Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 483

Chapter 483 Disintegrating Array

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Hutton was taken aback, and could not help glancing over at Lin Li, afraid that the latter heard what they were talking about. Seeing that Lin Li showed no reaction, he breathed out a sigh of relief before glaring angrily at Yeric, and said, “Shut up. We are allies, how can we do this? You’d better get this thought out of your head.”

Hutton was envious of the mages that the Tower of Dusk had, but he reminded himself that this Felic was a monster; how could you even think about offending a 20 years old Legendary-mage? While he knew that Yeric had good intentions, and that this method could be used on other groups, just because they could not escape from the 10 level-18 Archmages and the Alchemy Colossuses did not mean that this Felic could not.

Damn it, where did the decisive young master from their past victories who was the one who could not keep their eyes off these mages as if they were beauties go to? Yeric was incredibly frustrated; he had come up with such a good idea, yet his young master was too preoccupied with respecting his ally. Where did being loyal get you to these days? An ally was meant to be betrayed!

“Young Master, I have the good of the Malfas at heart! You see, this President may be cowardly, but his mages are really quite decent. If we can win them over, then at least we would have gained something from this trip.” Yeric continued persuading Hutton.

“Shut up!” Hutton was so afraid that he felt his soul leaving him and forced his words out through gritted teeth. Damn it, cowardly? Even the Highlord of the Abyss of Tharlen has fallen in Felic’s hands, what is there that he cannot do? You want to steal his mages? I will be thankful if he does not steal mine!

Yeric could not comprehend the way Hutton was acting, and could not help thinking that Hutton had to know something about this President Felic after spending so much time with him. Why else would he be so defensive about this fellow? Seeing that his persuasion was futile, Yeric could only take a step back and consider the alternatives. If he could not steal these mages, surely he had to make sure that he did not die here as well? Hence, he tried again. “Young Master Hutton, no matter what, we must retreat! If all the elites die here, what are you going to tell the council?”

They were already at conflict with the council when they set off on this trip, and if the elites really all died here like Yeric said, Hutton would be in huge trouble with the council. Hutton hesitated and looked over at the battlefield, and saw that both the mages from the Tower of Dusk and the Malfa Family were struggling to hold on against the enemy who had already gained the upper hand. It was only a matter of time before they suffered a complete defeat. Looking at those injured, he could not help being angry that most of them were from the Malfa Family, with only three mages from the Tower of Dusk.

“Young Master, give the command now, we cannot afford to delay any longer!” Yeric shouted anxiously.

Hutton raised his hands slowly and let it drop heavily, all while Yeric watched on, but his next words made Yeric feel faint. Hutton’s voice was a little hoarse, but his attitude was firm when he said, “Endure a little more, my friends. If we can get through this together, I’ll surely reward you accordingly after this.”

“Young—” Yeric opened his mouth, wanting to continue persuading, but he was cut off by a voice that suddenly came from the side.

“Thankfully, I made it…”

Lin Li finally finished the last stroke and linked the Disintegrating Array to the Sunset magic staff. Light seemed to flow through the writings to the magic array. The 24 nodes covering the staff lit up one by one, while the silvery translucent substance that formed the lines connecting the entire magical array seemed to glow with a faint silvery light as the light flowed through it.

When Lin Li had first arrived in Jarrosus, he had feuded with the local magical family and arranged a duel with their heir. Before the duel, he had crafted a gold rod with deep silver, and used this gold rod to dissolve the advanced magic of his opponent into nothing. But still, this was not something used in fights, and he did not use it much after that. How was he going to touch another mage with a rod in a fight, after all?

The effect of the Disintegrating Array was different from yet somewhat similar to the way the gold rod worked, but they were both unorthodox methods in duels. While there were people who used it for a period of time when the Alchemy Array was in vogue, it was still only an auxiliary method, and ultimately something used chiefly in production.

However, there was no rule saying that he couldn’t use it for something else; thus, the Disintegrating Array was no longer a tool of production in Lin Li’s hands.

“Hey, you’re awake! What a time to be awake, though. If you were any later, you would be the only one left here.” Yeric had been chided by Hutton because of Lin Li, so although he spoke sarcastically, he was already holding back quite a bit.

Hutton glared at Yeric before anxiously telling Lin Li, “President Felic, you are finally done. I guess there is no need for further introduction of the situation. I wonder what our next step should be?”

Yeric was quite upset with Hutton, and thus he ignored the glare and continued mocking, “Yeah, President Felic, I hope you can turn the tables around and allow our men to retreat now.”

“Yeric, shut up!” Hutton quickly shouted at him to stop in shock, and silently scolded him in his mind. Damn it, you can go ahead if you’re courting death, but don’t drag the Malfa Family down with you!!

“Young Master, wake up, do you really think he can turn the situation around? Who knows how he became President, but I know for sure it was not by ability. Look at him now, his allies and men are fighting with their lives on the line, yet he is not doing anything, and even left the job of commanding them to someone else. What is there that he can do??” Yeric was furious, and even his attitude towards Hutton was bad. Whom was he kidding? Even if Master Cheyenne was here, it would not be an easy task to deal with these people—even a Legendary-mage would have trouble with the four Alchemy Colossuses because they were too hardy. President Felic was a 21 years old youth, and at most an Archmage, so it would make no difference if he did anything.

Hutton was a sight to behold! What was he to do with such a disrespectful subordinate?! Fearing that Yeric might have annoyed President Felic, it would not have been an issue if this was a wasted trip, but now he did not know whether his subordinate hadn’t deeply offended President Felic.

Hutton was so angry that he raised his magic staff and was about to hit him with it, but just as he raised his magic staff, he saw that Yeric had turned pale and froze like a statue, almost as though he had seen something terrifying.

Hutton cursed in his mind. Damn it, you were happily chiding away and even asked me to wake up; now who is the one who looks like an idiot?

But soon Hutton realized Yeric wasn’t scared of him. A figure flew ahead—it was President Felic, who had been busy with God knew what earlier.

Yeric was on the verge of breaking down, or perhaps he already had, and it took all his strength to remain standing there. He never thought that the supposedly cowardly and incapable fellow he was scolding was… a damn Legendary-mage.

An Archmage could only use a Levitation Spell to fly, but a Legendary-mage was different. Yeric saw that Lin Li did not even utter a word, nor did the magical wave around him change before he flew into the sky as though it was second instinct for him.

He had offended a Legendary-mage! The person he had been making snide remarks about for the whole day was actually a Legendary-mage! This 20-odd years old President was actually a Legendary-mage! All these unbelievable thoughts seemed to hammer away at his nerves, and it was only a matter of time before they snapped.

Yeric was very regretful now. Even though there was another Legendary-mage, Cheyenne, in the Malfa Family, yet Yeric had offended a Legendary-mage because of something trivial. He had seen many conflicts in such a big family, and he was aware of what would happen in the end—he would inevitably be sacrificed in order to appease the other party. But whom could he blame? He was the cause of this, and Hutton had tried again and again to stop him, yet he could not contain his anger enough to see through this.

Hutton felt his worry settle a little as he watched Lin Li fly into battle. While any other Legendary-mage would have made no difference against 10 Archmages and the four Alchemy Colossuses, this President Felic was no ordinary Legendary-mage—anyone would be a fool to think so.

Since President Felic had made a move, he did not have to worry no matter what he decided to do. Hutton was no longer worried about the battle, but the moment he turned to look at Yeric, who still stood there stunned, he felt his anger rising again. “Yeric, what do you think of this dream of mine? Am I awake or not?”

What a nightmare; how he hoped that he was in a nightmare! Yeric felt like he might be better off dying—not only had he offended a Legendary-mage, he had also offended his young master. He silently scolded himself for it—now he did not even have someone to stand up for him, damn it.

“Yeric, I thought you had a lot to say earlier. Why are you not saying anything now??” Hutton became angrier the more he thought about it—not only because Yeric had been rude to him earlier, but also because he was worried that his relationship with President Felic would sour due to this bastard.

“Young Master Hutton, I-I-I… I really didn’t know that President Felic was a Legendary-mage…”

Damn it, so you know you’re wrong now, huh. “Humph!” Hutton snorted, and said, “If you want to apologize, you should wait until President Felic is back before you say it yourself.”

But a sorry might not work… Hutton silently added. He knew that young President’s personality better than anyone else—he might ignore you completely and smile at whatever you do, but when things became serious, you’d better start praying. Sorry? Even a kowtow might not work…

The young President Felic was a Legendary-mage! Not only Yeric was shocked, even those from the Tower of Dusk were stunned. 20 years old, even the God of Mages Geresco did not reach the Legendary-realm by the age of 20!