Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 636

Chapter 636 Bait

Lin Li was holding onto a tree branch that had a newly sprouted bud on it, which was a new piece of the debris of the stars that he had obtained from the Time Consignment Stores auction. It contained the Rule Power of the earth and life, but Lin Lis control over it was shallow because he got it way after he obtained Gloomy Dark and Holy Light.

With the experience that he once had, Lin Li extracted the Life Rule Power from the branch and injected it into his own Magical Domain, allowing the Magical Domain of frost, light, and darkness to have a new aura of life. Soon, the snow magical beasts that had already stopped condensing quickly condensed again rapidly under this aura of life.

Although the Undead creatures had already lost their lives, becoming an Undead creature was actually akin to having a fresh start in life, in a certain sense. The Rebirth of the debris of the stars possess life Rules that gave them broader life, like the Undead creatures. Hence, even the Undead creatures that had emerged from the Tide of Death managed to experience a massive increase in power with the help of the aura of life.

The bodies of the Undead creatures were corroded in the poisonous fog, but they continuously recovered with the help of the energy of life. Although the recovery was slow, it could allow them to survive longer in the poisonous fog.


The Double Death Dragons clearly noticed the changes in their enemy Lin Lis domain. With their deafening roar, the ground of the dragon graveyard shook violently. Under the summoning of the Double Death Dragons, the dragon skeletons woke up from hibernation, swaying their bodies. After shaking off the snow on their bodies, they strode towards Lin Li and the rest.

Lin Lis Magical Domain contained the purification power of the Holy Light, which had great lethality to all Undead creatures. However, the resurrected dragon skeletons were obviously not transformed into Undead creatures by the Double Death Dragon. The reason they could move like the Humerus Wyrm was simply because the Double Death Dragons used a low-level Necromagic spell to manipulate the corpses.

Manipulating corpses could be considered the must-learn spell for every Necromancer. It wasnt too powerful, and only served the purpose of making corpses move. However, the Double Death Dragons manipulated the skeletons of wyrms. Although they had yet to turn into Undead creatures, they had power that was not inferior to a Humerus Wyrms thanks to the manipulation by the Double Death Dragons.

Damn it, so shameless!Lin Li thought to himself in exasperation as his face turned pale and petulant. Although the dragon graveyard did not have a long history, there were more than 20 skeletons which possessed at least level-20s strength, even though they did not turn into Undead creatures.

When Lin Li had been outside just now, the seven green dragons had almost driven him into a corner. Now that he was facing the siege of more than 20 dragon skeletons and the level-22 Double Death Dragons, his chances of surviving were definitely slim. When hed been outside, he could still let Norfeller use his blood-sucking abilities to attack the green dragons. However, Norfeller couldnt possibly suck the bones of the skeletons.

Ujfalusi and Norfeller put in great effort into summoning the two Humerus Wyrms, but when faced with the 20-odd dragon skeletons who were attacking him, he still could not change the situation. Under such tough circumstances, even the Elemental Wyrm Xiao Hua who was living in Dream Garden had already flown out to join the battle. However, resisting magic below level-15 was a piece of cake for the skeletal dragons which had high resistance to magic.

In addition to manipulating these two dozen dragon skeletons, the Double Death Dragons did not stop using their powerful Necromagic at all. There were bursting Bone Spears that were as dense as rain, invincible Stars of Poison, and poisonous pools that took shape on the ground quietly. Be it the snow magical beasts or the strong Undead creatures that Ujfalusi had summoned, all of them would easily become a pool of poison.

The entire dragon graveyard seemed to have become a large battlefield, and the ever-growing Undead creatures and the 20-odd dragon skeletons surrounded Lin Li and others. The magic of various levels seemed to have become stagnant while flying around. However, Lin Li did not feel optimistic at all, because the formidable Double Death Dragons were approaching from far away.

The Rule Power in the poisonous Death Domain, endless Necromagic, and the 20-odd dragon skeletons caused Lin Li and the rest to fall into despair. The standstill at this moment was an illusion; once the Double Death Dragons joined in, Lin Lis defense would instantly collapse and crumble.

Lin Li clenched his teeth and persisted on. However, he also knew that at this rate, even the debris of the stars wouldnt be able to save him from the tragic ending. Breaking the Magical Domain of a Dracolich would be more than difficult for a level-21 mage like Lin Li.

The Dracolich itself had power of level-22, which was far greater than what Lin Li possessed. Others might think that it was only a difference of one level. However, that difference meant a different mastery of Rule Power, which brought about a world of difference in strength.

The Magical Domain was created by a mage using the Rule Power that hed mastered. The deeper the understanding of Rule Power, the stronger and more stable the Nature Magic would be. Hence, if Lin Li wanted to advance in level and break the Magical Domain of a Dracolich, it would definitely be impossible with his current abilities. During the battle with the elven mage Vidas back then, Lin Li had not only summoned Gloomy Dark and Holy Light. He had also summoned the Lord of Nightmares to assist him in the battle to defeat Vidas.

Lin Li was now facing two twin level-22 Dracoliches, which were Double Death Dragons, and thus closely integrated with the Magical Domain of theirs. It no longer mattered who the domain was created by. The power of two level-22 Magical Domains and Rule Power were not simply superimposed.

Breaking through the double Magical Domain of the Double Death Dragons was akin to breaking the sky for Lin Li. However, Lin Li had really thought of a solution, and reckoned that he should be able to break through the Magical Domains of the Double Death Dragons. However, the problem was that it was just a simple thought, and Lin Li did not have the ability to execute it.

At this very moment, Lin Lis heart skipped a beat, and he acutely felt some changes in his own Magical Domain. The Rule Power that came from Gloomy Dark seemed to be flowing out of his domain. Although energy was depleting every second since the Magical Domain was opened, depletion was different from exhaustion.

Lin Li was also slightly stunned by the Double Death Dragons, thus causing him to fail to notice the situation. Although the slight depletion of Dark Force was nothing to Gloomy Dark that had infinite power, Lin Li could not help but feel worried, because it meant that he had lost his control over his Magical Domain.

Lin Li immediately devoted all his energy to his Magical Domain to find the reason for the depletion of Dark Force, but the result of the check surprised him.

It was the Double Death Dragons!

Although the Double Death Dragons continuously used Necromagic to attack Lin Li and the rest, they were reluctant to join the battle, yet it was not because they did not have the power to fight. In fact, the power that the Double Death Dragons possessed was probably not inferior to that of the Green Dragon King.

Lin Li now understood the reason for the Double Death Dragons not joining the battle. It turned out they were devouring the Dark Force emitted by Gloomy Dark.

Lin Li suddenly remembered that at the beginning, the existence of Gloomy Dark catalyzed the mutation of many Undead creatures in the Scar of Death. Even the lowest-level Skeletal Warriors almost reached level-10. It also resulted in the birth of the powerful Death Knight and Vampires, causing the valley to become the paradise of Undead creatures. To the Undead creatures, the pure Dark Force of Gloomy Dark was a temptation they could not resist.

Lin Li could clearly feel that the power in Gloomy Dark was surging outwards, and dashing towards the Undead creatures. It seemed that even the Double Death Dragons, or the formidable Dracoliches, could not resist the temptation of the Dark Force. Could that be the key to changing the situation? Lin Li thought about it, and vaguely felt that it was the case.

Gloomy Dark was separated from the Magical Domain and landed in Lin Lis hands. However, the Devouring Force that came from the Double Death Dragons was still chasing Gloomy Dark with no intention of letting go. Lin Li tried to control the depletion of power, but the Devouring Force of the Double Death Dragons continuously increased. It might only be possible to interrupt the Devouring Force of the Double Death Dragons by loading Gloomy Dark into the Ring of Endless Storm.

The thought of the Ring of Endless Storm reminded Lin Li of the Titan Dragon Spear that he had collected in the valley. If he could use the power of the Titan Dragon Spear, the Double Death Dragons would probably be no match for it. The Titans had used the Titan Dragon Spear to kill the ancient wyrms, and the Titan Dragon Spear contained groundbreaking power of thunderbolts which was much more lethal to Undead creatures than Holy Light.

Unfortunately, the Titan Dragon Spear had already gone into hibernation, and perhaps could only be awakened by Thunderbolt, the debris of the stars. A Titan Dragon Spear would be useless if it couldnt exert its power, regardless of how powerful it might be. Feeling frustrated, Lin Li wondered,Is it really difficult to solve this issue?

The situation was no longer optimistic, and his Humerus Wyrms had already been scarred and wounded. Ujfalusis Tide of Death had also reached its last moments. Although the Skeletal Warriors were still emerging continuously, the powerful Vampires and Liches were appearing less often. Norfeller looked just as disheveled. Vampires were not good at direct confrontations, but he did not have a choice at all. He could only rely on his level-21 power to go toe to toe against the dragon skeletons.

Lin Li reintroduced Gloomy Dark into his Magical Domain, and increased the control over the Dark Force. Although he could not cut off the Devouring Force completely, it was still Lin Lis Magical Domain, after all. He wouldnt let the Double Death Dragons get their way.

Next, Lin Li once again forcibly extracted the life force of the debris of the stars and introduced it into the Magical Domain. With the injection of this life force, the bodies of Lin Lis Undead servants and the two Humerus Wyrms immediately recovered by half, regaining their battle power as well.

Even the Undead creatures that Ujfalusi had summoned together with the Tide of Death had been revived. The crushed Skeletal Warriors rose from the ground and slashed the legs and feet of the dragon skeletons with rusty swords. The Skeleton Staff glowed again and Deathfire Bombs were launched. The Vampires moved along the wyrm skeletons at their own speed while making sounds of friction.

Had there been any onlookers just now, they would have definitely been surprised by the tenacity of the people from the Tower of Dusk, thinking that they would pull through the ordeal. However, only Lin Li knew that Rebirth wouldnt integrate into the Magical Domain, and not only would the forced injection affect the stability of the Magical Domain, it might even lead to the collapse of the Magical Domain.

While supporting the Magical Domain, it was necessary to control the Devouring Force in this battle, but that had exceeded the ability of a level-21 mage. Although it seemed that the situation had improved for now, the Double Death Dragons had yet to join in, and Lin Li had merely managed to buy some time. The price of doing so was the severe overuse of Lin Lis mental strength.


The Double Death Dragons roared in unison, and one of them burst into a black cloud of fog instantly before turning into a green dragon, while the other leaped onto that dragons back, and they fluttered towards Lin Li.

Obviously, the Double Death Dragons were angered by Lin Lis behavior. No one would be able to keep calm after their benefits got stolen. Although the Double Death Dragons could turn into human form and cast magic, their animalistic nature would never change. For some reason, the Double Death Dragons could not endure after seeing the invaders.

Although Lin Li was rather far from the Double Death Dragons when he took out Gloomy Dark from his Magical Domain, they could clearly tell that the aura they liked came from the unknown object. Since they were displeased, they might as well get rid of the invaders and snatch the item. By then, they would get to enjoy it without hindrances.

Despite being in a desperate situation, Lin Li still got a shock when he saw the fiery Double Death Dragons. It could be said that the manipulated dragon skeletons were nothing compared to the Double Death Dragons.