Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 612

Chapter 612 Hand Of Nihility

Chapter 612: Hand of Nihility

Up till now, the elves were still adamant that the human mage before them would not have the guts to do anything to them. However, despite that belief, the pressure from the gigantic hand did not fail to let them feel suffocated. The stress was not only felt mentally, but also physically. The force within the hand fed the terror the elves felt exponentially.

Jacques knew that the failure to act would bring them disgrace. In the face of the huge palm drawing towards him, Jacques could no longer care about the Vampire beneath his foot.

"One is not to trample on the pride of elves. Not even the guest of our elder," snapped Jacques through gritted teeth. His expression was hideous.

The gigantic arm replied with a sudden increase in speed. It appeared right in front of Jacques without any warning. Jacques did not have any chance to react before the hand picked him off the ground.

Although he did not see the entire process, Lin Li was perfectly clear exactly whod harmed Norfeller. Hence, he immediately fixed his sight on Jacques. However, he did not let the other elves off, either. After he put Jacques in that tight grasp, he let the hand move left and right casually.

The elves did not expect the human mage to start the attack. They tried to rush over to their teammates rescue after seeing Jacques trapped in that palm, yet they did not expect the immense force manifested in the phantom-like palm.

While it seem like the hand was moving gently, the power experienced by the elves was intense. They felt as though they were smashed by a war mallet as they were blasted off by the pressure. Although it was not as serious as suffering fractures, none of them did not puke blood when they tried to get up from the ground.

The fallen elves were flabbergasted. How could this human mage dare to stir trouble in the elves territory? They knew that even if the human mage did not have the guts to kill anyone on this ground openly, Jacques would have a hard time escaping injury.

The several elves had to admit that the freakishly young human mage had incredible powers. But, they believed that even if he was a Legendary-mage, he would still be a joke in front of the Legendary powerhouses from the Elven Kingdom.

Jacques injuries would sever all ties and partnership between the elves and the humans. As they believed that humans always prioritized benefits, he should really not have chosen to act so impulsively. Did he really think that elves were pushovers?

Not to mention the strength of the entire Elven Kingdom. Just their campsite alone was sufficient to depict the absolute advantage the elves had over the human race. The combined effort from the Legendary powerhouses from the latter would not have the ability to even the playing field with the Legendary powerhouses of the elves.

"I dont care who you are. I declare that you should let Jacques down now and give us your apologies, or else you and your forces will never step out of this place!" one of the elves shouted angrily as he wiped the blood off the side of his mouth.


Strong wind blew as the giant hand with Jacques in it punched heavily on the ground. It caused sand and pebbles on the ground to fly all over the place, while the angry elf tried to dodge the impact of the fist.

"Cough" That was Jacques, who was still trying to struggle out of the palm a while ago. The impact had caused him to vomit a large amount of blood.

Jacques body was tightly wrapped in the fist. Fresh blood continued to ooze out of his mouth. His clearly defined features had turned hideous and unrecognizable long ago, and he was unable to speak. All of his energy was diverted to struggling with the gigantic fist. Yet, despite using up all of his energy, he could not help but feel the fist tightening instead. Somehow, he also heard his bones cracking.

The sight of Jacques ghastly state terrorized the other elves. They had never seen this young and talented comrade in such a pathetic state. They had felt the impact of the fist. If the situation were to continue, they felt that Jacques might not even recover with the water of life.

"Human, you have committed an intolerable mistake! Do you really think that you have the ability to challenge the elven race?" shouted some of the elves. The anxiety underlying their tone was overpowered by their anger.

Yet Lin Li turned a deaf ear to the cries of the elves. His cold and emotionless expression was unchanging. Despite dispersing his whirlpool of mana, that arm hed reached out was still tightening gradually. Its movement never stopped Jacques from splattering large mouthfuls of blood; anyone would know how much he had suffered.

The elves could feel that the human mage was not only driven to injure Jacques, but also to take his life. They had never met such a crazy person who did not care about consequences. How could anyone dare to challenge the elven race for a dirty Undead creature?

In fact, the elves were not wrong. Lin Li was not only a man who loved to haggle over minute losses, but also one who would be up to crazy deeds at times. While Lin Li knew that Norfeller played a great role in accompanying him on the road to his current status, he would never be so furious if Norfeller had been injured by a formidable opponent. Yet, the truth was very obvious. Norfeller had not had the chance to take precaution against those arrogant elves on his way back to the campsite. This really triggered Lin Li.

Lin Li would be perfectly fine with whatever attitude or unkind words the prideful elves hurled at him, but they would step on a mine if they were to injure anyone close to him. It did not matter if Norfeller was an Undead follower or not.

Lin Lis grip tightened as he swung his hand towards the approaching elves. Lin Li knew that however strong Jacques was to endure the treatment, he would be reaching his threshold if he did not have Legendary-level powers.


The elves who were blasted off did not charge at Lin Li after they stood up. Instead of charging at Lin Li, they were gazing respectfully in the same direction.

How could the huge commotion not attract any attention? It not only attracted the attention of the elder and some of the elven higher-ups, but also Borg from the Dark Blade and Cheyenne from the Malfa Family.

As Legendary-mages, they were incredibly sensitive to magical waves. The sudden spike in mana shocked and distracted Cheyenne, who was still thinking about the partnership with the elves. He knew that the mana would not belong to his old rival nor the elves. Within this mana, he sensed rage and tyranny.

Could it be from intruders? How could anyone trespass the elvens campsite? Cheyenne stopped harboring over the benefits of the partnership. He exited the tent anxiously and headed towards the raving mana.

Yet, the sight of the source of the mana made Cheyenne lost for words. How could he have thought that it was Felic who had created such a commotion? Felic had never done anything in their journey!

He took in a breath of cold air when he saw the spell used by Lin Li. Could that be the rare instantaneous level-21 Legendary spell, Hand of Nihility? Yes, it has to be it! He was certain that he would not have seen it wrongly!

The ability to cast spells instantaneously was the dream of every mage. Magic had definite power in Anril, and time needed to cast spells was its sole disadvantage. Regardless of whether it was battle between mages, or against other occupations, the shorter the time needed to cast spells, the greater advantage one would have. Ever since magic was discovered, no one had stopped researching on how to shorten the time needed for spell-casting.

Their hard work paid off. They managed to raise the levels of instantaneous spells as time passed. Despite it, the casting of instantaneous spells had tremendous requirements that would be challenging for normal mages to master. No one, however, could deny the existence of instantaneous spells, and everyone set them as their goals.

As the God of Mages, Geresco had invested heavily in the research of instantaneous spells, and had successfully discovered some strong ones. Since his ancestor was Gerescos disciple, Cheyenne naturally knew about the Hand of Nihility.

Ordinary instantaneous spells were either weak or at the lower ranking. Yet, Cheyenne had once seen the description of the Hand of Nihility in his ancestors notes. That was a level-21 Legendary-level spell that could not only be cast instantaneously, but also leave people flabbergasted by its might.