Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 530

Chapter 530 Im Not That Close To Them

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Apart from a few retired soldiers who were skilled and competent, the rest who had never been in the military before was put through vigorous training by Sienna. Of course, excellent combat skills were necessary for mercenary corps. It was said that Sienna had already recruited a man at level-18 to work for him. Given Siennas current abilities, the news should be reliable.

With Siennas current abilities, he definitely had the means to monopolize all of the mercenary business given by the top factions. Regardless of the fact that Roland City was known for being one of the most developed cities in the Breezy Plains, the other mercenary regiments could only run errands and struggle as each day passed.

For example, this time, the owner of Seven Leaf Grass was interested in sending over a batch of rare and precious medicinal herbs from the north. Hence, he had no choice but to spend a huge amount of money on hiring Siennas mercenary corps to protect it. On top of spending a huge sum of money, he also had to try and persuade Sienna to take on his offer and do him the favor. This time, Sienna was in Seven Leaf Grass to sign the contract with the owner his mercenary corps would be providing protection services too. To his surprise, something like that happened.

Siennas unusual behavior made the owner of Seven Leaf Grass feel rather bewildered. However, after being slightly stunned, he soon recovered from the shock, and realized that he still had some things to settle. He thought,How atrocious. Do they not know how difficult it is to get Sienna to agree to providing some help? How dare they cause a ruckus at such a crucial moment?

Seeing that Sienna had already made his way downstairs because of the commotion, the owner of Seven Leaf Grass grew even more annoyed and resentful towards Lin Li and company. At this point, it no longer just concerned his pride. If Sienna were upset, where was he supposed to find such a powerful mercenary regiment to take on the mission?

"Why are you people still here? Did you not hear what I said earlier on!? You people have hurt and injured the manager of my store, but I just took that as a misunderstanding and I chose not to hold it against you. However, youd better not take my compromise to be a sign of weakness. Dont think that Im a pushover. If you continue to pester me because of this, I can clearly tell you that youll be in trouble!" the owner hollered impatiently with a frown.

"Damn it, theres really going to be trouble!" Sienna exclaimed as soon as he recovered from his shock. However, he was dumbfounded again after hearing the harsh words that the owner said to Lin Li.

Actually, Sienna followed the owner all the way to the stairs and looked down curiously in a bid to see who the person who had caused a stir at Seven Leaf Grass was. However, he got a great shock which made him almost scream in horror. He had never once expected to see the young mage who had given him everything that he had today.

Sienna was extremely grateful to Lin Li, who had allowed him to claim credit for rescuing the children of Roland Citys castellan, because everything that he owned was given to him by Lin Li that way. However, he felt a sudden sense of fear deep down, which he could not overcome.

The experience that he had in Syer Town was so horrifying that Sienna could not forget it at all. Mage Felics shrewdness sent chills down his spine too.

When Senna was hesitating to come out to meet Lin Li, he heard the owner and manager of Seven Leaf Grass mocking Felic and the rest. It frightened him and immediately made his legs turn into jelly, causing him to roll down the stairs. The incident that took place in the ruins of Syer Town back then was deeply etched in his mind. The mysterious fear within him seemed to have overwhelmed him when the young mage appeared.

However, what made Sienna feel hopeless were the harsh words that the darned owner said to Lin Li just as he was thinking about how he should explain himself to Felic. He thought,You really dont know what its like to court death, do you!? No one is more ruthless than Mage Felic!

The owner was just about to call out to Sienna, only to see the latter standing beside the manager, Larry.

Feeling much more confident after seeing Sienna, the manager stared at the four of them smugly, and said, "Im telling you people, this is the reputable"

Unfortunately, he heard the sound of someone swallowing their spit before he could even finish speaking

The manager, who was rattling on and on, was then greeted with a bizarre sight. Sienna, the leader of the strongest mercenary regiment in Roland City and the castellans most trusted confidant, was swallowing his spit nervously while stuttering, "Fe Mage Felic, Im actually actually not that close to them "

"Leader Sienna you What do you mean?" the manager asked as his face stiffened.

The sudden change made the owner freeze in shock as he wondered,How did Leader Siennas attitude change so quickly and suddenly?

At this moment, Sienna suddenly turned to look at the owner, and barked, "Charles, I think youre in hot soup this time!"

Had I not hesitated, and come downstairs earlier, things wouldnt have come to this. But the thing is, isnt he afraid at all? This scoundrel Charles is indeed such a jinx. Whoever gets acquainted with him is bound to suffer from bad luck.Siennas face turned pale, and he cursed Charles in his head continuously.

Damn, youre just the owner of a pathetic medicinal store. Can you afford to offend Mage Felic? Hes a strong mage who had killed countless Vampires and a Humerus Wyrm all by himself. Look, that Lich is still so devoted and is following him around like an errand boy!

Sienna glanced at Ujfalusi carefully, feeling daunted by the latters gaunt figure which he could never forget.

Im finished. Im really going to get implicated by that a*shole Charles this time!Sienna thought to himself, well aware of what Lin Lis temper was like. Back then in the ruins of Syer Town, Jason, who was Dolands best Adventurer, was a level-15 Warrior just like two of his companions. In the end, President Felic managed to subdue him by placing a hand on his chest. The level-15 Thief, Weathor, had it much worse. Hed been electrocuted by that spell resembling electric snakes.

The thought of it made Sienna feel absolutely regretful as he thought to himself,Why did I give in to temptation and stupidly signed the contract with this bastard just for the sake of 100,000 gold coins? If Mage Felic were to find out that I worked with him, what would he think of me? Should I just kill this idiot and secretly destroy the contract later?

After giving it some thought, Sienna decided to forgo the ideanot because he was afraid that Charles might have a formidable supporter, but because he felt that Mage Felic would definitely find out the truth even if he were to kill Charles and Larry.

I just hope that Mage Felic will be able to discern right from wrong, and not let his anger make him turn against me, the innocent party. That bastard Charless life has nothing to do with me. The contract that we signed is only limited to escorting his business vehicles anyway!Sienna could not help but pray for himself. Standing in front of Lin Li in fear, he respectfully exclaimed, "Mage Felic, I didnt expect to see you here. Its such a great honor!"

The stores owner had witnessed every detail of Siennas behavior, and finally understood what was going on.

Charles heart wrenched up. Although Sienna had only become famous in the recent year, he had already become a reputable figure in Roland City. Everyone knew how much the castellan valued him. In fact, he seemed to treat Sienna like a member of his family.

Siennas competency and ability were not to be doubted, either. Within less than a year, his mercenary regiment had developed into a massive unit with thousands trained by soldiers and level-18 Warriors. To Charles, they were almost a legendary formation.

More importantly, Charles heard that even William who owned the Time Consignment Store had forged some ties with Senna. William was not a simple person, and had connections to powerful figures all over the world. In other words, only a powerful and prestigious person would have the chance to be acquainted with William.

Although he always expressed his disdain when comparing the Time Consignment Store with his Seven Leaf Grass, Charles also had to admit that the Seven Leaf Grass was actually inferior to the Time Consignment Store in every aspect. The Time Consignment Store was not just a small business. Hence, even Arathor treated William respectfully, and not just courteously. They were actually worlds apart.

The reputable and respected Sienna, who had a high status, had to act politely in front of Lin Li, just like a slave who was facing his master who could decide whether he lived or not. Even the castellan, Arathor, wouldnt get to enjoy such respect from Sienna. The thought of it made Charles feel more and more astonished and bewildered. He secretly wondered if he had gotten into trouble.

Charles began to grow increasingly terrified. It took him a long and hard time to build the Seven Leaf Grass and develop it the way it was now. If he were to end up destroying the Seven Leaf Grass by offending a big shot, he would be devastated.