Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 645

Chapter 645 Clearing The Obstacle

That arrow could be considered to have released all of the power of mana that was contained in a Legendary magical crystal. Although the body of the Abyssal Demon Dragon was strong, it was not strong enough to withstand such a daunting arrow. Besides, the Song of Heart was only drawn halfway. If it were to be drawn fully, the Abyssal Demon Dragon would probably be destroyed.

However, Lin Li also knew that there would definitely be a huge price to pay. Although the mana fluctuations didnt seem to have done Princess Elune any harm, the effect was definitely hefty. Of course, this price to pay was huge for an ordinary person, but peanuts to Princess Elune.

After a while, the silver dragon ripped the Abyssal Demon Dragon apart and flew towards Lin Li and the rest, all covered in blood. Later on, Elder Randy returned to his elven appearance and slowly descended from the sky with a faint smile on his face. "Mage Felic, I didnt expect that wed meet here in the Seven-Realm Spiral."

This again. Cant the elves say something else They didnt expect it?Lin Li thought to himself in annoyance. He stroked his chin smilingly, and said, "Hehe, what a coincidence. Im in quite a bit of luck lately. I didnt encounter anything interesting along the way, so I came straight here."

Lin Lis words reminded Elder Randy of the Alchemy Colossuses that were still outside. He pursed his lips slightly, and said, "Mage Felic, you should know quite a bit about this Seven-Realm Spiral. The only way we can get out is by breaking through the seven realms and defeating all the guardians."

"Regarding this, Gildor has already spoken to Master Cheyenne just now, and I dont have any objections about cooperating and breaking through the Seven-Realm Spiral together," Lin Li said without hesitation. He obviously wouldnt turn down someones offer to help him, since such an opportunity was rare.

No negotiation or bargaining was actually needed, because everyone knew how powerful the Seven-Realm Spiral was, and that none of them was strong enough to pass through safely. Even if the elves had already defeated the formidable Abyssal Demon Dragon, they dared not say that they could deal with the following guardians.

The few of them stood together, and only spoke a few words before their surroundings became blurry again. When everything cleared up, they had already appeared in a dark cave which was exceptionally spacious and wide. It had a height of 100 meters and width of a few hundred meters.

"Where do we go now?" asked Princess Elune, who was staring at both sides of the cave peculiarly. Since it was a cave, could there be another exit?

"Anywhere is fine. I believe well definitely run into the guardians of this realm no matter where we go," Lin Li said. It was one of the seven realms, and the only way to get out was to defeat all of the guardians of the realm. Hence, it was all the same.

They picked a random direction and began advancing into the cave slowly. None of them knew what kind of an enemy they would face, but they were certain that it would be stronger than the Abyssal Demon Dragon.

Indeed, not long after they left, a sudden explosion sounded from the bottom of the cave. Next, a colorful flame shot out of the cave.

"The Poisonous Flame Two-Headed Python! This is the lair of the Poisonous Flame Two-Headed Python!" Elder Randy exclaimed, immediately guarding against the magic and shielding all the elves on his side.

Lin Li and Cheyenne dared not delay at all, and immediately exhibited their strongest defensive magic to receive the colorful poisonous flames. Besides, they did not just exhibit one kind of defensive magic. They held up the entire magic defense without even catching their breaths. They continuously launched spell after spell.

Like giant waves crashing against the reef, the raging colorful poisonous flames instantly swallowed up Lin Li and the rest who were putting up the defensive layer. Apart from the roars of the poisonous flames, the entire cave was filled with the sounds of magic cracking.

A long while later, the tide of colorful poisonous flames finally passed, revealing Lin Li and the rest who were putting up their defense. However, they did not have time to be glad that they had withstood it, because immediately after the flames were out, the colorful double-headed python was pouncing onto them.

Elder Randy again transformed into the silver dragon and leaped towards the colorful double-headed python, while three elves followed closely behind and attacked it with arrows.

The Poisonous Flame Two-Headed Python was actually similar to the Abyssal Demon Dragon, and had a weak resistance to magic and physical attacks. However, the toughest part about it was that it had dual domain of highly toxic poison and Flame Domain. Hence, although it had yet to reach level-23, it was incomparably stronger than the Abyssal Demon Dragon.

Lin Li raised the Helios Scepter, but soon put it down without casting a spell. Instead, he said, "Hey, its too narrow here."

Although it was a soft murmur, everyone else could still hear them clearly. Both the elves and Cheyenne were extremely infuriated and on the verge of vomiting blood. Although it was a cave, there was still hundreds of meters from where they were to the cave opening. How was that narrow?

Not only did Lin Li not take action, none of his Undead servants did, either. The three of them stood there leisurely as if the situation in front of them had nothing to do with themselves. The only difference between them and spectators was that they wouldnt applaud anyone for performing wonderfully, and instead observed quietly.

The Poisonous Flame Two-Headed Python was indeed very strong, but it unfortunately met a group of stronger opponents. Yet, it still did not retreat. Since they had to defeat it in order to pass through this realm, both Cheyenne and the elves did not hold back and gave it their all, for they did not want to be trapped in this realm any longer.

The whole cave was shaking vigorously as if it were going to collapse. However, that did not last too long. Facing the siege of five Legendary powerhouses, amongst which were level-22 elven elders and Princess Elune who was holding the Song of Heart, the Poisonous Flame Two-Headed Python couldnt make a single sound at all, and peace was eventually restored.

Everything in the cave finally quietened down, and Elder Randy turned to look at Lin Li helplessly. Although he was dissatisfied with Lin Lis lack of contribution, there was nothing he could say about it.

Unlike Elder Randy, Princess Elune rolled her eyes at Lin Li and walked towards the side with the Song of Heart angrily.

Lin Li touched his nose, but he was not embarrassed. When he saw Cheyenne, he threw an antidote at him.

Cheyenne didnt sense anything amiss during the battle with the Poisonous Flame Two-Headed Python. He only started to feel that his mana seemed to be abnormally agitated after receiving Lin Lis antidote. Cheyenne didnt ask much, and instead unplugged the cork to chug the potion. He felt that the antidote really calmed the fluctuations down. Hence, he thanked Lin Li when he returned the bottle.

Elder Randy looked at Cheyenne and Lin Li, followed by the elves behind him. Although pride was important, his life meant more to him, and so did Princess Elune. However, just as he was about to ask Lin Li, the surrounding environment suddenly changed again.

After a while, the surrounding scenery became clearerthey had already left the lair of the Poisonous Flame Two-Headed Python. However, their current environment did not seem to be much different from that cave; the uneven wall of the cave had become a wall made of even bluestone bricks, and that was it. Looking forward, they could see several forks, but none of them knew exactly where they led.

"Mage Felic, what did you give Mage Cheyenne earlier on?" Elder Randy did not bother about the surroundings, and instead questioned Lin Li.

"Nothing much, I just happened to see that Master Cheyenne got poisoned by the Poisonous Flame Two-Headed Python, so I gave him an antidote." Lin Lis answer was nonchalant, but he was scrutinizing the elves.

"So, Mage Felic, is there anyone among us that was also poisoned?" Elder Randy quickly asked. Since he had already abandoned his pride once before in the camp, he didnt mind doing it again.

Lin Li nodded, and whipped out three potions before saying, "Elder Randy, your strength will not be affected, but there are still some signs of poisoning in these three elves." Lin Li was not being pretentious, but he was still wary when he took risks. He would only eat his own food, what more potions. He would never offer his antidotes or potions unless the elven elders asked for it. The only reason he gave it to Cheyenne was because the latter was his ally whom he was closer to.

Culofen and Gildor consumed the potion without hesitation, but when Princess Elune smelled the pungent odor of the potion, she could not help but frown slightly and grit her teeth before downing it. She had no idea that she had ingested a potion that was 100 times more revolting than this when she was unconscious because of the Vipers venom.

After brief shenanigans, everyone began to look at the surrounding environment. Regardless of their perspective, they all felt that the place was more like a maze. The various lanes were mysterious, and although the walls seemed to be made of bluestone bricks, they were in the Seven-Realm Spiral where walls could not be broken easily.

This time, they had a hard time deciding where to go. Unlike in the lair of the Poisonous Flame Two-Headed Python where they only had two directions to choose from, there were numerous ways here, and there seemed to be endless options.

"Its a labyrinth. Could the guardian of this world be the prehistoric magical beast, Minotaur!?" Elder Randy suddenly thought of a possibility.

According to legends, the magical beast Minotaurs lived in the Lost Palace. However, the prehistoric magical beasts like Minotaurs had strength at least in the Sanctuary-realm. With such power, how could they just be a guardian of the Seven-Realm Spiral?

The only thing that was worth feeling fortunate about was the absence of magic gears. The only danger was the complicated passages. They continuously left magical marks behind and tried every lane in a bid to find the guardian who was hiding in the labyrinth.

Using such a foolish method, they finally entered an extremely wide hall at the end of a passage after making countless detours. The hall was empty and free of debris and decorations alike. In the middle of the hall stood the guardians of this realm, who seemed to be waiting for them.

"The Lion Scorpion, the Rainbow Lion Scorpion Kings!"

Everyone including Lin Li heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the guardians. Although the two level-22 Rainbow Lion Scorpion Kings were snarling and exuding powerful mana waves, they were at least less overbearing than prehistoric magical beasts.

In the blink of an eye, a fierce battle unfolded in the hall. The two Rainbow Lion Scorpion Kings were weaker than the Poisonous Flame Two-Headed Python, but they soon knew the reason that the two Rainbow Lion Scorpion Kings had still become the guardians of this realm.

Compared to the rest, Lin Li was more familiar with them because he had once met Rainbow Lion Scorpion Kings in the Abyss of Tharlen, and they had the same characteristics. Although there was now one less than the three Rainbow Lion Scorpion Kings that Lin Li had encountered, they still possessed level-22 strength.

This time, even Lin Li couldnt sit back and do nothing. He led his two Undead servants, and tackled one of the Rainbow Lion Scorpion Kings together with Cheyenne while the elves handled the other. Back then, in the ancient arena, Lin Li found the three Rainbow Lion Scorpion Kings with different souls to be difficult to deal with. However, things were different now because he was a level-21 Legendary-mage and had the help of Cheyenne and the rest. They separated the two Rainbow Lion Scorpion Kings; hence, their characteristics were definitely suppressed.

A fierce battle started quickly and ended quickly too. The two Rainbow Lion Scorpion Kings did not surround them for too long, and were soon killed with much less effort than theyd put in to kill the Poisonous Flame Two-Headed Python previously.