Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 641

Chapter 641 Legendary Vengeful Spirit

However, when Lin Li walked towards the tower, he suddenly saw a figure jumping out of an exit not far away.

"Master Cheyenne, you" Lin Li stared at the pillar of the Malfa Family, unable to believe how disheveled Cheyenne looked. His robe was stained and his hair was all over the place too. The jewel of the staff in his hand had become dim and colorless. He looked as if he had just fought a fierce battle that made him even more disheveled and pathetic than he already had been when besieged by the green dragons. Could it be that the Dark Blade had already attacked Cheyenne?

After seeing that Lin Li was the one who was talking, he smiled bitterly, and said, "Mage Felic, when did you arrive? Did you encounter anything on the road?"

Lin Li was a little confused, for he initially thought that Cheyenne had been attacked by the Dark Blade, but it didnt seem to be the case when he heard what Cheyenne said.

"Encounter anything? No. Werent you with the rest?"

The entire Sky Castle had become a dead city. Since it was not the Dark Blade that attacked Cheyenne, the latter should not have been forced into such dire straits even if he had touched the magic gears accidentally. Moreover, it seemed obvious that Cheyenne was not hurt by any magic gears. Judging from the magical waves and the dimmed staff, there had clearly been a tough battle.

Cheyenne looked around, and found that Lin Lis group and he were the only ones there. While he was fixing his appearance, he fearfully said, "I dont know what went wrong with that Teleportation Portal. Ever since I got transported here, I havent seen anyone else. As for what I look like, you may not believe it, but its because I encountered a group of Vengeful Spirits."

"Vengeful Spirits?" Lin Li did not quite believe it. Vengeful Spirits were relatively common among Undead creatures. Although they were nearly immune to physical attacks, they were inherently afraid of light and magic. Besides, Cheyenne was a bona fide Legendary-mage. Even if he had really encountered a group of Vengeful Spirits, he wouldnt have become so disheveled. Even ordinary Archmages would be in a better state as long as they were careful enough.

Cheyenne shook his head, and helplessly said, "Even I dont quite believe it myself now. I dont know who designed this Sky Castle. When Im walking along these streets, I seem to stray further and further away. I was just about to fly directly over those buildings, but I got attacked by a group of Vengeful Spirits. If they were ordinary, they would definitely be easy to deal with. However, there were actually some that had actual form!"

After hearing Cheyennes explanation, Lin Li could not help but be surprised and glad that he didnt fly around just now. The Vengeful Spirits were incorporeal existences; hence, they were immune to physical attacks. However, being an Undead creature without substance would cause them to be restrained by the Holy Light that had purification effects. Even the sun, fire, and ubiquitous environments caused irreversible damage to the Vengeful Spirits. In reality, many of the newly formed Vengeful Spirits were destroyed by sun and fire.

Vengeful Spirits and Skeletal Warriors were the existences of the lowest level amongst Undead creatures. Their promotion processes were also the most difficult. That was how the Skeletal Lord of the Shadowglen could take Anril by storm when he advanced in level. It was not just a matter of luck. To a certain extent, it could even be described as a miracle. All factors were indispensable.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the probability of a Vengeful Spirit forming a physical body was almost the same as that of walking in the street and being killed by a meteor.

Cheyenne was really unhappy!

When a Vengeful Spirit almost became a physical entity, it would be almost Legendary

Lin Li truly sympathized with Cheyenne

While replenishing the mana in his staff, Cheyenne worriedly said, "Terrible. At least two of the Vengeful Spirits that surrounded me just now had Legendary power, and the other Vengeful Spirits were terrifying too. Had I not been a little lucky, I would probably have been in greater trouble"

Lin Li was again shocked and thankful for his decision not to fly around. Vengeful Spirits were made up of vengefulness, and their existences were incorporeal. That was the very reason they could be almost immune to physical attacks. However, nothing was perfect in this world. Apart from the fact that they could be restrained and purified by Holy Light, other magic would deal great damage to them too.

In such circumstances, there would be no difference between Vengeful Spirits, be it the level-10 or level-15 ones. Only when Vengeful Spirits reached the Legendary-realm would they be able to turn all of their vengefulness into substance and gain high resistance to magic.

However, it was this incorporeal form of Vengeful Spirits that made them experience great difficulty in improving their strength.

The most important source of power for Undead creatures was the soul fire that souls transformed into after death. Hence, the Undead creatures had a way to enhance their strength, and that was to devour the soul fire of other Undead creatures.

The Vengeful Spirits naturally did not have soul fire. They couldnt enhance their strength by accumulating power or devouring the fire of other souls. In fact, even as time went by, their vengefulness would gradually fade, and they would also become weaker. In that case, how could they reach the Legendary-level and become a corporeal entity?

Even when Lin Li was in the Endless World, he had never met any Vengeful Spirits with a physical form, though he had encountered plenty of Vengeful Spirits.

"If Vengeful Spirits really have a physical form, it would mean that they are nearing the Legendary-realm," Lin Li said in disbelief.

While replenishing the mana in his staff, Cheyenne nodded, and said, "Yeah, two of the Vengeful Spirits that were attacking me indeed had Legendary power that was far beyond that of ordinary Vengeful Spirits."

Lin Li could not help but sympathize after hearing Cheyenne say that there was really a Legendary Vengeful Spirit. Vengeful Spirits below the Legendary-realm were all easy to deal with, but Legendary ones were much more difficult.

The Legendary Vengeful Spirits which could change arbitrarily between corporeal and incorporeal world without fearing magic were definitely one of the trickiest Undead creatures to deal with in the world. Even in legends, the stronger Vengeful Spirits would basically be Undead Lords.

Cheyenne obviously noticed the look of sympathy in Lin Lis eyes, but what else could he say about his bad luck? He glanced back at the street which he came out of, and said with a tinge of joy in his tone, "Its okay to deal with other Vengeful Spirits, but the two Legendary Vengeful Spirits were especially tough to deal with. I cant even deal with them despite putting in all of my effort. I dont know if Im lucky or not. Fortunately, they seemed to have been restrained in one domain, thus giving me a chance to shake them off."

The Vengeful Spirits were confined to one domain! Lin Li was rather shocked. In fact, he had already begun considering and thinking about the origins of the Vengeful Spirits when Cheyenne started talking about them. Legendary Vengeful Spirits with physical form would never appear. Besides, the Sky Castle had already been in the crack of time and space for so long. The duration of more than 1,300 years would be enough to let any vengefulness dissipate over time, let alone bring about a Legendary Vengeful Spirit.

The High Elves were born at the Tree of Eternity, and their souls returned to the Tree of Eternity after death, thus making them fearless. In fact, they would never carry any vengefulness during their deaths; hence, they would never become Vengeful Spirits.

However, with the defeat of the High Elves during the war in the Dark Age, not only did they lose their supremacy, the High Elven queen had also been killed together with the destruction of the Tree of Eternity. In this case, it would be impossible for them not to bear any grudge; hence, it wouldnt be strange for them to become Vengeful Spirits.

But what did the confinement of the Vengeful Spirits in a domain signify? In Lin Lis opinion, there was a great likelihood that those grudges and vengefulness were integrated with a certain setting of the Sky Castle. In other words, those powerful Vengeful Spirits were part of the Sky Castle. Although the Conquering Mageweath had not been activated, it could still gain strength from the Sky Castle.

At that time, the High Elves, who were already at the end of their lives, chose to betray their glory and instead study Necromagic which theyd once hated. The former masters of Norfeller and the Legendary Lich from the Scar of Death were all High Elves who had lived in Anril and secretly studied Necromagic. Although they all made it seem like they were studying secretly either in the catacombs or in the mountains, no one knew if the High Elves werent just all studying Necromagic.

The incredible talent of High Elves was well known. Even the various races ruled by the High Elves had no choice but to admit that the High Elves were born to learn magic. Necromagic was just another type of magic; hence, it was a piece of cake for the High Elves to learn. The only difficulty they had to overcome was their fear of filth.

Lin Li himself had been in contact with the High Elves who studied Necromagic. They were lunatics who would do everything to the extreme, but they did have the ability to be like that. The two elven Legendary Liches were just ordinary High Elves who were secretly studying Necromagic, but what about the Sky Castle?

There were still Vengeful Spirits in this Sky Castle that had been missing for more than 1300 years. Hence, Lin Li had no choice but to change his mindset.

From Lin Lis perspective, the Sky Castle had long become a dead city even though it had been built by the power of all the High Elves. The so-called defensive power was probably just the magic gears and booby traps. Although the skills of the High Elves had reached the peak level of that era in all aspects, Lin Li was not a pushover, either. It would not be tough for him to deal with the magic gears.

In fact, the encounters along the way from the teleportation to the arrival in the tower in the center of the Sky Castle proved that Lin Li was not being overconfident. He saw all sorts of intelligently designed magic gears which were brutal and wicked. Although this did not allow him to let his guard down, he did feel like he was in control of everything.

But now, the emergence of the legendary Vengeful Spirit made Lin Li reevaluate the Sky Castle. Although he had yet to encounter any Legendary Vengeful Spirits along the way, he was sure that he would see more than just magic gears when he entered the tower.

Upon sight of Lin Lis expression, Cheyenne waited quietly without uttering a single word even though he had already done what was necessary. He knew clearly that the elves seemed to be the strongest of the four parties and that the Dark Blade only fell shortly behind, but no one knew the Sky Castle better than Lin Li did.

"Master Cheyenne, the appearance of those two Legendary Vengeful Spirits" Lin Li asked Cheyenne who was waiting after he recovered from the shock.

"They seemed to be High Elves. The bodies of the other Vengeful Spirits were not very solid, so their silhouettes were also very vague." Noticing that Lin Li had merely nodded, Cheyenne hesitated for a moment before asking, "Mage Felic, what do you plan to do next? This Sky Castle is designed like a huge labyrinth. Even if you have a map, you might encounter other beings."

Lin Li smiled when he heard Cheyennes words. It was obvious that Cheyenne had suffered because of the Legendary Vengeful Spirits, but he was too embarrassed to directly follow Lin Li. He looked up at the tower in the center of the square, and honestly said, "Master Cheyenne, do you see that tower? According to my speculation, the tower should be the one that controls the entire Sky Castle. If you dont mind, lets go take a look together."

Cheyenne turned to look at the huge tower in the center of the square that was so opulent that it could not go unnoticed. Although Lin Li did not have concrete evidence, he could also guess based on the size and location of the tower that it should have a very important role in the Sky Castle. Therefore, after teleporting here, Cheyenne also regarded the tower as his goal. As he delved deeper, he even felt an urge to fly past the buildings and go to the tower.