Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Spy

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I was only curious to find out how much you have improved after leaving Alanna said the Necromancer as he laughed. That was perhaps the only time for that corpse-like being to have a human-like smile on his face.

His genuine smile was a symbol of trust Sendros only showed certain people.

Strictly speaking, the young and old were very far apart in terms of their ability and position. In terms of ability, while Sendros had broken to the Legendary-realm decades ago, Lin Li had only reached the doorstep of the realm. In terms of position, while Sendros was the most powerful High Priest in the Darkness Shrine, and had created true legends, Lin Li had just become the President of the Breezy Plains Guild of Magic, which even the Castellan of Doland City might not be aware of

However, there was something Sendros would never be able to match Lin Li inthe attainments in Pharmaceutical studies. It was this achievement that made Sendros consider Lin Li to be on the same level as him.

In reality, Sendros was not alone. People like Balbo, Englos, and Burnside would never dare to display their pride as a Legendary powerhouse in front of Lin Li, or treat the young man like an inferior. They would converse with Lin Li like normal friends, and consult him humbly if they were to face any issues.

Of course, that was only known to only a few Master Pharmacists.

People like Hutton and Adelo would naturally not be able to access such secrets

Hutton nearly spat blood when he watched Sendros smiling cautiously at Lin Li.

He could not believe his eyes at all. Did that President Felic gobble a bears heart or a leopards gut? How could he have the courage to display such a stance before Sendros? Did he not acknowledge Sendross influence and power? Sendros was a man whom even his mentor Cheyenne would not dare to offend.

Whats wrong with this President Felic?

The wait was what agitated Hutton the most. When was Sendros going to show any sign of anger towards Felic? How could this renowned legend be so meek in front of him?

At that moment, Hutton thought he saw the sun rising from the west

Call Adelo over, said Hutton the moment he stepped into his tent.

Hutton was not as useless as Harvey. Once he found out that Lin Li might have a strong relation with Sendros, the first heir of the Malfa Family stopped to brainstorm about the implications thereof immediately.

It was very obvious that matters had gone out of his control.

He suspected the support behind President Felic to be more than what he could imagine. Otherwise, the conversation between Felic and Sendros would not be so friendly. Apart from the president from Alanna Guild of Magic, which president from the other 23 guilds would have the guts to speak so casually to Sendros?

Furthermore, it seemed that President Felic had terrifying powers as well.

Hutton witnessed the scuffle between the youth and the elder first-hand. Although he was hiding a few hundred meters away from them, Hutton could sense the threatening force emitted by Sendros very clearly. The President Felic had to be very powerful to be able to match Sendros energy.

Where on earth did that Felic come from?

When he thought of that question, Hutton was stunned.

He suddenly realized that he knew nothing about President Felic.

Although the Malfa Family had a strong network of connections, it seemed insignificant before President Felic.

As of now, Hutton only knew that President Felic was from Jarrosus Guild of Magic. He heard that this man performed very well in Alanna, defeating Gryffindor and also Matthias from Nightfall City. His achievements were acknowledged by the Supreme Council, and got him his position todaythe President of the Breezy Plains Guild of Magic.

What about other information?

As of now, Hutton admitted that he had no idea who Felics mentor was. He wouldnt be the President of the Jarrosus Guild of Magic, Gerian, would he? That plump old fella was just a level-15 Archmage, who suffered a loss fighting a team of bandits not long ago, and should be in a very bad state now. How could that man produce such an outstanding disciple?

Furthermore, how did the young President even know Sendros?

It was a well-known fact in Anril that Sendros did not have many friends due to him being an eccentric and unsociable man who studied Necromagic. That certainly did not explain the close-knitted relationship between the old and young duo. Sendros cautious smile before Felics rage was a scene that should only appear in a dream.

Hutton could not fathom Felics identity at all. To him, it was as though the young man was birthed from a rock and got to become a President without any reason. If he had not witnessed that situation today, Hutton would never have believed that the young mage aged 20 owned such a formidable strength

He could not help but feel threatened by that terrifying strength.

On the way back, Hutton just could not step out of his state of disbelief. He called Adelo over to learn about what Felic did throughout the journey in the Scar of Death.

Adelo entered Huttons tent after a minute.

Brother Adelo, you must be tired.

Its nothing Although Adelo entered the trade many years before Hutton, he never dared to treat Hutton as an inferior. While Hutton might be addressing Cheyenne as his mentor, that man was actually his biological grandfather. On the other hand, Adelo was just another high-ranking servant of Hutton despite working for the Malfa Family for over 10 years.

But, Adelo was especially disgruntled with Hutton. How could he have instructed Vanskore to launch a sneak attack without discussing it with the team, and at such a critical timing at that? Now that things had been done, the relationship Adelo had previously built with Felic was lost as well.

Although it did not seem like Mage Felic had any intention of starting a commotion yet, Adelo did not dare to be reckless when he interacted with him. The examples of the Lich and Vanskore made evident that it all ultimately depended on Felic. If Felic decided to confront them overtly, he would not give them any chance to regret.

The 20-year-old mage was indeed a frightening man

Oh, yes, Senior Brother. Hows the trip to the Scar of Death? I hope things went well?

Yeah, it was good Adelo replied as he nodded his head. But, why did you let Vanskore do it? Adelo asked after a moment of hesitation.

Why did I let Vanskore do it? Senior Brother, did you forget what Mentor Cheyenne told us before we went to the Blackstone Mountains? This time, our target is the Immortal Kings treasure map. If the information were to be leaked to other people, it might bring about the fall of the Malfa Family Hutton replied Adelo in a condemning tone. Do you not understand Im trying to cover up for your mistake?

You didnt know the situation at the Scar of Death at all

What happened at Scar of Death? Huttons rage simmered as he asked Adelo curiously. Although he had been using magic to communicate with Adelo all the while, he did not know more about the Scar of Death trip than the others. Otherwise, he would not have instructed Vanskore to launch such a foolish sneak attack.

You ask me what happened?

Have you met thousands of Vampires, over 30 Death Knight riding on Shapeshifters, a Humerus Wyrm thats a dozen meter long, or a Lich with unlimited powers? I had seen all that in the Scar of Death Adelo listed the incredible occurrences like a bullet train. And because of that, it ascertained my stand that instructing Vanskore to launch that attack was the worst mistake you have ever committed in these few years.


Since you have never experienced Scar of Death yourself, you would never be able to imagine how terrifying and formidable Mage Felic was. I understand what you were thinking. You must have thought that a level-19 Archmage would not be able to fight back. You must have thought that you could employ Mentor Cheyenne to get rid of this man who had greater powers than you.

Isnt that so?

If Mentor Cheyenne were to interfere, Im not very certain that it would succeed. But, that Master Sendros you employed to deal with Felic is for sure not going to be able to help us

That cant be! Hutton sprang up front his seat. He was both angry and amused by his senior brothers senseless words.

That was right. Hutton could admit that Felics ability was absurd and almost impossible to believe. Yet, how could he even reach Sendross proficiency? Hutton was an Archmage at his peak. How could he be unaware of the great difference between level-19 and level-20? Not to exaggerate, even if Felic was really a level-19 Archmage, he wouldnt be able defeat the Legendary powerhouse. This was general knowledge to every mage. How would Adelo sprout such an absurd nonsense?