Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 499

Chapter 499 Hesitation

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However, the question of how to collect magical weapons that were as powerful as these two was something that haunted Connoris since the start. He was sheepish because if Lin Li were to ask him how he was going to collect these magical weapons, he would not know how to answer him. He was the all-knowing Soul Trader, yet today alone he had come across too many things that he did not know. This would be terrible for his reputation if it continued.

Connoris did not know that Lin Li did not have to ask him how to collect the Polar Snow and the Raging Flames. He’d once been the owner of the seven debris of the stars and the Stars of Fury, after all, so nobody knew the two pieces of the debris of the stars better than him in this world. It was nothing for him to collect them. He had managed to collect all these legendary weapons back when they had formed a complete world in the Well of the Sun, much less just a naturally occurring Magical Domain formed from just the Polar Snow and the Raging Flames.

“Oh? You can tell that these are magical weapons.” Lin Li did not hurry, and merely frowned slightly as though there was nothing he could not achieve in the world.

“Nothing in this world can escape my eyes.” Connoris started tooting his own horn out of habit before continuing, “In my opinion these two magical weapons are no less powerful than the Titan Dragon Spear from the prehistoric times, and if you were to really collect them, then you’ll really have it all. Unfortunately, if it was the Titan Dragon Spear, I would be able to help you, but these two… Oh right, do you know what the Titan Dragon Spear is? That was the weapon the Titans used to kill the Wyrms—”

“Whatever. I’m talking about the present, so why are you talking about the Titan Dragon Spear?” Lin Li said, annoyed.

Connoris was silent for a while, defeated, before he said, “Alright, I’ll just say it. Even though I can tell that these are powerful magical weapons, I don’t think it’ll be easy to collect them, and I don’t have any idea how to do so, either. So, I would suggest you give it up since it’s not very likely for you to be able to overcome the strength of these magical weapons to subdue them, and you might even be wounded by them.”

Connoris could not think of any method to collect them, and did not think that Lin Li would do better, either. He was an ancient deity that had lived for thousands of years, after all, and no matter how gifted Lin Li was, he just had not seen as much as Connoris had. Now, he was worried that Lin Li would be too stubborn; while there was no one using these magical weapons, it did not look like they were just waiting to be collected, either.

Lin Li could hear Connoris’s concern, and thus he laughed as he replied, “Haha, don’t worry, that’s not what I’m worried about. There’s something else.”

Connoris did not calm down when he heard Lin Li. Instead, he became even more worried that something would happen to Lin Li and he would suffer along with him. He anxiously persuaded Lin Li in his mind. “I know that everything has been going smoothly for you, and even if there were dangers, you managed to avoid them, which is why you think you have everything under your control now, but I have to emphasize that you are unable to suppress the power of these two magical weapons.”

Connoris’s nagging was incredulous to Lin Li; hence, he only repeated, “Don’t worry. Am I someone who goes in without thinking? If I say that I know what to do, then I really do, so don’t worry about that. I have another problem that I need you to give me ideas for. Maybe I will be able to solve it then.”

The real problem to Lin Li was what he was going to do about this naturally occurring Magical Domain after he was done collecting the Polar Snow and Raging Flames. It was such a miracle that there might only be one such Magical Domain in the whole Anril, and if he were to bid it goodbye, it might be next to impossible to see another one like this again.

It was a miracle because it was something possible only with the power of God, but it did not mean that it had to be the work of God. One thing for sure was that this could not possibly have been done by humans, because a naturally occurring Magical Domain had very strict requirements that could not be compared with a Magical Domain created by a Legendary-mage.

A Magical Domain created by a Legendary-mage could have different Rules, and as the Legendary-mage could serve as a mediator, these Rules did not have to exactly balance out. As long as it was within the means of the Legendary-mage, the construction of the Magical Domain would not be affected even if one Rule was weaker or stronger than the others.

It was just like how Lin Li’s Magical Domain created from frost, light, and darkness had three Rules that coexisted with each other. The frost Rule was the weakest, and while the light and darkness were primary Rules, they were opposing ones. In other circumstances, light and darkness could not coexist, but with Lin Li’s powerful mental strength and his understanding and use of Rules, the three vastly different Rules were able to exist in flawless harmony.

It was different with natural Magical Domains as there was no Legendary-mage to serve as a mediator. It was like balancing on a thread; one imbalance could destroy the whole Magical Domain. There were too many factors that could affect the balance in a natural environment. There were natural phenomena that could affect the balance, and even a small fly could shatter that immaculate balance that was required to keep the Magical Domain intact.

Hence, a natural Magical Domain was not something that was achievable by a human, and thus a miracle. But, even God might not be able to perfectly replicate this natural Magical Domain.

This world where fire and water coexisted was probably the most well-balanced Magical Domain in the world as both the water and fire primary Rules were able to coexist so flawlessly here. Even though a large part of it was due to the Polar Snow and the Raging Flames, such flawless harmony was already so impressive that even someone from the Sanctuary-realm might not be able to replicate it.

As all of this was naturally formed without any interference from external factors, this could not simply be attributed to luck. A coincidence might result in a surprising incident, but who knew how many coincidences were needed to create such a naturally occurring Magical Domain.

And Lin Li had a gut feeling that if he were to leave the Polar Snow and the Raging Flames here, this Magical Domain would one day evolve into a complete world, one where there were only two primary Rules: water and fire. By then, the Magical Domain would be steady on its own, and no external factor would be able to affect it. When Lin Li took the Polar Snow and the Raging Flames then, it would not cause any damage to this Magical Domain, either.

Unfortunately, Lin Li did not have the time to wait for that day to come based on the situation now. According to Tutankhamun, he only had a couple of years or so, and in that short amount of time, he had to do all he could to increase his power. The Legendary-realm was simply not enough, and the Sanctuary-realm was only a minimum that he had to attain. If he wanted to be able to protect all he wanted to protect when the disaster struck Anril, then he could not hesitate in the least.

He would not mind much even if he was not the savior, as it was not in his nature to hide when that day really came, either. It was hard to find an egg intact in a destroyed nest, after all, and if such a disaster befell Anril, it would not be possible for him to escape unscathed alone.

Moreover, Lin Li had not attained the level of not having any worldly attachments, either. He had come from another world, and did not have any kin in Anril, while due to his pursuit of magic, he did not have a lover, either. However, be it the amateur pharmacist Andoine who’d taught him magic when he’d first arrived in Anril or Gerian, the bad-tempered fatty, or even the old fellow who took care of him after that, they held an important place in his heart even though they were always rude to him when they spoke. If he was able to let these old fellows continue spending their days pondering over pharmaceutics, then what was a bit of hard work on his part?

Since he had to do something anyway, why should he tire himself over a dilemma? He would only mess up everything if he were to refuse being the savior on one hand, while tiring himself out trying to save everyone on the other. There was nothing bad about being a savior to Lin Li, as it was a proper title anyway. A title that he could use to ask those old fellows for something in return. He was already the incarnation of the darkness in Sendros’ eyes, and he could always use the Holy Light to pretend to be the Son of the Holy Light too—only a fool would reject such a good deal.

Hence, Lin Li had to obtain the Polar Snow and the Raging Flames as soon as he could no matter what. These were two incredibly powerful weapons, and were also the shortcut for him to understand more powerful primary Rules. There was also an even more important reason, and that was that he would now have four of the seven pieces of the debris of the stars along with the Gloomy Dark and the Holy Light, but it was not just the number that mattered.

The truth was that back in the Demon Fall Valley at Jarrosus, when he had obtained the Holy Light in the underground palace, Lin Li had already had a peculiar feeling. He did not think that when he arrived in Anril, he would once again see the debris of the stars that he’d once possessed. He did not think that he was once again in possession of the Holy Light just because of sheer luck, but rather that there was something leading him along.

The feeling intensified when he came across the second piece of the debris of the stars, the Gloomy Dark, in the Scar of Death. Looking at the Polar Snow and the Raging Flames now, Lin Li believed that he would soon come to possess all seven pieces of the debris of the stars and the Stars of Fury.