Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 647

Chapter 647 Outburst Of Resentment

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"What!? I guessed wrong? Im the most noble Soul Trader. Even if the Abyssal Demons have all started believing in the doctrine of light, I would never guess wrong." Connoris in the hammer bobbed down a bit, showing his displeasure towards Lin Li for doubting him.

"Yes, you should be able to feel it too. Stephen is not only living well now, he has also reached the Legendary-realm. You saw it yourself. Mephistos has already been turned into fragments and sealed." Having interacted with Connoris for such a long time; he obviously knew his habit of keeping others in suspense. Connoris wouldnt spill a word unless Lin Li agitated him.

Indeed, Connoris expressed his disdain once again and humphed coldly. "Hmph, he may be alive now, but he might not be able to live for a long time. Although Mephistos is silly, he still has the ability to plot against an idiot. Im telling you, the aura that the idiot is giving off is that of the true blue Lord of Souls, and not the defect one."

Lin Li couldnt help but be surprised when he heard Connoris words. He frowned again, and asked, "What do you mean? Are you saying that this Stephen is just another form of Mephistos?"

"Hey, I said it long ago. Hes such an idiot, how could he have escaped Mephistoss scheming tricks? Judging from his current situation, Im afraid Mephistos has already left his seeds in Stephens body. That guy Mephistos would always have a backup plan. After we plotted against him in the Throne of Darkness, planting seeds in that idiot was his only way to survival and resurrection." Connoris was hoping that Lin Li would make a body for him; hence, he detested Lin Lis enemies. He seemed to be gloating over Stephens situation.

"You mean, hes the host of the Lord of Souls, who has become his parasite? But there doesnt seem to be anything unusual about him," Lin Li asked Connoris in his mind while staring at Stephen.

Connoris nodded, and had no choice but to resignedly say, "Yes, a parasite. Hes now a fusion of himself and Mephistos. When Mephistos really wakes up, he will become Mephistos tonic and his body will become Mephistos resurrected body. By then, there would be no Stephen, and only a complete Mephistos, the Lord of Souls."

"Oh, I see." Lin Li shook his head and looked away smilingly. He even turned a blind eye to Stephens near-naked body. What was there to hold against a dying man? Back in the Abyss of Tharlen, hed still been rather afraid of Mephistos, but things were now different. Even if Mephistos recovered the power that he had during his pinnacle, he still wouldnt pose a threat to Lin Li.

Lin Lis current strength and abilities were worlds apart from what he had had when hed been in the Abyss of Tharlen. Not only had he reached level-21 of the Legendary-realm, he had also gained two Legendary Undead servants. Although Mephistos was known as the Lord of Souls, he was just the loser in the battle for the throne in the Abyss of Tharlen. He was in fact inferior to the Demon Lord Marther in the Seven-Realm Spiral.

The Lord of Souls was able to catch Lin Lis interest only because it appeared at a strange time and place. After communicating with Connoris, Lin Li finally figured out the reason for the appearance of the Lord of Souls aura on Stephen, and realized that there was nothing worth paying attention to anymore. He looked away and began scanning his surroundings. The guardians of this realm had yet to appear even until now, and that was what he had to worry about.

"Mage Felic, what do you think of this last realm?" asked Cheyenne who had snapped out of his trance and stopped staring at the Dark Blade. Stephens sudden burst of aura made him worry a lot more. Although he had already seen through Stephens magic, which contained some nomological power, he hadnt expected Stephen to have made so much progress in such a short period of time.

Cheyenne questioned Lin Li because he wanted to hide the uneasiness in his heart. However, Lin Li casually answered, "This is the last realm. No matter how you look at it, we cant hide from the guardians here. The only thing we can do now is seize the time to prepare for the next attack."

They were in the Seven-Realm Spiral, and the only way to leave the place was to follow the rules in the realm and defeat the guardians of the Seven-Realm Spiral. They were not in the outside world where they could escape and hide. In here, there was no way to avoid the battle with the guardians who would eventually find them even iftheydid not. Hence, all they could do now was to recover their power, and not find an exit.

In fact, it wasnt necessary for Lin Li to put it too explicitly, for they could all imagine that the High Elves wouldnt be so merciful as to leave any loopholes. Cheyenne and Lin Lis conversation was more of a way to show how close they were as allies than an exchange of opinions.

However, Stephen never stopped looking at Lin Li, and all the anger in his chest seemed to have ignited at the instant that he heard Lin Lis words. In Stephens eyes, Lin Li was just disregarding him by acting all nonchalant.

Stephen would never forget the experiences that he had in the Abyss of Tharlen. Lin Li was the reason hed failed the test and lost the right of inheritance to Gerescos three relics. He even had a close shave with death in the ancient arena. This hatred couldnt be dispelled just because he had survived. To Stephen, hed managed to survive because it was Gods will.

"You probably dont remember it, but back in the Abyss of Tharlen, you said the same thing to me with the same nonchalance!" Stephen took a step forward and glowered at Lin Li hysterically, with infinite resentment in his tone. "But what happened in the end!? I listened to you and helped you pass the ancient arena, but what did I get in the end!? You abandoned me in the ancient arena and made me face the attacks of all the magical beasts!"

As Stephen spoke, the scene that once had made him feel hopeless popped up in his mind. His expression would turn more hysterical with every word he said.

Stephens resentment towards Lin Li was not simply because of the time that hed got duped and set up by Lin Li. It was the various incidents that caused his hatred to build up. Due to the fact that hed been trapped in the ancient arena, hed been disqualified from receiving Gerescos relics.

After leaving, hed wanted to ask his father and elders to help him take revenge on Lin Li, but the latter had already become a Legendary figure. Hence, he was in no place to take revenge at all. He had no choice but to follow his fathers warning and bear with it. If he were still the insignificant Archmage he used to be, all he could do wouldve been to bear with it and possibly have no chance at taking revenge at all.

Stephens voice became more and more domineering, and the resentment in his eyes was drowned out by his hysteria. "You didnt expect this, did you? After you abandoned me there, I didnt die as you wished. Not only did I survive, I even obtained a great opportunity. So what if youre in the Legendary-realm? If it werent for Gerescos relics, do you really think youd have your current power? Look at me, I managed to gain so much power even without Gerescos relics. You definitely didnt expect this!"

Although Stephen had previously expected to enter the Legendary-realm with the huge opportunity hed obtained, he hadnt expected that this day wouldve come so fast. It had only been a short period of time, yet he had already become a Legendary-mage. Everything felt miraculous and amazing. The best part was that his enemy sent himself to him right after he became a Legendary powerhouse.

Stephens maniacal behavior had also caught the attention of the others. Apart from feeling disdain towards the begrudging characters of humans, the several elves did not take it too seriously. As Stephens father, Borg naturally cared more about his son, so he wanted to persuade him to stop.

However, the Legendary Bandit Lansdale grabbed Borg to stop him. Shaking his head slightly, he said, "This hatred has been accumulated within Stephen for a long time. It is also a good thing to let him vent it all out. Otherwise, itd be difficult for him to progress. Hes already a Legendary-mage now. With the three of us to look after him, there wont be any danger."

Borg stopped in his tracks. As a Legendary-mage who had been in the Legendary-realm for plenty of years, he naturally knew how greatly a grudge would affect enlightenment. As Lansdale said, Stephen had already become a Legendary-mage, just like Lin Li. If a conflict were to really occur, the three Legendary powerhouses would be able to help Stephen out too.

Although Stephen had attracted the attention of everyone on site, Lin Li, his real enemy, was not included among them. Lin Lis contempt and disdain were really unbearable to Stephen because he felt disregarded!

When I was an Archmage, you were already a Legendary-mage. In that case, there was nothing I could do about your ignoring my existence. But now, I am also a Legendary-mage, and I have the heritage of the Lord of Souls. Who are you to put yourself on a pedestal and look down on me!?Stephen raised his staff in anger.

Although Stephen could sense that his emotions were slipping out of control, he believed that it would be impossible for anyone to remain calm when facing their enemy whod caused them a great deal of harm. Lin Li was his very nemesis. If it werent because of his appearance, Hutton wouldnt have been his match at all, and Gerescos three relics would have become his. Had it not been for Lin Lis plots, Stephen wouldnt have been on the brink of death in the Abyss of Tharlen. Lin Li was the cause of everything, and now that Stephen had become a Legendary figure with the inheritance of the Lord of Souls, he felt that it was time to get back what was supposed to belong to him.

"I will burn your soul with the flames of hell, and let your soul mourn in endless pain. You were the one who asked for this!" Stephens face twisted in a ruthless smile as if he had already seen Lin Lis soul being destroyed with his own eyes. Stephen suddenly pointed his staff at Lin Li without casting my spells or making any gestures.

In Lin Lis eyes, Stephen was actually no different from a dead man. Mephistos was not to be taken advantage of easily. When Mephistos was completely reborn and took over Stephens soul, Stephen would no longer exist.

Hence, Lin Li really did not want to waste any time or energy on someone who was destined to die. As long as the reborn Mephistos obediently went back to the Abyss of Tharlen, Lin Li wouldnt bother with him. Anyway, he already had the Throne of Darkness, and might not go to the Abyss of Tharlen again. However, if someone insisted on courting death, Lin Li would definitely not stand on ceremony with him.

"Die! Redeem yourself with your soul!" Stephen growled, and a ray of light emerged from the jewel on the top of the staff.

Along the way, everyone had been paying attention to the abilities of others, and Stephen naturally hadnt given up on observing Lin Lis abilities. They faced various battles with the magical beasts before entering the dragon cave, followed by the siege of the green dragons just outside the cave. To Stephen, Lin Li was only a Legendary-mage in name, and was only relying on his competent Undead servants. Stephen felt that he was different as he possessed the power of the Lord of Souls which was unrivaled.

Stephen was no longer the same gullible and manipulatable Stephen back in the Abyss of Tharlen!

Stephen had absolute confidence in his own power, especially after entering the Legendary-realm and mastering the Laws of Soul, a formidable power that allowed him to manipulate everything on earth. It was far from ordinary Elemental Power.