in radius.


Even if there had been any magical beasts, they would have fled in fear after Tutankhamuns appearance. The pressure from him was scarier than that of Legendary magical beasts, and even Lin Li had to force his mental strength to an extreme to remain conscious back then.

Oh, rightLin Li suddenly remembered how the forest had been so strangely silent that he could not even see a single fly. Could it be because of Tutankhamun? The more Lin Li thought about it, the more he thought that was the case. Otherwise, why was he unable to spot a single magical beast in a forest halfway up the Blackstone Mountains tallest peak? It was merely a legend for one to emerge from mud without being soiled; it made sense that only those who were close enough to it would be affected.

It seemed like this man who had said he was from the prehistoric times was much more powerful than Lin Li thought

Emendas led his men out already at the crack of dawn.

They had to cut through the forest in front of them, but before the whole group went in, Emendas sent a few level-15 Bandits to survey the surroundings. This was an issue concerning the safety of over a hundred people, after all, and even though he wanted to find a way to get rid of Lin Li, he could not entrust such an important task to him now.

The level-15 Bandits were impressive indeed as they had all returned within an hour, but the results of their survey gave Emendas a shock.

There was really nothing in the forest

How is that possible? Emendas paused for a minute before he waved his hand for the group to continue forward.

Their progress was naturally much faster without the hindrance magical beasts presented, and they managed to cut through the forest within two hours. The smoothness of the journey was beyond Emendas imaginationthey had not even met a single magical beast. Emendas even wondered if they had gone on the wrong path. Was this quiet place really the Blackstone Mountains where magical beasts roamed everywhere?

The adventurers set up their campsite in the evening once again using tents and stones.

Mage Emendas, Second Young Master has sent a message through magic in the evening, asking when the rascal can be dealt with. Emendas tent was spacious, and the floor was lined with thick sheepskin rugs. There was a tea table set in the middle of the tent, and there were four people surrounding itEmendas, Hahn, Granger, and the Archmage.

There was a map drawn on sheepskin paper on the tea table, and a closer look would tell you that it was a map of the Blackstone Mountains. Emendas had been studying the map, and only lifted his head after Hahn stopped talking.

Mr Hahn, please let the second young master know that he should rest assured as we have plenty of opportunities. Ill make sure to give him a satisfactory result after we enter the Scar of Death tomorrow.

After we enter the Scar of Death? Hahns face was gloomy. Mage Emendas, arent you being too cautious? Given your abilities now, there should be no problem for you to get rid of a level-10 Magic Shooter. Why go through all that trouble? Are you worried that he might have backup? Dont worry, Ive already asked Johnathan about them. They are from Doland, and have applied for this mission for the sake of the reward: one million gold coins. Think about it, how much backup would an adventurer bought over by one million gold coins have?

Heheh Emendas glanced at him. Honestly speaking, he despised this short and scrawny fellow. He was dumb and materialistic, and never seemed to think before he spoke. If not because he represented the second young master of the Malfa Family, he would have hit him with a Pyroblast to the face.

Why couldnt this dumb*ss think about how this mediocre level-10 Magic Shooter could be linked to so many strange happenings? Starting from the first night in Blackstone Town, when five level-14 Adventurers went to attack him, yet ended up sleeping the whole night in the tentif not for Emendas intervening, they would probably still be stuck in dreamlandto the scouting last night, which was even weirder.

Magical beasts clearly roamed that forest, but they all seemed to have disappeared after this fellow went there. Even the road after the forest had been unusually empty.

Perhaps once would be a coincidence, but if it happened twice or thrice, then it warranted suspicion. Even though he could not tell how powerful this Felic was, Emendas believed that he was definitely more than the simple level-10 Magic Shooter he appeared to be

Of course, he could not tell the fool Hahn that, as he knew very well that this fool would not believe him, and might even mock him for being cowardly. He had no interest in explaining such matters to a fool like him.

Well, Mage Emendas? If you continue like this, Sir Harvey will be very unhappy Hahns face was unusually somberhe was still upset over the conversation the previous day. That Felic fellow was absolutely arrogant. How dared a level-10 Magic Shooter boast in front of him!!

If Hahn had merely been following Sir Harveys orders at first, then now he could not wait to see this Felic being dealt with.

Hahn had grown used to doing as he pleased in Aminya City as the butler of the Malfa Family, and even people like Emendas, who was the strongest Adventurer in the whole Aminya City, had to treat him with respect on the Malfa Familys account. Yet, to think he was disrespected like that by a lowly Adventurer in the Blackstone Mountains.

How could Hahn take it lying down?

Mr Hahn, I have my own way of doing things. Surely I do not need you to teach me how I should go about it? Emendas frowned when he heard the underlying threat, and dropped his former politeness.

After hearing this, Hahn suddenly recalled that he was facing the strongest Adventurer in the whole Aminya, and even the patriarch and the two young masters treated him with respect, yet he unknowingly offended him. If he enraged Emendas, he would be in a sticky situation.

But, Hahn had already spoken, and he could not find it in himself to retract his words. Hence, after hesitating for a while, he stood up without saying a word, and left with Granger.

Sigh, this Hahn Emendas shook his head; he looked frustrated.

Forget it, Emendas, were going to enter the Scar of Death tomorrow. We dont need more to worry about. This Hahn is trusted by the second young master, and if we get into a fight with him now, Im sure the second young master will be unhappy.

I know Emendas rubbed his brow painfully. This mission is of great importance to the Malfa Family, and if we screw it up, that young master Hutton of ours might really abandon us

After leaving with Granger, Hahn suddenly stopped in a secluded corner.

Granger, you know Reggie well, right?

Yes, Mr Hahn. Granger nodded. The Reggie Hahn spoke of was one of the Bandits sent out by Emendas this morning; they did know each other very well back in Aminya.

Hahn gritted his teeth. Then call him over, well help Emendas do what hes too afraid to do.

Granger hesitated. Mr Hahn, should we notify Mage Emendas?

Notify him? Forget it, hes so cowardly that hes afraid even of a level-10 Magic Shooter. Itll be useless to notify him. Dont worry, as long as Reggie does a good job, there wont be trouble.


Lin Li was staring wide-eyed now.

Lin Li could hear and see everything through the evil spirit hidden in Grangers body. He had never thought that Hahn would bear such a huge grudge over just a few words, wanting to kill him despite Emendas instructions.

Ujfalusi, are you done with the map? We dont have much time, therell be guests later

Almost done, Master. Ujfalusi was drawing quickly on a piece of sheepskin paper in the corner of the tent. If Emendas was here, he would be able to tell with one glance that Ujfalusi was drawing the map of the Blackstone Mountains or, more accurately, he was copying the map from the tea table.

This was the greatest gain of the nightbesides hearing about the planned murder of Lin Li, they had also seen the map of the Blackstone Mountains. When Lin Li saw the map, he knew that this was no lowly good sold by Adventurers. It was too detailedevery location was described in depth, especially the place called the Scar of Death

According to the map, the Scar of Death spanned the entire boundary of the Blackstone Mountains. After passing through the Scar of Death, they would reach the most dangerous place in the Blackstone Mountains. There were countless powerful magical beasts there, and level-15 magical beasts were at the bottom of the local food chain. The ones who ruled over the land were those powerful above level-20they were known as Legendary magical beasts. It was said that some of these Legendary magical beasts had gained sentience, and could assume human form for a short time!

But it was not easy to reach the Scar of Death, as it was a canyon spanning nearly 10,000 meters in length, and covered the whole length of the Blackstone Mountains. Looking at it from the sky, one would see something resembling a scar covering the Blackstone Mountains, hence its name, the Scar of Death. Inside it lived countless magical beasts that were violent and lacked rationality; anything that stepped into the Scar of Death was regarded as a trespasser, and the magical beasts would not hesitate to tear them into pieces with their fangs and claws.

In other words, the magical beasts in the Scar of Death were as though they had been controlled by some insanity, and they did not fear death, nor did they retreat. Even if a Legendary magical beast stepped into it, these magical beasts would not hesitate to attack it.