Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 525

Chapter 525 Returning To Roland City Again

This time, William didnt want to miss the opportunity again. Although there was a possibility of cooperating, that was completely different from friendship. In order to convince Lin Li to attend the auction, he again began to talk about the items that would appear during the upcoming auction, such as some rare magical materials, equipment, and medicinal materials.

Last but not least, please allow me to keep you in some suspense. The finale of this auction will be a mystery object from the elves kingdom, William said vaguely.

Lin Li knew that the Time Consignment Store auction was actually very famous in the Breezy Plains, so much so that even outsiders would specially rush to the Breezy Plains for the auction. Lin Li would often hear his mages talking about it too. However, since he left Roland City back then, he proceeded to battle in the Dragon Mountains and the Scar of Death. He then spent three months in the Abyss of Tharlen. Hence, he did not have the time to pay attention to the auction.

Although he was still very busy now that the operations of the Tower of Dusk and the pharmaceutical business were in full swing, it was not impossible for him to find some time. Moreover, Lin Li still remembered the pair of daggers which had been used by the Legendary assassin that he had acquired for Norfeller from the Time Consignment Store previously. According to Ujfalusi, those daggers were produced by the Immortal King. Clearly, there were still superior items that could be purchased at the Time Consignment Store, and he reckoned that it wouldnt be a waste of his time.

Just as Wilkinson was about to speak and make things clear to William as a pharmacist, he was stopped by Lin Li, who smilingly said to William, Since youve invited me personally, how can I turn you down, Mr. William? Besides, Im also looking forward to that mystery item from the elven kingdom that you have mentioned.

Alright, I will await your arrival, William said, standing up to leave after seeing that everything had been settled.

Mr. William, please wait a minute, said Lin Li, who did not plan to end the conversation just like that. Instead, he extended his hand to gesture for William to take a seat again. Since youve invited me to an auction, I cant turn you down or let you leave without giving you something in return. I do have some things here. Please arrange for them to be put up during the auction. He then whipped out a few bottles of potions and placed them on the table.

These are? William asked apprehensively.

These are the potions that Wilkinson and the other pharmacists have concocted during their practice. However, you can rest assured about the results and effects of the potion. These two silvery white potions are Sacred Potions, these five are mystical potions, while this one is the Power of Achilles

Staring at the 20-odd potions in front of him and listening to Lin Lis introduction, even William, who had gotten used to seeing rare items, could not help but feel astonished. Although the colorful potions served different purposes, they were rather similar in the sense that all of them were highly coveted by Archmages and Sword Sages, who would be willing to do whatever it took to obtain them.

Yet, President Felic claimed that they were just the practice pieces of the pharmacists even though they were powerful enough to drive anyone crazy! William could not help but feel a little jealous when he saw Lin Li whipping out the potions nonchalantly as if they were just bottles of water.

The displeasure caused by being forced to hand over the formula of the potions and make concessions on the issue of cooperation vanished from Williams heart at that instant. Staring at the potions on the table, he thought to himself, This must be the advantage of having the support of pharmacists. The potions that are highly coveted yet hard to acquire by many are actually the byproduct of the training sessions of the pharmacists. William made his mind up, and was determined to build a close relationship with the young mage.

William was an appraiser and a businessman. He was also old in his years and way past the age where he would act rashly. To him, going toe-to-toe with each other for power and interests were things that were meant for youths. Although they could win their dignity and gain pride, they wouldnt be able to acquire other benefits, and might even bring about damage to their family. It absolutely was a silly behavior.

Theres no harm in making compromises as long as I can still reap some benefits at the end, William thought to himself. He was sure that he would be able to gain massive profit as long as the potions were put up for sale during the auction. Even if he could only enjoy the revenue from auction fees, he would gain a huge boost in his reputation, which would make up for the monetary loss that he might incur.

Dont worry, Young Master Felic. These potions will definitely be sold at a price that does their value justice, William said solemnly.

Mr. William, I hope that our cooperation will be successful, Lin Li said smilingly while standing up to see him off.

For the next several days, the representatives who were waiting in the hall of the Tower of Dusk continuously discussed the purpose of Williams visit. Some of them suggested that William was probably there to recruit the pharmacists too. After all, he was reputable in the Breezy Plains. The conjecture and speculation made them feel like they were pressed for time because none of them was confident in trumping William.

It had been a few days since William visited, and the auction that hed mentioned was just round the corner. Lin Li decided to use this chance to unwind and relax, and see if he could get his hands on some superior-grade items at the same time.

When hed held a pharmaceutical competition previously, Lin Li promised to take the winners to the auction. Unsurprisingly, Wilkinson earned himself a spot. Several senior pharmacists, including Wilkinson, as well as two Undead creatures, Lich Ujfalusi and the Vampire Norfeller, headed together with him to Roland City.

It had been almost a year since he went to Roland City; this time, he actually didnt have much to feel emotional about. In Lin Lis opinion, this world was progressing and evolving too slowly, unlike the city that hed lived in before he arrived in Anril.

Roland City was one of the most developed ones in the Breezy Plains, and was even known as the granary of the Breezy Plains. Lin Li recalled the time when hed come here and exerted plenty of effort to obtain a million gold coins worth of food. He managed to rescue the daughter and son of the castellan of Roland City, took Lich Ujfalusi under his wing, and even met the pious and religious female Paladin. He hoped that he wouldnt meet another loony again.

Hello, you must be President Felic from the Tower of Dusk. Our boss, William, has instructed me to come here to welcome you, a person said politely after showing up abruptly in front of Lin Li.

Oh, its you, Mr. Brook. Thank you for waiting for me, Lin Li said while staring at Brook, who was also the person who had sold him the pair of daggers at the Time Consignment Store.

Brook hurriedly said, Youre being too polite, President Felic. Our boss has already arranged for accommodation and lodging for you and your companions. Please come with me.

Due to the fact that William had no idea which day Lin Li would arrive in Roland City, he decided to let Brook, who knew Lin Li, stay at the entrance of the city to receive him lest he gave Lin Li a poor impression.

After Lin Li entered the city, Brook, who had been waiting for a long time, immediately recognized him as the young mage who had bought the pair of daggers from him using the crystal card from the Glittergold Trade Union and the master of the Tower of Dusk. That made Brook feel thankful for the fact that he had not offended the young President of the Guild of Magic.

Although Brook was not a big shot, he liked paying attention to the affairs of various forces; hence, he was very familiar with the fact that many factions had gathered together at the Tower of Dusk. He initially just wanted to gloat and watch the senior pharmacists of the Tower of Dusk being poached.

However, after finding out that Lin Li, who was a holder of the VIP crystal card issued by the Glittergold Trade Union, was the master of the Tower of Dusk, Brook knew that he wouldnt get to gloat anymore. The Tower of Dusk was a newly established Guild of Magic, and even though they had the Malfa Familys support, they couldnt overpower all of the other forces in the Breezy Plains. However, who knew that hed be a VIP member of the Glittergold Trade Union?

It was no wonder that his boss kept reminding him not to be impolite. The thought of it made Brook treat Lin Li with more respect.

Brook had initially already prepared a luxurious carriage that was parked by the side, and was just waiting for Lin Li to arrive so that he could usher him to the resting area. However, the young mages in Lin Lis team insisted that they head there by foot so that they could take a look at the scenery in Roland City.

Wilkinson and the other senior pharmacists were the center of attention of the many factions; they were just like superstars in the Breezy Plains. Hence, Lin Li decided to make them dress like mages.

Despite feeling displeased, Brook had no choice but to agree to giving up on the carriage, since the mages were part of President Felics entourage. Hence, he instructed the people who were manning the carriage to follow them closely while he proceeded to walk in the direction that he had planned to.

Roland City was bustling and lively as usual. However, it did not phase or entice Lin Li, who felt that it was insignificant because he had experienced much livelier crowds than this. Unlike Lin Li, Wilkinson and the rest looked around fervently, like curious country bumpkins who were visiting the city for the first time. Lin Li felt extremely embarrassed because of them.