Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 501

Chapter 501 Endless Possibilities

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The power and strength of the Throne of Darkness were not to be doubted. If it weren’t because of the fact that the Lord of Darkness had lost his sentience and sunk in the Abyss of Tharlen, Lin Li wouldn’t even have had the chance to chant the ancient demonic rune. As the Dragon of Destruction, he actually let a Legendary-mage who had just broken through dominate him. That also signified how much power the Throne of Darkness would have if there was no one to control the throne.

Lin Li definitely had a stronger control over the Throne of Darkness compared to the Lord of Darkness. However, in order to fully exert the power of the Throne of Darkness, he would still have to master the Rules of darkness. With his current abilities, there was still a long way to go for him before he could fully exert the power of the Throne of Darkness, even with the help of the debris of the stars. Besides, if he were to attain that power, he would be able to create a darkness domain that solely belonged to him. There wouldn’t be a need for him to use a domain created by others.

The issue was that he could not control or use it to its greatest potential. So what even if it was the best magical weapon in the world? Besides, strictly speaking, a weapon that could only unleash part of its power was not as good as one that could exert its full power, because the extent of control would usually be a deciding factor during combat even if the weapons had exactly the same power. It would determine the life and death of its user.

That was particularly true and apparent when it came to the Throne of Darkness because the Throne of Darkness was not just a weapon, but was also a darkness domain that was composed of regular forces. It was extremely strong even though it was created by the Dragon of Destruction, and had a corresponding extent of power that could be controlled. After understanding the different features and uniqueness of the weapon, one would be able to use it well. However, one would not be able to perfectly control a darkness domain if they could not completely control its power, let alone make any changes.

Before Lin Li could even continue probing, Connoris took the initiative to explain, “This naturally occurring Magical Domain is different. It is all natural and flawless, and could be said to be the biggest miracle in the world of Anril. Once it’s transmitted to the Eternal Furnace, it would become one with it as if it were a magical domain that belonged to the Eternal Furnace.”

Lin Li’s eyes widened in shock upon hearing his words. It was not that Lin Li was superficial and ignorant, but rather that the idea was too absurd, and there would at most be a cumulative effect when fusing the Throne of Darkness and the Eternal Furnace together. However, the results would definitely be beyond that if the naturally occurring Magical Domain was fused with the Eternal Furnace.

Lin Li could vaguely imagine what everything meant, but he still found it difficult to trust his imagination. The Eternal Furnace itself was an extremely powerful flying battle fortress. Although it was only a semi-finished product in his hands, according to Connoris, he would have the opportunity to complete the Eternal Furnace and develop its combat power as long as he entered the tomb of Osric.

However, Lin Li did not actually know how strong the Eternal Furnace would be in its final and complete form, because everything he knew about it was based on Connoris’ account. Due to the fact that the Eternal Furnace had never been completed, it had never shown its true power or appeared in front of humans before.

The Eternal Furnace would become much stronger than it already was after fusing with the naturally occurring Magical Domain. However, Lin Li was extremely curious about how strong it really was; hence, he had no choice but to ask Connoris about it.

“Haha, I’m the only person who can answer such a question now. No one knows this clearer than I do,” Connoris said smugly.

In reality, there was really no one who knew the Eternal Furnace better than Connoris, because it was likely that no one knew that Osric was the one who’d created the Eternal Furnace—including Apophis who had come from that era. Even Geresco might not know about the existence of the Eternal Furnace.

Connoris understood the power of the Eternal Furnace very well because he had stayed in it for thousands of years.

“The simple word ‘strong’ is not enough to describe the Eternal Furnace’s power, because there are too many things that could be considered strong in this world.”

Connoris was well aware that Osric had referred to Sky Castles when creating the Eternal Furnace. He wanted to build another—the eighth—Sky Castle that belonged to the High Elves. Although the High Elves had already fallen more than 1,000 years ago, contemporary humans could still guess how scary Sky Castles were just by reading history.

“Back then, the seven Sky Castles of the High Elves were suspended in the sky of Anril, and they managed to keep plenty of rebels in line. Each was almost an invincible entity. Even during the last years of the Dark Age, the rebels still felt helpless because of the power of the Sky Castles.

“If it weren’t because of the dwarves who joined in the rebellion and brought about such dangerous weapons like Sky-breaker, and had Geresco not broken through to Sanctuary-realm at the right juncture and fought against the three Legendary-mages who were on the same level as Apophis, Anril would still have been in the control of the High Elves.

“Even Geresco, who is termed the God of Mages, was helpless when it comes to a Sky Castle. That’s how terrifying it is. I suppose I don’t need to explain to you how strong the Eternal Furnace built as the Eighth Sky Castle would be in terms of numbers…” Connoris said excitedly.

“Wait a minute. There seems to be something wrong with what you said!”

While listening to Connoris compare Sky Castles with the Eternal Furnace, a question suddenly popped up in Lin Li’s mind. Connoris had once told him about the origin of the Sky Castles, which he still remembered clearly. Sky Castles were a masterpiece created by the Immortal King. In order to build seven Sky Castles, the Immortal King used up almost all of the bones of Azardas. Osric only inherited some dragon scales and two dragon eyes since he could not succeed the throne of the Immortal King.

Hence, Eternal Furnace could not compare to a Sky Castle in terms of material alone. Although Osric was an outstanding figure of the era, whether or not he could have the same achievements as the Immortal King remained debatable.

Connoris did not grow angry because of Lin Li’s suspicions, and instead said in an extremely disdainful tone, “So that’s what you think? You’re really disappointing!”

Before Lin Li could even ask, he immediately explained.

As it turned out, Lin Li had actually also been misled. Although Osric indeed could not hold a candle to the Immortal King in terms of power, it did not matter, since power was not important when it came to building a Sky Castle. Not to forget, Osric was second only to the queen amongst the High Elves. He also commanded a powerful Magic Legion. In terms of scouring for all sorts of precious materials, he was not too inferior to Immortal King, and was, in fact, much more privileged than him.

In terms of materials, the skeleton of the Dragon of Destruction was indeed a notch higher than other precious materials. However, the skeletal remains of the Dragon of Destruction were not the only material needed during the construction of the Sky Castle. How could there’ve been seven Sky Castles if the skeletal remains were the only material necessary to build them?

Since Sky Castle was named a castle, one could only imagine how large it had to be. It had over 100,000 inhabitants. Even if everyone only occupied a single bed, it would still take up an immeasurable amount of space.

The skeleton of the Dragon of Destruction would greatly increase the power of the Sky Castle, even though it was used in the core area. Its presence would greatly affect the power of the Sky Castle, though it would not result in drastic changes.

Hence, Connoris was sure that the difference would not be too drastic even if the final form of Eternal Furnace was not as powerful as a Sky Castle. But what would happen if the Eternal Furnace was combined with the Magical Domain?

Lin Li had once acquired a blueprint of a Sky Castle. A huge mageweath on the blueprint gave him a huge shock. Even those mageweaths which belonged to the Guru level couldn’t match it. The enlarged Conquering Mageweath was sketched in the Sky Castle, and the inhabitants of the city could merge into the city and to let it make use of their power.

The massive Conquering Mageweath seemed to be much more formidable than the Magical Domain. After all, only the creators and controllers of Magical Domains would be treated the same.

However, such a huge Conquering Mageweath would require the blood of hundreds of dragons to start functioning. If the Conquering Mageweaths of the seven Sky Castles had been successfully activated in the past, the dwarves might’ve not been able to destroy them even with Sky-breakers and the help of Geresco, who broke through to the Sanctuary-realm. Unfortunately, the Conquering Mageweath would only remain an ornament if it wasn’t activated.

Although the Eternal Furnace combined with the Magical Domain would not have such an exaggerated power, it did not have such strict requirements. The power of the Magical Domain came from the world, and was the Elemental Power that was derived from controlling the world. The juxtaposition showed the stark differences.

Of course, comprehending the Rules and the creation of the Magical Domain were not exactly easy, and Lin Li would still have to personally and constantly maintain the Magical Domain that he had created unless he reached the level of the Dragon of Destruction. However, the Throne of Darkness would never be able to achieve such effects.

If the Throne of Darkness was fused with the Eternal Furnace, it could only create a space that was overpowered by the Rules of darkness. With his current ability and comprehension of the Rules of darkness, there was no way Lin Li could make amendments to the Throne of Darkness that was created by the Dragon of Destruction. Even if he was the owner of the Eternal Furnace, he would still have to act according to the rules once he plunged into the Darkness Domain.

However, it was a completely different matter for the natural Magical Domain with two jarringly different elements. They could not be affected by any power or Rules when fusing with the Eternal Furnace. If the natural Magical Domain was fused with the Eternal Furnace, Lin Li had to use the fire and ice element magical crystals to completely control the natural Magical Domain. In other words, he would possess the Magical Domain of the fire and ice elements as long as he was in the Eternal Furnace.

Hence, the Magical Domain in front of him could also be called a miraculous one. The reason it was so precious could also be seen easily. Actually, a natural Magical Domain was much rarer than the blood of hundreds of dragons. However, Lin Li had already run into a natural Magical Domain; hence, it was easier for him to integrate the natural Magical Domain into the Eternal Furnace.

Although the natural Magical Domain needed not be controlled by anyone, it still possessed a rare feature: the ability to evolve continuously. It was an advantage that could not be compared to the Darkness Domain.

The Darkness Domain created by the Dragon of Destruction was naturally very powerful, but simply using the Rule of darkness to make the power of the Throne of Darkness stronger yielded only a temporary effect. The Dragon of Destruction had made the Dark Throne so strong that even if it fell, it did not affect the Throne of Darkness. Because of this, the possibility of evolution in this Darkness Domain had almost turned it into powerful magic equipment. Improving the Throne of Darkness was akin to adding better materials to a weapon. Hence, the only thing they could do was to refine the weapon. Ordinary iron weapons were naturally easy to refine, but it’d be different if it were a superb magical weapon made by a Guru.

The magic field created by the mage himself would not be static unless the magician had limited talent or lacked an aggressive mindset. The deeper the understanding of the mage, the stronger their Magical Domain would be—on the condition that they possess enough power and comprehend some Rules.

It was much easier for one to make amendments to their own masterpiece compared to improving the works of others. Although Lin Li did not create the fire-water Magical Domain, he would be able to perfect it slowly with its continuous evolution as long as he was powerful enough.

Lin Li had been thinking about how powerful the magical domain would be if he were to fuse the seven pieces of the debris of the stars with the natural Magical Domain.