Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 465

Chapter 465 Light And Dark

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Earth, water, fire, wind, light, dark, and chaos were not only the seven main elements of Anril, but were also seven major laws. There could be numerous laws that extended from each of these elements, whereas the laws of three elementsnamely light, dark, and chaoswere the hardest to master. The ones who could master these most fundamental rules would be as great as the five Dragon Aspects. Despite being talented and having great potential, it would be impossible for Lin Li to grasp these outrageous rules before reaching the Legendary-realm.

In fact, it would be unlikely for him to do so even if he got into the Legendary-realm.

By estimation, Lin Li felt that he would only be able to master these two fundamentalrules1when he got closer to the Sanctuary-realm.

However, even if he did not have the ability to grasp these two fundamental rules comprehensively, it did not mean that he could not make use of their forces. Both Holy Light and Gloomy Dark gave him great possibilities, and they were the most crucial aspect of the Stars of Fury. If the seven star debrisof namely earth, water, fire, wind, light, dark, and chaosdid not exist, the Stars of Fury would merely be a strong weapon. Only the combination of the Stars of Fury with the debris of stars could let it become a true epic weapona weapon that only existed in myths

Lin Li had the Stars of Fury when he was at the Endless World, and he could cast the force of any of the seven Elemental Powers and create seven miraculous laws as he wished. To an extent, Lin Li was no longer a real Hunter at that time. Apart from the bow and arrow that he had with him for a long time, Lin Li still had the invincible Elemental and Rule Power.

It was this that protected Lin Li when he was at the Well of the Sun, and allowed him to confront one of the scariest existences of Endless Worldthe Dragon of Destruction, Azardas, who governed over the laws of Darkness and Evilness!

That was the greatest secret of the debris of the stars

Lin Li was the only one who knew this secret. The living legend Sendros might have known that there was the purest Dark Force embedded within Lin Lis tiny crossbow, yet he was definitely unaware that this purest force had the ability to let a mage create a Magical Domain constructed from the laws of Darkness!

Strictly speaking, the real thing that Lin Li mastered was just one of the laws of ice

The law of ice was not complicated. Every mage who had just started to learn magic would be exposed to a huge pool of ice element magic. Some of the spells included the Icemist Spell and Iceblast, and when the mages attained a higher level, they would be able to comprehend the Frost Dragon Gun and the Thousand Miles of Ice. These spells were the most direct and simplest elaboration on the laws of ice. Years of experience would allow every mage to develop an individual interpretation of the laws of ice. Hence, the most common Magical Domain that most mages would develop after they had reached the Legendary-realm would be related to the laws of ice.

The reason was very simple. The laws of ice were not whatever basic rule, but a superficial variation of the rules of water. Regardless of whether it was comprehension or mastery, it could be considered as one with the least difficulty.

That made the laws of ice the least powerful among the different Magical Domains. The fact that it involved superficial laws and had a simplistic structure restricted the potential for this Magical Domain to be enhanced and modified. A clever Legendary-mage would never settle on just the laws of ice as his Magical Domain.

However, it was not the case for Lin Li

With both the Holy Light and the Gloomy Dark with him, Lin Li could borrow the mantras from either of them and integrate them into the laws of ice. That would change everything.

The enhancement to the Magical Domain made the effects that were cast a challenge for the Lord of Darkness.

That was the current situation

There was a portentous killing intent within the snowy scene that could erupt anytime and would be able to engulf the Reincarnation of the Dragon of Destruction.

That was the force of a Magical Domain. Even if Lin Lis Magical Domain was not yet complete, the presence of the Holy Light and the Gloomy Dark was sufficient to terrify the Lord of Darkness. The force erupted instantaneously in that treacherous scene of snow. Countless icicles shot out from the void like sharp weapons. A maleficent glow of magic appeared, making everyone feel dizzy and the magical beasts and demons start growling

Although their bodies were all made of ice, they were no longer pure ice. Lin Li became the God-like creator of the world in the Magical Domain. The Magical Domain had given everything within it real life and energy. As long as the weapons and magical beasts were within it, they would have to adhere to all instructions he gave at least until a greater existence broke the Magical Domain. It was like what Lin Li did to Ujfalusi when he was in Syer Town

The large masses of demons and magical beasts started to rush towards the Lord of Darkness like a never-ending powerful tide. Sharpened weapons tore across the air and entrapped the terrorizing sword that Lin Li was afraid of.

At once, there were blade auras, black flames, and glaring glow of magic everywhere. It was like a mirror reflecting the sky full of glittering stars. Despite having a set of supposedly impregnable powers, the Lord of Darkness lost its ability to deal with the situation. It couldnt help it. There was too much life force within the Magical Domain that was created by the three different laws. They had enabled Lin Li to control a force that no other level-21 Legendary-mages could imagine.

Every sword strike that the Lord of Darkness made managed to destroy magical weapons that had been icicles, as well as slay the magical beasts and demons that had been integrated with snow particles. There was a continuous stream of snowflakes and icicles that blasted through the air with every sword stroke. Unfortunately, the Lord of Darkness met with a monster with close to unlimited mana. Under the disconcerting support of mana, the life within the Magical Domain never died down. The present Lin Li was even more spooky than Sendros who had the ability to summon Undead creatures. After all, although Sendros was like a fortress, the number of Undead creatures he could control still had a limit

Lin Li, however, was different. He was like the God that created a world within the Magical Domain. Everything in that world had to submit to his desires, and numbers wouldnt be an issue at all. Not to exaggerate, as long as Lin Lis mana did not get exhausted, he would be an unconquerable force within the Magical Domain.

Although the sword of the Lord of Darkness would destroy hundreds of magical weapons, and kill dozens of magical beasts and demons in a single stroke, it was still far from adequate. The lord could only ensure that the rate at which it was killing all the enemies matched up to the rate at which Lin Li was creating those creatures and objects. The tide-like magical beasts and weapons seemed to be never-dwindling, and the magical weapons that danced in the air seemed to be ever-multiplying

The scariest thing was, those hundred of creatures that each had a pair of wings and a long spear in their handsthe Angels of Light and Dark that even Connoris had not met beforewere still hovering behind Lin Li and not yet taking any actions

Although the Lord of Darkness had lost its intelligence and consciousness, and was just a creature which only knew how to destroy and kill, the instincts of a powerhouse helped him realize that those hundreds of monsters with wings and spears were the strongest magical weapons within the Magical Domain

The Lord of Darkness could feel that those hundreds of monsters each had the ability beyond level-18. There would be dire consequences if they were to participate in this battle.

Damn it, Connoris! Are you really confident?

Even if the Lord of Darkness had had both intelligence and consciousness, it wouldnt have expected the human mage who was already gaining an upper hand to be more anxious than itself.

Lin Li might be the only one who knew how anxious he was. It was impossible to continue to borrow force from the Holy Light and the Gloomy Dark. Both of them were the most basic rules of Anril. Any real Legendary-mages who wanted to get ahold of them would require invincible powers. As somebody who was still a step away from the Legendary-realm, it would be impossible for him to sustain his powers.

In reality, Lin Li risked the bite of mana each time he borrowed the Light and Dark Force. That was no joking matter. The bite of mana was as scary as floods and monsters. A little bit of carelessness would result in the collapse of mana for any mage. The reason for Lin Lis good condition was his massive mental strength. He had been using this huge pool of mental strength to suppress the bite of mana. There would be great trouble when he lost the control of the mental suppression

Furthermore, the Legendary skills Lin Li had was a temporary fleet he acquired from the Seethe of Mana Potion. Although Lin Li was not stingy in the use of such a high-level potion, there was still a limit to all the drinking. Despite having an enormous space within the Ring of Endless Storm, it would be unreasonable to fill it with the Seethe of Mana Potions when each of the bottles would only last him for a minute. Anybody would be too shocked to know anyone who could drink these bottles like plain water

In fact, Lin Li had only brought along 30 bottles of the potion. If he failed to resolve all the mess after he finished the 30 bottles, Lin Li would have bad luck.

It might have seemed that Lin Li was gaining an upper hand in the battle, but he knew that he was in an extremely precarious state. He would only have 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, he could only submit to fate