Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 432

Chapter 432 The Tribute Of Darkness

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Hey, you really have some great luck repeated Sendros. I really cant comprehend how you managed to do that. Although it had only a level-20 magical crystal, it had the purest soul fire that is comparable to those of the three Undead Lords. If it acquires the Heart of the Fallen, it is going to have a real life within a decade!

It is a long story Lin Li said as he grinned at Sendros. Just when he intended to create a sense of suspense, the sight of the Heart of the Fallen in Sendros hand caused Lin Li to freeze. Dont tell me you are thinking of

You are right. As long as it integrates the Heart of the Fallen into its soul fire, the Humerus Wyrm would get a certain level of intelligence. Although it is not going to become extremely clever, it would still be stronger than any common Humerus Wyrm. With its overwhelming strength, defeating 10 Archmages shouldnt be that much of a problem

While Sendros was speaking with much confidence, Lin Li shook his head, and glanced at him skeptically. You dont look a single bit like a generous person, though

To be honest, I initially wanted to leave the Heart of the Fallen for myself. In fact, I have been wanting to do that for these few decades. One intelligent Humerus Wyrm is enough for me to surpass the successes of all the formal High Priests.

However, the price I have to pay to summon the Humerus Wyrm is tremendousenough to bring me down from the Legendary-realm. I havent had the confidence to take this risk for the past few decades. It was only just now that I realized it would be easier to strike a deal with you

What deal?

I need a bottle of the Tribute of Darkness.

Erm Lin Li muttered as he rubbed his nose.This old man is indeed not as generous

That was true. The Heart of the Fallen was indeed valuable. If one had good luck, they might be able to create an Undead Lord with it. However, if he were to exchange that for a bottle of the Tribute of Darkness, there wouldnt be any loss for him.

If the Heart of the Fallen could create another Humerus Wyrm Lord, the Tribute of Darkness would be able to produce another Lich Lord. While the former had incredible combat skills, the latter was a greatly esteemed master of Necromagic. As both creatures were at their ultimate level, there was nothing for Sendros to lose regardless of which he chose.

The Tribute of Darkness was also known as a sacred undead potion. The production thereof would require the Everchill Flower from the Arctic, as well as the fruit of the Heart-devouring Tree that grew as deep as 33 levels into the Abyss. Although Lin Li had not seen the two herbs before, he had heard that the Everchill Flower might exist in the Arctic Plains that was located at the north of the Endless Ocean. As for the fruit of the Heart-devouring Tree, 33 levels deep into the Abyss was a place even the mad Osric would not dare to step into.

However, the effects of the Tribute of Darkness were true to its nature as a sacred undead potion. It was said that anyone who consumed the Tribute of Darkness would instantly be converted to a form of darknessthe closest to a type of primitive magic. Under the form of darkness, one could manipulate the elements of Dark Magic to his desires with perfect control, just like the Reincarnation of Darkness.

Even if the one to consume the Tribute of Darkness was a mage apprentice below level-5, he would be able to make amazing achievements in the field of Necromagic. Not to exaggerate, he would become the most powerful Necromancer in the world, and reach the Legendary-realm within a decade.

To Necromancers, the Tribute of Darkness was a dream-like treasure. No Necromancernot even the powerful Sendroscould resist the temptation of acquiring it. If he were to get his hands on that potion, there was a high chance for him to surpass level-25

Of course, the difficulty of making a Tribute of Darkness was equally terrifying.

The Everchill Flower and the fruit of the Heart-devouring Tree were extremely rare ingredientseven more so than the black lotus. Although Lin Li was well-versed in the field, he had never seen either of them before. He also felt guilty for not having sufficient skills to produce the Tribute of Darkness.

Among the formulae of all the potions at the Guru-level, the difficulty in creating the Tribute of Darkness was the greatest. There were many Pharmacists who believed that anyone who could produce the Tribute of Darkness would have the skills of a Divine Smith. Although Lin Li knew the steps to create the potion, he knew that his success rate would not exceed 30%

I do not have confidence in making the Tribute of Darkness. Why dont you suggest something else?

I have a lot of time. I can wait for you to reach the Guru-realm, until you have gathered all the materials and have enough confidence

Why me? Lin Li cast a doubtful glance on Sendros. He could not comprehend the stubbornness of the old man. The value of both goods was exactly the same, and it was not what he could produce now. It was as if Sendros had decided to exchange a real Heart of the Fallen for a chance to get the Tribute of Darkness.

I have no choice Sendros replied smilingly. You are the Pharmacist with the greatest potential to reach the Guru-realm in the whole of Anril. I can only strike a deal with you if I want the Tribute of Darkness

Alright, then, agreed Lin Li. Since Sendros had already put his statement across so directly, there was no reason for Lin Li to reject his request. Oh, yes. How do I integrate the Heart of the Fallen into the soul fire of the Humerus Wyrm?

Let me help you, offered Sendros.

I will trouble you, then, replied Lin Li as he took a step back. He saw Sendros open the box gently while reciting a spell in his hoarse voice. He emitted a strong death aura that caused the Humerus Wyrm to glance around before bending over

The soul fire of the Humerus Wyrm was like a ball of blue flame at its chest. Within it was its dragon crystal. Sendros reached his hand to gently pat the Wyrms head. Then, he took out the black gemstone from the box. When the gemstone hovered above his palm, Lin Li could see very clearly that the Heart of the Fallen was beating like a real heart

Lin Li watched the situation quietly. How would a Humerus Wyrm look like if it were to have its own life? Unfortunately, he had not met the Humerus Wyrm Lord at the Shadowglen the other day. Otherwise, it might be like real dragon

Wait a minute Lin Li spoke. The thought of the trial battle at the Shadowglen made Lin Li realize something.

Darn, how did the bastards of the Supreme Council gain the confidence to dump the 24 trial students into a dangerous place like the Shadowglen? It was a place where the three Undead Lords of at least level-25 resided. The three lords had the ability to destroy the earth, let alone the potential deaths they could claim among the 24 students. How different would it be to smash 24 ants?

Being the representatives of the 24 guilds, more than half of the 24 trial students were already seen as the successors of the respective guild Presidents. In the event of any disastrous happenings, wouldnt the 24 guilds turn the tables against the Supreme Council?

Not to mention the Teleportation Scrolls

As Lin Li had been only level-15 then, he had been totally clueless about the spells above level-20. When the people from the Supreme Council told him that the Teleportation Scroll was a reliable tool, Lin Li could only believe them foolishly. His realization only came when he scaled the Blackstone Mountains and battled the Lich at Scar of Death

Goddammit, Ive fallen into their trap the other time

How would the level-20 Lin Li not know that the darn Teleportation Scroll was just a piece of waste paper in the eyes of true Legend powerhouses?

No matter how reliable the Teleportation Scroll was, it was just a spell that helped to seal a realm. In this world, all magic would be affected by the limitations of laws. Once the laws were forcefully altered, the Teleportation Scroll would become a useless piece of paper. People from the Legendary-realm had too many methods to do just that

The thought of it caused Lin Li to break out in a cold sweat.

Did the Supreme Council have no better things to do? Lin Li uttered in rage. Then, he realized something was amiss

He had met many people from the Supreme Council. There were Herza, Andoine, and also Apophisan arbitrator who had been around for 1300 years. Apart from the muddle-headed Andoine, the others were all seasoned old veterans.

How would the Supreme Council be foolish enough to send the trial students to their deaths in the Shadowglen, and wait for the 24 guilds to turn against them?

Oh yes, there was also the battle trial in the Aurora Square.

Lin Li thought he had gotten the answers quite some time ago. He understood that the Death Energy from the Shadowglen had to be an underhand trick to make use of Garats body. Otherwise, the difference in Garats abilities would not be that great.

What followed was even more queries

Lin Li had been wondering how the Death Energy descended upon the Aurora Square ever since he met Apophis. It was because that man once said that Alanna Guild of Magic was the first Guild of Magic of Anril, and that its first President was Geresco. Before the man departed Anril, he left his magic staff in Alanna Guild of Magic. Ever since, it had been protecting the guild.

Alright, even if that Death Energy was from one of the Undead Lords, it was true that a level-25 Undead Lord would not have the ability to defeat Gerescos magic staff. After all, an Undead Lord was just an Undead creature no matter how almighty it was.

Geresco was a real divinity!

Unless, somebody made it descend upon the Aurora Square deliberately

Lin Li could sense very vaguely that he had come even closer to the truth. Although what he was guessing might not be entirely correct, he had much confidence in it.

Oh yes, there was Andoine as well

The old man brought himself to the Nightmare Mountains right before the trial at the Shadowglen, where he found that dark red crystal.

The timeliness is getting suspicious

It seems that I have to speak to Mr. Mentor

Just when Lin Li was deep in thought, a high-pitched sound reverberated in the air. Lin Li jerked his head up instinctively, and saw the soul fire at the chest of the Humerus Wyrm had transformed into a beating heart. The thick death aura of the Humerus Wyrm simmered almost instantaneously. What replaced it was a faint sense of solemnity and authority, just as though it was the king of all the beasts. Its majestic posture and demeanor took away the fighting spirit from its enemies. It was just like when Lin Li met Tutankhamun in the forest the other night!

Apart from that, the two will-o-the-wisp in the eyes of the Humerus Wyrm grew brighter. They were not as void and ominous as before. Lin Li could sense that underlying the flickering was excitement.

It is alive now

The Humerus Wyrm has come alive!

Alright, Ive paid you the rewards for the Tribute of Darkness in advance.

Thank you.

After thanking Sendros, Lin Li tried to give the Humerus Wyrm an instruction through the summon contract. He realized how different things had become. He did not have to control every action of the Wyrm through the summon contract anymore.

Attack those humans!

The Humerus Wyrm caught on the vague order almost perfectly. A thunderous dragon cry reverberated as it spread its wings and swooped down above the nest of the Crimson Python. What followed was an overspread of ice flame

At once, shrieks sounded outside the nest of the Crimson Python. The ice flame turned most Adventurers into ice statues, wreaking havoc among the people from the two forces. There were shrieks, cries for help, gasps, sound of footsteps, and many other noises. Amidst the chaos, many also injured their allies unknowingly.

Only the 10 Archmages were still alert. They cast the Levitation Spell and swooped towards the Humerus Wyrm in the sky as soon as the ice flame was cast.

Alright, it is our time to shine! It was natural for the two great forces to put their attention on their battle at hand. At the same time, there were two black figures speeding out from the forest in a distance away, running towards the nest of the Crimson Python.