Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 541

Chapter 541 Vitality Potion

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William and the bidders, including those who had failed to win, were all shocked by the price. They had also seen the other potions that were of superior grade on display and waiting to be auctioned. The Tower of Dusk was definitely going to make huge earnings just from this auction. Those who were jealous of the Tower of Dusk for having a group of senior pharmacists previously were now even more envious and jealous because of the auction.

"The next item that is going to be up for auction is the Vitality Potion, which can help Warriors break through to level-15. Just like the previous item, the quantity sold in each round will increase gradually. The auction for the first bottle begins now with a minimum bid of 50,000 gold coins." The auctioneer grabbed a bottle from the second stack, which was now the bottommost stack.

In the land of Anril, Warriors were the most common profession, and it was much easier for one to become a Warrior than a Mage. As long as one was able-bodied and did not suffer from any mental disabilities, they would be able to learn combat skills and develop Combat Energy to become an impressive Warrior who could wield a sword. However, the journey to becoming a Warrior was not always smooth sailing, and talent was also an important factor.

When the forces of the Breezy Plains gathered together at the Tower of Dusk, everyone was thinking of recruiting the senior pharmacists of the Tower of Dusk, and hence continuously sent gifts after gifts. However, the outcome was, to their dismay, just that one of them only managed to receive a potion which would increase his strength after presenting the gift.

Hence, Ona, who led the Crimson Mercenary corps, managed to obtain two potions which he shared with his son. The two of them then broke through to level-15 after being stuck there. The sudden addition of two level-15 Warriors in a mercenary regiment which started off with only a few hundred mercenaries was akin to multiplying the strength of the regiment twice. It could be said that Ona was the only one who had gained anything from the pharmacists of the Tower of Dusk.

The potion that was being auctioned now was also one that would result in a breakthrough to level-15. Six Vitality Potions would mean that there was going to be six level-15 Warriors who could reach level-19. In fact, the advancement requisites for Warriors were not as strict as those for mages. The potion was not necessary for one to become a Sword Sage, either. Although Warriors could not compare to Mages who were of the same level as them, it was still an incredible power that could not be disregarded.

The Blood of Nature was used for prevention purposes; hence, its effects would not be seen immediately, and they wouldnt show at all in some people. The effects of the Vitality Potion were very substantial, however. Every bottle contained a single dose of potion that would significantly increase ones power and abilities. Hence, a huge commotion broke out amongst the audience as soon as the auction began, and they began vying with one another for the six bottles available.

Within a short period of time, the six potions were sold at a high price, with the average price being 200,000 gold coins per bottle. However, it was definitely not expensive for a potion that would transform an ordinary Warrior into a level-15 one.

"Congratulations, President Felic. These two potions are very popular amongst everyone here," said William, who could not help but begin to feel a little jealous. However, he thought to himself,Luck really is such an important thing. Hard work can never beat luck at times.

"Youre being too polite, Mr. William. These are just potions that theyve concocted during their practice sessions. Its not a big deal at all," Lin Li said modestly.

Wilkinson and the rest were also discussing the outcome of the auction while shaking their heads and sighing. Had they known earlier that the potions could be sold for such hefty prices, they wouldnt have poured away the various amounts of potions concocted during their practice sessions for the sake of saving on the bottles.

William almost vomited blood as he thought to himself,Could you guys please show some sincerity? Those potions are worth tens of millions of gold coins. Stop acting so loft and provoking others! Damn it, how could you say that? These two types of potions are worth more than two million gold coins! Yet, they were just concocted during your practice sessions, and you even poured away plenty of them. Why dont I gift you with some bottles!?

William was so agitated that he almost spat blood out.

Meanwhile, the auctioneer had already begun auctioning the next item. There was a huge uproar.

The sky-high prices gave everyone a huge shock, and they were all green with envy, all wishing that they could go to the Tower of Dusk and kidnap the pharmacists. While some were feeling jealous, some were wondering if they should put in more effort to recruit the pharmacists. Others were also wondering if they had not worked hard enough. Actually, Ona was a good example. He only spent a small amount of money on gifts, yet he received two potions which cost more than 200,000 gold coins in return.

"The next potion up for auction is the most magical one that Ive ever seen throughout the years I was an auctioneer. Its also from the Tower of Dusk, and was concocted by the respectable senior pharmacist, Wilkinson." The auctioneer grabbed the last potion that was on display.

Silence filled the air while everyone fixed their eyes on the small potion bottle for fear that they might miss a single word of the auctioneer. What were the effects of this potion? What about it was so magical that even the head auctioneer of the Time Consignment Store couldnt help but be in awe? Theyd never once heard about it before, let alone seen it.

The auctioneer scanned the audience in satisfaction. Although he remained composed on the surface, the excitement that he felt deep down was intense beyond words. The sky-high prices made him look forward to the auctioning of the next potion. If it werent because of Williams words, he wouldnt have believed that such potions existed in this world.

"This potion is called Origin, because its purpose is to lead you to find the origin of magical power!" the auctioneer exclaimed, trying to suppress the excitement in his heart. He carefully held the potion with both hands, and stared at the curious guests before continuing, "Once a mage takes this potion, he will soon slip into a mystical trance that will last for about a month. It will seem like a dream, in which the mage will possess five magical powers that will stay fresh in the mages memory even after he wakes up. The auction for Origin Potion begins with a minimum bid of 550,000 gold coins!"

However, no one dared to make a single sound after the auctioneer announced the start of the auction.

The auctioneers introduction gave everyone a great shock. The thought of the sky-high prices of the items that had been sold off previously made them find it all to be rather surreal. They felt like they were dreaming, and plenty of people found the effects to be rather unbelievable and ridiculous. Learning about magic during a dream? How absurd!

The auctioneer was stunned by the lack of reaction. There had been countless auctions held by the Time Consignment Store, and there was bound to be a huge commotion during every auction, all thanks to Williams good judgment and taste. There had never been silence before.

Just as the silence was getting peculiar, someone yelled, "600,000!"

The person who placed the bid was none other than Sienna. He had previously bought the Twilight Dragon Armor, which was rather useful to himunlike this potion. However, he knew how formidable Lin Li, the owner of the Tower of Dusk, was. Even if no one placed a higher bid and Sienna ended up purchasing the potion, 600,000 gold coins would be worth it if he could forge closer ties with the young President Felic.

Siennas bid had indeed had some effect on the audience. His words were like a stone that caused a thousand ripples on the surface of the water.

Everyone snapped out of their trance, and decided to stop worrying about how the effects of the potion could be made possible, and whether or not the desired results could be achieved, because the pharmacists were the only ones who knew the answers. They would just be making things hard for themselves by trying to speculate and dwell on the theory behind the potions. All they needed to know was that the potion would work and they ought to be careful.

Actually, the theory behind the potions did not matter to others at all. What was important was that the potions had already been put up for auction in the Time Consignment Store by William. The Time Consignment Store and William were both very reputable, and William obviously wouldnt put at risk the reputation that he had painstakingly built. The thought of the effects that the auctioneer had mentioned made them break their silence.

"1,000,000 gold coins!" Tedya exclaimed, placing a bid which made everyone fall silent again.

Learning and comprehending the five magical powers at an advanced pace was undoubtedly a tempting and irresistible offer to mages. Magic and spiritual power were the foundational elements of a mage, but the strength of a mage was not all determined by the foundation. Only by mastering more advanced magic spells could they better use their magic and spiritual power to increase their strength and abilities.

If the only effects of the Origin potion were to help the mages master the five magical powers, it would not really be worth its price. Although magic spells were important, there were still plenty of other things to learn. The key lay in advancement, and advancing to greater levels in magic was not as simple as just reading some books about magical spells.

In reality, it was possible to learn magic at an advanced pace, but there would be huge risks involved. By biting more than they could chew, the mages would risk falling into an abyss. A limited understanding of the Rule Power would make it impossible for one to accommodate the requirements of being at a higher level. It would then inevitably result in dire consequences.