Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 557

Chapter 557 Scepter

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However, the problem was that the distance between a Legendary-mage and an Archmage was not measured by their differences in mana, but by their difference in knowledge and understanding of the Rule Power. No matter how hard one tried to increase their mana, it would be impossible to close the gap between an Archmage and a Legendary-mage without understanding the Rule Power well enough.

Vidas did not think that a potion that would allow one to directly advance to the Legendary-realm actually existed in this world. Even those pharmacists who claimed to be omnipotent would not be able to formulate such heavenly potions. Perhaps the legendary pharmaceutics Gurus would be able to concoct such extraordinary potions, but there was no pharmaceutics Guru amongst the pharmacists in Anril.

The reason Vidas could use Helios Scepter as a bet without concern was because he was confident that Lin Li wouldnt be invincible even if he had a potion that would lead him directly to the Legendary-realm. In fact, he would be insignificant compared to Vidas, who had entered the Legendary-realm hundreds of years ago.

However, entering the Legendary-realm did not mean that one had crossed the threshold and would be able to enjoy smooth sailing in the future. In fact, every advancement in power would require another level of understanding of the Rule Power, and the difficulty of each point of progress was no less than the threshold preceding it. Therefore, a Legendary-mage would still have a hard time advancing further after entering the Legendary-realm. Vidas had already been in the Legendary-realm for hundreds of years, and had already got to level-22. However, he was vastly stronger than when hed first entered the Legendary-realm.

Hence, Vidas was not at all worried. Regardless of what tricks Lin Li pulled, it would be impossible for him to surpass Vidas by advancing three more levels after entering the Legendary-realm. His true intention in putting Helios Scepter at stake was because he wanted to use this invincible magic staff to bring out the greed existing within humans.

Even William, the host of the auction, did not know the specific information about the branch of the Tree of Eternity. However, he guessed from the exterior appearance and aura of the branch that it was likely to be a piece lost by the elves over 1000 years ago. It had been bestowed to the queen as a treasure that she could keep with her wherever she went. After the end of the Dark Age, the elves met with their biggest calamity, and the branch disappeared.

Whether it had been retrieved from the Tree of Eternity or not, that actually was not important. The pure and natural aura within it was the reason Vidas was bent on getting it. With the exception of Legolas who specialized in fire magic, most of the elven mages practiced nature spells. When Vidas reached the Legendary-realm, he was allowed to create his own Magical Domain. He then created a nature domain.

Judging from the natural aura of the branch, it was extremely beneficial for the nature domains of elves. If Vidas could incorporate the branch into his natural domain, he would effortlessly break through to level-23. In fact, advancing to level-24 would be possible too.

Every advancement in any realm above the Legendary-realm would become extremely challenging. Plenty of extraordinarily talented Legendary-mages never got to the Sanctuary-realm despite having used up their entire lifetime to attempt it. Vidas had already lived for almost 1000 years, which was a common phenomenon amongst the elves because they enjoyed long lifespans. However, after they entered the Legendary-realm, there was little to no difference between them and human Legendary-mages. He had stayed in his current realm for several months, but could actually already tell that it would be difficult for him to advance further. The branch had now become all of his hope.

When Vidas whipped out Helios Scepter and introduced it, all of the big shots, including Arathor and William, as well as the leaders of the smaller forces, gasped in shock and fascination. Although they did not know of the elven Dalisma Family, they definitely knew of Helios Scepter.

This staff was a well-known piece of magical equipment during the Dark Age, especially during the later years of it. After the Dark Age ended, humans attacked the elves, but the Helios Scepter dealt great damage to the human forces. Hence, Helios Scepter was described and mentioned rather frequently in plenty of war reports at that time.

Of course, when Vidas mentioned Helios Scepter, everyone suddenly remembered and thought about the surname Dalisma. The humble elf who was born as a slave managed to become known as Helios, recognized by the elven queen all based on his own abilities and hard work. Later on, she even personally gifted him the scepter. He was a member of the Dalisma Family, and since then, his family became raved about in Anril during the Dark Age.

William shook his head resignedly, and stared at the figures in the middle of the square. Helios Scepter was indeed a tempting treasure to mages, but the problem was that Lin Li had to win the battle against Vidas who was a Legendary-mage who held Helios Scepter. Was there even a need to proceed with the battle!?

However, both William and Arathor were powerless at this point. All they could do was pray that the elven mage Vidas would refrain from going overboard on the account of the Supreme Council. Anyway, they were betting items, and there was no need to take each others life.

The energy fluctuations exhibited by Helios Scepter had really aroused Lin Lis interest. The set of inviting lines was recited by him in front of everyone, thus signifying the official start of the battle.

Upon hearing that Lin Li had accepted the battle, Vidas sneered coldly in contempt. Although he did not overestimate his own abilities like Lin Li did in his opinion, he did not hesitate to launch his attack. A strong magical wave instantly surrounded the entire squarethat was the so-called dominance of a level-22 Legendary-mage. It even caused a massive energy whirlpool in the air over the square.

It was a virgin experience for many of the spectators, for they had never witnessed the powers of a Legendary powerhouse before. In their imagination, Legendary-mages were just one level higher than level-19 Archmages, and calling them Legendary was just a form of address. However, after watching what Vidas had just done, they finally realized how ridiculous they were in their assumptions. They could tell just by looking that Vidas was extremely formidable, so much so that they began to shudder in fearespecially the ones who were weaker. They dared not imagine what it would be like to face his wrath.

At this moment, Vidas had already removed his disguising spell and exposed his true identity. Since it was a battle, and there had to be spectators and witnesses, there would be no point in concealing his identity anymore. Although the feud between Helios and humans had already ended centuries ago, Vidas did not plan to simply win the battle. He wanted to use this opportunity to declare to everyone that the glory of the Vidas Family had yet to end. Those who had the audacity to offend Helios family would face severe punishment.

Vidas performance shattered every last bit of Arathors hopes. It was a battle between a Legendary-mage and a supposed Archmage. Was there a need to go to such great lengths just for the sake of winning?Theyre indeed different from humans. Cant they spare a thought for humans who cant fathom their logic!?

Arathor began to regret his decision. Who would have thought that a broken branch would cause so much trouble? If it were other elves instead of Vidas, he perhaps wouldnt agree to hosting the battle and save himself some face. However, Vidas was a descendant of Helios.

William was just as dejected. He closed his eyes slightly and leaned backwards against the seat, for he no longer wanted to watch the battle that was going on in the middle of the square. There was no doubt or suspense at all. All efforts and scheming tricks would be rendered useless in front of a strong Legendary-mage. Although Mage Felic was an accomplished pharmacist, there didnt exist a potion that would allow him to enter the Legendary-realm directly. Vidas was an elf who had been in the Legendary-realm for numerous years. Hence, a beginner Legendary figure could not compare to him at all. Besides, William had never heard of a powerful potion that would allow one to directly enter the Legendary-realm. If it really existed, he was certain that people would vie to the very end for that potion even if it were auctioned at 150,000,000 gold coins.

Almost everyone on both viewing decks had prepared to watch the battle. They were all very sure that the young human mage, Lin Li, would be horribly defeated by the Legendary elven mage with just a simple and effortless spell.

Wilkinson and the other pharmacists were the only ones who were nervously staring at the middle of the square, though Wilkinson had already made up his mind to go back immediately and seek Balbo for help if anything were to happen to Lin Li. He was bent on making Castellan Arathor and Vidas pay for what they had done.

After spending time learning from Lin Li, Wilkinson and the other pharmacists had long been convinced by Lin Lis pharmaceutical knowledge and respected him for it. They absolutely believed that he knew everything about pharmaceutics, but they were not confident in his magical skills.

No matter how gifted one might be, his energy would still be limited, especially since Lin Li had just turned 20 years old. Since he had already attained so much knowledge and accomplishments in pharmaceutics at such a young age, how could he have had the energy to learn magic properly? Those pharmaceutics Masters who had legendary abilities did not pick their skills up over just one or two days. Most of them started by learning magic first and used their magical abilities to bring them to the Legendary-realm, where they enjoyed increased longevity, after which they started to learn about pharmaceutics.

Wilkinson and the other pharmacists could not bring themselves to watch the battle any longer. However, they could all tell that the elven mage Vidas was out to kill. They were certain that Lin Li would lose the battle; hence, they were considering how they should take revenge for him.

Sienna was the only person who had faith and immense confidence in Lin Li, and, unlike the rest, felt that Lin Li would win the battle.

He thought,Damn it, so what if hes a Legendary figure? Does he know that Mage Felic had already destroyed a Legendary Lich and a Humerus Wyrm one year ago? He can definitely take on a Legendary elven mage! Yet, all of these people are betting on how long it will take for Vidas to destroy Felic. What a bunch of fools!

In Siennas opinion, the combination of a Legendary Lich and Humerus Wyrm was the most powerful one in the Legendary-realm. Hence, he felt that no one would pose a threat to Lin Li, even if he was a formidable elven Legendary-mage.

Everyone had a common opinionthere would ultimately be a distinct winner in the battle, though Siennas candidate was different from the rest. Hence, when someone he knew asked him if he wanted to bet how long Lin Li would last, Sienna asked, "Can I bet on Mage Felic winning?"

Despite feeling the tension of being in the presence of a strong and dominant Legendary-mage, everyone who heard Siennas words burst into laughter as if they had never heard a funnier joke. They actually forgot about their stress and began guffawing loudly, garnering the attention of others who were also curious. Siennas words then spread like wildfire throughout the viewing deck.

"Leader Sienna, you are too humorous. We were all feeling oppressed at first, but you really cracked us up!" said the person next to Sienna.

"My foot. Im for real. Is there such a bet? Ill bet on Mage Felic winning," Sienna said in annoyance.

"Wait What what did you say?" that person said while suppressing his laughter and staring at Sienna in shock.

"Cut the crap. Do you dare to take on the bet or not? Im betting 500,000 gold coins. Mage Felic will win!" Sienna exclaimed, disregarding the power of Vidas. After witnessing and experiencing the power of a Lich, he could take more shock than others.

In everyones opinion, Sienna was just acting like an idiot! They could not figure out how a fool like him managed to win the favor of Castellan Arathor, who even appointed him as the leader of the top mercenary corps regiment in Roland City! There was such a stark contrast between Vidas and Lin Li, yet Sienna failed to see it. He ought to have sensed the formidable aura of the Legendary Vidas.