Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 605

Chapter 605 Requiem Song

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Lin Li thought that it would be better to take out four magic crystals than to let a Legendary magic crystal go to waste. As long as Xiao Hua obediently acted as the source of magic in order for the Alchemy Array to exert the most complete effects, the Titan Dragon Spear and the Titans skeleton could be considered his. Compared to the four magical crystals, it was a much better gain.

However, just as Lin Li was about to agree, Xiao Hua suddenly retracted his front paw. It then raised its claws in front of Lin Li and scrutinized them before glancing at Lin Li again. It then lay down on the ground, and raised all its limbs while rolling about.

"Damn it!" Lin Li cussed, and thought to himself,Does this little thing find its claws to be too small to grasp magical crystals? By raising four limbs, it probably wants 16 magical crystals.

"Tickle me!" the baby Elemental Wyrm exclaimed gleefully.

Lin Li had been benefiting from others ever since he arrived in Anril. However, it was his turn to benefit someone else this time. In fact, if Lin Li could pile all the magical crystals in his collection to nurture a Dragon of Dream, Lin Li wouldnt be stingy about giving out his crystals. After all, the Dragon of Dream was extremely powerful.

However, the issue was that Lin Li would never be able to let Xiao Hua mature into an adult even if he were to give all of his magical crystals to it. Besides, the role of a baby Elemental Wyrm would be too restricted and limited in the impending disaster.

Lin Li squatted down and poked the Elemental Wyrms belly.

"Tickle?" the Elemental Wyrm muttered in shock.

Lin Li took out a light blue magical crystal from his ring. It was a level-19 magical crystal that he had obtained by killing the Thunder Valiant Beast. He waved the magical crystal at Xiao Hua, after which he pointed at the magical crystal and extended a finger to Xiao Hua. He meant that the level-19 magical crystal would be the reward.

The baby Elemental Wyrm licked its mouth and appeared to be salivating, but it did not agree immediately. Instead, it stood up and extended its claws hinting that it wanted eight of the level-19 magical crystals.

Lin Li had encountered all sorts of sly and unethical merchants before. Although he might not be able to really deal with the old and sly foxes, he was certain that he could deal with a baby Elemental Wyrm. He immediately put the magical crystal back inside his ring, after which he picked Xiao Hua up and cast it towards the side, trying to say, "I cant afford to use you. Ill leave you alone, alright?"

The Elemental Wyrm had no idea that Lin Li would not be able to come up with a more suitable source of magic power for the huge Alchemy Array apart from itself. Thinking that Lin Li really didnt want to use it anymore, it frantically flew to Lin Li and nodded eagerly while calling him and staring at him with puppy eyes and a pitiful look.

Lin Li was amused. Although it had inherited some of the memories from the projected avatar, it was still way too incompetent at pulling tricks and playing mind games. Instead of answering immediately, Lin Li pulled a long face and pushed Xiao Hua towards the side firmly.

Xiao Hua was just a newly born Elemental Wyrm which obviously had no idea how sinister and evil the world could be. If it were that conscious, the Dragon of Dream, along with the ancient Wyrms, would have long dictated the world of Anril. What could possibly happen when a thick-skinned person met an even more thick-skinned one? Xiao Hua decided to cling tightly onto Lin Lis finger, refusing to let go.

Lin Li suppressed his laughter, and pointed at the position that he was in just now. Full of anger and indignant feelings, Xiao Hua quietly returned to its initial position. However, Lin Li obviously didnt want to push Xiao Hua over the edge; hence, he grabbed a level-10 magical crystal and cast it at Xiao Hua. He then grabbed another level-19 magical crystal and level-17 magical crystal. Pointing at them, he said, "Work properly. Once you make me satisfied, these two magical crystals will be yours."

Although Xiao Hua had no idea what Lin Li was saying, it could understand his gestures. Hence, it immediately stuffed the magical crystal into its mouth and nodded at Lin Li.

He finally solved the issue of finding a magic source of the huge Alchemy Array. The never-ending magic of the Elemental Wyrm was enough for this huge Alchemy Array to exert its power to the maximum. Lin Li checked the Alchemy Array again, and turned to look at Xiao Hua who was moving together with him. It seemed he would have to research and develop a stronger Alchemy Array or mageweath to deal with it from now on.

After everything was prepared, Lin Li launched the Alchemy Array, and the magical materials with different colors gradually became brighter under the infusion of massive magic. Lin Li walked to the Titan Dragon Spear, suppressed his excitement, and slowly extended his hand.

Just like Lin Li had expected, there was an abrupt and massive change in the cave when Lin Li touched the giant Titan Dragon Spear.

An immense power as vast as the boundless sea suddenly descended on the cave, making Lin Li feel rather small. The force was intense and hot, completely devoid of the gloominess and coldness that should be present in ghouls. The initially vast mountain seemed so narrow and oppressive because of the force.

"Lowly elves, you shall pay for everything that you have done! All of the other elves will die together with you, and the fury of the Pantheon will turn everything into ash!"

The force emerged with a loud and furious roar, which caused the entire valley to slip into tremors. It was as if it was going to collapse and crumble anytime.

Lin Li knew that he had guessed correctly. There was indeed a Titan Spirit which had yet to enter the Pantheon existing in the cave together with the Titan Dragon Spear and the Titan skeleton.

A shadow suddenly appeared in the initially empty and hollow cave, and the huge roar resounded like thunder. At that moment, Lin Li was overwhelmed with an unprecedented pressure which was far greater than the one Vidas, a level-22 mage, had imposed on him. It was even comparable to the real Dragon of Destruction from the Endless World.

In the face of this pressure, Lin Li felt like he was extremely tiny and insignificant, with a tinge of despair. What was there to resist? Could he even resist it? Legendary-mages were nothing but a joke when compared to this force.

When the feeling of despair spread quickly through his mind like wildfire, Lin Li no longer tried to resist, and there was a sudden outburst of tenacity and mental strength. Lin Lis eyes began to turn a little clearer, and he seemed to have become another person.

He had no choice but to admit that Geresco really did deserve the title of the God of Mages; the mental strength training method written in the Book of Eternity really benefited Lin Li. Although Lin Li had a flair for magic, his mental strength was far beyond that of ordinary humans. However, if he had not practiced using the training method written in the Book of Eternity, he would have really given up by now.

The Titan Spirit was still present, but Lin Lis mental strength was extremely strong. Despite being shaken by the massive storm, he never once gave in. At this moment, he had already understood that the massive pressure that made one feel like they were on the verge of despair was a powerful mental attack.

Lin Li stood still. He clenched his jaw and turned pale, but he still exhibited tenacity. Blood began to flow slowly out of the corners of his eyes and mouth, but his strong grit and willpower were still shown in his eyes. Why were Titans still so strong after losing their bodies and weapons? It was because of their unyielding will that had been developed after they experienced the Thunderbolt.

So what if its a Titan Spirit? So what if its Level-25? Its just an unlucky creature that didnt even manage to get to Pantheon,Lin Li thought.The Titan Dragon Spear is right here. You would have long killed me if you could use it. Go ahead and use it! A member of the heavenly race that was born in chaos? Didnt you end up in this horrendous place too!?

Lin Li continuously tried to strengthen his willpower to retaliate against the Titan Spirit.

The Titan Spirit roared angrily, and the whole mountain trembled. It could not help but be angry at the fact that the tiny and insignificant Lin Li actually could persevere under his strong mental pressure. It was the greatest insult to the mighty Titans.

Lin Li shuddered slightly, but it was not because of fear, but the result of the tightening of his muscles in his entire body. Although his mental strength was weak under the overwhelming mental pressure, he still remained determined, without wavering at all.

I shall persist and show you what Im made of!Lin Li had pinned all of his hopes on the massive Alchemy Array that he had set up previously. With the huge gap in power, a strong willpower alone was not enough. That dash of hope was the best drive and motivation for him to press on.

Time passed second after second, and Lin Li felt like his mental strength had already been pushed to its maximum. The Level-25 Titan Spirit indeed could not be resisted simply with unwavering willpower.

However, at this moment, a sacred song and bell full of Holy Aura sounded in the middle of the mountain valley all of a sudden. It became increasingly louder, seemingly not affected by the power of the Titan Spirit. The Titan Spirit roared again, his voice filled with anger and reluctance, though he was soon overshadowed by the sacred song which drowned his roar out. The violent power of the Titan Spirit seemed like snow that was gradually melting away in the sun.

"You thought you were immortal, but you still died with your dynasty!"

After a final roar, the Titan Spirit disappeared.

At this moment, the sacred song and bell began to turn softer after the climax, while the Alchemy Array gradually turned dim.

Lin Li finally breathed a long sigh of relief, stretched out a trembling hand, and wiped the blood off of his face while his body swayed and rocked. Although it was just a confrontation and battle of power, it still made Lin Li feel weak. The massive mental strength and attack were enough to crush any confident spirit.

The light of the Alchemy Array had been completely extinguished, and the precious magical materials used to arrange it had also lost their luster. At this juncture, they no longer possessed any value. Feeling like it had done its job, Xiao Hua immediately scurried towards Lin Li without his permission. It seemed to have failed to realize how dangerous the situation earlier had been. It simply extended its claws towards Lin Li and asked for its reward.

Feeling amused, Lin Li retrieved two magical crystals from his ring and cast them at Xiao Hua, who was wagging its tail and salivating. Xiao Hua cheered, and went to the side to chew on the magical crystals, while Lin Li stared at the Titan skeleton and the Titan Dragon Spear. Looking at the Alchemy Array that had no longer any value, Lin Li thought to himself,How overwhelming!

It was a Level-25 Titan Spirit. If it werent for the fact that he knew about the Alchemy Array, he probably would not even be able to protect himself, let alone win the battle. The massive Alchemy Array was not just gigantic, but also complicated. It was a genuine Guru-level Alchemy Array that might not be set up by anyone else in the entire Anril. It was the only Alchemy Array that could turn mana into divine power that Lin Li knew.

The bells and songs of this divine power could suppress all evil in the world, and it was known as Requiem Array. It was said that even Rodhart, the Retribution Knight, fell under the Requiem song of the prophet Willen.

There was a holy bell on top of the Brilliance Shrine, and it was said that holy light of the church would be invincible with such a Requiem Array. Once any evil creature approached, itd be overshadowed by the divine bell.

Lin Li created the Requiem Array based on the theory and principles of Requiem. As long as there was enough mana, similar effects could be achieved, and he could also use it to deal with the Retribution Knight.

The only disadvantage was that in the process of conversion, the loss of magic power would be unavoidable and excessive. The 90% loss directly resulted in a terrible and horrifying depletion of mana that would be consumed by the Alchemy Array. Even if a Legendary magical crystal was placed in it, it would be depleted the instant that the Requiem began.

In Anril, probably only an extraordinary existence like the Elemental Wyrm could possess that much mana and be able to sustain the Requiem. In fact, the baby Elemental Wyrm, Xiao Hua, could even continue wagging its tail and relentlessly ask Lin Li for some magical crystals after such a massive depletion.

Lin Li turned his head and looked at Xiao Hua that had wiped out the Level-17 magical crystal and was now holding onto the level-19 Thunder Valiant Beasts magical crystal, licking it like it was a large sugar cube. Lin Li shook his head in amusement, and walked towards the Alchemy Array. He first put away Holy Light and Gloomy Dark before looking for some magical materials that he could use again.