Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 596

Chapter 596 Heart Piercing Potion

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The battle lasted for ages. After he had been bombarded by thousands of spells, Lin Li felt as if he had been through some catastrophe. His expensive black robe was torn all over, and the magical gemstones on the Helios Scepter also turned dull. Lin Li knew that this Helios Scepter he had just gotten might be destroyed if he wasnt able to think of a way to end this battle quickly.

What was more terrifying was that Lin Li was starting to feel his mana running out even with his naturally powerful mana. This battle was too intense even for Lin Li. He was reaching his limits by using the Elemental Shield and ice walls to protect himself from the thousands of magic spells for half an hour. After all, Lin Li was still a human, and hadnt reached Gerescos level of placing his body and soul into nothingness. Thus, he was still very much constrained by World Rules.

Lin Li was already feeling his mana running out. He could only endure another 10 minutes before running into a possible magical bottleneck. By then, the Elemental Shield and ice walls could no longer protect himself from harm. To make matters worse, his mental strength was starting to run out too due to prolonged period of using high-intensity magic. His head was throbbing as if someone had been stabbing his brain continuously with a nail. Lin Li knew that this was a sign of overusing mental strength.

Fortunately, Lin Li found an opportunity before he totally ran out of energy

Perhaps it was because the prolonged bombardment of magic was too dull, or perhaps because even the Dragon of Dream which had endless magic was exhausted. After a long while, Lin Li finally found an opportunity that couldnt be considered as an opportunity

There were finally a few pauses between the storms

Lin Li made use of these opportunities to release an Elemental Shield. He built seven layers of ice walls simultaneously, and added a precious element-absorbing mageweath on them.

This element-absorbing mageweath was crucial. Although it was just a high-level mageweath, it could protect Lin Li from the harm of magic up to level-20 for at least 10 seconds.

This meant that Lin Li was absolutely safe for the next 10 seconds!

At the moment that the mageweath was cast, Lin Li had taken out a bottle of vibrantly colorful potion from the Ring of Endless Storm. The potion radiated a dreamy shine, shaking slightly in the crystal bottle. Lin Li hesitated for a second, and then opened the cap and poured the whole bottle into his mouth.

Many people knew the saying that the most beautiful things were often the most deadly. In the forests, the brightly colored mushroom often contained fatal poisons. One also needed to be extra careful around brightly colored snakes.

Although this rule didnt apply for every man-made item, potions concocted by pharmacists made use of natural products and applied natures rules. Pharmacists only cared about the effect of their potions, and wouldnt waste any effort on their appearance. Hence, there was an unspoken rule that the more appealing a potion looked, the more poisonous it was. In contrast, healing medicines were always bitter.

The potion that Lin Li had taken out was called Heart-piercing Potion. It was very beneficial to a Warrior, but fatal to a Mage. Pharmacists only knew how to perfect the potions with their skills, but never gave them ostentatious names.

This potion was named Heart-piercing Potion because its user would feel like his heart was pierced immediately. The excruciating pain was beyond the limits humans could bear. Rather than saying that it would poison its user, it was perhaps more accurate to say that the user died out of pain. The pain it brought about really made people realize what it meant to be better dead than in pain.

However, this only applied to Mages. To a Warrior, the pain he would feel was far less than that of a Mage. On the other hand, the benefits it brought were too tempting for any Warrior. Given that Lin Li had only taken it out as his trump card, this Heart-piercing Potion was certainly not ordinary.

After a Warrior had drunk the Heart-piercing Potion, he would be immune to magic below level-25. Although its effect could only last for a short while, this period was enough for the Warrior to become a Mages nightmare. Even though the Warrior could only use his own strength afterwards, didnt Warriors depend on their own strength all the time?

It wasnt exaggerating to say that the Heart-piercing Potion could make a Warrior possess god-like abilities. Even a Mage at the peak of the Legendary-realm couldnt match a Warrior like that. No matter how powerful a Mages magic was, even if it could kill a Wyrm, it was useless facing a Warrior who had drunk the Heart-piercing Potion as long as it was below level-25.

Given its powerful effect, this potion was obviously not easily concocted. Otherwise, mages wouldve become extinct in the world.

Every ingredient that this Heart-piercing Potion needed was precious and rare. Back at Alanna, Lin Li had obtained four black lotus flowers by chance. Usually, he would use just a few petals when concocting high-level potions. However, he directly used half a flower for this Heart-piercing Potion.

With Lin Lis current assets, it was difficult for him to get even one black lotus flower. The key point wasnt price, but rather that this flower grew under extreme conditions, which made it very rare. Even though Lin Li had used it so sparingly, he was still only left with two after all this time.

From this, it was easy to tell that the Heart-piercing Potion was priceless. Other than the preciousness of its ingredients, only Guru-level pharmacists dared to attempt concocting it due to the skills needed. However, even a Pharmaceutics Guru couldnt guarantee that he would successfully concoct the potion.

However, this precious and wonderful potion had totally different effects when used on a Mage. The excruciating pain came from the fact that the Mages mana was sealed inside his body. A Mage without mana was no different from a useless person. Of course, he also had to endure immense pain before that.

If not for the terrifying effects, the Heart-piercing Potion would undoubtedly be an excellent drink given its sweet and refreshing taste. However, the pain that followed was beyond human endurance. Lin Li couldnt care about the Elemental Wyrm, main body or clone, anymore. He froze on the spot, focusing all his effort on combating this pain.

Magic storm still raged in the mountain valley. Under the control of the Elemental Wyrm, waves of storms gushed towards Lin Li. However, those high-level spells which made Lin Li powerless just now suddenly disappeared as if there was an invisible space crack that engulfed all of them.

Lin Li was now motionlessly standing there. His eyebrows twitched and his muscles were very tense. He clenched his teeth hard, and veins popped out from his temples. Sweat oozed out from his forehead and flowed down his cheeks.

One hand was grasping the Helios Scepter tightly, while Lin Lis other hand was clenched so tightly that his fingernails were buried into his flesh. Drops of blood dripped down his fist and splashed onto the ground. Nobody would know what kind of pain Lin Li was enduring now. If ordinary people hadnt experienced it themselves, they couldnt possibly imagine how painful it would be that even death would be better than enduring the pain.

The excruciating pain was only physical. When Lin Lis Frost Domain was starting to collapse, this kind of physical pain wasnt that important anymore. The pain coming from the bottom of his soul made the strongest willpower lose its effect. If Lin Li hadnt been baptized by the Lord of Nightmares, he wouldve probably been crying now.

For a mage to create a Magical Domain, he had to integrate his own mental strength and realization of Rules. If his Magical Domain collapsed, it would inevitably severely damage his mental strength. There was still a limit to physical pain, but there was to limits to mental pain. If a person couldnt bear physical pain, his brain would automatically shut down the body and avoid the pain by fainting. In contrast, people couldnt even faint from mental pain.

However, Lin Li, who was still conscious, couldnt help but be a little worried now. Magical Domain was an indicator of a mage reaching the Legendary-realm, and was as important as his own life to a mage. Though the collapse of the Magical Domain didnt mean that he would leave the Legendary-realm forever, it was much harder to build a new one.

Under the effect of the Heart-piercing Potion, the Frost Domain almost collapsed instantaneously. He also suffered from immense pain on the mental level that seemed to be increasing in intensity. Just then, Lin Li was surprised to realize that a change was happening to the Light and Darkness Domain even though his Frost Domain had already collapsed.

Although Lin Li had personally concocted the Heart-piercing Potion, he didnt expect so many changes to happen after drinking it.