Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Deep Silver

There was a thin silver necklace hanging obliquely on Anthony Rolin's thumb, shimmering with silver light. But what really stood out was the blue gem mounted on the necklace. The oval gemstone was about the size of a thumb and wrapped in silver wires like a petal, giving off an air of mystery and elegance under a sheet of silvery light

As soon as the silver necklace was taken out, the mages' eyes turned wide open, and even Gerian drew in a hissing cold breath. "What a big piece of Enigma Sapphire!"

The hall was exceptionally quiet. All eyes fell onto the Enigma Sapphire; even the attractive young woman who was contending with him couldn't stop amazement from showing in her beautiful eyes.

This was definitely a treasure a mage would wish for. Storing mana was too important for a mage. Even an archmage would not be able to fill such a big Enigma Sapphire.

A group of mages were whispering among themselves.

"It's worth at least 100,000 gold coins"

"Such a big piece, I reckon it's more than 100,000"

"The Rolin Family has always been low profile, but they can actually bring out such good stuff like this. Looks like the water is not regular deep for the 11 mage families"

"But it's a little bit of a pity for such a big Enigma Sapphire to be set into the silver necklace. He should get a mithril necklace at the very least. It doesn't do any justice to the gem the way it is now"

"How much do you guys have? Why don't we gather our money and acquire the necklace for ourselves, then everyone can take turns using it"

As soon as the guy finished speaking, he realized there was no sound around him.

He looked around in puzzlement, only to see his colleagues who had been chatting amicably with him just a moment ago all far away from him. The expressions of fear on their faces were as if they were afraid of getting infected by the plague

"What's with the expressions?"

The group of mages really wanted to jump on him and strangle him to death. You actually dared to come up with such a thought in front of Gerian how was it different from putting your hand into the President's pocket and taking money from it? Moreover, you had even mentioned everyone taking turns to use it You'd be lucky if Gerian didn't find someone to tread you over

"Come, come, everyone, gather our money. I think I have 30,000 here, how much do you all have?" The group of mages tried desperately signal him with their winks, but the guy was utterly oblivious to it and still gathering money without knowing what death was like.

Everyone seemed to see Gerian's frown.

Under His Excellency's influence, the group of jerks couldn't care less about friendship and simply sold the clueless guy off.

"President, we swear we really don't know him!"

"P-President?" That slow-witted mage finally remembered whom he was sitting nearby. He felt cold sweat breaking out all over his body all at once, and tried to pull his face into a smile that was uglier than crying. "Heh Heh heh, why are all of you so nervous? It was just just a joke"

Luckily for him, Gerian was too busy talking to Lin Li to notice his rebellious thoughts.

"What do you think of giving him 50,000 gold coins?"

"80,000." Lin Li did some calculations in his heart and decided to raise the price. "I reckon that fellow only has 200,000 gold coins in his hands. If we give too little, I'm afraid he won't have a chance against the thief leader. I have to get this necklace!"

"You're also interested in the Enigma Sapphire?" Gerian was slightly taken aback. He knew the kid too well. He had always thought that even if all the mages in the world would need the Enigma Sapphire, this kid wouldn't have any use for it. The scene at the level certification hall had left too deep an impression on him. A magic output 28 minutes long was absolutely beyond the scope of a monster, and could only be described as a demon's!

"I'll let you have the stone, I only want the necklace." Lin Li's eyes were glued to the thin silver necklace. He was too familiar with the aura emitted from the necklace. He had once felt the same aura from the enchantment guru back in the Endless World.

If his guess was correct, the metal used for the necklace was definitely the deep silver!

In the Endless World, the deep silver could only be found by luck, but not by searching.

In order to jolt his magical enchantment profession, Lin Li had used all his connections just to coat the gold rod with one layer of deep silver. But this stuff was just too rare, almost no one had seen it in the Endless World. For that period of time, Lin Li spent his days squatting at the auction house. The Mercenary Guild's private commission was hung all year round, and the reward was increased by a small amount every day and then saw a huge increase every three days, but no one had ever brought the stuff out.

Thinking it over, Lin Li felt that he was really pretty lucky

With his wealth and status in the Endless World, he could do anything he wanted. But it was the black lotus and deep silver that he couldn't get even after trying everything possible.

To think he had encountered them a month after having transmigrated.

Lin Li was grinning from ear to ear just thinking about the gold rod coated with deep silver.

That was a genuine worldly weapon. In addition to strengthening the attributes of magical enchantment, it could also raise the enchantment success rate to a terrifying level. A 100 percent would be an exaggeration, but it could guarantee at least 90 percent. Just think about an enchantment guru with a 90 percent success rate, what a demonic thing it would be?

"We'll do as you wish" Gerian only nodded after hearing what Lin Li said and did not ask what was so extraordinary about the necklace.

Then, the people in the hall saw Gerian, who was supposed to be the star of the auction, rising from a shabby spot in the audience. "From what I see, this Enigma Sapphire is worth around 80,000 gold coins."

"Thank you, President Gerian." When Anthony Rolin heard the figure, his suspended heart finally descended into place. He had a total of 200,000 on hand; adding the 80,000 gold coins, it would be enough to acquire the three bottles of Arcane Magic Potion.

"Then, let the auction continue." Kevin's gavel landed on the table again. "Madam Daphne had offered 200,000 gold coins. Anyone else with a higher bid than Madam Daphne?"

"250,000!" With Gerian's promise in hand, Anthony Rolin raised the price to 250,000 without any hesitation. This astonishing figure immediately drew murmurs from the guild hall.

250,000 for three bottles of Arcane Magic Potion; the average price had far exceeded the previous few bottles that were sold. To many, this was no longer an auction, but a fit of pique.