Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 545

Chapter 545 10000000

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To everyones despair, the bidding continued even after the price had exceeded 6,000,000 gold coins. However, the bidders slowed down in placing their bids.

Tedya from the Dark Blade was the first to give up, even though it was a good opportunity for him to curry favor with Sendros. However, because of how unpredictable Sendros was, he was not confident that he would receive benefits from Sendros that were equal to the price that hed have paid.

When the bidding price reached 7,000,000 gold coins, Arathor, the castellan of Roland City, also decided to back out. Although he was labeled the youngest and richest castellan of the Breezy Plains, 7,000,000 gold coins was already his limit. Arathor was not a gambler, and it was impossible for him to spend everything he had on a potion whose effects he was clueless about.

Although the auction was still going on, Hilary, the prince of the Ledin Kingdom and Robbio, the person in charge of the Glittergold Trade Union in the Breezy Plains, were the only ones who were still bidding.

At this point, Hilarys face had begun to grow sullen. Although he was extremely affluent because he was the prince of the Ledin Kingdom, he often splurged on eccentric items that he would add to his collection.

Hilary rubbed his throbbing forehead with his finger as he continuously calculated the total amount of assets he had. He was not afraid of spending money at all, and even if he were to squander away all of the assets that he currently owned, he would be able to make an enviable amount of money again in a few more days. However, the problem was that an installment payment plan was not allowed by the Time Consignment Store, and he would have to pay for the item that he won the bidding for in full.

William had already announced the bid of 850,000 gold coins twice. Hilary took a deep breath, got a grip on his emotions, and nonchalantly said, "9,500,000 gold coins!"

Although Hilary had put all of his assets on the line, he still sounded nonchalant and relaxed as if he still had plenty of money, and would have no problems with paying even if the price doubled. He was hoping that he could give the competition a great shock with his attitude.

However, the problem was that Robbio had the Glittergold Trade Union to support him, and in this world, no one was richer than the Glittergold Trade Union. Well, it might be an exaggeration to say that the Glittergold Trade Union was the wealthiest in the world, but the Glittergold Trade Union could do more than just allocating money. Anyway, all he had to do was hand the money to William once the auction was over. No one needed to know whom the money belonged to.

"10,000,000 gold coins!" Robbio exclaimed, placing a highly anticipated bid.

Ever since the price passed the benchmark of 6,000,000 gold coins, it continued to surge higher and higher. Ever since then, everyone began to think that it was possible for the price to exceed 10,000,000 gold coins.

Now, it finally happened! It was unlikely that anyone would be able to break that record again in the future. The potion concocted by an amateur pharmacist who was neither famous nor authoritative actually had got an offer of 10,000,000 gold coins. Was everyone in Anril crazy!?!

Hilary shook his head, and returned to his seat dejectedly. He thought to himself,I must be an idiot. Why did I even bother competing with the Glittergold Trade Union in wealth!?

Actually, he had always been feeling lucky and fortunate. If Robbios boss, Hoffman, was the one who competed for the Glittergold Trade Union instead, there would be no need for the auction to continue any longer. Their money was still deposited in the Glittergold Trade Union, and if they were to continue vying with them, God knew if the latter wouldnt threaten them with their own money.

William slammed the gravel down while everyone else looked on. The auction could be considered the best one that he had ever had in his life. The 10,000,000-gold-coin transaction could very likely become a record that no one would be able to break in the future.

Lin Li closed his mouth after opening it for a long time. He turned to look at Wilkinson and the rest whose gazes were full of awe, feeling extremely amused. Actually, he had never expected the potion that he had concocted casually during an experiment would sell for 10,000,000 gold coins.

However, Lin Li did not feel any guilt at all despite finding it to be rather strange. He was the concocter; hence, he was the only one who knew that the effects of that potion were definitely worth 10,000,000 gold coins.

Lin Li was definitely not blowing his own trumpet, because the potion was not concocted based on a preconceived formula, but rather a formula that he suddenly thought of when he was reading the Book of Eternity. He found a link between magic and pharmaceutics, and had also gotten a better understanding of them. After finding a few similarities between the two, he vaguely felt that he had touched the realm of a Divine Smith. In a moment of excitement, he decided to concoct the Myth Potion.

Although Lin Li had never let anyone take the Myth Potion before, the effects of the potion could be discerned after the concoction was complete.

Once a mage drank the Myth Potion, he would experience changes and distortion to his mental strength that would stimulate the growth of his mana. The effects would last a long, long time, perhaps one or two years. The long duration would cause a rapid growth in mana that would allow a mage to reach the realm of an Archmage.

It seemed that the effects of the Myth Potion were similar to those of the Rune Potion that Lin Li had concocted beforethe latter would help mages who were stuck in a bottleneck to break through and reach the realm of an Archmage.

However, the Arcane Magic, Arcane, and Rune potions were all used for breaking through to the next realm. The principle behind it was to overdraw the potential of the person to achieve the effect of breaking through. The side effects were clear as wellones progress would be halted and remain stagnant forever.

It was different for the Myth Potion. Just like the Evil Eyes magical crystal, its effects were to stimulate the growth of ones mental strength to allow the user to break through. It could be said that the purpose of the Myth Potion was to increase the users potential greatly.

The Myth Potion was concocted by Lin Li alone. There had never been such a potion before, not even in the Endless World hed been in before he came to Anril. Once the rumors spread, it would definitely cause a huge uproar in the pharmaceutical world of Anril.

Although Lin Li, the master of the Tower of Dusk, had such a powerful potion, he did not allow his mages to use it. It was not because he couldnt bear to, however. Although the potion was sold for 10,000,000 gold coins, Lin Li could afford the cost of it.

The main problem was that Lin Li had never concocted this potion before, and hence was not certain about its effects. For now, he did not know how serious the side effects could be.

However, it did not matter whether or not he knew of the side effects, because someone had already bought the experimental potion for 10,000,000 gold coins and given him the glory. If there were no severe issues or terrible side effects after consumption, Lin Li would consider providing the mages at the Tower of Dusk with a limited supply of the potion.

However, Lin Li found it a hassle to have to find and mix the ingredients required by the formula of the Myth Potion. The most important ones were Heart Of Winter and Sunny Rose, which could not be found in the Breezy Plains.

It was not just in the Breezy Plains. If Lin Li remembered correctly, those two ingredients could only be found in the Felan Kingdom. Just like Black Lotus, they only thrived in extreme conditions

He had no choice but to wait for the business trip to Seven Leaf Grass to end, or find the time to head straight to the Tree of Emerald to take a look.

Just as Lin Li was pondering the matter, he heard the sounds of someone knocking on the door.

"President Felic, Im Robbio from the Glittergold Trade Union. I would like to see you. Are you free now?" asked Robbio, who was standing politely by the door. He had spent 10,000,000 gold coins on a potion whose name he did not even know. He only found out that Mage Felic from the Tower of Dusk was present at the auction after speaking to William to ask about the properties of the potion.

"Oh, Mr. Robbio, please come in," said Lin Li, who knew that Robbio was the person in charge of the Glittergold Trade Union in the Breezy Plains. The Tower of Dusk and Glittergold Trade Union had always been cooperating, but theyd never met each other, because Gavin was the one in charge of managing the business.

"President Felic, Im really sorry, but I only just found out from Master William that you were present at the auction too. I finally got the chance to rush here and visit you," Robbio said courteously.

Lin Li gestured for Robbio to take a seat before asking about Robbios purpose.

"President Felic, heres the thing. I have something to consult you about." Robbio decided to get to the main topic after all the polite talk. Although he was just following orders from Hoffman, Robbio was still a businessman at the end of the day. The most prominent characteristic of businessmen was that they would find a reason for every penny spent.

Besides, it was not just a penny, but 10,000,000 gold coins.

If they were to be withdrawn from the vault of the Glittergold Trade Union, they would be enough to form a pile.

Robbio felt the need to understand what he had spent his money on. Otherwise, he would never get to sleep peacefully again.

"I call this potion Myth Potion. It will greatly increase the mental strength of a mage after he consumes it."