Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 631

Chapter 631 Teleportation Portal

Without anyone realizing, the conversation between Xiao Hua and the Green Dragon King had come to an end. Of course, it only looked like Xiao Hua roaring while waving its claws and the Green Dragon King humming with much restraint to the outsiders.

With a roar from Xiao Hua, the green dragons behind the Green Dragon King suddenly moved. Everyone got tense, fearing that Mage Felic would order those green dragons to kill them like they had thought. However, they felt relieved shortly afterward. The green dragons led by the Green Dragon King didnt even look at the people. They flew past the crowd directly and out of the valley to an unknown destination.

After the Green Dragon King had left, the suffocating Menace of the Dragon gradually dispersed. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief and realized that sweat had drenched their clothes unknowingly. After witnessing such a sight, everyone had complicated feelings towards Lin Li who had rescued all of them again, and didnt know how to react.

This young Legendary-mage had only reached level-21. However, be it the elves or the Dark Blade, none of their Legendary-mages dared to underestimate him. Although this young mage had a lower level compared to many of the Legendary-mages, he was the one who had driven the Green Dragon King out of the den. No matter what he had used to achieve that, it was his capability that had done so.

Even Stephen, who had always wanted to take revenge on Lin Li, could only clench his fist and didnt dare to show any sign of animosity. During this journey, he didnt at all reveal his hatred for Lin Li whenever he saw him. However, now he knew that he was still far too weak to revenge.

After the Green Dragon King had led the green dragons away, the Dragon of Dreams projected avatar returned into Xiao Huas body. Xiao Hua chirped happily and flew towards Lin Li in a flash. It used its tiny claws to point at its mouth, asking for a reward for what it had done.

Given that this little thing had resolved a big trouble for him, Lin Li was too embarrassed to be stingy and threw a level-15 magical crystal towards it. Xiao Hua caught the magical crystal and started munching on it by Lin Lis side.

"Mage Felic, since the green dragons had left, do you think we should continue exploring the dragons den?" Chief Elder Randy walked towards Lin Li, and, surprisingly, asked Lin Li for his opinion.

This wasnt just Chief Elder Randys idea. The others stared at Lin Li too as nobody knew where the green dragons had gone and what this young Legendary-mage was planning to do. At least for now, they had to show some respect to Lin Li in order not to get attacked by the green dragons.

"Oh, lets go then," replied Lin Li unbotheredly as he walked deeper into the dragons den. This wasnt because he got more arrogant after what had happened, but rather because he was only focused on Xiao Hua. After the conversation between Xiao Hua and the Green Dragon King, Lin Li was extremely curious about what this little thing had said to the Green Dragon King that made it get out of its den together with all the other dragons.

Upon hearing Lin Lis reply, Chief Elder Randys eyes flashed a tinge of joy. He waved at Princess Elune and his subordinates, and followed the Tower of Dusk into the dragons den.

Cheyenne from the Malfa Family was far less happy, but had very complicated emotions now. Given the relationship between the Malfa Family and Dark Blade, the Malfa Family was at a disadvantage since the three chiefs of the Dark Blade had reached the Legendary-realm. What he had thought of during the time of despair just now was probably the best way for the two factions to return to an equilibrium. Unfortunately, this dream had been shattered again. Now, he could only hope that the Immortal Kings treasure could resolve the Malfa Familys crisis.

Thinking of this, Cheyenne shook his head and hurried to catch up with the team. Seeing that Lin Li was talking quietly to that unknown organism, Cheyenne couldnt help but sigh. Was there anything that this youngster that had appeared out of nowhere couldnt do? At least the Malfa Family had one advantage over the Dark Blade: they had allied with this youngster a long time ago!

"Hey! What were you talking to it about?"

Of course, Lin Li wouldnt be bothered what others thought, and continuously questioned Xiao Hua about what it had said to the Green Dragon King while walking into the dragons den.

However, Xiao Huas reply was just it shaking its head, refusing to reveal anything.

Damn it! If I dont show you what I can do, youll probably turn the sky around! Thinking of this, Lin Li made up his mind and clenched his teeth. He took out a level-15 magical crystal and waved it at Xiao Hua. He said, "Are you telling me or not? If you tell me, this crystal is yours."

The baby Elemental Wyrm was like a drunkard who had just seen good wine. In a flash, this little thing had already pounced towards the magical crystal without caring about anything.

However, Lin Li tightened his grip and concealed the magical crystal in his palm. He sneered at the stunned Xiao Hua, and said, "Ill only give you if you tell me."

"Hmph!" Xiao Hua let out a scornful sound and turned its head towards one side, not even looking at Lin Lis clenched fist that held the magical crystal.

"Yo, you think its too little? Its a level-15 magical crystal!" Lin Li gritted his teeth and took out more magical crystals one by one. He continued to lure Xiao Hua. "How about two crystals? Three? At most four! Okay, okay, six! If you still dont want to tell me, Im not interested to hear it anymore."

Six walnut-sized level-15 magical crystals piled up on Lin Lis palm. However, Xiao Hua didnt give Lin Li any reply. In a flash, Xiao Hua pounced onto the pile of magical crystals. When Lin Li reacted to it and clenched his fist in an attempt to hide the crystals, Xiao Hua had already disappeared together with the crystals into Dream Garden.

Not long afterward, Xiao Hua came out of Dream Garden while munching on a half-eaten magical crystal. It still flew beside Lin Li, but it didnt even look at Lin Li from whom it had just stolen six magical crystals from.

Lin Li suppressed his heartache, and continued to question Xiao Hua. However, Xiao Hua swallowed the last mouthful of magical crystal and looked at Lin Li with innocent eyes, signaling that it didnt know anything.

Lin Lis heart ached. How many level-15 magical crystals had he used? Which bastard had made this Dream Garden ring? The one who wore it wasnt the master. Instead, the one who lived inside it was the true master. If not, Lin Li would have gotten back those magical crystals that Xiao Hua had carried into the ring.

Lin Lis heart ached for the six level-15 magical crystals that had been used up without getting anything back. However, everyone around him, be it the elves or the Dark Blade, all looked at him with envy.

Especially so for Chief Elder Randyas a Wild Druid, he had to understand about his shapeshifted species well when turning to shapeshift. Chief Elder Randys strongest shapeshifted form now was the silver wyrm. Thus, he knew a lot about the wyrms.

After escaping death narrowly, Chief Elder Randy had been pondering the origins of this seemingly insignificant little thing. The Green Dragon King was a creature approaching Sanctuary-realm, while this little thing was only level-15. How could it make the Green Dragon King lower its head?

When he felt the slight Menace of the Dragon that came from this little thing, he noticed it was pure dragon menace, although its intensity couldnt be compared with that of the Green Dragon King. However, with his understanding of the wyrms, he couldnt think of any wyrm that would produce a descendant so small.

Even wyrm descendants whose bloodlines were very diluted would definitely have a massive and strong build. However, this little thing possessed Menace of the Dragon, but was only palm-sized and reached level-15. Yet, it was this little thing thatd made the Green Dragon King lower its head. Chief Elder Randy thought that he knew wyrms very well, but the more he thought about this little thing, the more puzzled he was.

Not just Chief Elder Randy, the others were also guessing what this little thing was. However, none of them could think of anything despite being Legendary powerhouses with great knowledge. There was one thing that they were certain about. No matter what that little thing was, something that could order the Green Dragon King around was definitely a valuable treasure.

Everyone had experienced how terrifying the Green Dragon King was just now. Under the powerful dragon menace, even a Legendary powerhouse found it difficult to lift up a finger. However, this little thing could easily make the Green Dragon King leave. If it wasnt a treasure, then what was? Even a Green Dragon King that was approaching the Sanctuary-realm had to obey this little things orders, so was there anything stronger than that?

Looking at the baby Elemental Wyrm flying beside Lin Li, it was impossible for those Legendary powerhouses not to feel jealous. If they had such a treasure, would they even need to collaborate with other factions for this mission? If it could really order the Green Dragon King around, then

While these Legendary powerhouses had their own thoughts, Lin Li felt gloomy about those six magical crystals. Without realizing it, the team had walked deep into the valley to the dragons den.

As all the green dragons had left with the Green Dragon King, the den seemed abnormally quiet at the moment. It was hard to imagine that such a place had once housed so many green dragons and even the Green Dragon King. It seemed like a dream to be able to make it here alive. If it had been a nightmare earlier, their journey was so smooth now that it seemed unreal.

When the team had reached the end of the den, they found nothing but an ancient Teleportation Portal. The stone platform that held the Teleportation Portal had been corroded throughout the ages, and the few surrounding stone pillars were also old and decaying. It made people doubt if this portal could even be activated.

However, the appearance of this Teleportation Portal suddenly made the previously peaceful team very tense. Evidently, the Immortal Kings treasure was very likely to be hidden behind this Teleportation Portal. Given the goal of each faction, no matter how harmonious they were on the way, it was time to consider their own interests now.

A faint dragon menace radiated from Chief Elder Randys body again. He seemed to be ready to shapeshift into a wyrm any time and sweep everything in his way. Meanwhile, Princess Elune and the other two high-level elves also started accumulating their power, preparing to strike at any obstructor.

The Legendary Sword Sage Baldela rubbed his dragon-skin bracer and narrowed his eyes. He scanned everyone who wasnt from the Dark Blade, and his raging aura rose continuously like a dangerous wild beasts.

Lansdale still put on a smile like an elegant royal. He caressed his mustache with one hand and held an elaborately decorated sword with another. Although one couldnt feel any killing intent from him, any obstructor would face a fatal blow from him.

Legendary-mage Borg and his son Stephen held their magic staves tightly. The gem at the tip of the magic staff of either one of them shone with brilliance, signaling that the magic prepared in it was definitely very powerful.

The team didnt stop in their tracks. They just separated themselves into their respective factionsthe Elves, the Dark Blade, the Tower of Dusk, and the Malfa Family.

Out of the four factions, Cheyenne was the weakest now. When theyd been outside, at least the Malfa Family still had hundreds of elite fighters above level-15. However, the Malfa Family couldnt even compare to the Tower of Dusk here. Facing the warning from the elves and the Dark Blade, Cheyenne finally decided to exit this competition first and slowed down his steps.

However, Cheyenne wasnt the only one who chose not to participate. Lin Li and his two subordinates were walking very slowly, and werent interested in the competition since the beginning. Thus, when the elves and the Dark Blade hastened their steps in excitement upon seeing the Teleportation Portal, Lin Li was left at the back of the team.

The tense atmosphere concentrated between the elves and the Dark Blade. Suddenly, Chief Elder Randy stopped and looked at Borg. He said, "According to the earlier agreement, we only want the lost sacred relic. If anyone breaks the agreement, we wont hesitate to start a war."

Once Chief Elder Randy made his stance very clear, the atmosphere eased. Borg walked towards Chief Elder Randy and smiled. "Dont worry, Chief Elder Randy, nobody will ruin our friendship with the elves." With this, the four from the Dark Blade hurried forward and stepped into the Teleportation Portal.