Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 476

Chapter 476 : Alchemy Colossus

Chapter 476: Alchemy Colossus
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“Come to think of it, although our Tower of Dusk has just been established, we do not have many outstanding mages under us. It is their luck to meet such a generous President like you who does not mind spending money on them. Damn it, I’m jealous of all the magical equipment,” Gerian exclaimed enviously as though he saw a child who drank valuable potions like soda drinks…

“Oh, then how are they performing?” Lin Li asked curiously. “No matter how good the equipment is, it ultimately lies with their users. A lamb that is fully donned in armor would never defeat a lion.”

The batch of people in the Tower of Dusk was all referred by Basel, and not directly trained or brought up by the organization. Although he had interacted with them for some time, it was not to the extent that he could understand all of their background and personalities.

Speaking of this, Lin Li remembered that Basel still owed him an answer. That mage who resembled a Legendary powerhouse actually requested to join the Tower of Dusk that had just been established. He could not bring himself to believe the credibility of this man. After negotiating with Basel, that man promised to tell Lin Li the truth after two months. Afterwards, the Tower of Dusk had to deal with the mission in the Blackstone Mountains and the leftover bandits from Syer. These commitments had postponed his interaction with Basel.

“I’m going to ask that old man to tell me everything when I return!” Lin Li said with determination. Although he knew Basel had no ill intentions, Lin Li did not feel secure leaving this matter hanging.

“What are you saying? What old man?” Gerian asked curiously as Lin Li spoke to himself.

Lin Li waved his arms. “No, it’s nothing. Please continue. How are these people?”

“Hehe. Fella, did you hear how a group of lambs led by a lion could defeat a group of lions led by a lamb? Under my wise leadership, what are those leftovers from the Syer Bandits? I’m not boasting, but as soon as I entered the battle, I put down more than half of the 2,000 men. The rest of them had no choice but to scurry off like rats.” This achievement made Gerian beam with pride.

“Oh? So the rest of them were the reason that held you and your lambs here for the next two months?” Lin Li asked as he glanced at Gerian skeptically.

“This…” Gerian’s faced dimmed immediately. He smacked his palm on the map in frustration. “Damn it, that is when my luck took a turn…

“Do you know how long it took me to chase them to this canyon? Two days. Not to mention that they split their men between the two lines of defense on the left and right side, even if they had ballistae and catapults on the last line of defense, it would not be much of an obstacle for us. You wouldn’t imagine what we met when we got really close to their nest.”

“What?” Lin Li asked curiously. He really could not imagine what treasure the leftovers of the Syer Bandits could have.

“The Alchemy Colossus! Do you know? There were four freaking Alchemy Colossuses at least 10 meters tall!” Gerian gestured wildly with his four short and stubby fingers.

Lin Li was shocked by what he heard. How could somebody with alchemy background not know what an Alchemy Colossus was? If the practice of magic was to develop the limits of one’s potential, then the practice of alchemy would no doubt lay in maximizing the use of external forces.

Speaking of the Alchemy Colossus, one just had to talk about the extinction of the Goblin race in Anril. The Goblins did not have mighty powers or notable talents in magic, so they had to depend on external forces to survive. In order to make up for their natural shortcomings, the Goblins used their clever and innovative minds to create the Alchemy Colossus, and integrated it with machinery. They paved the way for a short-term magic civilization called Magic Machinery.

When Lin Li was playing this type of game in the Endless World, he once attempted to explore a relics mission of the Goblin City. It was like a duplicate of the humans’ steampunk era. The products of Magic Machinery were commonly seen in the Goblin’s living environment.

Of course, in a world that believed in the survival of the fittest, the products created were mostly used in wars. They not only had human-sized alchemy puppet warriors, but also many different kinds of alchemy machinery beasts. The most famous battle machine was the Alchemy Colossus mentioned by Gerian.

The extinction of the Goblin race happened before the Dark Age. When the High Elves launched their plans to conquer Anril, the Goblins were exiled to the extreme north for their ugly appearance. They had gone completely extinct after thousands of years. As for the alchemy the Goblins founded, part of it was also passed down to the future generations. Although the High Elves would never admit it, they had indeed employed a lot of technology created by the Goblins when they constructed the Sky Castles.

The Alchemy Colossus was considered a high-end war machinery during the Goblins’ era. It was created from the remains of magical beasts and magical metals. Dependent on magical crystals as the source of energy, the numerous Alchemy Arrays were like the soul of the Alchemy Colossus. Apart from employing the Alchemy Colossus to make physical attacks, the Alchemy Array could convert the mana within its magical crystal into different types of spells, and attack the enemies with magic.

The Alchemy Colossuses played a great role in making up for the Goblins’ deficiencies. If one were to compare the abilities of mages with an Alchemy Colossus, it could be said that the latter had the ability of an Archmage. During the peak of the Goblins’ era, a Titan-level Alchemy Colossus had similar status with the ancient dragons and giant titans. Unfortunately, despite being the founders of Magic Machinery, the Goblins did not have the ability to create many Alchemy Colossuses of the Titan-level. Otherwise, they would not have been eliminated by the High Elves. If a human wished to create a Titan-level Alchemy Colossus, he had to be a Divine Smith.

The greatest strength of humans was the ability to learn. Despite the rapid development of magic civilization, humans did not let the Goblins’ advancement in magic machinery be buried in the dust of history. However, due to the great amount of skills that were lost with the fall of the Goblins and High Elves, there was still a difference when humans studied the Alchemy Colossus. One of the most significant areas was the requirement for the user of the Alchemy Colossus to be at least a Magic Shooter. Yet, in the Goblin’s era, the Goblins did not need to learn any magic to use it. The controlling of the Alchemy Colossus was like how any common man could learn to drive a vehicle. Not to exaggerate, even if it was a Titan-level Alchemy Colossus, as long as one got the permission, any Goblin would be able to control it well.

However, human potential in the field of magic was gradually discovered after a few magic tides. As magic became a key focus of human study, magic civilization officially entered a period of rapid development. Hence, the Alchemy Colossus that was easy neither to pilot nor create was gradually given up by humans.

“Oh, yes. I bet you don’t know what the Alchemy Colossus is,” Gerian said as he thought of Lin Li’s experiences, and decided to take on the role of a mentor. “It’s no wonder that you don’t. Before this, I’ve only read about and not seen a real Alchemy Colossus. This Alchemy Colossus is actually a—”

“Just like what you said, the Alchemy Colossus is at least 10 meters tall, and has the combat energy of an Archmage. I wonder if you still remember any other specific information. Were there obvious symbols on the Alchemy Colossus, or unique characteristics in the Alchemy Array?” Lin Li interrupted him immediately. He gave no room for Gerian to boast using his knowledge.

“Erm…” Gerian was lost for words. Bastard, do you think you are going to die if you let me show off some of my knowledge?

“I didn’t see any markings. As for the Alchemy Array… What characteristic could it have? It was just very messy.”

Forget it, it was as good as Gerian remaining silent. Lin Li knew that it would be impossible for a layman like Gerian to spot the patterns within the Alchemy Array. “Forget it, I will go and take a look myself when I have the chance…”

It had been some time since Lin Li arrived in the mainland of Anril, but he had yet to see a real Alchemy Colossus. From the day he transmigrated to the Sunset Mountains and met Andoine, then entered Jarrosus Guild of Magic, and established the Tower of Dusk in the Breezy Plains, he had travelled to many places. But, he had yet to leave the borders of Felan Kingdom.

Although Felan was the first magical kingdom in the mainland of Anril, it did not have many achievements related to the study and use of the Alchemy Array. It could be said that the Alchemy Array had been a forgotten study in Felan Kingdom. The most obvious reason was that it was a kingdom filled with mages, and this made the study of magic orthodox. After all, humans had much greater potential than Goblins in the field of magic. They did not have to forgo the entire study of magic just to work on its details.

The Breezy Plains was located at the borders of Felan Kingdom, while on the other side was Ledin Kingdom. Although Ledin Kingdom was not as developed in magic as Felan Kingdom, it majored in the study of magic, and put no importance on the study of the Alchemy Array. In reality, few people in the entire Anril would want to engage in the study anymore.

“Who would want to study that thing nowadays?” Lin Li understood it very well. The four Alchemy Colossuses the Syer Bandits had were definitely not the relics of the Goblins. It was a fact that the Goblins were not even half the height of humans, and were even diminutive as compared to the Dwarfs that majored in smithing. Hence, humans would never be able to fit in the driver seat of the Alchemy Colossuses that were created by Goblins. Not only that, Lin Li absolutely did not believe there would be anyone in the Syer Bandits who had the ability to modify the Goblin’s Alchemy Colossuses to fit a human inside. After all, that was the Alchemy Colossus, and not something the alchemy mechanical beasts or alchemy puppets could be compared to.

“Although many kingdoms in the mainland of Anril prioritized the study of magic, I’ve heard a particular kingdom that invested a significant amount of energy in the field of Alchemy Array,” Gerian said as he stroked his nonexistent beard.

“Is that so? Tell me more,” Lin Li replied with interest.