Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 443

Chapter 443 Evil Eye Tyrant

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Following the shrieks of the Four-headed Chimaera, the brilliant starlight in the sky had also torn through the dark clouds that blotted out the skies. In an instant, there were countless meteors descending from above, and every meteor was as dazzling as a diamond. When all of the countless meteors were connected, they made for a breathtakingly beautiful spectacle.

The level-23 Starfall could definitely be described as one of the hardest spells to execute amongst the Legendary-realm spells. Even a Legendary-mage that was just a single step away from the Sanctuary-realm would not dare to cast it recklessly. It was because the mental strength and mana required to cast this spell were simply too much, so nobody dared to try it casually. Once it failed, the recoil it brought could cause a Legendary-mage to lose his life. It was also why there were very few Legendary-mages that dared to demonstrate the level-23 Starfall after 1300 years.

However, once this frighteningly hard to execute Legendary spell was successful, the force it brought forth was similarly top-notch amongst the Legendary spells. It had an area of effect of more than hundreds of meters, making it unique in that regard, and there were no blind spots. Other than hiding underground, there was no way to escape from the magic power of Starfall.

If there were any weaknesses of Starfall, it was just that it could not differentiate friend from foe. Those meteors falling from the sky were like a level-eight spell each. Do not look down on a level-eight spell. A single one might not amount to much, but when tens or even hundreds of them bombarded a single target

Even an Archmage might not be able to handle it

Furthermore, in the hundreds of meters that were the area of effect of Starfall, how could it be just tens or hundreds of meteors descending? If anything, it was thousands or tens of thousands. They could not be counted. Once somebody was caught within it, it was impossible not to be struck by those countless meteors.

Even Legendary-mages had no choice but to fear this drawback. After all, Legendary-mages were not gods. When hundreds or thousands of level-eight spells were bombarding their bodies, they would still be unable to bear the consequences

Of course, this only concerned Legendary-mages. For people like Geresco, this shortcoming of the Starfall was not an issue.

Geresco stood firmly on the back of the Four-headed Chimaera, his black robe flapping in the wind. The star light above his head was glaring, and the flames of the earth below his feet were raging. Countless dazzling meteors descended and caused a plain of shimmering light to surge forth in the Sunset Mountains. All of this was like a nightmare. There were large numbers of magical beasts dying every second with this Starfall for minutes. As long as they were struck by Starfall, they would immediately be blasted into smithereens by that cataclysmic magical force no matter if they were flying or land-born. In an instant, shrieks and roars rang out in the sky, while blood seemed to have dyed the whole forest red

Countless Wyverns were spewing venom in the surroundings. Large numbers of Gryphons were running amok. The Thunderbirds were calling down thunderbolts, and Dragon Hawks were spewing raging hot flames. All of these were like a Magical Storm which instantly engulfed the whole forest, but Geresco, who was in the middle of this storm, did not seem to be concerned. He remained standing firmly on the back of the Four-headed Chimaera, and looked at his surroundings with a gaze so calm that it was unfeeling.

It would be easy to notice if one took a closer look, but Geresco was not being left alone. In fact, being in the center of the storm, Geresco was the one suffering the most attacks in the whole forest. The sky full of descendingstars1and the fervent attacks of the magical beasts were like a giant vortex, swallowing everything in a frenzy

It was just that Geresco, who was in the middle of the vortex, was not affected at all. His positionincluding the Four-headed Chimaera below his feethad entirely turned into an illusory shadow. Although it looked like they were still there, when countless spells descended, it did not invoke any ripples. It was as if they landed on a space of nothingness, and passed through it

F*ck, Void of the Stars! Looking at this abnormal scene, Lin Li could feel his skin crawl. Ever since he came to Anril, Lin Li was already sick of hearing the name of Geresco. This God of Mages could be found in almost every single myth, each praising how powerful and terrifying he was. It was only today, however, when he had seen Geresco cast Void of the Stars through the Spacetime Beacon Spell, that Lin Li finally understood that those myths over 1,000 years old were still underrating this God of Mages

In todays Anril, there was no longer a single mage that knew what level the Void of the Stars was. Even more so, there was not a single mage that could have a shred of comprehension of this spell. Even a knowledgeable person like Andoine could only find a trace of the Void of the Stars just in myths. Using Andoines words, it was already a realm that only deities could walk in. Even the High Elves that considered themselves deities had not stepped into this realm before.

According to myths, mages that could control Void of the Stars would be able to place their bodies and souls into nothingness. They would no longer suffer damage from swords and spells. Strictly speaking, mages that could control Void of the Stars no longer belonged to Anril. They would not be injured by the power of mortals.

Once mages reached this realm, there was not much difference between them and true deities.

As for the current Geresco, he had undoubtedly reached this realm.

Geresco rode on the Four-headed Chimaera and charged to the skies through the forest like a gale. The almost instantaneous Starfall was like the grim reapers scythe, mercilessly harvesting the lives of the magical beasts. It looked like the whole world had been devoured by the dazzling star light

This Is this still a f*cking human? Lin Li looked at everything shown by the Spacetime Beacon Spell, and only felt shivers in his limbs. All of this had already transcended the limits of human imagination. Geresco had actually single-handedly massacred tens or hundreds of thousands of magical beast. This was exactly the same as the legendary Divine Judgment.

If Im not mistaken when this battle occurred, Geresco was still purely human, but The one that replied to Lin Li was still Tutankhamun.

But what? Lin Li heart tingled when he heard it.Could it be that the legends are true?

Nothing But Tutankhamun did not look like he wanted to continue this topic. He just shook his head. Continue watching, there is something more interesting at the back.


Lin Li only knew when he lifted his head and watched. Tutankhamun was right indeed. There was something more interesting at the back. After Starfalls harvest, the number of magical beasts outside the forest was halved. As for those flying magical beasts in the sky such as Dragon Hawks, Gryphons, and Wyverns, they seemed to have noticed the terror of Geresco. At this point, they fought to be the first to escape from the Four-headed Chimaera. What had once been a dark sky now cleared up

After doing all of that, Geresco did not steer the Four-headed Chimaera to leave, but instead floated quietly above the forest. From his patient gaze, it seemed like he was waiting for something

After that, a world-shaking roar was heard.

Before Lin Li could understand what was happening, a shadow suddenly flew out of the forest, and struck the Four-headed Chimaeras body heavily.

F*ck Lin Lis eyes were wide open. It ought to be known that the Four-headed Chimaera was a powerful level-22 magical beast. It could definitely be said to be an existence at the top of the food chain even during the Black Current of the Sunset Mountains. However, it actually came crashing down with an attack of this shadow

This, this, this This is just like an adult fighting a child. With just a slap, the child immediately fell

This speed of this shadow was too fast. It was so quick that the God of Mages was almost thrown off his guard. Geresco only cast Void of the Stars again in time when the Four-headed Chimaera had crashed to the ground, causing his body and soul to be placed into nothingness.

It was almost at the same time that the three young mages could finally see clearly what was that shadow that attacked the Four-headed Chimaera.

After that, the three young mages seemed to have drawn in a breath of cold air simultaneously

Oh my God

Through the lights of the Spacetime Beacon Spell, the three young mages could clearly see that that shadow was not some ferocious magical beast, nor was it some powerful spell. It was something like a tentacle.

This This was an absolute joke

One had to know that the Chimaera was flying hundreds of meters in the sky just now, but this tentacle smacked it down from the sky. What did this mean? It meant that this tentacle was at least several hundred meters long.

A magical beasts tentacle that was longer than 100 meters? This was already something that could drive people mad. Furthermore, this magical beast could make this tentacle incomparably nimble. It could still easily take down a Four-headed Chimaera from a distance of more than a hundred meters. Such a magical beast, even without any spell casting abilities, was an existence that was definitely scarier than a Wyrm!

Could it beAfter watching till this point, Lin Li suddenly felt shocked. He thought of the story that Englos had told him

Englos had once said that during the Black Current on a certain year, a few descendants of prehistoric magical beasts had appeared. These descendants of the prehistoric magical beasts controlled the magical beasts of the Sunset Mountains and started a prolonged massacre. This massacre had shocked the whole Anril, and even the Supreme Council and Brilliance Shrine sent out their strongest powerhouses. Although they had successfully stopped the Black Current from spreading, Rosario, who partook in this battle, paid a most painful price

Lin Li suddenly felt that this could be another descendant of the prehistoric magical beasts when he saw that the tentacle striking the Four-headed Chimaera. There was even a chance that it was a prehistoric magical beast itself. It was because the force of that strike was too frightening. A level-22 Four-headed Chimaera did not even have the power to resist that strike. It had been struck down from the skies in an instant.

Furthermore, even the strongest ever mage in Anril that was called the God of Mages, Geresco, could not help but look at that tentacle withdraw into the forest with caution in his eyes.

Just when Lin Li was shocked, the forest that had just calmed down started to rumble again. After that, there were countless trees being broken. Parts of the trees, mud, and rocks filled the sky in an instant. It was as though somebody had used an iron plow and plowed through the whole forest

Before Lin Li could comprehend what was happening, more than 10 shadows reached out from the forest and reached out towards the spot where Geresco had landed with a speed that was faster than lightning

The speed of these 10 or so tentacles reaching out had even surpassed the speed that was used to strike the Four-headed Chimaera previously. In just an instant, they had covered a distance of hundreds of meters. At this point, Geresco had just used Void of the Stars, so his body and soul had not completely been placed in the nothingness yet. Even if he did not die once he had been struck by these tentacles, he would be heavily injured.


The God of Mages was still the God of Mages. This strongest mage ever had finally demonstrated a casting ability that did not belong to mortals at this point.

Boom, boom, boom, boom

Amidst the earth-shattering blasts, more than 10 gigantic ice pillars appeared from the ground!

What Geresco summoned were not normal ice pillars. Every pillar here was at least 100 meters tall and required more than 10 people to surround it. When the pillars were erected, they gave off a mythical feeling, just like the giant pillars that the gods used to support the heavenly vault.

Those tentacles that reached out of the forest were as fast as lightning. The speed at which Geresco summoned the ice pillars could also make any mage watching it dumbfounded. The speed of both parties was already at the maximum. In just a single breath, both the man and magical beast had already completed their first exchange.

The ice pillars covered every angle in an instant. Those tentacles could not dodge them at all. With just a boom, they struck the ice pillars ferociously, and white fog permeated the area in just an instant. Countless ice fragments flew out from the fog with a screeching sound. Although these tentacles could easily strike down a Four-headed Chimaera, they were still made of flesh. When going head to head against the sturdy pillars, flesh and blood splattered instantly

After that, a deafening shriek could be heard from the depths of the forest. Countless broken trees flew, and a large meatball floated out with a thunderous sound. Only the meatballs tentacles that were slumping down could be seen. Each one of them was hundreds of meters long, while a singular gigantic eye was emitting a glimmering light in the middle of the meatball

F*ck, Evil Eye Tyrant!