Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 407

Chapter 407 The Lich's Strength


Everyone held their breath at seeing the scene before themeven Norfeller, who used to serve a High Elf aristocrat, and Ujfalusi, who had led a long life and occupied Syer Town for centuries, and even the only Judge Paladin of the Brilliance Shrine, Rina, as well Adelo, who had followed the Legendary-mage Cheyenne for decades Everyone looked as if they had seen a ghost as they stared at the scene with a glazed expression and fear

This was something that only appeared in their dreams

Who had ever seen a young mage in his 20s make a flying Humerus Wyrm fall from the sky with just a spell?

To explain, just as the Humerus Wyrm was spitting ice flames, the young mage started chanting. His chanting was not complicated, nor was it long and windy. It was as simple as a greeting, but in that instant, everyone felt a strong magical wave that made all of them tremble. The young mage’s chant and the spell he cast gave everyone the illusion that the whole world seemed to be falling in that instant

But, they soon realized that it was not the world that was falling, but the flying Humerus Wyrm in the air

The huge figure grew increasingly bigger, and the Humerus Wyrm crashed onto the ground with a heavy “thud”

The world seemed to shake when the Humerus Wyrm fell down; dust flew everywhere, and thousands of bone fragments splattered in the dark. The sound of gravel falling, the stone walls cracking, and the Humerus Wyrm’s growling all blended together, and transformed the quiet cave into a bustling city. Yet, the only sound in everyone’s mind now was the chanting of the young mage as it even covered the sound of the Humerus Wyrm crashing on the ground

That was the voice of a Legendary-mage

The world quieted down suddenly as everyone turned unanimously towards the young mage. Be it Norfeller, Rina, Adelo, or Johnathan, they all felt a sense of unfamiliarity from him. Was this Legendary-mage who held such terrifying power and was able to defeat the Humerus Wyrm easily really the polite young mage who always had a warm smile on his face?

It felt as weird as seeing an ant turn around and suddenly become an elephanta strange and abrupt process that felt surreal to everyone who had witnessed it.

“Stand back!” Just as everyone was staring wide-eyed, the young mage suddenly let out a shout before he disappeared into a shadow and retreated at a mind-numbing speed.

A mage experienced great changes when they reached the Legendary-realm. This change was not only in terms of strength, but also in the way they cast a spell. This was because magic had become an innate ability for them at this point, and had fully integrated into the life of the mage, making it something as easy as breathing for them.

Legendary-realm mages did not even have to chant nor put in any mana to use spells like the Wind Blade or the Flaming Storm, as a gesture or even a thought sufficed for them to extinguish their enemy. Even strengthening magic like the Hastening Spell, Power Spell, or the Stone-Skin Spell had completely solidified within them and became a part of them.

A Legendary-mage was no less hardy than a level-15 or level-16 Warrior, which was why Macklin and Aldwin were able to work in front of a furnace even though they were already so old. It was also because of this that Andoine was able to survive an accident when brewing a potion.

Lin Li moved like a leopard. He was shockingly quick, and was already meters away before the dirt could rise in his wake.

As Lin Li moved back, Norfeller and the rest reacted as well. Thankfully, the advance party was made up of all the elites of the mercenary corps, and even Johnathan who was the weakest was at level-14. Even though Lin Li had shouted abruptly, everyone reacted just as quickly; they were not much slower than Lin Li.

“What’s going on, Mage Felic?” Adelo was a mage, after all, and did not have any strengthening magic he could use. He only managed to catch up with the rest by quickly casting a Hastening Spell. However, when the Archmage stopped next to Lin Li, he still looked somewhat doubtful

“The fight has just started” That was all Lin Li said.

“What?” Adelo looked shocked before his expression changed quickly because he clearly saw the fallen Humerus Wyrm spread its huge wings and stretch its long body while it let out an earth-shattering roar

When he heard the growl, Adelo paled. He finally remembered that he was facing a true Humerus Wyrm, the most powerful of Undead creatures, and one that carried a Wyrm magical crystal at that. While falling from the sky was uncomfortable for it, that was all it felt as that little setback did not deal it any damage at all.

And as its enemy, he now had to be prepared to feel its wrath

Everything was just like Adelo thought. After the roar, ice flames spread everywhere, and even though its wings were restrained and it could not fly, they were enough to cause a strong gust of wind to blow in the spacious cave. In a second, all they could see was dust flying all around, and even an Archmage like Adelo had to put up a Four-element Shield to withstand it.

The scariest thing was that the Humerus Wyrm started moving again

A loud thump accompanied every step the Humerus Wyrm took, and it sounded like mountains moving. Even though it moved slowly, every step it took covered at least a dozen meters, and even though 100 meters looked like a far enough distance, it was nothing more than 10 steps to the Humerus Wyrm. They were all still catching their breaths, but in the blink of an eye, they had to face the Humerus Wyrm’s ice flames again.

Adelo only now understood why the young mage said that the fight had only just begun

While restraining a Humerus Wyrm with magic seemed like a victory in itself, it was actually just giving them a chance to fight against the Humerus Wyrm.

Adelo looked at the Humerus Wyrm pressing closer as he added silently,A rather slim chanceThe odds of winning were low given their current situation. The Humerus Wyrm was too strong physically; only the Retribution Knight could compare to it amongst all Undead creatures. Once it exploded in anger, the consequences would be unimaginable.

And everyone was stuck in a cave too. While it looked spacious, there was a limit to the space, and given the distance the Humerus Wyrm could cover with a step, escaping would only turn this into a game of catch.

Adelo racked his brains, and realized that he had to admit that they could only rely on this Mage Felic. He only hoped that this young mage could continue creating miracles like in the previous fights

Unfortunately, Adelo did not know that while he was putting all his hopes on Lin Li, Lin Li was silently groaning.

It was because he could feel that the Lich was about to strike

The magical wave coming off the Lich was boiling with anger, and even though Lin Li had Legendary-realm strength now, he still had to concentrate all his attention on going against the Lich. Hence, Lin Li did not even spare the Humerus Wyrm another glance, as he knew that the Lich was behind everything. Exterminating the Lich was the only option if he wanted to resolve this

The same black cloaks, and the same powerful strength. When the Humerus Wyrm neared the advance party, the two Legendary powerhouses also made their first contact as the fight of their lives was starting.

On one side was a master of Necromagic who had lived for an eternity, while the other was a talented mage who held terrifying power because of the All-Knowing Potion. The fight between them was bound to create an explosion of sparks like meteors hitting earth.

The two of them moved at the same time. The Lich greeted Lin Li with a Bone Spear, and Lin Li returned the greeting with a wall of ice, which turned into many icicles after shattering.

After having Legendary strength, the way Lin Li used icicles also became different. He’d had to conjure them with magic before, and even though he had incredibly powerful mental strength, there would’ve been a delay nonetheless, but now, with the All-Knowing Potion, he could skip the process of conjuring them with magic as using the icicles had become an innate ability for him. All he had to do was think of it, and the water magical element would take on any shape he wished, forming dense crowds of icicles

If Lin Li was going against an Archmage now, the thousands of icicles would kill him on the spot as no matter how strong a Four-element Shield was, there was no way it could hold up against thousands of icicles at once. Unfortunately, Lin Li was going against a Lich nowone that had already reached the Legendary-realm, and could ride a Humerus Wyrm

The Lich only used one spell to block the attack of the icicles.

In a flash, all everyone heard was a “boom” before a wall made of bones shattered between the Lich and Lin Li.