Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 546

Chapter 546 Branch

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Robbio was also a mage, but his limited potential meant that he couldnt have many accomplishments in terms of magic. After hearing Lin Lis introduction about the benefits of the Myth Potion, Robbios eyes widened and lit up. As a mage with limited potential, nobody was clearer about what increasing mental strength meant than him.

"However, this is my first time making this potion. So, I cannot guarantee anything. If anyone suffered from any repercussions after drinking this potion, you need to find me at the Tower of Dusk immediately. Maybe you can still be rescued," Lin Li reminded kindheartedly.

"But" Hearing this "however", Robbio was stunned. 10,000,000 gold coins! He didnt know if Master Hoffman would pay for this potion. However, he had followed Master Hoffmans order to buy whatever potion Lin Li had made at all costs. Yet, since the potions effect wasnt guaranteed, he couldnt repay the 10,000,000 gold coins even if he sold himself!

Robbio didnt have the mood to sit still anymore. He said goodbye to Lin Li and left the room anxiously.

William was rather pleased with the new record-breaking auction. As for the effect of the potion, that wasnt something he needed to worry about. He wondered if the treasure from the Elven Kingdom could break another record. He hadnt been in such a good mood for a while.

First, it was an Origin Potion which allowed people to learn five magic powers that broke the record of the Time Consignment Store for many years. A mysterious man had bought it at the whopping 3,000,000 gold coins. Everyone thought that this record wouldnt be broken for many years.

However, much to everyones surprise, the very next item auctioned was a nameless potion concocted by an unknown mage. This mage didnt even specify the effect of the potion clearly, yet many rich and powerful factions competed during the bidding.

This auction today would be destined to be unforgettable for everyone who attended. The new record of 3,000,000 gold coins was broken after just 15 minutes. Afterwards, every bid surpassed the record a little. Everyone on the first floor turned from surprised to shocked, and finally totally numb. A record of 10,000,000 gold coins was not just a record for the Time Consignment Store or Anril, but rather a first in history.

However, the theme of this auction wasnt just selling the Tower of Dusks wares. The real thing hadnt even come out yet. Everyone suspected if William still had the confidence to take out the so-called mysterious treasure after the record-breaking auction of 10,000,000 gold coins.

Actually, William was rather nervous during the auction just now. If that Myth Potion hadnt been auctioned off just now, Williams reputation would have certainly been damaged. However, William wasnt a fool to auction such a strange item without introduction for no reasonhe had his own intentions behind doing so.

The news of high-level pharmacists in the Tower of Dusk had spread throughout the Breezy Plains. Every faction swarmed towards this newly established Guild of Magic like sharks that smelled blood. Everyone had the same intention: to poach those pharmacists for their own faction from a small influence like the Tower of Dusk.

However, William had noticed something else. The several rich and powerful families didnt do anything amidst this fierce competition for pharmacists. This was truly unbelievable, since these rich and powerful families usually couldnt resist the temptation of pharmacists, much less high-level pharmacists.

What those rich and powerful families were worried about was the mysterious pharmaceutics organization behind the Tower of Dusk and the young President of the Guild of Magic. William had done detailed research on this President Felic, but he got more confused the more he researched. He seemed to have found out a lotthat Felic came from the Jarrosus Guild of Magic, what he did in Alanna, how he got the opportunity to establish the Guild of Magic in the Breezy Plains, etcetera. However, William still couldnt figure out who he exactly was in the end.

From the information that he had collected, William could see that this President Felic was somewhat associated with those rich and powerful families. However, he had no chance of asking directly exactly what their relationship was. If they were close, why didnt the rich and powerful families speak up for the Tower of Dusk when the other factions attempted to raid the pharmacists? Even the Malfa Family who had participated in the destruction of the Syer Bandits didnt do anything.

William actually wanted to use this ridiculous auction as an opportunity to know how important Mage Felic was to those rich and powerful families. Of course, he wouldnt risk his long accumulated reputation for something so trivial.

Though William didnt know the actual effect of that potion, he could see with his experience as a master appraiser that the potion was extraordinary. Moreover, even if nobody bid for it, he could always say, "Let us welcome Mage Felic to introduce the effect of his potion!"

Although he realized the extraordinariness of the potion, William was still very surprised that it could fetch a price of 10,000,000 gold coins. However, unlike the shock from the audience, William had prepared to break the record with that mysterious treasure. Even with the new record of 10,000,000 gold coins, William was still confident that his last item would fetch an even higher price.

After everyone had calmed down, William stood emotionless at the center of the stage as if the 10,000,000-gold-coin deal had nothing to do with him. Everyone in the audience admired William greatly for that. No wonder William was the most esteemed master in the Breezy Plains. He hadnt depended on luck to get to where he was today given his way of managing the Time Consignment Store.

While people admired William, they were more curious about the main course of this auctionthe mysterious treasure from the Elven Kingdomeven though they didnt think anything could possibly break the record of 10,000,000 gold coins.

"I am extremely honored that such a record could be achieved during this auction. However, let us not forget the theme of todays auction. Yes, the mysterious treasure from the Elven Kingdom! I am sure it will end this auction on a perfect note!" Unlike during the auction of the potion just now, William finally behaved like an auctioneer now.

A rather heavy gray metal box was lowered onto the display stage. Its exterior was adorned with rose-gold mageweath, and light waves traveled through them. Just looking at this box, many people were curious what was inside. Though they didnt know what the mageweath was for, they knew that the use of mageweath meant that the item inside was definitely impressive.

Sitting in the guest room, Lin Lis eyes narrowed slightly upon seeing the so-called mysterious treasure from the Elven Kingdom being loaded onto the stage. While other people didnt know, how could a Guru of Inscription and Blacksmith Guru like him not understand what it meant?

The metal from which the box was made was Frost-gray Thorium that was extremely insulating to magical elements. Though Frost-gray Thorium was rare, it didnt have many uses. Most of the time, it was used to insulate magical elements, stop the corrosion of items by magical elements, or prevent the dispersion of certain items magical elements. As for the sealing mageweath on the box, it was also used to insulate magical elements, and was often used interchangeably with Frost-gray Thorium.

Clearly, the use of both Frost-gray Thorium and sealing mageweath were for preventing the dispersion of magical elements of something in the box. Yet the problem was that any of these two could serve the purpose of insulating magical elements. Now that both were used together, Lin Li could still feel slight waves of magical elements from the box. How powerful did this magical object have to be that even this box couldnt totally seal off its magical wave?

"This is the next item we will be auctioning: a treasure thats been passed down to generations of elves for countless years. As for its origins Sorry, I cant reveal the owners name due to his requirements. I seek your understanding. Now, let us appreciate this treasure from the Elven Kingdom!" William walked towards the box and opened it on all four sides.

After the box was opened, everyone couldnt help but gasp. It wasnt because of some treasure inside the box, but rather the fact that the box was a dozen centimeters thick. Rather than saying that it was a box, it was more accurate to say it was a piece of metal with a hole dug inside. No wonder people struggled to carry it up the stage.

Lin Li secretly shook his head. The density of Frost-gray Thorium was very high, and ordinary thickness was enough to insulate magical elements. However, this box was so much thicker. No wonder Warriors carried it upa normal person wouldnt even be able to move it an inch.

Everyone was shocked at this outrageous box. However, they were dumbfounded again upon seeing the so-called treasure in the box. They even thought William was joking with them to put it up for auction.

When the box was open and the so-called treasure from the Elven Kingdom was revealed, everyone sighed. No doubt it was from the Elven Kingdom! Was it for magic or an ingredient waiting to be processed? Or maybe it was a herb from the Elven Kingdom? What laid in the box was a branch.