Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 544

Chapter 544 Surge

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Tedyas face grew sullen as he knew that competition was going to be inevitable. He initially thought that he had gained an advantage, and was getting ready to reap the benefits.

"One million three "


As soon as Tedya placed his bid, he was interrupted by another voice, and thus fell silent immediately. He almost got wounded from holding his words back.

Damn it! Damn it! What was I spacing out for!? This is a potion concocted by Mage Felic!Robbio cussed in his head after he frantically placed his bid.

As the person in charge of the Glittergold Trade Union in the Breezy Plains, Robbio clearly remembered his boss Hoffman reminding him solemnly to win the bidding competition for the potion concocted personally by Mage Felic regardless of the price and effects.

Robbio obviously knew that apart from being the owner of the Glittergold Trade Union, his boss Hoffman was also an actual pharmacist. In that case, Master Felics magical and pharmaceutical standards were definitely not to be doubted.

"One million five"


Tedya was about to vomit blood as he thought to himself,What a damn bully. Cant you wait till Im done placing my bid!?

He then decided to mimic the two other bidders and raise his bid by 200,000 gold coins. He exclaimed, "One million eight"


The Glittergold Trade Union had never failed in bidding for anything they wanted. Although Hoffman was not paying with his own money, he spent it without hesitation because he had already gotten permission from his boss, Hoffman.

After hearing the bid of 2,000,000, Tedya took a deep breath, and turned around to ask his follower, "Do you think leaders will agree with what I did after finding out about the situation?"

He could no longer afford to compete with the other two bidders, because he had already hit his limit. Hence, he would have to rely on the support of the Dark Blade in order to purchase the potion.

"Well if we can use this potion to earn the approval of Master Sendros, the three leaders will definitely approve," the follower answered after a moment of hesitation.

Although there were three Legendary powerhouses in the Dark Blade, they all behaved like children who had low status whenever they were in front of Sendros. The Dark Blade had been going against the Malfa Family for countless years, and the three Legendary figures had to work together in order to have enough power to battle the Legendary-mage of the Malfa Family, Cheyenne. Clearly, the two Legendary-level factions were worlds apart.

Hence, the three Legendary figures definitely wouldnt let go of a chance to suck up to Sendros, just like Tedya. Tedya spun the ring around his finger, gritted his teeth angrily, and exclaimed, "2,400,000!"



Tedya involuntarily swayed unsteadily, feeling extremely indignant and exasperated. He had been devising his plan for a long time, and finally decided to continue bidding. Yet, the other two bidders refused to give in at all.

Silence filled the air in the theater as no one dared to make a single sound. Although the voices of the VIP bidders upstairs were not loud, they echoed rather clearly in the hall.

What a joke. Are these big shots out of their minds too? Do they even know what the potion is? How could they spend money so maniacally!?Everyone was bewildered by the bids. It was truly an unprecedented occurrence.

3,000,000 gold coins! The transaction price of the Origin Potion which was concocted by Master Wilkinson and sold at 3,000,000 gold coins had already broken the previous sales record set by the Time Consignment Store. However, the current situation was absolutely absurd. In the blink of an eye, the price of the potion was actually raised to 3,000,000 gold coins.

Damn it, who is this guy named Felic? Hes just a mage, yet his potion is worth 3,000,000 gold coins? Could it be that theyre in cahoots with each other and are raising the prices deliberately to make a joke out of us paupers?

Sienna began to regret his decision not to show his intention to bid just now. Unfortunately, his hesitation caused him to miss the chance to curry favor with Mage Felic.As expected of Mage Felic. Look how much these potions are worth now. Both the Origin Potion and the nameless one are worth a total of 6,000,000 gold coins!

However, the few big figures upstairs clearly did not want to let the others off.


The price was increased by 500,000 immediately. However, the bidder was not one of those three.

Arathor, the castellan of Roland City, had also begun to find Mage Felics name familiar. He could not remember where he had heard that name before, and then suddenly realized that Mage Felic was the one who taught his children magic! He actually had no idea that Mage Felic had the ability to concoct potions. However, the three bidders were obviously not in cahoots with each other. Hence, he decided to join in the bidding.

Roland City was known as the granary of the Breezy Plains, and as the castellan, Arathor was just as wealthy as the three other bidders. If the four of them were to be compared to each other, Tedya would be the weakest. The Dark Blade might be wealthy, but he was not even the rightful successor.

"3,800,000!" Tedya gritted his teeth angrily and placed his bid again, though he was sighing to himself and wondering if this was the highs and lows of life.

Tedya had initially thought that he was the only person who realized the mystique of Mage Felics potions. Hed thought that he could use the potion to get into Sendros good books in hopes of becoming his student. Even if Sendros didnt want to take him in as his student, he would at least obtain some knowledge and tips about magic, which was far more beneficial than taking the potion. Well, Sendros was a Legendary necromancer.

However, Tedya could tell from the progress of events that his wonderful dreams were about to be shattered. Staring at his competitorsthe prince of the Ledin Kingdom, the person in charge of the Glittergold Trade Union, and the richest castellan in the Breezy Plainshe realized that they were all not to be trifled with.

As expected, someone else placed a higher bid after Tedya placed his.

"4,000,000!" another new bidder yelled.

Damn it! What the hell is wrong with you people? Do you think you can intervene with everything just because youre rich!?Tedyas teeth were almost broken because of how hard he was gritting them. He refused to believe that the potion concocted by Mage Felic would be incredible enough to be worth the price.


The wealthy Robbio increased the bid by 500,000 gold coins in a bid to scare off the other competitors. Although his boss Hoffman had given him instructions before, 4,000,000 gold coins was not a small sum. If there were to be any issues, he might not be able to take on such a huge financial responsibility.

After all, he ought to be cautious with spending other peoples money. He did not expect the price of the potion surge so quickly. Hence, he had to plan carefully for their future development. In fact, his worry was not uncalled for, because he did not know a thing about pharmaceutics at all, and William did not even mention the name of the potion during the auction, let alone its properties. How could he deduce the value of the potion when he did not know its properties? Surely he couldnt acquire it blindly regardless of price just because his boss told him to?

Compared to Robbio and Tedya, Arathor did not have as many concerns. All he cared about was whether or not it was within his financial means. Of course, he wouldnt ignore the prerequisite of being able to takeit1.

"5,000,000 gold coins!"

Arathor followed suit and increased the bid by 500,000 gold coins at a time. He thought to himself,If you people still refuse to stop, Ill have to continue increasing the bids. I hope it will be worth it.

The hall was so silent that the sound of a pin dropping could be heard. Everyone was already gasping in shock, and they seemed to have been struck by a fossilizing spell. Some thought,Damn it, I thought that William was out of his mind, but it turns out everyone is crazy. This hallucination feels so real. I cant sober up at all.

Actually, the other guests downstairs were rather displeased with Williams arrangements. At the end of the day, they were still authoritative figures who had high status in the Breezy Plains. They should not be too far off from the big shots of the Breezy Plains.

However, there were only a few forces in the VIP rooms. There were plenty of VIP rooms, but only half of them were occupied. Most reckoned that it should be alright for them to occupy the VIP room that was of the lowest grade. However, it seemed that no one would have the cheek to sit in one even if William arranged it for them.

It was a torture to just sit in the main hall and listen to the absurd bids. No one bothered to speculate regarding the genuineness of the potion anymore, and they were all hoping that the auction would be over as soon as possible so that they would be able to put an end to the misery.

Someone had already called a bid of 5,000,000 gold coins. That was not too far off from 6,000,000! The Origin Potion concocted by Wilkinson had already been auctioned for a sky-high price of 3,000,000 gold coins. The nameless potion actually had a starting bid of 1,000,000 gold coins. They reckoned that it would likely reach a price of 6,000,000 gold coins.