Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 429

Chapter 429 Thousand Soul Spell

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Gavin was in shock looking at the four Solar Spheres

He thought he was seeing things for a moment. How could this President Felic be human? His level rose at such an alarming speed that it could only be described as otherworldly. When hed first joined the Tower of Dusk, President Felic was only at level-17, but during the attack of the Crimson Python in Black Clouds Town, he became level-18. Then, he suddenly became a level-19 only after a few days!

Gavin wondered if this freak would suddenly break through to the Legendary-realm if he closed his eyes for a moment

Gavin then thought he understood why this President Felic could remain so calm in the face of danger.

A level-19 Archmage was indeed so powerful that even the top bandit organization in the Breezy Plains with three leaders at the Legendary-realm would not easily offend him. He was, after all, a level-19 Archmage who was just a step away from the Legendary-realm, and even a Legendary powerhouse could not be certain to kill him. If he survived, there would be more trouble if he sought revenge

Of course, that was what Gavin believed

He would never have thought that the situation was far more insane than he thought.

That was because he did not understand something: a lunatic would only be insane because there was an even crazier lunatic by his side.

A curse left Sendros mouth just as Lin Li conjured up the Elemental Shield, and an intense death aura started spreading through the space. The world seemed to have been covered by a shadow then as the green forest that was once brimming with life suddenly looked sinister and dark. A bone-chilling cold filled the air, and devastating cries could be heard. Even the sky seemed to be covered by gloomy clouds

My God Gavin had already been scared out of his mind by the Elemental Shield, and the death aura that filled the space now nearly gave him a heart attack

The instant the clouds covered the sky, Gavin immediately understood the old mans origins. He was a Legendary-magehe was definitely a Legendary-mage well-versed in Necromagic.

Gavin was even willing to bet his life on that. He had only ever felt magical wave of such caliber in the library of Doland, from the owner of the library Basel himself

Needless to say, the Warrior leading the Dark Blades group was much more taken aback than Gavin who was already familiar with Lin Li. While he did not showcase any elaborate techniques in wielding his sword earlier, he prided himself on the simplicity of his techniques. Moreover, he had moved closer to them in order to speak. Why else would he have walked so near to someone who was bound to die?

The moment he struck, they were merely a dozen meters apart.

The Warrior was sure that his strike would land truehe had never once missed while attacking from such a close distance. Coupled with his Combat Energy that was particularly effective at penetrating magic shields, even if he was faced with a much more powerful Archmage, he would be able to slice him in two. However, it seemed as though his sword had struck a rock; sparks flew, but there was no splatter of blood that hed pictured

Whats going on? Seeing that he missed, the Warrior became stunned. After he calmed down and took a closer look, he realized that there were four Solar Spheres revolving around the young mage

Bloody hell, its a level-19 Archmage! The Warrior was from the Dark Blade, after all, so once he saw the Solar Spheres, he realized that he was facing a powerful opponent.

But it was too late

The second the Warrior struck the Elemental Shield, Sendros had just finished chanting, and before the Warrior could even raise his sword to strike again, thousands of Vengeful Spirits emerged from a block fog. Their distraught looks and chilly cries made it seem like they were in the depths of hell.

The second they emerged from the black fog, they made a beeline for those alive like sharks chasing the scent of blood. In an instant, the forest was filled with the cries of terror.

The Vengeful Spirits were an obscure existence, and were merely an amalgamation of vengefulness. While they resembled spirits in characteristics, they were far more aggressive, and although they feared the Holy Light and magic, they were practically immune to physical damage. If Warriors and Bandits wished to harm them, they would have to possess incredibly powerful Combat Energy or an extravagant magical weapon.

The people of the Dark Blade were all around level-15, and the Combat Energy they had was nothing to the Vengeful Spirits. Moreover, they only had about a dozen magical weapons, and that was simply not enough for them to use against the Vengeful Spirits. Besides that, Sendros had used a level-20 Thousand Souls Spell on them and summoned thousands of Vengeful Spirits at once; even the level-17 Warrior leading the group might not be able to escape unscathed

The rest was not so lucky, and even dying with dignity had become a luxury. The countless Vengeful Spirits swarmed over in the hundreds the second they detected a trace of life. In an instant, all everyone could see was the splatter of blood and flesh as sinister laughter and the sounds of tearing and pathetic cries permeated the air. Adding on to the fact that the ground was now covered with blood, it was quite appropriate to describe the setting as hell on earth

The massacre merely lasted three minutes before the forest quieted down.

Sendros remained in his place with no expression on his pale face. Even the folds of his long robe did not appear to have moved at all. Nobody would have thought from the way he looked that this seemingly innocent old man had killed dozens of Dark Blades members in merely three minutes.

Just kill all of them

That was what Sendros said, and that was what he did. None of the 50-odd members of the Dark Blade had been spared by Sendross Thousand Souls Spell.

Oh, wait

Someone survivedit was the Warrior leading them. However, he did not survive because he was powerful enough to survive the Thousand Souls Spell. It was because of Lin Lis words.

Dont kill this one, I want to ask him something.

And now, the Warrior leader whod managed to escape was vomiting non-stop in a puddle of blood.

He was pale and trembling; the mind-numbing sounds of vomiting made it seem as though he might throw up his intestines as well.

Lin Li stared quietly, and didnt bother to stop him from vomiting, because he knew that this unlucky guy was terrified of Sendros. He was lying there and throwing up not because he found the sight disgusting, but rather because he was unconsciously trying to release his fear

He only stopped throwing up after 10 minutes, but he was still pale and trembling, while his eyes were glazed over. He looked just like a walking corpse, and even in this state, he was still subconsciously wary of looking up to look at Sendros

Alright, get up. I have some questions for you. Lin Li slowly walked to him only after he stopped throwing up.

Yes The Warrior had lost all of his previous arrogance, and looked like his soul had left his body, only nodding mechanically when Lin Li asked him a question.

I already told you not to hurry. If you could last a few minutes more in front of a Legendary-mage, wouldnt that be something you could be proud of? Why hurry to your death Lin Li could not help feeling indignant on seeing the state that the Warrior was in. This old man was too muchwhy did he have to use such a gory method?Now that the only survivor has been scared out of his mind, how am I going to ask him questions?

Lin Li gave the enemy leader an exasperated look and gritted his teeth before giving him a bottle of peacebloom extract. Peacebloom extract had the effect of calming the mind, and even if it was not made into a potion, it was still sufficient to treat this unlucky Warrior.

After taking a small bottle, the warrior finally looked better, and was not trembling as badly as earlier. However, as he looked up and made eye contact with Sendros, he still recoiled as though he had been bitten

Alright, alright, stop coiling into a ball like youre a rope of some sort. Im going to ask you a few questions, and if you can give me satisfactory answers, Ill let you return alive. You will bring a message for me. Of course, if you dont give me satisfactory answers, youll still be bringing back a few words for me, but itll be your corpse doing the work. You know a Necromancer has many ways to deal with a corpse, right?

Go Go ahead The survivor could not help throwing up again when he heard the mention of a corpse.

Why are you here in the Blackstone Mountains, how many people do you have, and who is leading them? How powerful is the most powerful person you have um, alright, thats about it. Youd better think about it before answering. I dont tolerate wrong answers