Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 606

Chapter 606 Dream Garden

Although Lin Li obtained victory in the end and obtained the Titan Skeleton as well as the Titan Dragon Spear, he was a little more doubtful. How could such a strong and powerful level-25 Titan end up in this place? Even a figure of the Sanctuary-realm probably would be no match for it.

Before the Titan Spirit was subdued, why did it roar twice? The High Elves were only born during the Dark Age, and logically speaking, they should not have anything to do with the Titans. The Titans were destroyed way before elves emerged.

"You thought you were immortal, but you still died with your dynasty." Could it be the Immortal King? If that was the case, the Titan here might not have been an ordinary one. None of those who were affiliated with the Immortal King were simple.

Lin Li immediately shook his head again to deny his own guess. It was said that the Immortal King was born together with the Tree of Eternity, which was born because of the destruction of the Titans and the ancient wyrms. It did not fit the chronological order at all.

The gigantic Titan Skeleton and the Titan Dragon Spear were finally kept in the Ring of Endless Storm belonging to Lin Li. There were now more questions in Lin Lis mind, though. What other secrets concerning the prehistoric times were there?

Recalling the thrilling experience that he had previously and the formidable pressure of the Titan Spirit, Lin Li glanced at the now empty mountain. The stark contrast seemed surreal.

Lin Li did not wish to waste any more time on these doubts. There were plenty of questions that could not be answered just based on guesses. He could only find out about the past when he reached a certain level.

Lin Li touched the ring on his finger, and his lips curled up in a gratifying smile. So far, he had already obtained major gains that others would go crazy over. However, the adventure had yet to end.

Compared to such a huge gain, even the precious magical materials used to set up the Requiem Array were worth wasting. There might likely never be another Titan skeleton in the entire Anril. The legendary powerful Titan Dragon Spear was even more precious because it shouldve returned to the Pantheon together with the Titan Spirit.

He wondered how the Malfa Family and Dark Blade were doing outside the cave. Given the power and abilities of the two families which had four Legendary masters, the magical beasts probably wouldnt cause too much trouble for them. Lin Li did not feel embarrassed about secretly leaving the battlefield.

Be it the projected avatar of the Elemental Wyrm or the Titan Spirit at the Sanctuary-realm, Lin Li would still have had to solve everything himself at the end of the day. It was not that he was looking down on the four Legendary masters, but rather that those creatures could not be dealt with by normal people.

Although the projected avatar of the Elemental Wyrm had yet to reach the Sanctuary-realm, the infinite mana could not be balanced even by the combined power of Cheyenne and Borg. Not to mention, the other was a Sanctuary-level Titan Spirit which was enough to destroy the entire adventurer team.

The reason why Lin Li made gains in the end was that he had grasped and targeted the weaknesses of his opponents. At the same time, the price hed paid was also unbearable by normal peoples standards. Heart-piercing Potions were Master-level potions which were extremely scarce in Anril. Even with materials available, it was unlikely that anyone would be able to formulate them. The Guru-level Alchemy Array was also rare in Anril where Alchemy was insufficiently developed.

No pain, no gain. Since it was all achieved through Lin Lis efforts, there would be no point in letting the other two parties join in. At the thought of gains, Lin Li could not help but look at the young Xiao Hua flying around happily in front of him. It was a super treasure which should be considered the greatest gain of this trip. Although it was not that strong yet, and was in fact rather lazy, it was of great use to Lin Li, especially with arranging the Requiem Array. Ever since then, Lin Li had more thoughts about it.

The Requiem Array was a Guru-level Alchemy Array which could not be supported by a Legendary-realm magical crystal. Even a magical crystal at the peak of the Legendary level would probably be directly sucked dry. However, now that he had the Elemental Wyrm which had the ability to instantly convert magic elements of the world into mana to make the Alchemy Array run in its best state, it was akin to having an infinite source of mana. The Guru-level Alchemy Arrays, mageweaths, and crafts that required the support of a super mana source that Lin Li had dreamed of employing previously all seemed to become usable now.

Xiao Hua flew towards Lin Li and continuously flapped its colorful wings while holding onto the level-19 magical crystal, which it occasionally took a bite out of. It then cheered and wagged its tail heartlessly, clearly clueless about the fact that it had already been deemed a magical crystal mine that could fly in Lin Lis eyes. It was still cheering and rejoicing that it had obtained the magical crystal.

Upon arriving at the exit of the crack, Lin Li looked far into the Haiga Mountain Range and caught sight of the Dragon Mountains. There was still a Natural Magical Domain there that was waiting for him to collect, as well as the Retribution Knight that he was once afraid of.

Staring at the mountains that had already been destroyed, Lin Li knew that it was time for him to head back. Although the success of adventures was subject to the abilities of each individual, and Lin Li did not feel that he was wrong in leaving beforehand, he was still in cooperation with the two other parties. The adventure had yet to end, and they still had to continue working with each other. However, there was of course no need to let them know about what he had gained.

The Titan Skeleton and Titan Dragon Spear were already put away in the Ring of Endless Storm which was impenetrable to others eyes. However, Xiao Hua was giving Lin Li a headache. Although there were barely any people in this world who could recognize Elemental Wyrms, he would definitely arouse the suspicion and draw the attention of the four Legendary figures if he were to bring it back with him.

Lin Li could not come up with a good idea at the moment; hence, he decided to grab Xiao Hua and stuff it into his loose and spacious magical robe, regardless of its objections. Fortunately, it was a newborn, and Lin Li could still manage to fit it inside his robe while concealing its Menace of the Dragon. Otherwise, it would be tough handling it.

Perhaps because Xiao Hua was too loud when it woke up, the powerful magical beasts all vanished, and Lin Li did not encounter any obstructions along the way. After leaving the valley, Lin Li zipped through the dense trees, and soon returned to where he left off. The environment gradually began to look more rundown. Clearly, the adventurer team had gone through a massive battle during the time when he was absent.

Lin Li landed on the tree and shoved Xiao Hua back inside his robe. He then looked into the distance and realized that there were traces of magical attacks everywherethe corpses of magical beasts and humans, the pleas of the injured, some kind souls looking after the wounded, and some others who were cleaning up unhurriedly. Clearly, the adventurer team had suffered a major loss and damage even though there were four Legendary powerhouses with them.

Lin Li whipped out a magical crystal and stuffed it inside his magical robe. Upon hearing the chirping and cheering of Xiao Hua, he quickly landed on the ground and walked towards the campground. Soon, a dark shadow swooped towards themit turned out to be Norfeller, who had remained in the battlefield.

Upon sight of Lin Li, Norfeller kept a straight face and handed him a bag of magical crystals without hesitation. It seemed he had still loyally followed Lin Lis orders during the intense battle. He had made plenty of gains, but there were no signs of injuries on him at all. It seemed he had just gone through an effortless process of hunting.

He also noticed that everyone else around him had turned pale. The others were all thinking to themselves that Lin Li and Norfeller were both extremely thick-skinned to have taken away all of the magical crystals without contributing anything while leaving others to fight the magical beasts painstakingly.

Lin Li was not at all bothered by the peculiar gazes that were cast on him. It was as if he did not have any feelings at all. He walked towards the campground while asking Norfeller about the battle that took place earlier on.

Although the Malfa Family and Dark Blade obtained the final victory in the fierce battle, it did not come easy for them. Both parties lost some of their strong members, most of whom were level-17 and level-18, and could definitely be regarded as the elites of the two forces. That should be good news for Lin Li. After all, although the three parties were cooperating, the Tower of Dusk belonging to Lin Li seemed to be the weakest. Hence, the power disparity had to be balanced by the magical beasts.

Entering the campground, Lin Li shoved another magical crystal into his magic robe to quiet down the little one in his arms. He then looked up to see that Cheyenne and Borg were both giving out orders to their underlings. The two Legendary-mages seemed to be a little disheveled at this moment. Although they were not injured, they were clearly fatigued. They obviously had had a hard time winning the tough battle.

Instead of stepping forward to talk to them, Lin Li simply greeted them, and returned to his own tent without feeling any guilt at all. Besides, he still had an Elemental Wyrm in his arms. The most important thing to do now was to put the little one in place, lest he had to constantly feed it with magical crystals to placate it.

Watching Lin Li walk into the tent, the old rivals Cheyenne and Borg looked at each other while smiling wryly and shaking their heads in unison. At this moment, the two of them had the same idea. They both thought that Lin Li, the young Legendary-mage, had the thickest skin ever. Despite being one of the allies, not only did he not put in any effort during the battle, he even took advantage of them and grabbed a ton of magical crystals, causing them to suffer heavy losses. Yet, they could not voice their unhappiness.

What else could they say? There were only two people from the Tower of Dusk, and they would not have been of any significant help during the fierce and chaotic battle just now anyway. Although Cheyenne and Borg were Legendary masters, each of them was faced with strong opponents. It was impossible to pay attention to where the people of the Tower of Dusk were and what they were doing during the battle.

Although Lin Li did not seem to have provided much help, he actually contributed by killing the magical beasts, and thus gained an impressive number of level-17 and level-18 magical crystals. Even if he did take advantage, no one would dare to berate him. Most importantly, he had the crucial leads to the treasure of the Immortal King. Even if the other forces had the evidence, they wouldnt dare to turn against him.

The two leaders of the strongest forces in the Breezy Plains had no choice but to silently lament having such a lousy ally. They had no idea if they should cry or laugh.

Lin Li was not bothered by whatever others thought about him. Instead, he ordered Norfeller to wait outside the tent while he entered and released the Elemental Wyrm. He was now considering how to settle it down. Even if the cooperation was over, he couldnt possibly leave Xiao Hua outside.

Yes, there were definitely only a few people in Anril who could recognize Elemental Wyrms, but Lin Li could not guarantee that no one would be able to recognize Xiao Hua. Anril was large, and although there were only a few strong figures of the Sanctuary-realm, no one knew if there were any seniors who might recognize an Elemental Wyrm.

Even Cheyenne and Borg could sense Xiao Huas value despite being unable to recognize an Elemental Wyrm if they saw him. Lin Li knew that he should never flaunt his wealth; with his current power, he still could not afford to be dauntless just yet.

Finding a place to put Xiao Hua in was an issue for Lin Li. Although he had the Ring of Endless Storm which almost had infinite space, even the ancient Connoris could not stand it, let alone a young Elemental Wyrm with a lively and resilient character. Who was he supposed to hold liable if Xiao Hua ended up developing a mental illness?

Lin Li pondered for a moment, and suddenly raised an eyebrow as an idea popped up in his mind. He used his mental strength to search the Ring of Endless Storm, and a ring soon appeared on his palm. The ring was made of ethereal gold, and it was inlaid with a huge black gemstone. The gemstone did not have much of a magical wave, but its gloomy glow was tempting enough.

For Lin Li, the ring did have a long history that dated all the way back to when he had yet to arrive in Anril. When Lin Li was running his own mineral veins in the Thousand Pinnacles Forest of the Endless World, he spent a bomb to obtain the ring. In the Endless World, the ring had a special and pleasant name: Dream Garden. It could be said to be one of the most precious rings in Endless World that Lin Li had spent half his assets on.

However, if it was just to enhance his strength, Dream Garden would not be powerful enough. Itd not even be as good as Lin Lis Robe of Wrath. After all, the Robe of Wrath contained plenty of low-level magic in addition to the plentiful scroll slots.