Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 535

Chapter 535 Escort

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How could Sienna be unsure of something even Charles knew? Though Sienna led the so-called biggest mercenary corps in Roland City, it was nothing compared to the Gale Bandits. He had the chance of succeeding only if he used all his men and the Gale Bandits didnt send in a big force on this path.

However, Sienna didnt want to risk his everything betting on a possibility. If he bet wrong, he would lose everything he had. Therefore, he would definitely not walk this path despite agreeing to Charles commission. Mercenaries werent fools. They would only risk their lives if there was a chance of winning. Against the Gale Bandits, the chance of winning was close to zero.

Meanwhile, Lin Li didnt seem to be listening. He gently rubbed his chin, and said, "How about this? You see if you can get some other herbs I need. If you can get them, I can transport them back together." Then, he told Charles the names of a few other precious herbs.

Didnt Mage Felic hear Sienna talking about the Gale Bandits? Charles was confused, but he didnt dare to ask. What he had planned was to sell those herbs cheaply at the City of Late Winter. Since the Gale Bandits were the ones blocking the way, he didnt have high hopes of transporting his herbs safely back to Roland City. Though he might lose some money this way, it was better than losing everything to the Gale Bandits

Though this Mage Felic and his two attendants seemed to be very powerful according to Sienna, Charles didnt think he could get Mage Felic to help with escorting his merchant caravan. Even if Mage Felic was willing to let his attendants follow his caravan, it was still hard for one or two level-17 or 18 powerhouses to protect them.

Though Lin Lis attendant could defeat an Ice Howler single-handedly, how many could they kill by themselves when faced with thousands of bandits? When they were occupied by some of the bandits, others could easily ransack the entire merchant caravan and escape. Moreover, it was said that the Gale Bandits had at least one Legendary powerhouse as their leader. Even if that wasnt true, there had to be a few level-17 or 18 powerhouses. If not, the Gale Bandits wouldnt be placed second on the rankings.

Charles looked at Sienna, signaling him to explain to Mage Felic that he couldnt do such a thing. After all, Sienna was closer to Mage Felic.

Sienna knew what Charles meant. He cleared his throat and prepared to explain to Lin Li about the capabilities of the Gale Bandits despite his fear.

"Will 10 Archmages be enough?" Lin Li asked Sienna in a low voice after a moment of contemplation.

"" Sienna swallowed his words before he could even start upon hearing what Lin Li had said.

What did he mean by asking if 10 Archmages were enough? Although Sienna wasnt a mage, he still knew quite a bit about mages as an occupation. It was hard to be a mage, and even harder to level up in the study of magic. Every stage and its obstacles blocked the footsteps of a batch after batch of mages. Therefore, Archmages could be considered the top of this occupation. Any Archmage would be deemed an important existence in any faction. What did Mage Felic say just now? 10 Archmages!

Levels existed in any occupation, but similar levels didnt mean similar combat prowess. Mages above level-15 were Archmages, but a level-15 Warrior was incomparable to a level-15 Archmage in fighting ability. So, one couldnt necessarily be able to recruit an Archmage even if he could recruit a level-15 Warrior. The presence of an Archmage could drastically change the power of a faction.

Siennas desire to get an Archmage was as strong as any other factions. However, with his current abilities, it was very hard for him to recruit any. That Mage Felic could recruit 10 Archmages at once? If that was true, he didnt have to worry about this escort even with the presence of the Gale Bandits.

"10" Charles swallowed. He was really grateful that Sienna had scolded him just in time. If not, he wouldnt have known what a big shot he had offended. What kind of ability was needed to recruit 10 Archmages at once? The Malfa Familys? The Dark Blades? Even these two powerful groups in the Breezy Plains couldnt send 10 Archmages to escort a merchant caravan so easily.

Charles was exhilarated after recovering from his shock. He wasnt close to Lin Li yet, but he was already starting to get some benefits. No wonder getting to know big shots meant an opportunity to develop. Charles couldnt imagine how powerful 10 Archmages would be. Although he wasnt sure of the power of the Gale Bandits, he firmly believed in the ability of 10 Archmages to escort his goods back to safety.

What Lin Li was the most concerned with was how to get the herbs he needed without accidents. He didnt really care about what Charles or Sienna thought. The Gale Bandits, despite being second to the Dark Blade in power, were definitely a force to be reckoned with. Thus, Lin Li said to Sienna, "How about I let Ujfalusi go with you?"

Sienna suddenly had the urge to vomit blood. How could he be unsure of Ujfalusis abilities? He could still vividly remember what had happened back at the ruins of Syer Town. Humerus Wyrm and Legendary Lich their power was sufficient to destroy an entire city. Add in the 10 Archmages, and this was totally bullying! A caravan escorted by such a team wouldnt have to fear even if everyone belonging to the Gale Bandits attacked them.

Seeing the weird expression on Siennas face, Charles was rather puzzled. Who was Ujfalusi? How could he make Sienna so shocked? Sienna didnt have such an expression even when Mage Felic mentioned the 10 Archmages.

Seeing Charles confusion, Siennas mouth twitched, and he softly said, "When rescuing the castellans daughter and he became Mage Felics attendant. He was the one"

Although Sienna didnt tell him the whole story, Charles associated this with what Sienna had scolded him for earlier. An immense fear flowed through his veins. A Lich! Legendary Lich! Being Mage Felics other attendant! Charles yelled uncontrollably in his heart but didnt even dare to look Lich Ujfalusi in the eyes. Undead creatures were terrifying to anyone.

"How is this? If not, how about increasing" Lin Li wanted to propose activating the four Alchemy Colossus. One should know that a Titan-level Alchemy Colossus needed not fear even a Legendary powerhouse.

However, Sienna couldnt withstand any more shocks. Before Lin Li could finish his sentence, Sienna said, "Thats enough, Mage Felic, thats more than enough!"

The owner of the Seven Leaf Grass Charles was already stunned beyond his wits. Shock, surprise, joy, fear All kinds of emotions gushed from his heart.

"Sigh, are you stunned again?"

Siennas voice rang beside his ear. Charles felt someone nudging him, and suddenly came back to his senses. Only then did he realize everyone had already stood up. "Ah! Dear Mr Mage, I am terribly sorry! I" Charles immediately started apologizing to Lin Li, and looked at Sienna for help, hoping that Sienna could remind him what he had missed out on just now.

"Mr Wilkinson here needs some herbs. Your manager had spoiled the deal just now. How about you go take them yourself?" remarked Sienna mockingly.

Charles didnt dare to hesitate, and immediately asked Wilkinson what herbs he wanted. Though he really wanted to butter up to Wilkinson, he didnt dare to suggest giving him any discount or free gifts. However, after knowing the names of the herbs he wanted, Charles hated that bastard Larry even more. Being the boss of Seven Leaf Grass, Charles was very clear of the prices of each herb. He calculated in his mind and realized those herbs only cost 2000-plus gold coins. However, that bastard Larry had asked for 20,000 gold coins just now!

Damn it! How Charles wished that bastard Larry wasnt dead from Siennas kick. How could Charles vent his anger now?

After going downstairs, Charles personally packaged all the ingredients needed while cursing that bastard Larry who had almost put his life at stake secretly in his heart.

Although Lin Li didnt get all the herbs he needed, he had secured a portion of them. With Ujfalusi and 10 Archmages presence, he believed that the Gale Bandits wouldnt be a problem. Lin Li was pretty satisfied with this trip, and didnt want to waste any more time here.

"Right, inform me at the Tower of Dusk when youve decided on the date to go. I will send Ujfalusi and the Archmages over then," Lin Li said to Sienna and Charles when he reached the doorstep.

However, Sienna and Charles, who had sent Lin Li and his companions off to the doorstep, were dumbfounded. They could only turn their abnormally stiff necks and stare at each other with fear long after Lin Li had disappeared from their sight.

"Oh God! Did he just say the Tower of Dusk?" Charles almost fainted. Was he talking about the Tower of Dusk whichd just recruited a large number of high-level pharmacists?