Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 627

Chapter 627 Song Of Heart

A shapeshifted wyrm was only similar to a true one in terms of appearance. Its dragons breath brought about by the dragon blood was also good for defense and withstanding magic attacks, thus allowing it to perform perfectly. It was even said the Druids that shapeshifted into wyrms could use the powerful dragon language magic just like true wyrms.

Shapeshifting into wyrms wasnt the peak of the Wild Druids power. It was said that after reaching level-22, Wild Druids could still shapeshift into every kind of powerful prehistoric magical beasts in a short period of time. Those beasts were formidable creatures that shared this continent with ancient wyrms and the Titans during prehistoric times.

Even Lin Li wondered what the Wild Druids could shapeshift into after reaching Sanctuary-realm. Could it be ancient wyrms?

Whenever the Druid occupation was mentioned, people usually thought of shapeshifting into bears or wolves as if turning themselves into animals was the Druids only ability. Before talking to the two high-level elves, Lin Li had thought so too. Actually, there was nothing wrong with such a way of thinking, since shapeshifting wasnt a unique skill only Wild Druids possessed.

Other than Wild Druids, Druids comprised two other branches. One of them was similar to the ones people knewthe Nature Druids that made up the majority of the Druid population. The Druids known as nature mages by people originated from among Nature Druids as they were best at nature magic beside shapeshifting into beasts.

The powers of the Nature Druids came from the sky, sun, moon, and stars. They didnt need to accumulate magic via meditation. They didnt even need to study in order to master nature magic that wasnt at all inferior to elemental magic. As Nature Druids didnt require many resources from any aspect but also possessed outstanding abilities, they made up the majority of the Druids.

Wild Druids were the strongest warriors, while Nature Druids were the most common nature mages. There was still an essential group of Druids in the elven racethe Life Druids. Their powers came from the land and streams, mountains and seas everything that bred life. Their ability was healing others using their own powers.

The role that Life Druids played in the elven race was similar to that of the priests. It was said that the powerful Life Druids even possessed the heaven-defying ability of resurrecting the dead. In the elven race, the most well-known Life Druid was the current elven queen. Her power was likely similar to that of her husband, the wise Garrincha.

While dealing with the attacking green dragons, Lin Li occasionally turned to observe the elves. Chief Elder Randy shapeshifted into a silver wyrm with astonishing abilities. Facing the attack of seven full-grown green dragons, the silver wyrm still calmly handled it without putting himself in a difficult position. His fighting prowess made a leap in quality after shapeshifting.

However, these seven full-grown green dragons still owned Legendary-level power, after all. If it was a one-on-one battle with the silver wyrm, a green dragon probably wouldnt win. But with seven attacking together, the silver wyrm that Chief Elder Randy shapeshifted into alone wasnt enough to compete with them.

However, the Legendary powerhouse Chief Elder Randy wasnt the only one on the elves side. Culofen and Gildor, the two high-ranking elves Lin Li had talked to before, also displayed their true abilities. What surprised Lin Li the most was Culofen, whod been the first to visit him. He was surprisingly a mage who specialized in fire magic. No wonder he would exchange ideas with Lin Li about Legendary-level magic.

Lin Li recalled the time during the auction at the time consignment store, when the debris of the stars Rebirth had raised speculation among the mass. Part of it was about an elven mage who specialized in fire magic. Lin Li wondered if this elf mage was related to Culofen.

The current Culofen had shown the power of at least level-21. Flame Domain was fully launched, shrouding the entire battlefield. The uneven ground that was corroded by the green dragons dragons breath turned into boiling lava. Flocks of fire birds formed with lava flew out and swarmed the green dragons.

Fire magic was famous for its attacking power in the first place, not to mention that Culofen was a Legendary-mage who specialized in fire magic. Even the green dragons that possessed extraordinary resistance to magic attacks couldnt withstand a single blow from Culofens fire magic. Inside the Flame Domain, Culofen used fire magic to attack the green dragons repeatedly. He was always able to provide the silver wyrm with the right amount of help.

Of course, Legendary-mage Culofen wasnt the only one wholeheartedly aiding the silver wyrm that Chief Elder Randy had shapeshifted into. The other high-ranking elf, Gildor, also showed an impressive performance. Gildor was an archer in the elven race. The Seven Star Archery Skill which injured Norfeller that Jacques was so proud of was at Gildors fingertips. With the sound of the bow and arrow, seven sharp arrows pierced towards the green dragons as fast as lightning.

In comparison, a slightly weaker elf was Princess Elune, who had stepped into the Legendary-realm just recently. Honestly speaking, the power of the princess could be considered the lowest in the legendary-realm. Lin Li believed that with his ability before entering the Scar of Death, or even before he had even touched the Legendary-realm, it wouldnt be hard for him to defeat this elven princess.

However, rumors said that Princess Elune was a Druid by occupation, yet she was holding a gorgeous bow like any other Legendary archer as if she truly was one. With her own abilities, it was impossible for Princess Elune to provide her comrades with any real help. The best thing she could do was not to cause trouble for the team. However, her current performance didnt match her power because of the gorgeous bow she was holding.

Though Princess Elunes own abilities werent impressive, she appeared unusually calm in face seven green dragons. She drew her bow and aligned her arrow without haste. With every arrow fired, a soothing music rang indescribably through the battlefield. Originally ordinary arrows became so powerful under the music that they could even penetrate dragon scales known for their excellent defense.

With this gorgeous bow, Princess Elune exhibited at least the power of level-21 despite just reaching the Legendary-realm.

As Lin Li shifted from place to place, he was unable to concentrate on any elf on the battlefield. However, the soothing music coming from his back had given him the answer about Princess Elunes bow. Yes, this music could only be played by the legendary bow which was passed down among the elves generation after generationSong of Heart.

At the moment, Lin Li had already summoned the Humerus Wyrm from the Summoning Lamp. With the resurrection of the Crimson Dragon, this Humerus Wyrm he had gotten at the Scar of Death was almost level-21 and comparable to a green dragon in power.

Lich Ujfalusi had also summoned his own Humerus WyrmCrimson Wyrm. This Humerus Wyrm had originally been shattered by Lin Li using the debris of the stars. After Ujfalusi returned to the Legendary-realm, he used the original Dragon Crystal and condensed a new body for the wyrm which was even stronger than before.

Lin Li could be considered giving his all now. It was almost impossible to hold anything back while facing the joint attack of seven green dragons. However, despite the difficulty, he still didnt give up observing others. After all, other people were probably also observing him even at this moment.

Hearing the soothing music that was clearly audible even amidst the dragon roars, Lin Li recalled what the Song of Heart was like. He felt that this bow passed down generations of elves seemed a little familiar.

It was inevitable to associate the Song of Heart with a remarkable elf from after the Dark AgeWind Whisperer Hull, one of the Seven Sages. Although there were a lot of archers in the elven race who were indeed highly talented in archery, Wind Whisperer Hull was the only true archer who had reached Sanctuary-realm. This Song of Heart was the weapon Wind Whisperer Hull had carried with him all the time, and its soothing music had sent countless people to their death.

According to legends, during that massacre of elves by human coalition forces, the Seven Sages led the surviving elves across the Haiga Mountain Range and entered the Emerald Forest. The Goddess of Nature Monferra released a miracle which deterred most human troops. Only the troop from Ledin Kingdom kept chasing the elves as if they wouldnt stop until all the elves were dead.

At that moment, Wind Whisperer Hull already shot an arrow out of the Emerald Forest. Everyone, even those who witnessed it with their own eyes, didnt know the true power of this rather baffling arrow and the soothing music that followed. However, before long, they heard the news that in Ledin Kingdom thousands of miles away, the first king of the Ledin Kingdom was shot to death in his royal palace by an arrow out of nowhere.

It should be known that at that time, the Ledin Kingdoms king had several Legendary powerhouses by his side for protection against assassination. However, the power of that arrow was so strong that the king was head-shot and died before the Legendary powerhouses could do anything.

When both pieces of news were put together, an uproar arose in the human kingdoms as nobody could believe that a single arrow shot from the Emerald Forest could travel through thousands of miles across the Haiga Mountain Range and kill the Ledin Kingdoms monarch. However, the truth was that Wind Whisperer Hull had indeed killed him with an arrow. His weapon at that time was in fact this very Song of Heart.

Lin Li, however, was concerned about neither the legends surrounding the Song of Hearts nor its power. He looked at the Song of Heart because he noticed its resemblance to the Stars of Fury.