Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 626

Chapter 626 Wild Druid

When faced with the mighty wyrms, even a Legendary powerhouse would feel small and insignificant. At this point, the people standing on the ground could not even be bothered to count the number of dragons that were present, for they were already overwhelmed with fear and terror. Lin Li had dealt with the projected avatar of an Elemental Wyrm before as well as the unparalleled Titan Spirit. However, he could not help but feel on edge now that he was dealing with a flight of wyrms.

It was unlike the Menace of the Dragon of the projected avatar of the Elemental Wyrm and the Mental Blast of the Titan Spirit. It was now just a visual attack that was enough to make people feel weak. In this world, a wyrm was already formidable and terrifying enough, for it was a menacing presence that could destroy heaven and earth. The domineering dozens of dragons were shocking and induced despair in them, making them feel as if they would be destroyed together with the world.

Could there be a wyrm cave in this canyon!?!

Actually, there was no need for doubts, because the answer was right before them.

The Haiga Mountain Range was termed as the area where life was forbidden. Although everyone knew that the adventure this time came with risks, no one expected to encounter a flight of wyrms. None of them expected to lead themselves to a dragons cave after following the map.

The wyrms clearly did not plan to give the intruders time to keep calm, because to them, any intruder could only end up being destroyed and ripped into pieces by them.

In no time, the wyrms had already approached the sky above the adventurer team, and it was not until now that the Legendary powerhouses finally recovered from the shock and realized what opponents they were facing. The sky above was almost completely obscured, and there were more than 20 adult green dragons, all of which exuded a formidable aura that would exist only on the Legendary-level.

The adventurers no longer had the choice to leave or fight, for the flying wyrms did not give them any at all. The leading wyrms opened their bloodied mouths and spat out emerald dragons breath that contained the power to destroy everything, covering the intruders below with it.

All wyrms had the ability to spit dragons breathit was an ability that they were born with. However, out of all the dragons breaths, the one of the green dragon was not to be resisted. One might be able to resist the hot flames of the red wyrms, or survive the absolute chilly and frozen breaths of the blue wyrms, but no one dared to touch the emerald wyrms breath.

Facing the almost endless breath of the emerald dragons, the adventurers who had just snapped back to reality had no choice but to dodge in different directions, and the teams formation seemed to have been disintegrated. The dragons breath in the air would destroy everything in its path, be it a hard and sturdy boulder or a plant that had lived in the poisonous fog for a long time. It would leave nothing behind except a strong and pungent stench.

That was the green dragons dragons breath. Apart from being toxic, it could almost eliminate everything because of its corrosiveness. Even the strongest armor couldnt withstand it for a second, and even the body of a Legendary figure would be dissolved into a pool of toxic emerald liquid.

As the endless dragons breath spread, the adventurers dodged wherever they could. In the blink of an eye, the ground was corroded by the dragons breath that left holes and marks on the entire ground.

The wyrms covered the ground with dragons breath, yet discovered that the abominable invaders were still jumping and struggling. The leading wyrm roared loudly, after which the wyrms behind it immediately separated and darted towards the invaders who were running away in different directions.

They decided to fight on. Did they have any alternative? They flew up into the sky and rushed forth. Even though they were tiny in front of the wyrms, they had no other choice. If not for that, even with the Immortal Kings treasure or the lost relic at stake, theyd definitely leave already.

When they were outside, Lin Li from the Tower of Dusk was the weakest of the four parties because even the Malfa Family had hundreds of elites above level-15, while Lin Lis side only had three members including his followers. However, after they walked through the path of poisonous mist fog and arrived here in the canyon, Cheyenne seemed to be singled out instead.

Holding the staff tightly in his hand, Cheyenne cast one magic spell after another and withstood the attacks of two adult green dragons, which were even more difficult than human opponents of the same level. In fact, it might be the toughest battle Cheyenne had ever faced since hed become a Legendary powerhouse.

When Cheyenne faced the three Legendary figures of the Dark Blade, he still had the fixed defenses in Aminya City to help balance the power. However, he was now facing two Legendary adult wyrms and only had himself to rely on.

Chanting a spell and wielding a staff, Cheyenne continued casting magic spells, but he could barely protect himself. He pathetically dodged the surging dragons breath and escaped the attacks the instant that the defensive magic shattered. Despite being a Legendary-mage, it was already difficult for him to maintain his poise. Still, he had no choice but to press on.

Staring at the situation around him, Cheyenne began to feel increasingly miserable. It would be impossible to get some help in a short period of time, because both the elves and the Dark Blade were dealing with wyrms that were twice their power. On the elves side, four Legendary elves dealt with the onslaught of seven wyrms, while the Dark Blade was the same. Even Lin Li, the young President whod never worked hard along the way, seemed to be having it tougher than Cheyenne while facing seven wyrmsdespite having the help of his Undead creatures.

Cheyennes heart sank to rock bottom. He let down his guard, and a wyrm brushed past him and slit his magic robe into two pieces. Cheyenne broke out in a cold sweat, and could not be bothered to rely on others. Fully concentrated, he employed all his strength and pathetically struggled as he fought the wyrms.

Just like what Cheyenne had seen, the adventurer team formed by the Legendary powerhouses was divided by the overwhelming dragons breath, while the wyrms launched maniacal attacks on them, the invaders. None of them could relax at all, and they had no choice but to give it their all. Even Lin Li had to go all out in order to support his teammates and survive the attacks.

They wyrms roared continuously in the valley, and the sounds of the magic spells exploding continuously filled the air, clashing with the destructive dragons breath. The canyon cliffs on both sides crumbled, while rocks collapsed and eroded, leaving deep black holes.

At this moment, a wyrm roared loudly in the midst of the chaotic battle. Its sound was so crisp and clear that the green dragons had no choice but to pause for a while.

In the battle group where the elves were, the eighth elder Randy had already disappeared, and a large silver wyrm took his spot. As soon as the silver wyrm appeared, it immediately rushed towards the green wyrm and bit it. Its stout dragon tail was strong enough to pull the green dragon away. This silver dragon, which used almost the same fighting methods as the green dragons, used its claws and teeth to battle the seven adult green dragons.

The roar of the silver dragon immediately caught everyones attention. Although Lin Li was also in a difficult situation, he did not stop observing the strength of others. Seeing that the elven elder had transformed into a silver dragon, he was rather taken aback too. It was no wonder that he was a descendant of Druids[1]. His ability was probably on par with the power of his brother, Garrincha.

Under the siege of the green dragons, the silver dragon stood out the most, but it no longer seemed as graceful as the elves usually were. Everything about it was crazy and wild. The claws of the dragon exuded explosive power and made a dull sound when colliding with the green dragons. It crushed everything in its way, and its mouth was dripping with dragon saliva while it made a low-pitched roar and bit the green dragons ferociously. If it werent for the fact that Lin Li had seen it with his own eyes, it wouldve been hard to imagine that this violent silver dragon was actually the elegant elven elder.

Although the elves had established the Elven Kingdom in the Emerald Forest right after the Dark Age, they had always been very mysterious. However, some time ago, two high-level elves, Culofen and Gildor, visited Lin Li one after another in order to ask him for the antidote for the poisoned elves. During their visits, Lin Li duped them into telling him various stories of the Elven Kingdom.

Although they were just stories, there was plenty of valuable information in them, and Lin Lis understanding of the mysterious Druids was also derived from their stories.

From the perspective of outsiders, a Druid was a member of the profession unique to the elves, and could be considered a mage of Nature Magic. However, from the stories told by the two high-level elves, Lin Li knew that even Druids were actually very different.

Elder Randy, who had transformed into a silver dragon, was called the Wild Druid, which meant the strongest warriors among Druids. Their power originated from all the beasts in nature, and they gained power far beyond their own through transformation. When a Wild Druid reached the Legendary-realm, he could become a dragon, the being at the pinnacle of the worlds power.

[1] Im afraid the "druid" part is ambiguous so far in the novel, sometimes as if a profession and sometimes as if a family clan. Good news, though: its explained at last at the end of this chapter.