Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Departure

In the following few months, Andoine frequently lacked in herbs.

Using this as an excuse, Lin Li was frequently called upon by Andoine to fight different types of magical beasts.

From Manticore to a Three-eyed Blood Wolf, then from Thunder Beast to a Bloodthirsty Lizard. In slightly over a month, Lin Li killed literally all the magical beasts of the Sunset Mountains that were of level-seven and below.

After struggling in battle with a highly invasive manticore initially, Lin Li eventually could easily kill a level-six beast. Lin Li only possessed ten low-level magic spells, however, he was clear that he had become stronger. In the opinion of Andoine, Lin Li had begun to feel more like a real mage.

Each time he peeked through the crystal ball to observe Lin Li's battles with the creatures, Andoine always felt that Lin Li felt distant and unfamiliar again

From the beginning, Andoine believed that inexperience could be overcomejust like an inexperienced archer hiding in the distance becoming an experienced mage using magic to control the situation to make the enemies die in despair and helplessness. This transformation took only a month for Lin Li. It should be known that, in the current Guild of Magic, there were still quite a few who wore the hat of the wizard but were doing the work of an archer.

Lin Li's improvement was indeed so quick that it was unbelievable for an old mage like Andoine.

Mentioning the inexperienced Lin Li slightly a month back would only make Andoine feel strange and distant.

Three days ago, in a battle with the Thunder Beast, Lin Li completely rid himself of the shackles of the spell recitation through performing the Delaying Spell merely with a gesture of a hand. The old mage begun to feel distressed.

What else can I still teach him? Andoine stared at the crystal and pondered for a long time, asking himself what other skills he was able to teach Lin Li.

Although it was only the Delaying spell, it brought shock to Andoine as it felt like a spell over level-eighteen.

He remembered very clearly: when he'd first unleashed his low-levelled spell, he was thirty years old and had just become a mage.

In the following few days, Andoine was troubled as he was completely clueless what else he could teach Lin Li.

Because of his troubles, Lin Li managed to get a few days of a rare break.

After Lin Li practiced elemental sequencing, he sneaked into the pharmacy. Using the spirit divinity's grass that he had obtained a few days back, he made himself a few bottles of Hastening Potion. Andoine had forbidden him to use such stuff since quite a while ago as too much reliance on medications, drugs, or foreign objects would inevitably affect his improvement in magical capabilities.

However, today he noticed that the old mage, Andoine, seemed to be distracted.

While Lin Li was busy in the pharmacy lab, the old mage would usually come in to check instead of staring distracted out at the window.

The old mage only returned back to his normal state when a few bottles of Hastening Potions were completed.

"How many times have I told you that too much reliance on medication will only bring you more damage than benefits? Why are you not listening to my advice?" Upon saying that, Andoine heaved a sigh. "Forget it. In the future, I will not be able to supervise you over the crystal ball every day. Perhaps the medication will be able to save your life when you meet with some trouble."

"What happened?" For the past few days, Lin Li felt that Andoine's attitude was weird. Now that he heard the old mage utter such a thing, Lin Li hastily became aware of it and was so stunned that he even forgot to keep those Hastening Potions that he had made.

At that time, Andoine begun to look pale. He held onto the chair, slowly sat down, and placed the crystal ballwhich he had never allowed to be out of his sightaside. Thereafter, he did not answer Lin Li's question. Instead, he asked, "Have you been staying here for three months?"

"About there," Lin Li answered distractedly. He curiously stared at Andoine as he realized that the old mage looked pale and tired today.

"When I've found you, I did not realize that I have found a magic genius." The old mage laughed, his husky voice tinged with emotion. "Until now, I still can't believe that you have never learnt magic before."

"That was due to limited conditions, because nobody could teach me"

"I know that you carry some secret and you have no intention to share it. I have no intention to probe, either." He brushed off Lin Li's true reply as an excuse with a wave of his hand, indicating that Lin Li did not need to explain anything. Andoine then said to himself, "In the beginning, I just could not bear to see you waste your talent. At that time, I did not expect that you could have done so well. It wasn't until the last two days that I realized I have nothing more to teach you!"

Lin Li wanted to humbly say a few words of consolation, however, he realized that the atmosphere was not right. He thought to himself, Might as well keep my mouth shut and listen conscientiously to what Andoine has to say.

"For the past two days, I have been pondering what else I could teach you. It wasn't until this morning that these questions could no longer trouble me This morning, I received a letter from an old friend. In his letter, he stated that there is a very important thing that he requires my help in."

"So you are ready to chase me off?"

"Basically, that is the case." After finishing what he had to say, Andoine pulled out a thick envelope from his mage robe. "In any case, by continuing to stay in the Sunset Mountains, you will not be able to learn anything useful anymore. Why don't you let me recommend you to another place? There, you can choose to continue to learn something more or do the things you have always wanted to do."

"What place is it?"

"Take this letter to the Jarrosus City's Guild of Magic and look for someone by the name of Gerian. He will help you to arrange everything." Andoine handed the thick envelope to Lin Li. "By the way, there seems to be some problem with your identity. It won't matter, because if you don't wish to use your original identity, you can use the one I have prepared for you. The information is in the envelope. You just have to take some time to memorize it."

"Thank you." After listening to the old mage's gentle and thoughtful exhortation, Lin Li suddenly felt that his eyes were moist. In order to lighten the atmosphere, he gave a reluctant smile and asked casually, "When are you planning to leave?"

"About half an hour later." The old mage laughed and gave Lin Li a pat on his shoulder. "It wouldn't matter as this will not delay me too much. I guess I will probably be able to head to Jarrosus City after a week or two. When that happens, I will bring you to my private pharmacy. I had hidden a purple set of crystal beakers; it's a treasure that I have gotten at a great value"

Subsequently, Lin Li could no longer remember what Andoine had said. It was only when Andoine's back disappeared into the distance that Lin Li suddenly recalled an important matter.